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My wife Jo and I had been married for almost five years, she was 23 and I was three years older than her. We had met and fell in love when she was 19 and although she wanted to marry me, I was not interested in marrying a virgin bride until I found out that she had had plenty of experience at such a young age. Like me she had a very high sex drive and we fucked everywhere and anywhere we could without a thought of being caught.

Once we were finally married we started to find out everything about each other including telling each other how we lost our virginity. I had lost mine when I was 19 to a friend of my mother’s who I had fancied for a while. Jo on the other hand had lost her cherry when she just turned 18 to an older Aunt.

Jo’s mother was 45 when we married and was the oldest of three sisters, Kate 40 and Julie 38. Kate was about 34 and had always been very close with Jo. It all began when Kate’s hubby traded her in for a younger model half her age leaving Kate absolutely distraught. When Jo went to visit her that night she was faced with a sobbing Aunt who clung to her like an octopus.

Rich, who was Kate’s hubby, had been a very well endowed man of a very thick 10″ dick and now some little slut was being well fucked and Kate felt totally empty inside.

“The funny thing about my Aunt and me is that we both have the same choice in men, big and thick.” smirked Jo.

About a month after Jo told me about Kate’s hubby, having left her for a younger model saying that Kate was making too many demands on him. Jo told me that she had invited her to stay for a while till she recovered from her hubby’s betrayal. On the Friday evening we drove to the station and picked up Kate, and as a treat we took her to a nice restaurant as we had booked a table for that evening.

The meal was superb and Kate looked a lot less stressed out by the end of the evening. She looked quite similar to Jo, in that they both had long blond hair and deep blue eyes. The only difference in them was that Kate was a few pounds heavier and had bigger boobs and wider hips but was still real man bait. Both girls were very pretty and Jo was a slim size 10 with small pert boobs and had a beautiful arse and was a very beautiful young woman.

After we got home that evening I made my way straight into the kitchen and put the kettle on to make us all a coffee while Jo showed Kate to her room and brought each other up to date with all the gossip. Once the coffee was ready I took it into the living room along with a few biscuits that I had found in the kitchen cupboard and we all sat around and chatted. Kate settled in very well and we let her know she was free to come and go whenever she wanted to and she could use Jo’s Casibom car to go into town if Jo wasn’t using it for anything. And if she wanted to bring anyone home then we had no objections to it.

One morning not long after Kate had moved in, I woke up early in the morning with the usual morning wood and needing a piss real bad; as I usually slept in the nude, I had forgot all about Kate living with us and went to the bathroom as per usual. As I came out of our bedroom I walked straight into Kate who just stared at my prick as it jutted out in front of me.

“Bloody hell, Jo wasn’t lying when she said you had a big cock.”

She said staring at my dick which was at full mast.

“Don’t be so embarrassed.” She said as I went beet read.

“I love looking at big cocks and yours certainly fits the bill.” She said with a wicked grin on her lips

“If you were going to the bathroom I’ll wait and let you go first.” I said still flushed.

“Don’t be so silly sweetheart, I’m no fucking prude. Seeing I have had a good look at yours I don’t mind you looking at mine.”

She said as she pulled me into the bathroom with her.

Once inside she lifted her nightie without batting an eyelid revealing her nicely rounded ass and hairless cunt to me. She spread her legs as she sat on the loo and I stood there watching as she began to pee in front of me. She had the loveliest bald pussy I had ever seen and it sure kept my morning wood to full attention.

“Ooh that’s better, I really needed that.” She said with a smile.

“OK your turn now.” She said as she lifted the lid for me.

“Fuck I don’t think I can pee, seeing your sweet pussy still has made me so fucking hard I don’t think it will go down enough for me to pee.” I answered embarrassedly.

She just stood laughing as she put her hand down and took my cock between her nimble fingers and felt the hardest hard-on I’d had in a very long time.

“I can believe that by how it feels in my hand.” She smiled.

“Let me go and get Jo while you sort out that lovely weapon of yours.”

She said as she walked out the bathroom with a swagger.

I turned on the cold water tap and stuck my throbbing cock under it and it took a couple of minutes to make my manhood soft enough to pee. It was such a relief to finally pee after watching Kate and having her handle my rigid member. As I wandered back into my bedroom there on the bed sat Kate next to Jo who looked up at me with a smirk on her face.

“That wasn’t very clever was it honey, if that had been anyone else you would have scared them for life with that monster of yours.” She quipped.

“I think it would have taken more than seeing my hard-on Casibom Giriş to shock Kate.” I laughed.

“To fucking true John.” Kate giggled.

“I would have been more shocked if you had told me you were going to fuck me with that big thing!” Kate said as if she were frightened of it.

“Oh I wouldn’t mind John giving you whatever you wanted, you must be getting frustrated by now.” Jo answered before I could open my mouth.

“Fuck I would love nothing better than John ramming that big beauty up my cunt.” Kate said with a lustful look.

“Well how about it John?” Asked my wife.

“Do you fancy giving my Aunt Kate a good fucking?” She asked me again.

“If you don’t mind me giving Kate a good seeing to then I am all for it. Seeing I have already had a good view of some of the goods.” I said with a smile from ear to ear.

With that Kate stood up and pulled her nightie over her head and I got to see all of her beautiful body for the first time.

“Fucking hell Kate, you sure do have a fantastic body.” I quipped.

I stared at her beautiful body, her lovely breast thrust forward, her legs parted and her bald pussy was clearly visible. I started to get stiff again and we closed together and kissed, she sure was a great kisser and had my cock so hard that it was almost at her naval.

“You have a beautiful cunt.” I whispered in her ear.

“I sure do love your big cock” Kate responded.

Wrapping her fingers around my shaft, she ran her hands up and down the thick beast in long slow strokes. After a few strokes I pushed her back on to the edge of the bed and knelt down in front of her and began kissing her boobs. I began to suck on her nipples, which were now obviously very sensitive with all the attention I was paying to them. As she began to pant I slid my hand down over that lovely plump swelling between her thighs, which turned out to be more than a handful.

My middle finger slipped between her now slick pussy lips as I felt her body begin to respond as I stroked my finger between her now open and very wet cunt lips. Within a minute Kate’s pussy was fully open and I was now able to slide three fingers deep inside her dripping cunt.

Her pussy certainly was a handful and I soon found her clit and began to rub around the nub with the tips of my other fingers and I stroked my, now soaked three fingers, in and out of her well oiled cunt hole. For the size of Jo’s cunt her clit was huge and filled the space between her inner pussy lips and her love canal. Kate’s wasn’t as big but was big enough and obviously ran in the family, as I pushed in a forth finger Kate came all over my hand.

“Come you fucker, fuck me, fuck me right now!” She Casibom Güncel Giriş cried out.

I pushed her back onto the bed and mounted her. I pushed my cock against her cunt and began to slide into her drenched pussy and eased my pecker into her to the hilt.

“Fucking hell!” She gasped.

“That’s the thickest cock I think I have ever had!” She said as she began panting.

“Go on, go on! I haven’t had a good fuck in months!” She moaned and began to pant heavily.

She continued moaning and panting as I fucked her deep and hard and a little too fast, as I came sooner than I planned to. Kate certainly didn’t complain as I spurted rope after rope deep inside her cunt as she came again in a shattering orgasm that racked her beautiful body. I lay there on top of her until my cock softened and slipped out of her cum filled cunt.

“God I fucking needed that!”

She said as she smiled like a Cheshire cat that had got the cream.

“Sorry I came so quick that time, next time it will last a lot longer.”

I said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh I sure hope so, I could do with more of that big cock up my cunt and maybe up my arse too.” Kate answered back as she licked her lips in anticipation.

“See I told you John was a good fuck Kate.” Jo said as she cuddled up to her Aunt.

“Yes and you weren’t wrong that’s for sure.” Kate smirked.

Kate turned and kissed her niece, Jo returned the kiss and within moments their kiss had turned into a deep French kiss. I had known that Jo had one or two female lovers in her past before we were an item, but I didn’t realize that Kate might have been one of them. To my great surprise and in no time at all Jo had her head buried between Kate’s thighs. It was that she was lapping at her Aunt’s cunt and eating her out as Kate came again in another body racking orgasm.

I watched as Jo crawled up Kate’s body and kissed her Aunt fully on the mouth and emptied the contents in to her mouth as they again French kissed and Kate swallowed it all down.

“Wow what a lovely present to give me.” She smiled as she licked her lips.

“You want some more?” Jo asked her.

“As much of John’s cum as you can suck out of me honey.” Kate whispered back.

The sight of those two sharing my sperm and her Aunt’s juices soon had me hard again and I got behind Jo, pushed her knees up to her chest and entered her. I fucked Jo hard as the two of them continued to play with each other until I finally came deep inside Jo. Then I sat back and watched as Kate returned the complement and suck my spunk out of Jo’s cunt and give to her to drink down.

The time that Kate spent with us was a revelation to us both. We had sex with each other in every way you can think of and them some practically everyday until Kate finally went home.

“If I ever need a good fucking I know where to come next time.” She smiled as she got into the taxi.

And she did, many times after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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