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The looks were what did it.

They were the usual sort of sneering, lip-curling, contemptuous looks of disgust and annoyance that Barbie always got when she was in a new town. She wasn’t wearing a lot – which made people twitchy – but they didn’t realise that she was making a huge effort in wearing anything all. It was always the same though, and she supposed she got by well enough, but it was one of the two things she’d inherited from her dad.

The other thing from her dad was slowly engorging, emitting pheromones as the reflected disapproval stoked her libido – and that libido came straight from her mom; a mother that had a reputation as a depraved, base, animalistic slut. A well deserved reputation. And the proverbial apple hadn’t fallen very far from the wanton tree.

But Barbie was her own woman. Where her mother was lush and sensual and inviting and sultry, Barbie was a thoroughbred: tall, strong and blazing hot, with a kind of perky bubble-butt gym-addict glamour that was supplemented by all the tricks of a modern bimbo. Huge fake tits. Pumped up pouting lips. Long nails, glossy and bright. Long black hair tied back. Thorough depilation. The makeup.

And none of it was for men. It didn’t need to be. But it reminded people just what kind of girl they were… well, it was Barbie’s way of saying ‘fuck you’ without words.

The soccer mom blonde queued up in front of her sniffed the air and stiffened a little; Barbie could see her fight the urge to look behind her and check out what was making that scent. The woman new Barbie was there – had made her displeasure obvious when Barbie had walked in. That had earned the woman a bump in the back from Barbie’s twin beach balls. There had been the gasps, and the frosty look Barbie had gotten back in return spoke very clearly of “queen bee” status, real or imagined, in the community.

The barista called the blonde forward with a warm, even slightly obsequious smile. Barbie stepped forward with her, so that when the woman reached into her purse, her hand brushed into Barbie’s huge, cantilevered chest, nearly whipping off the string bikini that barely covered Barbie’s straining nipples.

The soccer mom looked disgusted, shocked even, and the barista simply pursed her lips and looked away in disapproval, but Barbie just watched and waited – her arousal was growing, pressing against the front of her tiny skirt. She watched as, after paying, the blonde absently brought the hand that had touched Barbie up to her nose and inhaled deeply.

When the blonde shot Barbie another look it was less hostile, the pupils wider… needier.

Barbie waited for her to be served and then ordered her own drink, before carefully dropping her handbag over her crotch and retrieving her drink to find a place to sit down.

She was flicking through her phone when the light changed and she knew the dance had started. By now several other women were looking at her too, her scent doing its thing, and most of the men were gone, or going.

It was the blonde.

“Hi babe!” Barbie trilled, enjoying herself.

“Uh… hi?” The woman had no idea why she was there, but it wasn’t magic, it was the other thing.

“I’m Barbie, and I’m new in town! What’s your name?”

“Sandy. Sandra, really…”

Barbie couldn’t help it, “Is that Sandi? With an ‘I’ at the end?” She batted her long dark lashes – exuding innocent vapidity.

The blonde soccer mom looked briefly irritated, overcoming her sense of pheromone-dazed lust to briefly try and assert herself again.

“No! It’s not. There’s a Y. And- and you’re dressed completely inappropriately, Barbie. A gir-, uh, a woman of your age should know better! I mean, what example are you setting for the children… and any men around you might get the wrong idea!”

A couple of the more prudish heads around nodded at this, shooting Sandy approving, subservient glances and Barbie quickly noted them for later – but she just smiled back sunnily.

“Aw gee, Sandi… it’s a nice hot day out there and I don’t want to get all hot and sweaty! Besides, how many guys can you see around here? I can’t see any.”

Barbie new she was glowing with a subtle sheen of light perspiration and expensive skin cream on her bronzed, sculpted flesh, but she decided not to overcomplicate things.

Sandy looked around, and some of the others did too. There were no men around. At all. Barbie smirked a little at this, but it quickly disappeared into innocence as they looked at her again.

“There are no guys here, no kids, and yet you’re telling me off for wearing my favourite clothes,” she lied (they were her only clothes), “and being really mean. Like, this is just how I like to look, Sandi… I’m not hurting anyone.”

There were nods from the less prudish women about, the people who didn’t care for their self-appointed spokesperson, and Sandy deflated a little. Then she caught one of the women by her staring at Barbie’s straining tits and licking her lips. Sandy’s eyes immediately bursa escort went back to Barbie’s, then back to Barbie’s tits.

Barbie just smiled placidly.

“Gee Sandi, you see anything you like?”

“Uh? No! Of course not!”

Barbie pouted prettily and tilted her head.

“Well then maybe you should step aside and give that spot up to someone who does?”

Sandy’s eyes widened and her jaw tightened as she contemplated the invitation, wounded pride at being dismissed in front of her people driving her to fury, and a degree of comprehension.

“Wha- what are you doing to us all?!”

Barbie grinned, “I’ve got a bit of like, a condition, you’re right. My phero- pherom-” she knew the word, but she loved the act, “my pheromones make people like, really horny!”

Sandy’s eyes widened and she gasped, “That’s it! You turn up looking like some slutty home wrecker with your ass hanging out of your tiny skirt and just gas people until they give in, take you home and lick you out! You. Dirty. Whore!”

Barbie grinned and licked her lips, her libido already kicking into high gear at the nasty words. Sandy was going to end up paying for every single one of those later – like a little leaguer trash talking a Hall of Famer.

“Oh, Sandi,” Barbie sighed sweetly as her skirt strained to hold her growing arousal, “that’s so mean! It just makes people like, hot, not hypnotised or something…” she smiled, pouting lips mesmerising as she nodded to the restrooms, “… and who said anything about going home? Run along now Sandi, I have new friends to make!”

Barbie caught Sandy’s hands curl into fists, the other woman unmoving, caught between lust and indignation… and jealousy.

“No! I will not let you do this to the town… to these people!”

“Like, what are you talking about? Having sex with someone you find sexy when you’re feeling horny is a bad thing?” She smiled, “I mean, you’re totally dripping Sandi, but you’re still here being mean – my phero-whatsits aren’t making you do anything.”

“I’m not mean, or horny, or ‘dripping’,” Sandy’s eyes flicking downwards, her cheeks colouring, and her legs clapping together let everybody know she certainly wasn’t sure about that, “and- and- it’s not bad, but there’s a time- uh, and a place, and you’re not supposed to- I’m NOT a lesbian! Ok?!”

“Aw, Sandy if that’s the case like, you don’t need to worry and stuff, I’m not a lesbian either!”

Sandy looked relieved and so Barbie carried on cheerily, “I like tonguing clits and drinking cunt juice just as much as I like being covered in hot, thick jizz! It’s soooo sexy!”

There was a moan from one of the women further away. Sandy was just stunned, and caught off guard.

“But I don’t like, force people to do anything; I’m just a bit excited right now, but if you finish up and leave, then you’ll be back to normal by the time you reach your car!”

“I’m not leaving,” Sandy said, a little huskily, as she glared at Barbie, “this is MY town and I’m not going anywhere!”

Barbie, waved long fingernails languidly and said, “Well, like, stay there then,” many pairs of eyes followed her flashing fingernails as her hands dropped to lift her huge, heavy tits, “who wants to get their hands on these?”

Sandy was cooked and she new it, but she was the closest and most strongly affected by Barbie’s scent. She stepped in and grabbed Barbie’s toned, lithely powerful arm, trying to lift Barbie up and out of her chair, turning to march her to the door. It would have looked commanding if Sandy hadn’t given away about 45lbs (minus stupendous tits) and 9 heel-enhanced inches to Barbie.

Placidly Barbie trotted out after her, giving the increasingly upset other women a seductive finger-wave as she let herself be led out of the coffee shop and to Sandy’s car. Her only concession to modesty was the handbag held over her lap – even then, one or two women who were seated close by noticed a hint of something that very definitely wasn’t anything to do with Barbie’s trunk. Big something. Frighteningly so.


The drive was both interesting and boring.

This town seemed nice and the streets were pretty. The sun was out and people were strolling and running past the park, or just sitting and chatting in the brightness of the day. It was a Tuesday and it wasn’t busy, but Barbie could tell this was a town ripe for her… talents.

The boring bit was poor old Sandy, flinching and starting every time someone she knew might look over and see her sharing a car with a ‘harlot’ like Bambi – the blonde was almost hunched over in the driver’s seat, muttering a long, unceasing rant about standards and values and modesty.

Barbie grinned and decided to double down, reaching up to scratch her neck. A subtle twitch of long fingernails grown suddenly ‘awkward’ and the knot of the string bikini behind her neck got tangled in her grasp. She added an annoyed huff for effect as she pulled her hand away, only for the knot bursa escort bayan to unravel, strings parting and top dropping to reveal her incredible tits in all their glory.

Her nipples were huge, erect and the picture of oral temptation, straining up and outwards like a pair of succulent candies each on their own desert plate areolae.

Sandy didn’t notice for a second, but a glance across resulted in a double-take and a squeak of shock and dismay. Barbie had to stifle a giggle as she made a show of patiently extricating her hand from the twisted up strings, offering an only slightly theatrical moan as Sandy clapped a hand over Barbie’s left nipple in a vain, reflexive attempt at preserving appearances.

Sandy was so busy swearing that she didn’t even hear Barbie’s skirt creak ominously beneath the concealing handbag in Barbie’s lap.

Barbie, for her part, wondered when Sandy would notice that her fingers were not just covering, but squeezing and stroking Barbie’s nip quite wonderfully.


Barbie stood carefully as she got out of the car, boobs bare and gleaming bronze in the sunlight of the day, tucking her top into her handbag as Sandy ran around her car to drag Barbie inside a sensible suburban house, girdled by immaculate lawn and a few trees. Barbie decided not to make it easy for Sandy, resisting Sandy’s grip and crouching down to undo her tall stripper heels on a muttered pretence – something she could usually do in seconds, but was happy to fumble for a minute or two now – her huge implants bobbing and shimmying pneumatically as she worked on the straps.

She was going to give the whole street a show, whether Sandy liked it or not.

When Barbie was happy that Sandy was enough of a mess, she straightened and walked towards the front door, Sandy leading the way, desperate to get in, get off, or both. A dark stain on the seat of Sandy’s sensible culottes showed the effects of the prolonged boob-grab in the car.

The door opened wide to show a picture of suburban bliss, all tasteful and well appointed with the hallmarks of a dedicated home maker… or a particularly subtle interior designer. Sandy hurried inside, but it was Barbie’s turn to gently take Sandy’s arm and bring her close, the pair of them standing face to face in the doorway.

“So, Sandi, there’s like, nobody here but us now – nobody will know if you just close the door and tell me to go away…”

With each word Barbie leaned in closer, pressing her naked tits into Sandy’s own generous chest and presenting her full, pouting lips – an invitation as the last few syllables drew them close enough for Sandy to taste Barbie’s sweet, warm breath. It was a lie of course, the whole street could see them, but Sandy would have to look past a lot of Barbie to notice.

A couple of inches away from Sandy’s confused, lustful face Barbie stopped, looking deep into Sandy’s eyes… waiting.

Sandy moaned as she gave in to her lusts, stretching her neck to kiss Barbie deeply even as she wrapped her arms around Barbie’s toned and muscled back. Barbie purred something between a moan and a chuckle as she responded with gusto, her mouth tasting, teasing and tongue probing as the pair Frenched deeply, feeling Sandy shudder against her.

Sandy’s hands flew away to take care of her top, shucking it quickly and letting it fall to the floor as her fingers worked the button on her pants, pushing them down and wriggling out of them. Barbie slid a hand around to heft a toned, middle-aged buttock and doubled the intensity of the kiss as she realised Sandy was sporting a bra but no panties. Sliding a pair of fingers around the curve of a cheek, Barbie slid them between Sandy’s thighs and stroked wet, shaven slit, puffy with need.

“Ooooh, dirty girl,” Barbie broke the scorching hot kiss to breathe into Sandy’s ear, “someone was nice and ready to be munched on at the coffee shop… how many of those women back there have tasted this?”

Barbie brought her pussy-slicked fingers to her mouth and moaned as she licked them clean.

“I’m not into women- ahh!” Sandy gasped, interrupted in her denial as Barbie’s fingers danced down the front of her mound to find her clit and tease it.

“Shhh, Sandi… don’t lie. That’s mean. I think you like both, don’t you Sandi? Pulling some pretty girl’s face into your crotch and squirting into her mouth, before coming home and banging the pool boy with the biggest dick you can find.”

Sandy’s fingers directed Barbie’s up into that dripping pussy, as Sandy’s face crumpled a bit, tears of shame and lust running down her cheeks as she nodded shakily. Barbie’s fingers slid in deep, careful of her long nails, her thumb gently massaging Sandy’s button, slowly building speed and pressure.

“I’m going to stop now Sandy,” Barbie murmured, and suited deed to word, removing her fingers and hands.

Sandy let out a desperate moan – the kind that made Barbie go so very hard every time she heard it.

Barbie’s escort bursa skirt snapped, buttons popping off as her big secret surged into the room, inch after inch of long, dark equine dick tumbling from her sheath to flop between her athletic thighs, the blunt tip dangling just beneath her knees. She saw Sandy gasp and take a step back, but she’d seen that face before on other women, other faces, once disapproving, that turned worshipful. She knew the step back wasn’t a flight, but preparation for a run-up… a chance to size up Barbie’s second gift from her father.

“So, the sweat stuff will make people hot and stuff, but this freaky dick will make you mine, body and soul if you even lick it. It will change your body too, to make you every inch my mare, my slutty breeding bitch… and I mean every inch. You can still say no.”

It was enough dick for a cruise ship full of desperate sluts, but she saw Sandy’s eyes grow greedy. She had guessed they would – these queen bee types looked at dick like climbers looked at mountains: the bigger the challenge, the greater the fun. And this, Barbie knew, was like finding a second Everest when you’d got to the top of the first one.

Barbie watched in seeming slow motion as Sandy’s prudish social mores were parked and the deeper, repressed sexual need asserted itself fully, with wild abandon.

Sandy was on her knees in a flash, mouth open wide and suckling on dark, musky shaft, murmuring “Please! Please!” as she worshipped it. Barbie moaned at the feelings, as the shaft began to bloat and straighten, growing brutal and gnarly with huge, throbbing veins – a monster. Her eyes were riveted on Sandy’s body though.

Middle-aged, fit, soccer mom prettiness swelled into busty, toned sexiness. Large natural breasts lifted a little and grew massively, from busty to bounteous, bra snapping off, the swollen mommy nipples growing into hugely puffy mounds capped by pouting, slightly indented nubs the size of Sandy’s fists. Hips widened visibly, almost in self-defence at the thought of taking on a cock like Barbie’s. Ass muscles lifted and firmed going from merely juicy to invitingly succulent… but most importantly the kisses raining down on Barbie’s shaft were getting bigger.

She watched as Sandy’s mouth stretched further and further open, lips growing a little more full. Stretchiness was kind of… good.

“Hmmm, so you want this inside you, Sandy?” Barbie teased, lifting her newly hard cock with both hands, a gnarled black log over two feet long and ninety pounds of hot, hard flesh from tip to base of sheath.

“Please! Oh God, I need it so bad!”

Barbie turned Sandy to lay her on the sun-warmed wooden floor in the doorway and covered her, hips raised, bare painted toenails glinting as she found purchase in a sort of awkward push-up position, her bestial shaft mashed head-first against Sandy’s freely gushing pussy and lubed-up labia. With a huff of effort Barbie ground her hips forward hard, abs bunching, flexing into thick, powerful life as they hammered her cock against Sandy’s desperate pussy. Another jab and both of them moaned as there was a little bit of progress made, a hint of penetration as the unbendable object met the insatiable cunt.

Sandy’s legs tried to curl around Barbie’s back, but the sheer length of cock and Barbie’s enormous, muscular bubble butt meant that Sandy could only hook her heels behind that strong, driving ass, but it was enough to pop the head into Sandy’s hugely stretching pussy. Sandy’s legs straightened out and her heels drummed on the floor as she came, almost in self-defence, squirting a gout of juices that and cramming her fist into her mouth to stifle a howl of pleasure.

Barbie, moved slightly, sliding up Sandy’s body and bore down again, her legs and hips flexing into high definition as she pumped her cock deeper into Sandy, burying inches four and five and creating a little lump at the base of Sandy’s belly.

Sandy was huffing, deep breathing like she was giving birth in reverse and shuddering as the aftermath of coming was stoked hard by the thick length being slowly crammed up inside her. Barbie thrust again, hard now, her teeth bared as she squished her huge, heavy tits against Sandy’s hugely swollen boobs, their nipples touching and rubbing as eight inches of throbbing horsey dick got wet, then ten and eleven. Sandy’s hands were stroking her cock-stuffed belly wonderingly when they weren’t feeling up her newly huge tatas, feeling the incredible mass of dick meat power upwards into her, feeling the bulge it made in her flat tummy.

“Oh God! Oh God! It’s so DEEP! Oh GOD!”

Barbie pulled Sandy’s head towards her, lifting it off the hard floor as she smothered her moans with a deep, commanding kiss that drank up the screams as Sandy came again in another spray of juices, pressure washing the huge balls that counterbalanced the staggering weight of that equine shaft.

“Mmmm,” Barbie purred into the warm air between their sweating, fucking faces as she pulled the nearly foot length of heavy dick out of Sandy until just the tip was in her, “how do you spell your name again?”

Sandy – panting, empty, riding the aftershocks of pleasure – looked at her dumbly before muzzily mumbling, “With a Y…?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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