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“Dude,” Anna said as she entered my room. “I need a favour.”

She was wearing a loose white t-shirt with a smiley face and blue tracksuit bottoms. Her long, ginger hair was done up in a ponytail. My sister and I had always been close so it wasn’t uncommon for one of us to ask the other for help. As the older (albeit not by much) brother, I had always made it known to Anna that she could always come to me with anything.

“Sure,” I replied. “What do you want?”

She hesitated and shifted uncomfortably from one leg to the other.

“The favour is…” She started. “It’s a big ask.”

Curious, I put down my tablet and sat up.

“Whatever it is,” I said with a smile. “I’m sure it wont bring about the end of the world.”

“Well,” Anna said. “You know I’m doing this photography module at uni?”

I nodded.

“I need a guy to model for me.”


“Naked,” Anna bluntly stated. “The model has to be naked.”

It took me a few seconds to process what my sister had just said to me.

“Normally I would ask someone else,” Anna continued. “But most of the guys I know would be comfortable doing this are on my course and I don’t want to make it awkward.”

“Okay,” I replied. “I’ll do it for you.”

Anna smiled and leapt up to embrace me in a big hug. Her small tits pressed gently into my chest.

“Give me an hour,” She said, pulling away. “I need to get the camera ready and print out the notes for the module.”

I nodded and watched as Anna walked towards the door.

“Thanks Phil,” She said as she reached the door. “I really appreciate this. I’ll make it up to you.”

**The Shoot**

The hour passed by quickly. I had mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen. With a knock, Anna opened the door. Her camera hung off her chest by a strap and she was carrying a thin, metallic case.

“Can you do the blinds?” She asked.

“Okay,” I said, leaning bursa eve gelen eskort bayan over to shut the blinds.

With a soft click, the case opened and out came a metal base with a thin rod.

“Just gotta set up the backdrop,” Anna said. “Strip off please.”

Getting off the bed, I swiftly took off my-shirt. Next, I undid my belt buckle and pulled my jeans down. Now in my boxers, I turned around to find Anna had finished with the stand.

“Here goes nothing I guess,” I said, attempting to make light of the situation.

Grabbing the rim of my boxers, I pulled slowly down. My semi erect cock sprung free. Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed Anna’s eyes looked down before looking away.

“Let’s get started,” Anna said. “Stand in front of the stand.”

I took my position in front of the stand.

“Should I pose?” I asked.

“Errm,” Anna said whilst looking through the viewfinder. “Just do whatever feels natural.”

I thought hard for a few seconds before coming up with what felt natural. Placing my hands on my thighs, I stood still and waited for my sister to take the photo. Click.

“Brilliant,” Anna said. “Try another one.”

I stood with my body perpendicular to my sister. The camera clicked again.

“Awesome,” My sister said. “Strike another.”

I stood and faced Anna again, this time with my arms raised above my head.

“Fab,” Anna said, pushing down on the shutter for a third time.

“Is that it?” I asked.

Anna shook her head.

“No…Can you errm jerk it a bit?”

“What?” I asked, shocked.

“Please?” Anna asked, raising her voice. “It could get me extra marks and I’ve already seen you do it before.”


“Its cool,” Anna said. “Everybody does it.”

“When did you see me?”

“It was ages ago,” She replied unfazed.

Realising I could not bursa eskort bayanlar give a good enough response to that, I sighed and began to jerk off. Click. Click. Click. The camera took three shots in succession.

“Jeez Anna,” I said. “Don’t you think you’re enjoying this a bit much?”

My sister just shook her head with a grin. My cock slowly began to grow stiffer. Noticing this, Anna stared over the top of her camera; her grin widened.

“Looks like I’m not the only one enjoying this bro,”

“Hardy haha,” I replied, sticking my middle finger up.

“Dude,” My sister retorted. “You got a boner.”

“Yeah, well that what happens when you jerk off.”

“Well,” Anna replied, putting the camera down on the bed. “I better fix that for you.”

She reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing a flat chest and red bra. Anna unclasped the bra from the front. Her breast were small and perky with pink nipples. Flashing a wicked smile, Anna bent down and got to work removing her tracksuit bottoms. A few seconds later and she stood proudly in front of me. I looked down and saw her pussy was neatly trimmed.

“I did say I would make this up to you.”

Anna slowly walked over to me. Her hand lightly gripped onto my shaft and began to rub. I rolled my head back and moaned in pleasure. My sister quickened her pace causing me to moan louder.

“Ugh that feels so good,” I manage to mumble.

“If you like that,” She whispered. “You’re going to love this.”

Taking her hand off my cock, Anna knelt down on the carpet. For a few seconds, I watched as she eyed up my erection. Suddenly she moved forward and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. An audible gasp of pleasure escaped my lips. My sister looked up and for the briefest of seconds we made eye contact.

Anna winked at me and loosened her lips to engulf more of my manhood. Her görükle escort bayanlar head bobbed up and down and I listened intently to the slurping sounds that filled the room. I reached out and gently touched her right nipple with my thumb. Anna gave a approving moan.

“Can we fuck?” I asked, breaking the semi silence of the room.

Anna took her mouth off my cock.

“I’d thought you’d never asked.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bed.

“I’m on top,” She purred in my ear.

Anna pushed me onto the bed. Before I had a chance to sit up she was straddling me. With a smile, I reached down and aimed my cock towards her cunt. As I entered her, I immediately felt how wet her pussy was. Thrusting once, Anna groaned in pleasure before returning it back.

Our pace quickened which caused Anna to clench the headboard of my bed. As we fucked, I dove into her tits and began to vigorously lick her nipples. In return, Anna tense her vagina muscles before steadily releasing them. It was bliss.

“Keep on fucking me,” Anna strained to say. “I’m so close.”

Her back arched back and she dug her fingernails into my chest. With one final yell of pleasure, my sister had orgasmed. My cock, as if triggered by seeing my sister climax, began to loosen up.

“Anna,” I half shouted. “I’m gonna cum,”

“Do it,” She replied hoarsely. “I’m on the pill.”

My legs jolted upwards and I sent a load deep into my sister’s pussy. Anna collapsed into me and we lay there for a few minutes as we got our breath back.

“That was fucking incredible,” Anna said after a while.

“Yeah,” I replied. “It really was.”

Anna kissed me on the cheek before getting off the bed.

“Can I admit something to you?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Course you can.”

“I wanted to do ever since I saw you jerking off,” Anna said with a smile. “The uni work just gave me an excuse.”

“Cool,” I replied.

Picking up her bra, Anna turned to me.

“You’re not mad?”

I smiled.

“No,” I replied. “It was hot.”

The room was silent. Anna stared at me.

“Let me know if you got anymore project that you need help with.”

She smiled and turned to pick up the rest of the clothes. A thin layer of my cum dripped down her leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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