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Big Tits

This is a true story I have often wondered about. Again, it is very true, though.

I know that I am bisexual. Before this episode, I had several “multi-sexual” relationships. I can’t categorize this one as you will see.

I often ventured out to an adult theatre between friends,. and even during the same. To wit, I have long ago recognized that I was bisexual. I do seem to like both.

I know that offends true gays and heterosexuals, but that is who I am. I truly like both.

Anyway, enough lecturing. Here is my story,…

There use to be an adult theatre along Hwy 6, west Houston. It had theatre seating much like any normal movie theatre.

Typically, one would enter and venture to the far back of the same. That was where any “action” was. I wasn’t totally into that scene,…sitting in the back row and waiting for a stud to open his fly and offer his dick. I tended to avoid that. I did like to watch, though.

Honestly, I had often enjoyed watching someone sucking off another while he stood behind them. Okay, I had once done the same, too, while insanely drunk.

This night was different. I walked in to the theatre and after my eyes adjusted, I made my way to the back row. It took a while to allow my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

There weren’t many people there and I sat a seat or two away from someone. That seat totally collapsed as I sat down and I pretended not to notice and moved to another across the aisle. Talk about making a bad first impression? I was totally embarrassed.

Anyway, I tended to look his way, but to no avail. Eventually, he got up to go relieve himself in the bathroom. I took that opportunity batman escort to move a seat closer to where he had sat. Much to my surprise, when he returned, he sat across the aisle. I honestly felt bad and that he was purposely avoiding me.

A while later, I had to take a piss, did so, but returned to a seat removed from him. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I just liked his looks? He seemed gentle and non-threatening.

Anyway, as the movies ran on, I noticed his hand drop unto the seat separating us. Screwing up my courage, I placed my hand in the middle of that same seat. Hey, I don’t want to say that I was shy, especially in an adult movie theatre, but this was different. I kind of felt like a teenager wanting to hold hands.

We sat watching the movies for a while, but I noticed his hand inch across the vacant seat between us. His hand drew close to mine, but ever touched it.

I was a little drunk (I had a large Gulp cup of wine). I moved my hand nearer his and eventually our pinky fingers touched. He wrapped his little finger around mine and me toyed with each other’s fingers for a bit without ever glancing at one another. We continued to massage each other’s hands,…kind of like in Grade-School…

I should probably describe that I’m a large man. I stand 6’2″, 225 lbs. I say that only to explain that I’m not afraid, but rather cautious and reserved about my bi-sexuality.

Yes, I do understand that I was in an Adult theatre for one reason and one reason only. I was there to either get my cock sucked or to return the favor if I was in the mood.

Because of having been drinking, I had to escort batman visit the boy’s room again, but returned soon. I screwed up my courage on the way back and sat next to him.

His hand was at his side, alongside our seats, and I dropped mine to touch his again. It immediately intertwined mine.

I looked at him and introduced myself. He smiled and grasped my hand and I returned the same. We made some small-talk and continued to watch the movies.

I did notice his hand grazing my thigh, ..and facts be true, I encouraged it and put my hand over his and held it against my thigh.

His hand grazed my thigh and I felt the urge to hold his hand closer.

Eventually, I held his hand and brought it unto my lap. He immediately began messaging my crotch. He leaned towards me, set his head upon my shoulder and began manipulating my cock under my sweats. It felt great.

His head was upon my shoulder and I leaned to kiss the top.

That just made him lean forward and immediately place his mouth and tongue around the top of my cock.

Needless to say, I tensed my groin forward. I felt my cock sink into his mouth. He took it half-way in. It felt fantastic! I felt his warm mouth sink to my groin. It felt like warm/wet silk.

I could have cum then, but I didn’t want to. I wanted it to last.

I withdrew his head and mouth, and he reluctantly did so. I felt his lips slowly relent their grasp on my cock.

He did so and rest his head upon my chest. I kissed the top of it but he shortly moved his lips back to my crotch and slowly, very slowly sank down my shaft. All I could do was moan batman escort bayan aloud as he slowly sank unto me.

I know many might think I’m exaggerating, but this went on for a couple hours…He would bring me close, and then allow it to subside. I’m not talking about a boring tease, but rather that he brought me right to the brink, but knew when to stop each time. He knew me. I felt my balls get tight, I felt the heat of my cum rising, but he would quickly stop, hold my cock tight, and rest his head on my shoulder each time.

Eventually, at least two hours later, after repeated “brinks”, I HAD TO CUM!…it had been a couple of hours!!!. I pulled my cock from his mouth and began to jerk it off. He continued to suck my head and only released once I began to cum, but continued to hand-jerk me as I shot upon my chest and unto my face. I came strongly. I remember my cum hitting my chest and face. Strangely, I began to laugh aloud and so did he.

I remember his head then going to rest on my chest as he continued to handle my cock, sliding his cheek unto my cum-ridden chest and then sliding up to kiss me.

This was my first male-to-male kiss, but I readily accepted it. I actually tasted and smelled myself. To wit, for those uninitiated, it is a distinctive smell, one you’ll never forget. We kissed and I held his head next to mine.

I kissed him back, felt his tongue slide between my lips, and tasted my own cum. I returned the same.

He relaxed and we sat next to one another for a while. He rested his head upon my bare chest. (He had raised my t-shirt before I came so as not to soil it). His cheeks were shiny from my cum.

It was late, very late, and I had to work the next day. I made my excuses and left. I later wished I had exchanged phone numbers.

Anyway, this was the epitome of a male-to-male experience. I so much want to relive it again and wished I had exchanged information with him. I have never seen him since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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