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The music throbbed through Angelo’s body as he stalked around the perimeter of the dance floor looking for his step-daughter Josie. Josie’s mom had came home from a work trip early and been pissed when she had discovered Josie missing from her room. And had raised hell, blaming Angelo as she usually did when something in her life fucked up.

“Jesus Angelo!” Bettie, his wife yelled at him “All I asked you to do is just keep an eye on her. Where the hell were you that you didn’t notice my 18 year old daughter sneaking out?”

Angelo had been in his office looking at porn on his computer, and beating off his large cock. Something he has had to do for the past six months. Bettie was too busy being the hotshot lawyer to have time to fuck or suck her husband off. So he had been reduced to whacking off and dreaming and various women in the neighborhood.

Josie’s best friend, Amber was a star of his fantasies. And so was Josie. Amber and Josie were polar opposites in looks and temperament. Josie was laid back, the girl next door, and amber was the girl next door you wanted to fuck. Amber stood a measly five foot four next to Josie’s almost five foot 11. Amber had tits that were big for her smallish frame. Angelo always thought she was 34D. Josie had nice handfuls, about 38C. Amber had curves that seemed much too old for her as she was growing up always in and out of The Winston’s house. Josie had only started to grow into her body when she hit 17. Amber was a bubbly blonde who made you smile and laugh at her dumb blonde act, which sometimes wasn’t an act.

Josie was smart, intellectual and made people around her laugh with her awful and sometimes raunchy jokes. The jokes she had got from Angelo.

A flash of white caught his attention on the dance floor and Angelo paused as he peered through the smoke caused by a smoke machine. That couldn’t be Josie he thought mouth going dry.

The girl on the dance floor wore a white lace dress that showed off her black demi-bra and black boy cut panties curved around her juicy ass, while a strange boy did an impression of fucking her with clothes on, behind her. Amber danced in front of her, slowly rubbing their bodies together as they French kissed and ran their hands over each others tits.

His cock twitched and began to wake up at the sight before him. He couldn’t help himself; going with out pussy is like going with out food. He had to have it. And the hot girls in front of him were ripe for the picking.

Smiling as a plan formed in his mind Angelo walked back towards the bar to order three drinks and wait for Josie and Amber to finish their dance.

Fortunately he didn’t have to wait more then ten minutes before Josie grabbed Amber’s hand and pulled her off the dance floor towards the bar waving a hand in front of her face.

Angelo waited until Josie’s eyes landed on him before he smiled and raised a drink in a mock toast. Quickly whispering something in Amber’s ear, Josie pushed her towards the bathroom then came over to where Angelo sat sipping his whiskey on the rocks.

‘What are you doing here?” Josie snapped her hands on her hips as she glared at her step-father

“I could ask you the same question, since one of us is supposed to be grounded” Angelo smiled he could afford to forgive her brash attitude. He planned on getting something much better then respect tonight anyway

“Are you gonna snitch on me?” suddenly nervous that he would tell her bitch of a mother

Angelo smiled “Sorry, mom already discovered that you weren’t in your room”

Josie’s face dropped and tears welled in her beautiful hazel eyes “Shit there goes my Christmas break” Josie shook her head in defeat.

If there was one thing Josie knew, it was that her mother would ground her ass for sneaking out of the house. Her mother loved to bitch and nag more then she liked to screw her husband. Which she never did, would explain why Angelo always sported a hard on when it was just the two of them, or them and Amber in the house.

When she had first met Angelo she hadn’t been too keen on another adult figure she would have to answer to. But to her surprise, Angelo had never expected her to ask his permission to do anything. From time to time the shared a joint together when mom was sleep or not home.

Peeking at Angelo from under her fake lashes she had to admit that for a man of 35 he was in good shape. He was taller then her, about 6ft3 and had broad muscular shoulders that she had admired for years. And a Casibom lickable six pack with no hair, which turned Josie on. Black hair he keeps cut low and the brightest pair of green eyes. Being so sexy, he had to a monster in between in his legs.

Unfortunately she had never caught a glimpse of his cock, but she had tried to numerous times. Her and Amber.

“If I can get you out of trouble, what’s in it for me?” Angelo whispered in her ear from behind her lightly rubbing his cock against her ass.

“How would you do that?” she asked turning her head to look at him but keeping her back to his front.

“I’ll tell Bettie that you had gotten a call from a friend who’s boyfriend had hit her, so you left to go pick her up” One thing Bettie hated more then sex now, was an abusive man. All thanks to Josie’s father.

“What do you get?” Josie licked her lips as her pussy began to throb and her nipples hardened to points visible to Angelo

“What I get, sweet Josie is to finally feel some tight pussy around my cock” as he whispered in her ear his arms had tightened around her and Angelo pushed his monster harder in between her ass cheeks.

OH MY GOD! Josie thought beginning to push back against Angelo and roll her hips His cock is fucking HUGE! She had never had one that size inside of her.

But was more then willing to try. See what nobody knew, besides Amber, was that Josie loved cock. Had fell in love after her first time with Amber’s now married older brother. And Jackson had been a nice ten inches long and two inches thick.

What Josie felt against her ass now was bigger then Amber’s brother’s cock. And she suddenly had to have it inside her hungry kitty.

“Ok” Josie smiled up at Angelo “If you’re sure mom will believe it” hell even if she didn’t believe it, Josie would still fuck her step-father.

“Good girl” Angelo dropped his arms and stepped back from her “Make sure you change before you get home, and I’ll be expecting you back home in one hour’ His voice had changed. Now he sounded like an annoyed father rather then a potential lover

“I just gotta drop off Amber first” Josie looked around for her friend

“An hour” Angelo repeated then turned and blended in with the crowd.

“Was that your step-father?” Amber asked coming up alongside her

“Yeah, mom came home early and he was warning me” no need to tell Amber about their deal. She would only be jealous anyway.

“Shit, I guess our night is over” Amber pouted up at her friend “I guess I won’t even get to taste that sweet honey you have here” she ran her hand over Josie’s kitty through the lace dress and silk panties.

“I’ll make it up to you” Josie promised as they walked out the club hand in hand

But first I get my hands on a monster, she smiled to herself

Angelo sat in his office stroking his cock to porn, waiting for Josie to get home. Glancing at his watch he put his cock away and stood to leave the office just as the lights of her car shone through his window.

“Right on time” he smiled and walked into the hallway to wait.

Opening the door slowly, Josie poked her head inside slowly looking for her mother most likely. Seeing only Angelo, she smiled nervously and came inside completely.

Angelo snorted when he saw her clothes. She had done as she had been told. Josie now wore a pair of tight low rider jeans and a black tank top that barely covered her pierced navel. Her face was scrubbed clean of any trace of makeup except her glossy lipstick and some mascara.

“Is mom awake?” she smiled at Angelo noticing the bulge in his jeans.

“No she’s sleeping” Actually he had slipped her one of his strong sleeping pills to insure she slept through her daughters screams.

“Whew” she dropped into a chair in the living room “I was afraid she would be waiting to interrogate me”

Angelo shook his head “You were not told to sit, stand up”

Josie frowned him “What?”

Angelo sighed “Stand up” he repeated “Or I’ll spank you” his cock twitched at the thought of spanking her large juicy ass.

Licking her lips nervously Josie stood up and waited for whatever came next. Her nipples tightened into hard little pen tops and she felt juice gather in her panties. She had never seen this side to Angelo before. And it turned her on more than any other she had ever fucked.

“Take off your clothes” Angelo commanded sitting in his favorite chair, pushing the small remote that was in his hand, to start the cameras Casibom Giriş in the room. He had waited for this day to finally get his hands and his cock on Josie and had made sure to install hidden cameras all around the house. Thanks to his job as a Security expert; he had all kinds of neat little gadgets.

“What if Mom wakes up?” Josie put on a scared voice hoping to entice Angelo faster so they could get down to the fucking. Men loved hearing slutty girls act innocent and frightened. And from the way Angelo’s tent rose higher, she knew he had enjoyed it.

“If I tell you again Josie, I’m going to spank you with this” he pulled out a small leather crop like the kind used on horses “And trust me, you wouldn’t enjoy it”

What did I get myself into? Josie asked herself as she quickly pulled her tank top over her head. Angelo seemed different, harsher and that made her really worried.

“The pants, then the bra” he instructed rubbing his dick through his pants.

Unbuttoning her tight jeans with shaky hands was not easy. But Josie had to admit that her hands didn’t shake just out of fear. A small part of her was enjoying Angelo’s commands and indifferent attitude towards her. She knew he would be able to see how wet she was through her G-string panties. But that just excited her more.

“Turn around” Angelo spoke as her jeans fell around her ankles. He fought off a load moan when her bare ass came into his view. The girl’s ass was way bigger then her mothers. Thanks to her African-American father genes.

“Come here and turn around” his voice was gruff with barely contained lust.

When Josie complied, Angelo slowly put his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart and leaned forward till his nose was in her ass crack. Sniffing, he moaned loudly. Her smell was intoxicating.

Her ass was perfect. Fit his hands like it was made for him and only him. Leaning further forward, Angelo ran his ran under the crease of each cheek. Happy when Josie moaned and pushed her ass closer to his tongue and rolled her hips.

Angelo kissed and licked under and over her ass cheeks, leaving small trails of spit on the back of her thighs and ass. Gripping her ass tighter, he brought Josie closer so she stood in between his spread legs.

With a hand on the small of her back, he pushed her forward till she touched the floor with her hands ‘Stay like that, if you move I’ll spank you”

Josie moaned but stayed where she did not want him to stop what he was doing. She had never had a dude lick her ass like her step-father was now. His tongue ran the length of her crack from her ass to her shaven pussy. Stopping briefly to flick against her hard clit, before dipping inside her cave then traveling back to her brown rosebud.

Angelo moaned as he slipped his tongue inside her ass. It had been so long since he had licked a yummy ass like Josie’s. Her mom was totally against anything anal. Much to his distress and aching.

Josie moaned and fought against rubbing her ass in his face to make him stick his tongue deeper in her asshole.

“Does that feel good little girl?” Angelo asked rubbing his finger against her back door

“That feels wonderful daddy” she moaned pushing her ass against his intruding finger her head dropping forward.

Angelo reached down and unbuckled is pants, freeing his aching cock “Turn around and get on your knees” he sat back with his dick in his hands

Josie licked her lips eagerly when she eyed his hard monster. His was the biggest cock she had ever had. Her pussy tingled in anticipation of being filled with suck a large cock.

“You like daddy’s big cock?” he asked smacking her face with his cock

“Mmmm, yes daddy, I love your big dick” Josie whimpered trying to get it in her mouth

Angelo laughed huskily “You gotta beg for it”

“Please daddy, can I suck your monster cock? I promise to suck it soooooooo good” Josie whimpered licking the underside of his cock

Angelo groaned and grabbed her head with both hands “put it in your slutty mouth” he ordered his eyes rolling in the back of his head as her warm juicy mouth covered the head of his dick.

Calm down, calm down she’s not use to your size yet, Angelo cautioned himself as his cock slowly disappeared into her mouth. Damn she’s taking all twelve inches in her slutty mouth!

“Hmmm, daddy you taste so good” Josie pulled back off for a moment smiling ‘Can I deep throat you daddy?” she asked in her little girl voice Casibom Güncel Giriş which she swore added inches to his already massive cock

“Suck my dick, you slutty cock whore” Angelo growled forcing her mouth back on his dick “Suck it like the little whore you are”

His words just aroused Josie more and she gladly swallowed his cock, not stopping until her nose bumped against the thick hair at the base of his dick.

Go me! She silently cheered herself as her stepfather controlled her movements with his hands buried in her hair.

Angelo used her face brutally, slamming his hips up into her mouth as he held her head still. When she gagged a little on his dick and her mouth got wetter, Angelo groaned again then with his hands still in her hair, he stood up with her still on her knees.

At this angle he was even thicker, and Josie moaned around the meat in her mouth. Standing Angelo worked his hips faster and deeper until spit and bile ran out of her mouth and over his cock to his balls then hit the floor.

Josie applied little teeth on his shaft careful to not add too much pressure. Angelo went wild slamming his hips into her face and her face onto his dick. Never had a woman sucked his dick better then the little 18 year old on her knees.

“I’m gonna cum!” he shouted holding his dick deep in her throat as his cock exploded

Josie could do nothing but swallow as Angelo loads of cum deep in her belly. She had always loved the taste of cum, but Angelo’s tasted sweeter then any she had so far.

Releasing his stepdaughter’s head, Angelo collapsed into his chair his pants still around his ankles “You suck the best dick baby” he gasped pulling his shirt over his head

“Thank you daddy” she giggled pleased that she sucked dick better then her bitch mother.

“Come here” Angelo leaned forward and plucked her off of her knees and sat her on his lap with his still hard cock nestled against her wet panties. Unhooking her bra he smiled and brought a nipple to his mouth biting it roughly before laving it with his tongue.

The pleasure- pain was exquisite and she rolled her hips over his cock “Again” she begged holding up both breast for his attention

“Up’ he smacked her ass then adjusted himself near her entrance and pushed her down until his cock head popped into her pussy. They both groaned at the feeling neither caring if Bettie woke up and came downstairs.

“Ride me” Angelo commanded when he was half way inside her cunt.

Taking a deep breath, Josie dropped all her weight on his lap “Ahhhhhhhh!” she screamed mostly in pain from his monster. But did not stop her from bouncing on his cock like she was a mad woman.

“Oh god, daddy that feels so good!” she moaned tossing her head back and bouncing harder “yea, fuck me daddy, fuck your little slut” she couldn’t help the words from coming out her mouth

“That’s daddy’s little whore” Angelo smiled thrusting his hips back up to meet her “Ride daddy’s big dick, baby ohhhhhhhh, you have the tightest pussy” he moaned wrapping his arms around her sweaty body as she came closer to her climax

‘Damn, so good, so good” she panted lost in the sensation of the huge prick in her cunt “Daddy, harder please harder” she begged so close to bursting

Holding her still, Angelo pushed off the chair and dropped to his knees still encased in the best pussy he ever had. Lowering her gently to the floor, Angelo spread her legs as wide as they could go, until they touched the bed on either side ‘Thank god, for those ballet lessons” he winked at Josie before pushing a little deeper inside her.

“Harder daddy, bang your little girl’s pussy out!” Josie yelled

‘You asked for it” and gave her exactly what she wanted. Bottoming out in her cunt before withdrawing almost all the way, then brutally slamming forward again. Her cunt would be sore in the morning, but neither cared as they raced towards completion.

“I’m g-gonna c-cum! “Josie gasped as her body tightened around her step-dads cock

Feeling her inner muscles milking his cock, and having gone for so long without some quality pussy, he couldn’t hold back and exploded in side of her. Even after Cumming in her mouth, he deposited load after load inside her rippling pussy.

Rolling off his step daughter, Angelo spread out on the floor next to her trying to catch his breath as she did the same.

Josie cuddled up next to him and smiled “I hope we can do this again”

Angelo patted her juicy ass “Hell yea we can, I didn’t get a chance to sample that ass yet”

He was happy he had put in the anonymous call to Bettie work, pretending to be a neighbor telling her about seeing her daughter climbing out of a window. He should have it done years ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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