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For the last three months me and my wife Sadie had been living with a friend of Sadie’s mother, this was due to us finding ourselves between homes, we had sold our house very quickly and the place we were hoping to buy was pulled from beneath us in the eleventh hour. Anna was very quick to offer us somewhere to stay, she had a spare room at the bungalow she had bought after divorcing her husband a couple of years ago, so we stuck our furniture into storage and moved in.

I didn’t really know Anna too well but had met her on a couple of occasions prior to moving in, she was 52 and looked great for her age, she was about the same height as Sadie at 5 foot 9, Anna had shoulder length black hair that she usually had tied back, she kept herself in trim and had a nice shaped body and 34 c breasts and the only reason I knew that was because I walked in on her and Sadie having a underwear conversation once.

It was a Friday morning and I had taken the day off as I had some leave to use up at work so I decided to take the Friday and Monday off to make it a long weekend, Sadie had gone to work and as far as I knew Anna was still in bed. Since we had moved in our sex life had taken a quieter turn, Sadie was not comfortable having sex when Anna was in the house as Sadie likes to express herself vocally during sex, in the last three months we had made love just twice and that was when Anna was out, although Sadie had given me some oral relief on occasions provided I didn’t make any noise.

This morning she had given me some oral fun but hadn’t finished the job she started and I was in desperate need of some self help, my hand was caressing my cock as I thought about how Sadie had left me wanting more. As I lay there stroking my cock I heard a noise, I cleared my head of thoughts about Sadie’s oral skills and concentrated on the noise I was hearing which sounded like a quiet moan. The noise seemed to be coming from Anna’s bedroom and I got out of bed to investigate further, I went out into the hall way and quietly crept to Anna’s bedroom door. The door was slightly open and just enough to see what was going on but not enough for me to be seen.

The sight that greeted me was certainly a surprise, Anna was led on the bed naked, I was assuming she was naked as the bed sheet covered the lower half of her body, what I could see was her lovely breasts which were being caressed by her left hand while her right hand was out of sight underneath the sheet and judging by her actions she was stroking between her legs. I was transfixed as Anna played with herself and my cock was now bulging in my boxers, her moaning got a little louder as she continued to pleasure herself and it wasn’t long before she was getting close, I watched as her head pushed back into the pillow before her body stiffened and she let out a moan of delight. My cock was practically bursting to get out of my boxers when Anna pulled her hand back from between her legs and put it up to her face she then slid two fingers into her mouth briefly sucking on them to taste her pussy juice. She then sat up as she regained her breath, I quickly withdrew from the door and crept back to my room and slowly closed the door to.

I lay on the bed replaying in my head what I had just seen, I heard Anna’s bedroom door open as it had a slight squeak when it opened, I heard her go into the bathroom and close the door, Kastamonu Escort my cock was rigid so I pulled off my boxers and grabbed a handful of tissues from the cabinet next to the bed and I knelt on the bed and began to wank off, it didn’t take too much as I thought about Anna and very soon my cock was shooting cum into the tissues that I had placed on the bed. When Anna had left the bathroom I went in and got cleaned up and dressed before going into the kitchen to get some coffee, Anna was there sat at the table and we said good morning to each other and generally chatted, I was guessing that she had no idea I had been witness to her pleasuring herself.

The weekend passed and on Monday morning I was wondering if Anna was going to put on another show, I woke up when I heard Sadie talking to Anna outside our bedroom before Sadie left for work, I heard Anna go back into her bedroom as I heard the creaking of the door. I lay in bed waiting to hear something from the next room and after about 30 minutes it seemed nothing was going to happen today. A few minutes later I heard a faint moaning coming from Anna’s room.

I quietly got out of bed and made my way into the hallway and slowly crept to the doorway of Anna’s room, the door was open the same as Friday so I could just see through the opening and again Anna was led on the bed with the sheet covering the lower part of her body, her left hand was caressing her breasts with her fingers pinching her erect nipples. Her right hand was again out of sight under the sheet and I was imagining her fingers playing with her wet pussy, as she continued to play her moans were getting a little louder and she was breathing more heavily.

Already my cock was straining in my tight boxers as I continued to watch Anna play, as she got louder I sensed she was close and she moved her left hand up and grabbed hold of one of the bars on the metal headboard on her bed, she let out a moan as her body stiffened and her head pushed back into her pillow.

Anna led there for a few moments as she composed herself, she was still breathing a little heavy has she pulled herself up the bed slightly, I decided to get out the way quickly before she came out of her room, as I turned to head back to my room I heard Anna’s voice.

“James you can come in now.”

My face must have looked a picture of shock as I wondered if I should ignore her request or face the music and go into her room, while I was deciding she called out again.

“I know your there and I knew you were there on Friday as well, why do think I put on a show.”

I decided to go and face her and I pushed the open enough for me to slowly shuffle in my 6 ft frame and look at her as she led on the bed, my gaze went first to her breasts before my eyes fixed on her face. Anna was smiling so I took this as a good sign and I could see her eyes were fixed on my grey boxers and the lump which had got her attention.

“So Sadie must not be satisfying you if you need to spy on a woman whose 25 years your senior,” Anna said as she continued to look over my body.

I wasn’t sure how to answer and before I could come up with something Anna spoke again.

“It’s ok though, I quite enjoy the attention and I’m flattered you enjoy watching me, but now I think it’s your turn to reveal all and entertain me.”

I took hold of my Kastamonu Escort Bayan boxers I slid them down till they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, my 7 inches of hard cut cock was now visible and Anna gestured me to get closer to the bed. She was led on the left side of the bed and as there was no bedside furniture on that side of the bed I could get very close to her.

I walked over to her and stood at the side of the bed, Anna was led on her back and I was within her touching distance, she rolled onto her left side and put out her hand and placed on my smooth chest as far as she could reach, I then felt her fingers slowly move down over my trim stomach. Her hand bypassed my crotch as though she was teasing me a little, her caressing continued on the top of my left leg before moving onto my right.

Her hand then moved in between my slightly open legs, I felt her fingers gently run over my ball sack, her touch became a little heavier as she caressed my balls, as I watched her my cock was now aching for some attention and Anna must of read my mind as I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft, she pulled slightly and I shuffled right up to the edge of the bed. She adjusted herself so my cock was right in her face, I could feel her breath as her mouth moved closer to me, then I felt her tongue flick over the tip of my cock. I gave out a slight moan as my cock slid into her mouth, Anna firstly sucked on the head tasting my pre cum before sliding my cock in, my right hand grabbed the metal headboard on the bed as Anna continued to suck on me.

Anna continued to suck on me for a couple of minutes before releasing my cock from her mouth and then she rolled back to lying flat on the bed.

“Time for you to finish it off and I want it all on here.”

Anna said as she rubbed her fingers between her breast’s indicating where she wanted me to cum on her.

I gently grasped my cock and started stroke it, I could feel it wouldn’t take long as Anna’s sucking had got me very horny, my wanking got faster and I could feel myself so close as I gazed down on the part of her body that I could see, I gave out a moan as I was ready to cum on her and I tried to aim my cock so I hit the target that Anna had indicated. My cock started to shoot and my cum sprayed onto Anna’s body and I pretty much hit in between her breast’s, then a second shot landed on her left breast and covered her nipple, I let out a gasp as the last drops of my juice dripped onto the bed sheet.

There was a silence as me and Anna looked at each other and then looked at the cum that now adorned her chest, I wasn’t sure what to do next I began to think that she’d had her fun and maybe I should just go back to my room, I felt a little awkward but as Anna spoke it became clear that she didn’t feel the same.

“Well we are going have to clean this up.”

Anna said this with a smile and by the look on her face I assumed she didn’t want me to get a towel, and I was right as Anna collected some of my cum off her chest onto her finger tips, she put them to her mouth and smeared a light covering of cum over her lips, she then gestured me to bend down and kiss her. My lips pushed against hers and our mouths opened and I felt our tongues touch and at the same time I could taste my cum that was on her lips. Anna broke the kiss after a few seconds Escort Kastamonu and with her hands guided my head to her chest, my face was hovering above her left breast when had a covering of cum over her nipple, I felt her hand on the back of my head and I lowered down to lick my cum off her, my tongue flicked over her nipple and I got another taste of cum, Anna again applied some more pressure to the back of my head and I was pushed further onto her breast, I started to suck on her nipple and I brought my left hand across too her other breast, slowly stroking it before I gently squeezed her nipple between my thumb and finger, with both her nipples now getting attention Anna gave out a moan.

I lifted my head up and looked at Anna who put her hand up to between her breast’s, she collected a small pool of cum on to two of her fingers, I watched as she kicked off the sheets to show off the rest of her body, I gazed at her shaved pussy as he lowered her fingers down and rubbed my cum onto her pussy. I stood upright and walked round to the foot of the bed, I looked at Anna on the bed, her legs spread and her fingers rubbing over her wet pussy lips, I knelt on the bed in between her open legs. I lowered myself down and I could smell the mixture of pussy juice and cum, I took in the aroma before pushing my lips against her pussy, I ran my tongue along her lips tasting her wetness. My tongue started to explore her clit, as I flicked over it I could hear Anna’s moans getting louder, I slid two fingers into her and again I got a moan from her, as I finger fucked her she got more excited, my cock was hard as hell and really wanted to fuck Anna.

I pulled my head away from between her legs and I moved up her body and when face to face with her we kissed deeply, Anna could no doubt taste her pussy juice that was all on my mouth and tongue. As we kissed I could feel my cock pushing against her wet hole, I push inside and as I do Anna breaks the kiss with a gasp.


That’s all Anna could say as she felt me inside her, I started slowly sliding in and out of her, I know I wouldn’t last too long as I was horny as hell and it had been a while since I had sex, as I got quicker Anna started to moan louder and reminded me of Sadie when she was aroused. Anna’s legs were now tightly wrapped around me and I was now close to cumming inside her, Anna then gave out a loud moan and I felt her body stiffen as I continued pushing deep inside her, again we kissed deeply, our tongues wrestling in our mouths, I pushed deep into her once more and I felt my cock shooting inside her, the kiss broke and we both gave out a loud expel of breath.

We just looked at each other with nothing being said, the only noise was the heavy breathing coming from us both, I slid out of Anna and collapsed on to the right side of the bed.

“Has it been a while for you then? “Asked Anna as she rolled onto her right side to talk to me.

“Well it’s only the third time I have sex since I moved in here,” I replied.

“It’s not like she doesn’t like it, it’s just that she is not comfortable having sex when someone else in the house,” I continued.

Anna got off the bed and stood up, I watched her sexy body as she walked over to the wardrobe and grabbed a dressing gown off a hanger.

“I’ll have a word with her and tell her it’s ok, and don’t worry I won’t tell her about this,” Anna said as she walked towards the bedroom door.

“And I will be very subtle as well,” she added.

After Anna had been for a shower she went out as she had a few things to do, I got myself into the shower and woke myself up from the dream of what had happened that morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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