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A few weeks ago, my wife Crystal and I had a business trip out of town. Well actually it was her trip I just tagged along. The planning all happened fairly quickly, I took a week holidays from work and on the following Monday we were off. We planned it so that after her meetings we could be tourists and sight see, have dinners and spend the evenings together. Hopefully fucking the evenings away. But, that’s not how it turned out.

The first two nights Crystal had to stay late with her boss and the client. The third they broke the meeting short to go out for dinner and she phoned me, but I felt out of place. So again found myself having dinner alone. That night I decided maybe it would be better if I flew home and did some much needed maintenance around the house. So the next morning I caught a cab to the airport and an early flight brought me home. Landing earlier than I thought I would, I picked up the car at the carpark drove the 40 minutes home stopping along the way to pick up breakfast.

Turning the last corner to our house, I parked on the street. Leaving the driveway empty so I could hose it down after doing some yard work. I grabbed both pieces of luggage and walked up the side of the driveway to our side door. After taking out my key, I noticed that the door was shut but wasn’t locked. I opened the door slowly, stepping inside I set my luggage down in the side bathroom. Looking around without making a sound, I couldn’t understand why the door was unlocked.

I passed through the kitchen, picking up a broom along the way, just in case I needed it. The living room and office were empty, so I made my way to the bottom of the stairs to go up to our bedroom. Our upstairs bedroom was kind of a den/ movie room/ bedroom all in one. When I got to the bottom I could hear voices or sounds from up there. I slowly stepped onward and upward on the carpeted stairs. The voices turned to moans. I froze, thinking who could possibly be in my house?

One more step and I got my answer. Alicia. My wife’s friend. She was spread out in the middle of our bed. Furiously rubbing her clit while watching a video from our collection. This little nymph of 26 is a beauty. Long dark hair caps her light frame of about 5’5.” Her lovely face contorted by her handjob she was giving herself, which when looking down I noticed her pussy hair had been well trimmed. Her other hand was roughly pinching the nipples of her 34C? breasts, which were perky and had the roundest nipples. Almost a perfect little strawberry on top of each tit.

I looked to the TV to see what she was so excited about. Two well endowed men had their cocks in the asses of a blonde and a long dark-haired women with very large tits. Both women had their asses high in the air and their shoulders pinned to the bed they were all on. This was a particular video that Crystal and I had cum to many times.

“Mmmmm,” was all my dry throat could summon as I fixed my gaze back on Alicia. She slowly turned and looked over her shoulder cautiously.

“Oops!” she giggled and shrieked at once.

Not moving very quickly to cover herself she brushed eve gelen escort the hair off her face and offered, “Hi Todd, you’re home early. Is Crystal here?”

“Uh no,” I stammered. “She had a few more meetings yet.”

“Oh!…well how was your flight?” She kept the conversation going as I watched her go from covering her slick quim to now rubbing it once again. Her brown eyes fixed on mine as she did this as though it were some sort of challenge for me to not look away and watch her fingers do their little dance on her clit.

“Good…uh…yes it was good ,” I weakly retorted.

“That’s good…are ya tired?” She continued.

“No…” my voice trailed as she dipped a finger inside her wet hole.

“Good!” as she seemed happy with my reply. “You have a good collection of videos,” as she changed the subject. I nodded as she glanced momentarily at the screen. “Do you both watch these hardcore videos?” her question catching me off guard.

“Yes Alicia!”

“Does Crystal like the ass fucking?” she stressed the word ass.

“Yes, Alicia.”

“Do you fuck her…ass… Todd?”

“Yes Alicia.”

“Does she get off and cum from your cock in her ass…Todd?” cocking one eyebrow with the last question.

“Yes Alicia…she does.”

“Do you fuck her like that?…with her pretty ass high in the air?…do you Todd?”

“Yes Alicia”

“Do you like my pretty little pussy Todd?” she cooed.

“Yes Alicia.”

She slipped two fingers inside and pulled them out to lick them then continued to play with her wet clitty. “Did you like that Todd?…Do you like watching me play with my clit?”

“Yes Alicia.”

She turned over slowly and got into position like the two women onscreen. “Do you like my…ass…Todd?…Would you like to…fuck it?” she gulped.

“Yes Alicia!”…my voice strained…as did my cock against the denim I had on.

“Can I see your cock?” she asked.

“Yes Alicia.” As I struggled to get out of my clothes quickly she used both hands on her pussy and rubbed her ass and her butthole as well.

“Can I suck your cock? ” she cooed again.

“Yes Alicia.” I moved to the bed to now smell her musky pussy. She tugged at my cock and hummed. “Hhhhmmmmm.” She drew my cock in giving me a little nibble first. As she withdrew each time she kept up the conversation.

“Would you like to suck the love juice from my pussy?” I nodded. “Would you like lick and fuck my ass with your tongue?” I grunted a yes. At this she withdrew from my cock leaving me without her warm mouth. Her attention returned to the screen. As the two men both pulled their cocks from the two women…they moved to both catch the cum from the others partner. Alicia let out a purring sound. “What else do you have to watch?” she cried as the scene came to an end.

“One sec,” I said, reaching under the VCR I took out another tape which I’d been saving for the next time Crystal wanted some assplay. The flick opened with a young blonde woman with much the same body as Alicia’s, only smaller breasts. istanbul eskort bayan The title flashed across the screen ‘Anal Virgin’. With that Alicia’s eyes grew wider. Now it was turn for the questions, as I could tell talking dirty was a big part of her foreplay.

“Have you been fucked in the ass before?” I bluntly said.

“Yes,” she muttered.

“How many times?”

“Four times in total…once with one guy and three with Mark” her last boyfriend who I only met a few times. “But only once with Mark…” she trailed as she kept her eyes on the screen.

“Was it because they were too big?”

“No,” she answered, reaching for my cock. “Yours will be the biggest,” as she tugged on my meat. “But…you know how to use it…Crystal told me once one night when we were drinking that you have become quite an expert on fucking her ass… I figure that it will change my mind about it.”

I gulped. “No pressure huh?…” I giggled.

The girl on screen was just finishing giving the cock in her face a good spit job and had rolled over to expose her quivering pussy. “I need you to eat me please!” Alicia looked at me and stood up. I guided her onto the bed and propped her up on her knees and had her shoulders down on the bed. Giving me a wide open view of her ass and cunt, I knelt down to give her pussy some teasing licks. Swirling my tongue around her little rosebud. She moved with the rhythm my tongue and I were giving her.

I pulled back for a moment and reached under the bed for the lubricant we kept handy. Squirting a bit from the pump I applied a little to her pussy…even though she really did not need it. Her moans were enough to make me dive in and give her more. I kept at her clit and went from there to her ass with one long lick. After doing this a few times my tongue came to rest on her ass. I started slow just circling around the rim of her warm little pink and brown hole. Giving her more and more tongue…poking in her ass gently.

The intrusion went deeper as I now had my tongue buried in her asshole as far as I could go. My two longest fingers found their way to her cunt and slipped in quite easily, as I kept up the pace on her ass. After maybe 12 strokes of my fingers in her hotbox…she let go. Tossing her head back and forth she had an intense orgasm, her freest hand looking for my head to keep plunging her butthole with my tongue. I pulled back when it seemed to drain her body, She looked back wearily at me and squeaked. “It’s not over yet…baby…I can cum more yet.” She looked at the screen and muttered, “fuck my like that…” At which I looked up to see the stud drilling the young blonde’s tight ass.

“Yes…” I hissed out. With that I grabbed the pump and squeezed out more lube directly on Alicia’s body. Most of it just on the small of her back. Using both hands I caressed her backside and inner thighs, just dragging one finger over her outer lips and butthole, causing her to jump a little. I kneaded her butt cheeks, pulling them apart and pushing them together. She responded by moving her hips in a gyrating motion to keep the rezidans escort massage going. Her breathing quickened as my caress got rougher and faster, building up her excitement as she waited for my cock to bury itself in her ass hole.

” Watch the screen “…I whispered as I leaned down closer to the sweaty face below me. The ‘virgin’ onscreen now had the stud behind her with his cockhead pressed to her tight hole. I did the same. Simultaneously “we” both slipped the head of our cocks into our respective women. Alicia grunted as I put more than the head in and kept it going in steady, her awaiting ass taking it all. About halfway I stopped and leaned slightly forward.

“Does it feel good baby?…do you want more?…can you take it all?…” I rambled on.

“Yes! yes!…Yes!” she shrieked, “give me all of it…fill my ass Todd!” I obliged sinking into her further…waiting for her to ask me to stop…but she didn’t, and took it all in! “Fuck my ass now Todd…let me feel what Crystal was telling me about!” Her command made me delve into my work I had cut out and I started to pump. Deeply. Grabbing her asscheeks tightly…I rode her hard…not showing any mercy. I fucked her ass hard…recklessly. She buried her face deeper into the comforter on the bed. Only turning once in a while to let out little sighs and shrieks and moans.

“Ooooooooowwwwwww,” she howled loudly. “OOoooooohhhhh.” Then she let go with another orgasm…much more violent than the last. Bucking wildly she screamed out loud..” keep fucking!!” Not having a woman as lusty as this before with my cock in her ass…I held tightly and fucked her. Her orgasm seemed to last…as she kept convulsing…while I tried to hold on tight to this little anal loving whore.

After what seemed like another series of smaller orgasms she turned her attention to me and pushed back onto my prick fiercely. She turned around looking back up at me with her hair sweaty and matted on her forehead she clenched her teeth. “Come in my ass…cum in my ass Todd…put your cum deep in me. Deeper…I want your cock deeper…cum in me.”..She talked dirtier and dirtier.

“AAaaarrrgh,” my balls tightened up and I arched back and time stood still for a second. Then…boom…I let loose cumming and cumming in her as Alicia’s ass gripped onto my cock even more with my cum spilling forth. I stayed in her as my cock slowly softened. The cum starting to foam and leak out of her well lubed anal opening. She reached back and felt my cock in her ass…rubbing any semen around my cock and her ass. I pulled out and she stayed there with her ass pointed at the ceiling. Cum oozed out as her ass tightened. She rubbed it all around her cunt, playfully using it to cover her whole hand.

I laid back on the bed and took a deep breath. “Your one helluva house sitter,” I chided. “Do you always come like that?”

“Only when I’m really really horny ” she giggled. “Can we do that again?” she asked.

“Whenever you would like to,” I responded quickly. The whole time wishing that Crystal had been here, even if only as a spectator. She would have gotten off herself just seeing her beautiful little friend getting ass fucked.

We had a bit more fun that week before Crystal got home. And we planned something special as well as for when she got home too. But both of those are other stories to tell in the future…


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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