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Kath takes a short holiday in Munich, Germany and Mel, with Pilar accompanying her, sets-off for a three day jaunt to Italy. Before they do, they have one more fling…

Clara, wearing a “hooker-red” corset, stockings, and heels ensemble, sits astride Pilar’s up-standing nine inch “dick” while her daughter Melanie hammers away at her always-hungry backdoor. Kath, standing to one side of the bed, plays with herself while idly stroking her own jutting strapon, patiently waiting her turn. Pilar is having a field day with Clara’s big, hanging titties, licking and biting and sucking at the thick distended nipples like there is no tomorrow. Clara’s clit pulses; her rectum throbs. The thin membrane separating the two orifices is pinched deliciously as the two women work like a pair of well-synchronized machines. Their strokes are hard, steady, and un-relenting.

The trio has been fucking for nearly an hour. The session started with a one-on-one between the two sisters, then Pilar and Melanie joined them, with Clara as the focal point in the anal gang-bang.

As they won’t see each other for at least three days, the horny sluts want to make this farewell fuckathon count!


Clara rests for the first day of her mini vacation ( for the first time in ages, she doesn’t have a rubber prick pounding her asshole!). She treats herself to a few hours at a local spa, including manicure and facial. She has a fancy meal at her favorite eatery and watches her favorite shows on tv, and goes to bed early. The next morning she is rested and somewhat refreshed, and after eating a sinfully calorie-loaded breakfast, she works in the garden for awhile before taking some sun by the pool.

A little after noon, her friend Lovette calls; she hasn’t heard from her college friend in some time, and they chatter like magpies for a good half an hour, catching-up on each other’s latest news, recent juicy “dish”, etc. Lovette is divorced, living-off a generous divorce settlement, but she, as is Clara, is on her own for a few days: her big-dicked Jamaican stud, Larry, has returned to the island for a week and Lovette is bored; she wants some company. Clara is well-aware of what “company” means to her friend: she’s horny and wants to fuck!

They’d been lovers in the past, and Clara isn’t sure she’s ready for Lovette’s kinda lovin’; she’s still very, very sore from her near-constant anal shenanigans, and she knows full-well that Lovette has every intention of enjoying the ass she used to fuck so well in their ill-spent youth. Despite the soreness, though, the busty mother’s anus itches hungrily as she remembers the savage butt-fuckings she used to endure at the business end of her friend’s monster strap-on.

“….so are we meeting, or not Pet?” Clara has istanbul escort been daydreaming, and misses Lovette’s question.

“Sorry, Mate; say again?”

“Will ya stop yer fuckin’ daydreamin’ and pay attention, you cow?” Lovette chides. “D’ya wanna meet for a bit o’ the ol’ nasty or not? “

“Oooo, so romantic!” Clara jokes. “You really know how to make a girl fell special!”

Lovette has a ready retort. “Look, we both know “what’s what” so why beat ’round the bush? Now get your slutty arse over here and make it quick!”

Clara finds she is suddenly horny, and quickly agrees. ” I’ll see you in thirty minutes. Bye” She rings-off , goes into the house, and up the stairs, where she strips and takes a quick shower.

Kath Gets Lucky!

Her second day in Munich, Kath decides to treat herself to a night at a strip club. All of the women are super-gorgeous, but the one that catches her eye is a twenty-something Syrian national named Tamar. She is drop-dead beautiful, with a voluptuous and shapely physique, the kind that Kath fancies most. After ten or so lap-dances, and numerous cock-tails, the two agree to retire to Kath’s hotel suite after the club closes. It is after 3:30 am when they stumble into the luxurious suite. Kath is all over the sexy stripper as soon as they are inside, kissing her full red lips and pawing her luscious tits and ass like a drunken sailor.

Hot tongues tangle and twine, and Tamar’s hands are not idle; Kath’s firm tits, thighs, and ass are fondled, pinched, and squeezed. Kath is soon tired of this game. She wants Tamar naked! The sheer blouse and clinging slacks the dancer wears are quickly stripped-away, revealing her bodacious 44-25-42 body in a wispy, lacy bra, tiny garter-belt, stockings and spike heels.

Once the front snap is disengaged, and the stripper’s huge, natural jugs tumble free, Kath attacks the large, purplish-brown nipples and wide areola with teeth, lips, and tongue. While this is happening, Tamar is helping Kath out of her clothes as well.

Tamar’s lovely, full thighs spread like wings, exposing her red, engorged clit peeking through the open lips of her bald labia. Kath is ready for a feast, and immediately dives between those spread legs to satisfy her pussy-hunger. Her fingers spread the dark pink lips even more, probing inside while her tongue danced-about on the pulsating clitoral bud. Tamar mutters something Kath can’t understand, but she’s sure its complimentary! The sexy Brit’s fleshy mouth-snake works Tamar’s pussy from every angle, circling and dipping, using every trick in the book to coax the sweet woman-cum she craves from the over-heated, now dripping slit. The sexual tension is building within the Middle Eastern slut and she is now writhing and groaning, tears of want bahçeşehir escort filling her dark eyes. Every nerve in her body is tingling and alert.

Now it’s Kath’s turn to experience some delights from the East….her large, pink nipples are lovingly and adoringly suckled and gently bitten after being freed from their satin bra cups. The damp crotch of her thong is pushed aside so that Tamar’s red-tipped fingers can part the swollen cunt-lips and zero-in on her hooded clit, exerting firm, though gentle pressure on it. She is rewarded with a chorus of “oooos” and “ahhhs” from the delectable English slut. She expertly works her fingers in and out of Kath’s frothy, seething cunt, while trailing her lips downward, over her ribcage and flat stomach.

When she reaches her succulent, juicy twat, she admires it for a few seconds before leaning down and capturing the now un-sheathed and straining clit between her big, red lips.

“Oh, God, you darling!” Kath exclaims, filled with excitement and sexual lust. Tamar’s expert tongue is everywhere: darting and dipping here, swabbing licking there. At one point, she engulfs the entire pink pudenta in her mouth and sucks at it like an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. Kath cums so hard she also pees, right in her lover’s mouth! Tamar guzzles as much of the hot, flavorful liquid as she can; some of it escapes and splashes onto Kath’s trembling, quivering thighs. Tamar licks this up too. After a deep, searching kiss and a few moments of cuddling, Kath straps it on!

Tamar watches her buckle on the foot-long rubber dick and lubricate it with a handful of Vaseline, then kneels on the edge of the bed and reaches back to spread her beefy ass-cheeks wide. The cow-titted stripper has clearly seen a lot of action back there, judging by her misshapen, battered anal orifice, and Kath decides to have a taste before pumping it full of latex dick. She runs her tongue into the deep, fragrant crack, licking and nibbling at the crinkled bud, circling the outer rim until the dusky rose instinctively flutters open, well-trained as it is.

Kath tosses salad with the best of them, and soon Tamar is panting and grinding her luscious hips, eager to have that magnificent cock buried deep in her bowels.

Clara and Lovette

After a magnificent dinner and several bottles of wine, the two women go back to Lovette’s very swanky flat for “dessert”. Ten minutes after arriving, they are stripped and ready for action. Clara kneels on all fours while her friend tongues both her pussy and ass for a time, finally focusing all of her attention on the woman’s delectable sphincter.

The brassy divorcee works her tongue in smaller and smaller circles around the dark, crinkled

area surrounding bakırköy escort her ultimate target. Clara relaxes her asshole in open invitation. Her groan comes from deep within her when her lover’s tongue wiggles inside. Lovette is a confirmed advocate of eating a woman’s ass, and she goes about her task with consummate enthusiasm. Some women do “rim-jobs” out of obligation, or as a prelude to anal penetration; Lovette simply loves the taste, the heat, the sheer kinkiness of the act. Her fingers spread the luscious cheeks her face is buried between, allowing her to get even deeper lingual penetration. Clara pants like a bellows while her friend’s hungry tongue swabs the inside of her asshole like a janitor mopping a floor. Lewd slurping noises accompany the frenzied oral worship as the bottle-blonde snacks on the wicked mother’s anal pucker as if it’s a rare delicacy.

A quick “blow job” follows, with Clara making sure that she leaves enough saliva on the fat dong to ease its passage, then she reclines on her back, with a couple of pillows stuffed beneath her hips. Her high heels rest on Lovette’s shoulders as the other woman moves into position. Her initial thrust is hard and deep, and Clara lets out a muffled “uuuumpf” in appreciation.

Pilar, Mel, and Magadelena Scala

Magadalena Scala is the owner of a swank bed and breakfast a few miles outside of Rome. She is 50 years old but can easily pass for a woman ten years younger. She has luxurious, glossy black hair that reaches to the middle of her back, a classically beautiful, and completely un-lined face, and is built on lush, voluptuous style of body Italian women are famous for: 48E-30-44. Pilar has noticed furtive glances and a quickening of breath whenever she is in the older woman’s presence, and decides to test her theory before bringing Melanie into it. After yet another night of hot sex, Melanie is still sleeping when Pilar showers, applies make-up, and dresses in a tight-fitting, velour sweat-suit before going down to breakfast. She finds Signora Scala in the dining room, pouring coffee from a silver coffee pot and greets her warmly before sitting down. It seems that the Signora’s helper will be late that morning and so the owner has the additional duties of preparing and serving the morning meal as well as handling the front desk duties. She is dressed in a silken, calf-length robe that clings to every shapely curve. As she leans over to pour her guest a cup of the fragrant coffee, Pilar takes action: she helps herself to a handful of the Signora’s lush left buttock, palming it, and giving it a firm, healthy squeeze.

The older woman doesn’t react except for a wicked grin. “You like?” she asks huskily, her perfect, plucked eyebrows raised mockingly.

“I like”

“I meet you after breakfast, in the office behind the front desk”

“You got it”


Chapter 4 not done yet…look for it soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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