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Greg yawned after the 8am office meeting. The entire sales team had been called in early for a briefing to be told about ‘organisational changes’. Which in the world of IT Sales, could mean anything from a company takeover to mass redundancies.

Thankfully, the news wasn’t that dramatic. In essence, the management were recruiting a telesales team to do all the cold calling, in the quest for more new business. Greg sauntered down to the coffee machine, feeling quite pleased. He hated cold calling, spending hours on the phone, just trying to find anyone with a vague interest in their range of products. As far as he was concerned, he was more than happy to shed that part of his job.

A few weeks later, Greg was called into see Dave, the sales manager, in his office. When he went in, several of his colleagues, other account managers, were there already.

‘Time to meet the new team, guys!’ Dave announced, with his usual exaggerated enthusiasm.

‘Please don’t mention fucking “blue sky thinking” or “acting outside the box”, for fuck’s sake,’ thought Greg. At the age of nearly 40, he was a bit more cynical than some of the youngsters who surrounded him.

‘I do hope “my” person isn’t going to be like Rosemary,’ he thought. Rosemary was Greg’s shared PA and was what the guys called ‘an albatross’ – AKA ‘big old bird’. Greg often thought she had missed her vocation of becoming a prison officer. She had a demeanour which matched her stature.

The assembled team headed downstairs, to where the new team had been installed in a large room with ‘pods,’ containing a desk, chair, PC and so on, with a dividing screen between each to help isolate them. It was a mixed group of fairly young men and women. As soon as they finished whatever call they were on, they took the opportunity to take their headsets off and be introduced to the sales team. Greg was quite impressed that Dave could recall all their names without a crib sheet.

Finally, they got to a blonde woman in her early 30’s. ‘Greg, this is Louise. She’s going to be mainly working for you. She has lots of experience, so should be a great asset to you,’ said Dave.

Louise stood up to formally introduce herself. At about 5′ 5″, she was average height, with quite long, wavy blonde hair, a lovely smile and blue eyes which smiled at the same time. Trying not to make it totally obvious, Greg quickly scanned her up and down, to check out the rest of her. She was on the bigger side of average but was one of those women who looked rather sexy because of her curves. She certainly had a fine pair of tits, by the look of it. When she spoke, she had a lovely, engaging voice. Greg could understand why she was in telesales.

‘Yes Dave, she does look like she’s “experienced”. I like the idea of “great asset”, too,’ thought Greg. Louise sat back down at her desk, giving Greg a chance to check out her bottom and legs. She was wearing a fitted skirt, which wrapped very nicely round her curves.

Inspection tour over, they all filed back into Dave’s office for the predictable pep talk. While Dave yammered on about ‘giving them our full support’ and the ’80/20 rule’ and a bunch of other sales manager-speak, Greg had drifted off into a very pleasant daydream, in which he was banging Louise, bent over the office desk, with her skirt hitched up round her waist, sinking his cock into her willing pussy, when he was jolted back to reality by Dave asking him some idiot question. ‘Sorry Dave just got a bit of a thick head this morning. Could do with a bit of fresh air, mate.’

The weeks passed and Louise settled in very nicely. She was doing a good job, producing quite a number of sales leads for Greg to work at. They tended to have an informal daily meeting to catch up and over time, they started opening up about more than just work. It turned out that Louise had a regular boyfriend who stayed with her several nights a week, and by all accounts, banged her like a barn door on a very regular basis.

Which meant a couple of things: first, Greg sadly had to dismiss the notion that ‘she might not have had it for years and is therefore now gagging for it’; second, they were able to be quite professional and kept their relationship strictly in the ‘business/friendly’ category. Which was good for the business but did nothing for Greg’s favourite fantasy of giving her a damn good rodgering over his desk. Hey-ho.

Returning from a meeting one day, Greg saw the VM light flashing on his desk phone. He pressed the Play key and Louise’s voice came over the speaker. He listened to the message three times, not because anything was unclear, but because of her voice. There was something about it which made him absolutely melt. He began to imagine how she would sound, if they were both lying in bed, post-coital, discussing the amazing sex they had just had.

He was still in that frame of mind when he called her extension to return the call. The line was busy, so he was put through to her VM… ‘Hi Louise, just got your message; thanks for that; you’ve done really well. By Kayseri Escort the way, I have to tell you, your voice sounds incredibly sexy on the voicemail! Enough to make a guy’s knees go weak! Speak soon…’ and hung up.

‘Shit! Why the fuck did I go and do that? he suddenly thought, jamming his fist in his mouth. The phone system didn’t allow VM’s to be recalled or deleted once they’d been recorded. She’s got a boyfriend, for Chrissakes! He suddenly had visions of sexual harassment tribunals and all kinds of shit, when his phone rang.

‘This is Greg,’ he answered abruptly.

‘Hi, it’s me. Jesus, Greg. You reckon I’ve got a sexy phone voice. Yours made me absolutely tingle all over! Leave me a voicemail any time you like!’ Louise laughed and hung up. Greg stared at the phone for a few moments in disbelief.

The flirting and sexual tension between the two steadily increased as time went by. This puzzled Greg, because Louise was clearly getting shagged good and proper, on a regular basis. She certainly didn’t seem to be lacking anything in the boyfriend department – and she clearly wasn’t in the target-rich ‘bored and married looking for a bit of extra-curricular’ category.

Then one day, Louise came into work sporting a serious black eye. Greg immediately quizzed her: ‘What the fuck has he done to you?’ feeling right ready to go and punch the bastard’s lights out.

‘Calm down, Greg. It was an accident, honestly’.

‘Yeah, they all say that, to stick up for their partner,’ he said.

‘Honestly, we were having the most amazing sex. Somehow, I slid off the bed and bashed my eye on the bedside cabinet. It really hurt but… well, it was worth it!’ She tried to laugh, but winced with the pain, putting her hand over her eye.

Greg’s head was immediately filled with images of Louise naked, being pounded from behind, doggy fashion, and wished it had been his cock buried in her pussy.

‘Greg. Greg!’ Her voice jolted him out of his reverie. ‘It was just an accident. But thank you so much for caring,’ and placed a warm hand on his leg. Greg put his hand on top of hers and was sorry when she had to pull it away.

A week or so later, Louise’s eye had thankfully returned to normal when she came up to his office for their routine catch-up. Greg’s desk was in the corner of the office, which was occupied by two or three other people that day, including Rosemary the Rottweiler.

Louise pulled up a spare office chair and sat down facing Greg, holding her pad and a pen. Greg looked her up and down. He admired just how bloody fanciable she was. A fine pair of breasts, at least a 38D, he guessed, maybe bigger, inside a lovely silky blouse. A short-ish skirt, about mid-thigh, showed off her shapely, nylon-encased legs. He found himself wondering if she wore tights or stockings.

That lovely, bubbly voice and sunny personality combined to make her very desirable indeed. He realised he was starting to really envy her boyfriend. A lot.

As the two went through their update, Louise rolled her chair forward a few inches, so that their knees were almost touching. When she leaned forward to show Greg some figures on her sheet, he could smell the heady scent of her hair and perfume. The woman’s presence was overwhelming him, and he silently cursed the fact that they were not alone in the office.

Suddenly, Louise turned her swivel chair a little, which resulted in her right knee fitting neatly between Greg’s knees. A moment later, her left knee closed in, squeezing Greg’s right knee firmly between her legs. The signal couldn’t have been more obvious. Greg squeezed back and at that moment they stared into each other’s eyes. With their thighs locked, it was like some kind of unwritten sexual semaphore, invisible to the other occupants of the office, but totally clear to the two of them.

Greg could almost feel the electricity jump between them and was absolutely sure she feel as lustful as he did. Had they been alone, he would have ripped her clothes off and fucked her on the floor, right there and then. He closed his eyes and exhaled a sigh, a sign which was not lost on Louise. She knew that the attraction was very mutual. The two disengaged their seductive touch and reluctantly went back to their work.

It was a few days later when Louise told Greg that she had set up a meeting with a prospect – a local company, who required a brand-new IT system. She was keen to stay involved in the deal, as the commission was potentially worth a lot to her. Unusually though, the meeting had to be at about 7pm, due to the customer’s irregular working hours.

On the due day, Greg collected Louise from the office in his car. A generous car allowance had allowed him to buy a top of the range BMW, with all the trimmings, including leather seats. Greg enjoyed a glimpse of her lovely thighs as she slid into the car, her skirt slipping over the soft leather. She had dressed in a smart business two-piece skirt and jacket, with a cream-coloured blouse. Her wavy blonde hair Kayseri Escort Bayan cascaded down over her shoulders, creating a stunning impression. ‘Wow, you look fantastic,’ he said in admiration, somehow resisting the temptation to kiss her – which was what he wanted to do at that instant, more than anything.

It was only a short journey to the customer’s premises. Their presentation resulted in a small trial order, so they were both buzzing with success when they left the building. In the meantime, it had become completely dark. When they got back into the car, the light from a nearby streetlight shone in through the window, bathing Louise’s nylon-clad thighs in an amber light. The sheer material glistened in the sodium light, making her shapely legs look so invitingly touchable. Somehow, he managed to resist the urge to run his hand up her leg and under her skirt.

‘I reckon we only got that order because he couldn’t take his eyes off you, you know! It was pretty obvious he fancied the arse off you!’ Greg quipped; aware this was also a sideways compliment, he added, ‘You should go into field sales… you’d have all the male customers falling at your feet,’ he said, not entirely joking.

When they got back to the office, it was all in darkness, except for the dim security lighting. ‘I just need to pick up some things from my desk. Will you come in with me?’ Louise asked.

‘Of course,’ said Greg, locking the car and punching the code into the office alarm panel. Opening the door, the pair slipped into the deserted building. It seemed strangely quiet, with just the dim lighting and lacking the normal office babble of voices and ringing phones.

Greg allowed her to lead the way up the stairs to the first floor, enjoying the swaying of her hips and was entranced by the sight of her oh, so lovely legs under her skirt.

They entered the room where she worked and Louise went over to her desk, leaning back against it, with her bottom perched on its edge. She reached her hands up and slowly unbuttoned her jacket, revealing the swelling of her rounded breasts through the thin material of the blouse. She placed her hands on the desk beside her.

‘Well, Greg, it’s now or never. Come and get me if you want me,’ in that beautiful, sexy, voicemail voice.

‘How could any red-blooded man possibly resist?’ he said. ‘You look good enough to eat’.

‘That would be rather nice,’ she responded, subconsciously licking her lips.

Greg closed the small gap between them, then, stroking his hand down her soft hair, and guided her face up toward his. They kissed deeply and passionately, and his other hand dropped to her breast, which he kneaded gently.

Her hands stroked his muscled chest, teasing at his nipples through his shirt. She undid a button and slid a hand inside, their first real skin on skin. Taking her cue, he started undoing the buttons on her blouse, revealing a lovely lacy bra underneath, her gorgeous breasts almost spilling out of the top. Avoiding the usual, embarrassing bra-clip challenge, Greg simply slipped his hands up inside her bra and in one swift movement, rode it up and over her boobs, sighing out loud as he exposed her beautiful firm breasts.

Greg admired her nipples… the size of pencil erasers on top of pink areolae, they begged to be sucked. He lowered his face and took one, then the other, in his mouth, licking and rolling her buds in his mouth, while his hands travelled down to squeeze her buttocks through her skirt.

Her hand dropped down to the front of his trousers, where his erection was trapped in an awkward sideways position. She soon helped with that, by unzipping him and slipping her hand inside. She clearly was “experienced” as Dave had suggested – but he probably didn’t mean in this way, thought Greg. Louise released Greg’s engorged cock from his briefs, allowing it into a much more comfortable, vertical position.

She was stroking her fist up and down his shaft as Greg reached down and grasped the hem of her skirt, sliding it deliciously up the sheer nylon encasing her legs. As his hands hit the top of her thighs, he felt, soft, warm flesh.

‘Oh my God, you’re wearing stockings!’ he exclaimed, hoarsely.

‘I thought you’d like those,’ she whispered. ‘That’s why I put them on!’

Greg slipped his hands round her beautiful, rounded bottom, delighting in feeling the soft and pliable skin between the tops of her stockings and the edge of her lacy panties.

‘Fuck, I want you so much!’ he said, under his breath, feeling his pulse racing and desire going into overdrive.

With that, the two of them started discarding their business clothes. He kicked his shoes off without untying the laces; his jacket was soon discarded, along with his shirt, tie and socks. She pulled off her jacket and tossed it on the desk. Greg helped her remove her blouse and bra, which both joined her jacket. In moments, they were both standing there, naked to the waist.

They pulled together in an embrace, kissing deeply, savouring Escort Kayseri the wonderful feeling of skin on skin, her perky nipples and big, soft breasts pressing into his chest. Greg’s hands hitched up the back of her skirt and slid them inside her panties, caressing and squeezing her buttocks under the thin material.

He worked his finger down between her legs toward her pussy lips. Louise opened her legs slightly, to give him easier access. Moments later, his fingers had parted her swollen outer lips and discovered the pent-up juices right behind them. His finger cruised up and down her slit, and he marvelled at her creamy, slick wetness.

‘Oh my God, you are so wet!’ he rasped.

‘It’s been a long build-up,’ she sighed, moving her hips to help work his fingers against her aching pussy. Slipping his hand out from the constraints of her clothing, he raised his fingers to his lips, then moved forward, so that his fingers were sandwiched between both their lips. Simultaneously, they both put their tongues out and twined them round his fingers, tasting and licking her womanly nectar off them.

‘Oh, you taste so good,’ murmured Greg. ‘I can’t wait to taste you properly!’

With that, he loosened his trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor, so he could step out of them. Kneeling down in front of her, he ran his hands up the front of her thighs, hooking the hem of her skirt on his thumbs, exposing her lacy panties. He rubbed his nose against the moist warmth at the juncture of her legs and inhaled her heady scent.

She ran her hand over the back of his head, pressing him closer. Greg grasped the top of her panties and pulled them down her legs and eased them over her heeled shoes. Lifting her skirt right up to her waist, he lifted her, so that she was perched on the edge of the desk. He pushed her thighs apart and surveyed her pussy, pure lust in his eyes. She had a neat triangle of soft, blonde pubic hair on her mound; her pussy lips were naked and glistening with her juices.

Louise’s creamy juices flowed into his mouth as he passionately licked up and down her slit, sucked gently on her clit and burrowed his tongue into her luxuriously wet pussy hole. He soon had two fingers sliding in and out of her. With the constant attention to her clit, her breathing was soon becoming ragged.

‘You’re going to make me come,’ she said, between shallow breaths. Greg could feel her body starting to tense and quiver and before long, she was humping her pussy in his face as he tongued her to her climax.

As soon as her orgasm had subsided a little, she pulled him upright and then dropped to her knees. She greedily sucked Greg’s swollen cock into her mouth and immediately started thrusting it in and out between her lips. The tip of his cock was hitting the back of her throat as he slid in an out of her delightfully warm mouth. He ran his fingers through her hair as she pleasured him, gasping when she sucked hard or took him really deep.

‘You’d better stop that, love… or it will be too late!’ he urged her, through ragged breath. He didn’t want her delightful ministrations to end, but knew that if she carried on, he would be beyond the point of no return – and he wanted to enjoy her pussy before that happened!

He gently pulled her back to a standing position and lifted her skirt up round her waist again. He briefly took in the enticing sight of this gorgeous woman. Standing there in her high heels and sheer stockings, her skirt hitched up, exposing her lovely pussy, then looking up, her beautiful, heavy breasts, topped with their crinkled nipples.

‘Wow, that’s a sight for sore eyes!’ he said, as he lifted her legs over his shoulders and thrust his rigid cock into her soaking pussy.

Louise was half-laying across the desk as Greg pounded into her. She flailed her arms, scattering office paraphernalia to the floor. Uncaring, she released a series of sighs and cries as he buried himself deep inside her. He reached forward and caressed her soft globes, rolling the nipples, then reached his thumb down and pressed on her clit, bringing it into contact with his hard cock, as it slid in and out of her.

He could tell that she was rapidly approaching another orgasm. He slowed his thrusting, then stopped and slid out of her. Louise momentarily missed the feeling of fullness she had been so enjoying.

‘Turn round!’ Greg urged her. Louise immediately complied, bending over the desk, her skirt hitched right up, the smooth globes of her rounded arse looking delectable above her stocking tops.

Greg was reminded of his very first fantasy about her – and now, that fantasy was being played out, this time for real. He dropped to his knees and parted her arse cheeks and spread her slick pussy lips open with his thumbs, then ran his tongue up and down her wet slit, savouring her taste. She jolted slightly as the tip of his tongue circled her delightful anus. Standing again, he briefly ran his hands over her gloriously satin-smooth cheeks, before guiding his rock-hard cock back inside her. The change of position allowed him to enter her even deeper. Grabbing her shoulders, he rammed her body down onto his cock, slapping her arse cheeks against his body, his balls banging against her thighs. She gasped as the head of his cock repeatedly nudged into her cervix.

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