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Another story from the dim and distant past, this one has also been copied from the original hard copy without being rewritten. Please check out my more recent stories under the name Robert_Anthony

All characters are over 18.


Anna and Zoe were twins. Their father (Tom) had insisted that their names be at opposite ends of the alphabet as he could not stand the ridiculous idea that most parents have that twins should be named, clothed and treated similarly. Unfortunately Tom’s ex wife was ‘one of those people’ and eventually differences of opinion over that and much more serious matters drove them apart. Since then Tom had lived alone in his flat on the other side of town, but he frequently had visits from his two daughters who had grown up into pretty young women.

Today was Saturday and it was Tom’s turn to have the girls. He loved their visits, although lately he had started to catch himself looking at his daughters just a bit too longingly and had to mentally chastise himself for the thoughts he was having. Over the last couple of weeks the thoughts had been getting worse and worse and he had started to compensate by trying to distance himself from the girls, hoping the thoughts would recede before any harm was done.

In truth, Tom was finding it hard to maintain a civil attitude towards the girls and he wondered if maybe he should have a week off from seeing them – just to get his head back into shape. His discomfort seemed to be manifesting itself as anger towards the two teenagers, as he seemed to be trying to somehow blame them for his lust.

To make matters worse, the girls had always been very relaxed around Tom and thought nothing of curling up next to him on the sofa wearing nothing more than a dressing gown or a T-shirt and shorts. In the past this hadn’t been such a problem, but the way he was feeling at the moment Tom feared it might be enough to tip him over the edge.

In a bid to get himself through the weekend unscathed, Tom had enlisted the company of his best friend Greg. The thinking was that if Greg was there to keep Tom’s mind occupied while the girls were there (particularly in the evening) then hopefully everything would go well and the girls would return safe to their mother’s on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Greg was a bit of a shit where young girls were concerned and though he didn’t know why he had been invited over, clearly Tom could not have picked a worse chaperone.

“Hello girls,” said Greg as he walked into the flat. “You’ve grown some haven’t you?”

The two girls nodded, they hadn’t seen Greg for a few years, but they remembered him.

“Blimey… the last time I saw you two was… in the swimming pool.”

Tom’s mind drifted back a few years to the occasion to which Greg was referring. He remembered the girls splashing around in their swimsuits in the small pool that still remained at the old family home. To his utter shame he felt his cock harden as he pictured the girls, wet and almost naked and wondered how it was that he had come to be such a pervert so quickly. He didn’t remember being aroused at the time, but now he had enough ‘wood’ to make a small bookcase.

“Umm, you want a drink Greg?”

“Oh yeah mate, lager if you got some.”


Tom fetched a couple of lagers from the fridge and passed one to Greg while cracking his own tin open.

“So what’s on the agenda today?” Asked Greg to the two girls.

“Well, we have to go and play hockey soon, for the school.”

“They’re both in the school team,” said Tom with obvious pride.

“I bet all the boys are after you then aren’t they? Couple of foxy girls Hatay Escort like you?”

Tom shifted uneasily as he listened, but the girls just sniggered and went back to watching the TV… seemingly a little embarrassed by Greg’s remark.

Greg and Tom adjourned to the garden for the afternoon and were soon playing cards on the patio and supping more lagers. They looked up when the girls popped their heads around the door to say goodbye and Tom again had to fight to keep his cock down as the girls appeared in their hockey kit to kiss him before they left. Most girls their age had stopped kissing their father’s by now, but these two didn’t seem to find it embarrassing like their peers, which was something of a mixed blessing for Tom.

“What the fuck is wrong with me,” thought Tom as he smiled and wished them luck.

“Aren’t you taking them to the game?” Asked Greg a few moments later.

“No, well the school they’re playing at is only at the bottom of the road.”

“But don’t they want you to come and watch them play?”

Tom thought for a moment before responding.

“Well, you know how teenagers are, they’re a bit embarrassed about that sort of thing.”

Greg accepted his response but he didn’t think it quite rang true somehow. Anna and Zoe were the most un-teenager like girls he’d ever seen and as far as he could tell, far from being embarrassed of Tom, they loved him to bits.

Greg thought no more of it and they continued their game for a while, occasionally punctuated by Greg’s unfortunate and ill-judged remarks about how attractive the girls looked in their hockey gear.

Eventually Tom cracked.

“Greg… I don’t know how to say this.”

“What mate?”

“I… it’s so embarrassing, I… I… ummm.”

“C’mon mate, spit it out!”

“I have been having some really bad thoughts.”

“Yeah, like what?”

“About Zoe and Anna.”

Greg looked confused.

“What do you mean… exactly.”

“Well, I…”

“You want to fuck them don’t you?”

Tom was absolutely astounded by Greg’s blunt remark.

“Er… I guess you could say that.”

Greg laughed heartily and knocked his can of beer over.

“You dirty old fucker.”

Tom felt completely ashamed now and wondered if he should have kept his mouth shut.

“Well you’re not alone there mate. Anna’s fucking gorgeous and Zoe ain’t bad either.”

Now it was Tom’s turn to look confused.

“What are you talking about Greg, they’re twins!”

“I know, but Anna’s a bit more… you know.”

Tom was utterly baffled.

“Look, it’s just personal taste. They are both pretty girls, but Anna’s got long hair and I like chicks with long hair, and she’s got a sexy little smile.”

Tom stared at Greg with a mixture of repulsion and agreement.

“Greg… these are my daughters you are talking about.”

“Yeah I know. But y’see it’s okay for me to want to fuck ’em cos they’re not mine.”

Tom shook his head and got up to fetch more beers.

– — — — – — — — –

An hour or so later the girls returned from their game, looking hot, but happy.

“Daddy,” they squealed together. “We won!”

“Fantastic,” said Tom. “Well done. Why don’t you go and get a shower.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Greg. “…and then come and tell us all about it.”

Tom shot Greg an irritated glance.

“About the game, I mean…” he continued quietly as the girls disappeared up the stairs.

“What did you do that for?” Hissed Tom.

“I thought you might like a little post-match celebration…”

Tom gawped at his supposed friend.

“You’re Hatay Escort Bayan not helping you know.”

“On the contrary, I think I’m doing exactly what a best friend should.”

Half an hour later the guys moved inside, just as the girls came downstairs. Anna had changed into a cropped white T-shirt and a short blue skirt, while Zoe now wore a thin red summer dress which clung to her body and showed off her small but attractive breasts. Neither girl had bothered to put a bra on and just as Tom was about to suggest that the girls might like to put on something a little more appropriate, Greg leapt in and said how nice the girls looked.

The lounge contained just one small sofa and one armchair and Greg quickly snapped up the chair leaving Tom no choice but to sit in-between the two girls. Greg listened intently as Anna and Zoe took in turns to relate the tales of their hockey match, while Tom shuffled uncomfortably between his two offspring.

“Well I think you did great,” said Greg as he got up to get yet more beer from the fridge.

When he came back he gave each girl a can of beer, to the utter disbelief of their father.

“Relax Tom, it’s tradition! They won they’re game, you can’t tell me you didn’t used to have a jar after you played football.”

“Yeah, but…”

His protests were cut short by the girls’ squeals of delight and the sounds of cans popping open.

“Well… I guess one can’t hurt.”

“That’s the spirit,” said Greg as he settled back into his armchair.

The conversation continued for a while until the girls had almost drained their cans and Tom got up to go to the toilet. Once he’d left the room Greg got up too and fetched the girls another drink, taking the old cans away in the hope that Tom wouldn’t notice.

The girls laughed quietly at the deception and Greg felt his own cock beginning to stir as he started to appreciate just how hot these two really were… and how drunk they were getting. He disposed of the empties and then returned to steal Tom’s seat between the girls.

Tom came back from the toilet (having just about resisted the temptation to jerk off) to find that he now had to sit in the chair facing the girls and Greg. This was even worse than being next to them, at least when he was next to them he couldn’t look at them too much.

“Christ Tom, why don’t you buy a bigger sofa! Hey Anna, why don’t you sit on my knee, then we’ll all have a bit more room.”

Anna giggled and hauled herself unsteadily up onto Greg’s knee. Her short skirt riding up in the process so that Tom caught a teasing glimpse of her white knickers beneath. His cock twitched yet again and he seriously began to wish he’d pulled himself off when he’d had the chance.

They made small talk, Greg having a whale of a time with the two half-cut girls, while poor Tom shifted constantly… desperate to hide his erection from his daughters. Soon Greg began making things worse by making sure that Anna’s skirt rode up inch by inch, helping it along with his hand where necessary. Tom soon found it impossible not to stare at the white material appearing between his daughter’s legs as her limbs hung open in her relaxed state.

Greg then casually looped his hand around Zoe’s shoulders and pulled her towards him. She snuggled into him with her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Now Greg nodded at Tom that now was the moment to make his move.

Tom slipped quietly out of his chair and moved onto the floor in front of Zoe. Her legs were half open and Tom gently pushed them further apart. This pushed her red summer dress up her thighs until Escort Hatay he could see her knickers too. As he gazed at Zoe’s soft thighs and exposed crotch the girl moaned softly and tried ineffectually to push her dress back down. Tom gently brushed her hand away and bent forward to kiss the girl’s soft flesh, very aware of his friend watching him from above.

Zoe moaned again, this time softly muttering the words ‘Daddy’ and ‘don’t’.

“Relax baby,” whispered Greg and kissed her head. “Daddy’s gonna make you feel good.”

At once those words both made Tom feel utterly despicable for what he was about to do, yet also hornier than he had ever been in his life. He threw caution to the wind now and forced Zoe’s legs further apart, pushing his body in-between them so that his face was nearer her crotch.

“Go on, taste her!” Encouraged Greg.

Tom needed no further prompting and swiftly eased the girl’s panties aside to view her beautiful pussy. He bent forward, dragging his tongue down the centre grove of her lips and Zoe shuddered as his warm, wet tongue touched her sensitive area.

Tom looked up again to see that Greg had now got Anna’s legs spread either side of his knee, while his right hand rubbed between her legs. Her head was bent back over his shoulder and his other hand was disappearing under her crop-top. Anna seemed to be showing no signs of trying to stop Greg, unlike Zoe who was now suddenly trying to push Tom out from between her legs.

Tom caught a light blow to the head and felt the anger return once more. He caught Zoe’s wrist and pinned it down to the sofa, at the same time he used his other hand to lift her right leg up and press it back against her body. This left her pussy exposed and Tom pinned her leg back with his shoulder before using his hand to yank his daughter’s panties aside. He noted that despite her struggles, her pussy was now extremely wet and wasted little time releasing his cock and pushing it towards the entrance of her slippery hole.

Zoe’s mouth opened and she let out a gasp as Tom’s thick, angry meat stretched her tight hole wide open and he fed it into her inch by inch. As Zoe became wetter still, so the penetration became easier and Tom was soon pistoning his cock into the young girl’s slight body.

Tom looked over at Greg again to see that he now had his cock out and was sliding Anna’s body on top of it. He watched transfixed as his daughter sank down on his friend’s shaft and this spurred him on to fuck his own girl even harder.

Anna was panting now as she felt her cunt stretched by Greg’s thick cock, and she let out a little squeal of pain as his shaft forced up harder than anticipated. Greg seemed to become a little more aggressive now as he started to squeeze her tits and ordered her to ride him harder.

This was becoming too much for Tom to bear and he felt his balls churning with a familiar sensation. He realised that he was about to unload his balls into his own daughter’s unprotected cunt and quickly withdrew. Unable to avoid the inevitable, Tom stood over his daughter jerking his cock hard until after a few moments his spunk shot out over Zoe’s body. His thick white cum landed on her dress, her arm and a couple of spurts even reached Anna’s leg, which was just behind Zoe’s shoulder now. Greg watched appreciatively and soon pushed Zoe forward towards her father.

“Lick your Daddy’s cock clean you little slut,” he said, before returning his attention to the young girl bouncing up and down on his own meat.

Tom pulled Zoe’s head towards his flagging, cum coated stalk and pushed it between her lips.

“Yeah, lick it clean baby. God that feels so fucking good…”

Tom watched disbelievingly as Greg began to buck into his other daughter and closed his eyes to enjoy the feel of Zoe’s warm tongue flicking around his cock, strangely aware that after today nothing would ever be quite the same again.

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