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I was smiling to myself, the giddiness welling up inside of me as I walked towards the seemingly unassuming old structure. It was getting dark, the harsh light of buzzing fluorescent bulbs spilling out from grime-coated windows. I saw just a few other people moving in and out of the roadside rest stop, and, taking a quick cursory glance at the mostly empty parking lot, it seemed the place would be pretty much empty before long.

I’d been planning this special visit since the beginning of the week. I had thought of nothing else since it had been planned. I found that I couldn’t even look at anyone I passed in the eye, fearing irrationally that they would be able to tell what I had come here for…or that I wouldn’t be able to stifle a big shit-eating grin and be half-mistaken for a maniac. I intended to go into the stalls, yes, but I certainly wasn’t here for a bathroom break on route to some other destination. This was my destination tonight, and I fought to hold back the ever building excitement from showing on my face.

I made my way into the old concrete building, it resembled more a bunker than a public rest stop. The place was old. It was more or less well enough maintained, but the floor had begun to collect dirt and grime despite the apparent efforts of the custodians that had labored against it over the past several decades. The windows too were becoming partially neglected with the corners and edges becoming milky white and coated with dust.

As I approached the men’s stalls, I found that the room was completely empty save for one older man washing his hands at the sink. He looked grizzled, a bit gruff, and as I walked past him to my special stall, the one at the end against the far wall, he gave an equally gruff but only brief look at me through the mirror. The stalls were as old as the building was probably, and the thin metal sheets that separated the toilets showed many marks and dings from their years of use. There was also graffiti, along with plenty of the usual little obscenities scratched into the paint that was at least a little newer than the surface it tried to cover – in some places you could see exposed colors from other layers that had been covered again and again.

I saw that the toilet paper holder hung lopsided on the left wall as I opened the battered stall door, and I smiled. I’d discovered this dirty little secret a little while ago while actually using the facilities on my way up State, and while taking some paper from the roll I accidentally pulled it off the wall. I was very surprised when it happened, but even more surprised to see what had been hidden behind it; a hole had been cut into the wall. It wasn’t made of concrete like the rest of the structure, but was actually pretty thin drywall or plywood, painted or covered with stucco to resemble the surrounding surfaces. It was big enough to put a fist through, and just a little bit of forearm depending on how thick the arm was, and it opened directly into the woman’s side of the restrooms! The dispenser also blocked some more obscene drawings, even some phone numbers, and they more or less illustrated the point of the hole – it was a gloryhole.

Arrangements had later been made; I was to be here at exactly 9:00 PM. And here I was, my hands shaking as I locked my stall and pulled the toilet paper holder away. I heard the old man finish at the sink, and the sound of his boots on the old tile floor echoed until they disappeared outside. I was alone. I looked through the opening, and smiled as I saw a female midriff standing on the other side. I saw her petite sexy legs under her skin tight jeans, and the bottom of her belly was showing under her short black top. She seemed to know that someone was here, but she waited. I knocked on the wall between us in a rhythm we had discussed, and I saw her move finally. As we had planned, I watched her through the hole as she put on a little show for me – slowly removing her clothes, exposing her soft pale skin, and teasing me with a gentle sway of her hips.

With all the anticipation, with the dirtiness and kinkiness of what was happening, I was already hard as a rock. I opened my pants and let myself from my underwear and sighed in a bit of relief. I kept my eyes glued to the girl as she was now slowly sliding her jeans down her legs. God, her thighs looked good…I wanted to touch those legs, to press my lips to them, to devour them. Still slightly trembling, I began to slide my hand up and down my throbbing shaft, and a bolt of electricity shot through me.

‘Shit,’ I thought, I was so wound up I wouldn’t last long tonight…

Soon she’d kicked off her pants, letting them fall to the grimy tiled floor. Her shirt was already gone, and she stood in front of me now in just her panties still playfully swinging her hips. Her hands were moving over her body too, slowly sliding over her hips and her belly, then slightly out of sight to her chest. I could see a darker wet spot in the crotch of her light-colored panties, and knew that she must be just as worked up as I was. My heart began to pound in my chest, and it jumped again when I heard her whisper to me, asking if I was ready for her. I almost felt Kayseri Escort faint as my head was swimming, and I noticed then that I had started panting.

“Oh, yes…” I whispered back. I was definitely ready. I had waited days for this, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I’m ready for you, too.” She whispered back, a slight tremor in her voice. She seemed a little nervous as well, but I could tell she was also exhilarated. “But…could you…I would like you to touch me, please…”

I shuddered. She had this cute innocence about her, and it really contrasted in a way with the environment, with what we were doing, in such a way that made my mouth suddenly dry. It made it more dirty somehow. That I was here in this place with such a sweet thing…

I slowly knelt in front of the toilet, trying to look up at her naked body. In this position I could just make out the bottom of her breasts as they hung on her pale chest, and I could see locks of her dark reddish brown hair but not her face. She was standing fairly close to the hole, putting her crotch right at my eye level. I bit my lip. I wanted to put my lips against those wet panties. I wanted to tease her and taste her. But instead, I gave her what she asked for and put my hand through the opening. I slid through, tentatively feeling with my fingers until at last I brushed her flesh. I heard her gasp and quietly giggle as I felt along her thigh looking for her warmth. Finally my fingers clumsily found their mark, and I slid my middle finger along the crease of her panty-clad pussy. I heard her sigh, slightly less quietly, her legs parting to give me better access. I could tell it felt good for her, as she started grinding her hips slightly, and I could hear her valiantly trying to keep herself from making to much noise. She must need this as much as I do, I thought.

After a few moments I heard her start to whimper, failing to hold back her sighs and moans. I felt her body start to tremble, and I felt warmth flood over my fingers and my hand. Suddenly I felt her hand on mine, holding me still as she continued to shudder. After a few moments I finally felt her calm a bit, though she was breathing heavily. She pushed at my hand and I pulled it back through the hole, and as I looked back I could see a trickle of her cum dripping along her thigh. My head was swimming.

“OK…” She whispered, her breath shaky. “I’m ready for you.”

I smiled, and inwardly I tried to shake myself out of this dreamy feeling. At least enough where I could stand and perform the necessary cognitive function of putting my dick through to my petite friend on the other side of the wall. I stood slowly, taking a deep breath and sliding my pants and underwear halfway down my legs. It sort of made it awkward to stand in front of the hole like that, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to take my clothes off in this place. My friend certainly didn’t seem to mind taking hers off. Maybe it increased the raunchiness of this act for her.

When I was ready, I steadied myself and fed my cock slowly through the hole. I waited for a moment, feeling a little awkward and exposed with my cock throbbing in the open cool air. Then, to make a little bit of a show, I flexed myself. I was rewarded with a playful giggle, and suddenly my eyes rolled back as I felt her warm hand on me. I exhaled deeply, and felt a tremor through my body. Fuck, I really wasn’t going to last long.

She began by slowly moving up and down, gently sliding over me and teasing the tip with her fingers every so often. I felt like I was harder than I’d ever been in my life. It felt like my cock was trying to stretch out of it’s own skin, and it pulsed against her grip with my elevated heart rate.

Suddenly I shuddered again as I felt hot breath on me. She didn’t waste any time; almost immediately I felt her lips on my tip, and was soon greeted by the warmth and wetness of her mouth. I sighed out loud, maybe too loud, and I suddenly became very aware again of where I was. I held my breath, and I felt her stop with my cock in her mouth – she wasn’t moving either, and was apparently listening. But the bathroom was still completely empty, and I couldn’t hear anyone in the immediate vicinity outside the doors either. After a few moments, I felt her continue. I closed my eyes, and bit my lip to keep quiet. God she felt amazing. She was slow and somewhat tentative, like someone without too much experience, but the sensations flooding through me were almost as intense as with any other lover I’d ever been with. The sensation kept building, and she started sucking me harder, deeper.

I was panting again by this point, thrusting my hips involuntarily against the thin wall. I could feel it flexing slightly under the pressure of my hips, but it was reasonably sturdy despite it’s thinness and at that moment I couldn’t care less if I suddenly made that hole bigger. She took me deep into her throat then, and I could hear her gagging slightly as she pushed hard into me. She held for just a moment, then pulled back and gasped a breath of air. I started feeling dizzy again, and couldn’t help letting out a moan as she pushed my cock back Kayseri Escort Bayan past her lips. I could tell she was getting into it. I heard the cutest little moans coming from her every time she slid my cock back into her mouth. Her pace quickened, and I heard the sound of her lips becoming more wet and sloppy. I started to feel myself getting closer to cumming, and I bit my lip harder, tried to fight it. It felt so fucking good, I closed my eyes, trying at once to take everything in and at the same time fight the impending orgasm that would no doubt soon be tearing through me. As I focused on the sound of her, listening to her moans, listening to the sound of her lips on me, I heard another distinct sound. It was another sort of wet sound, like someone stirring wet noodles, and I realized she must be playing with herself…her fingers frantically rubbing over her soaking wet pussy. Oh god…my whole body shivered, and I let out a loud sigh. My cock swelled and I knew I was about to explode.

She started moving harder, faster. She could tell I was close, and she was on a mission. I felt myself approaching the edge…closer, closer… Then, like white hot light flashing through my body, I was thrown over. I clenched my jaw, my open palms suddenly slapping hard into the wall, and I felt myself emptying, erupting, into her hungry mouth. She moaned out loud as the first ropes of cum splashed the back of her throat, and I felt her suck hard and greedily – pulling the next spasms from my body. My eyes rolled back, and the sensations coursing through my body, causing me to quake and tremor, were blowing my mind.

Finally these sensations began to fade, and I was able to regain some control over my breathing, over my terrible shaking. I was gasping heavily, trying to catch my breath, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I almost felt like I would collapse back against the other wall of the stall, and that the only thing keeping me planted there was that she still had my cock firmly between her lips. I felt her tongue swirl over my tip in her mouth, and it caused my whole body to quake again in a hard shiver. I instinctively pulled back, my slowly deflating member was extremely sensitive, and I heard myself pull from her lips with a ‘pop.’ It was barely audible, but I thought I heard a faint moan of protest as I pulled myself back through the hole. I smiled to myself – maybe I would be able to get her to come back and we would be able to do this again. I knelt back on my heels, resting against the opposite stall wall and tilting my head back. I closed my eyes, feeling a warm wave of complete contentment and satiation flow over me. I looked through the hole and could see that my friend had stood and was leaning back against the opposite wall, still only wearing her panties. Her hands were sliding idly over her body, and it sent a shiver though me. It also made me wish I had another round left in me…maybe, if we waited a few minutes… But, just as I was thinking about initiating something, I saw her start to collect her clothes and she pulled on her tight blue jeans.

“Any chance I might be able to see you here again?” I inquired.

She stopped for a moment, but didn’t respond right away. “I’d like that.” She said at last in a soft whisper. I smiled broadly. Soon after opened her stall and slipped out.

I remained in the stall for a little while longer. My heart rate was finally returning to normal, but my mind was still swimming. I couldn’t believe that just happened. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting after the plans had been made, I actually did it. And it was incredible! I had fantasized about such an encounter for a long time. It was always an exciting thought to me, to be in such a position with a stranger, or someone I couldn’t see, though I never seriously pursued it. But after fate had led me to this little secret, I couldn’t help but try to realize this fantasy.

I smiled again, chuckling to myself and shaking my head in disbelief. Not only had I had this extremely hot experience, my little friend seemed interested in doing it again! I stood up finally and pulled up my pants and buckled my belt. I straightened my shirt, put the dispenser back on its bracket, and left the stall. There was still nobody in the men’s area as I left, which was a little surprising, but I did see a small group of people as I made my way back to the parking lot. I didn’t see anyone coming from the women’s side, so I guessed she had already left. As I reached my car and put the keys in the ignition, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Part 2

As I walked into the door of my apartment, I still had the same grin plastered to my face. I opened the door, stepped into the entryway feeling the familiar warmth of home against the cooler night air, and smelled something on the stove. As I walked into the kitchen, I was greeted by the warm smile of my beautiful girlfriend.

“Hey you.” She said, smiling at the look on my face. “You’re home a little late, aren’t you?”

I smiled back at her. “Well, you know how it is at the office sometimes. We had some details on a big project we’re trying to close.”

“Uh Escort Kayseri huh.” She walked up to me, smiling somewhat shyly, and looking at my lips. We closed the distance between each other and embraced, and then kissed each other hard. I could taste a tinge of cum on her lips as I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth.

After we broke this heated kiss, she looked up at me with sparkling eyes.

“There’s a strange taste in your mouth tonight, dear.” I said, trying my best to look suspicious. “You haven’t been with any other men while I was at work, have you?”

She looked away and did put on a faux guilty face, which was in itself a little comical since she already looked so innocent. “Well…I may have run into someone a little earlier…” She started. “He was really hot, and after he touched me I couldn’t help myself.”

I furrowed my brow, trying to look upset. “That’s very naughty, dear… What am I going to do with you?”

She couldn’t help but smile up at me, her face beaming with a shyness but also exhilaration. She was so demur at times, but I always knew she loved sex. She was somewhat reserved and innocent outwardly, but in the bedroom she was a most passionate and curious lover. She loved to explore, even though she didn’t always know how to ask for what she wanted. Ever since we met and had started our love life, I had tried some things with her after I found her to be receptive, and it turned out, much to my pleasurable surprise, that she was receptive to quite a lot of things.

It was still somewhat of a surprise that she’d agreed to do this after I told her about what I’d found, that we would meet in a public place and have ‘anonymous’ sex. I was shaking when I told her, partially because I didn’t know what she would think, and partially because it really was a private fantasy – one that I had never told any other soul about. She seemed nervous about it first, but I could tell she was instantly excited about the idea. Later, one night after we’d made love, she told me she would do it. That was a week prior, and now it had actually happened…fulfilling an old but apparently very strong fantasy. And after I felt her reaction when I got back to the apartment, I knew for sure we would be doing it again.

“I have an idea of what you can do with me…” She said, her eyes sparkling in the kitchen lights overhead. Slowly she pulled me away from the stove, clicking off the burner and letting whatever had been boiling in the medium sized pot to simmer. She led me out of the kitchen and towards our bedroom, and said softly, “take me, right now.”

That night we made love several times. Well, it wasn’t so much lovemaking as it was raw passionate sex. She was on fire, and her normally small but very sexy sounds when we fucked were much more present, urgent, and a little louder. I lost count at how many times she came – I felt like I unlocked something inside her, and I was still smiling to myself, a shit-eating grin in the dark, as I laid snuggled, completely spent, with her in our bed as we began to dose off. I kissed her forehead as she rested on my shoulder, and I felt her snuggle up a little closer and whisper a tired ‘I love you.’ I soon slipped into my dreams, which replayed again and again the events of that evening in wonderfully vivid detail…

We’d decided to go back to the rest stop the following Friday. We both finished work at roughly the same time, and we would drive there separately as we did before – increasing the feeling of anonymity. We would sometimes send texts when we were there or on our way at the beginning, but that, we found, took a little bit away from the experience. Anyway, we had our special knock so we knew it was us. But still, just in what we were doing – the situation, the place, the scenario – it really enhanced the feeling with her…like I was with her for the first time again, or more accurately, with someone new. I guessed it had a similar effect on her, because when we both where there locked in our stalls, and when I felt her, and when she would take me into her mouth, there was an energy with her I never felt before. She would let herself go more wild than I’d ever seen her, and when we got home she would jump my bones as soon as I came in. Outwardly she was the same. Still demur, still that cute shy girl I had fallen for those few years before. But in bed, she was a demon. It really was amazing.

So we continued like that, and after a while it became part of our routine to meet after work every Friday – well, more of a ritual than a simple ‘routine.’ Usually it wasn’t so busy in the bathrooms, but in the waning days of spring and the early months of summer more people were on the road. It really seemed to only add to the intensity, doing these things and knowing there were other people nearby. God, what an incredible turn-on it was. Perhaps it enhanced the experience with the essence of danger in getting caught, but whatever it was was like an aphrodisiac on steroids. Once we were in one of our sessions, and pretty much every stall was full. I could hear people coming and going from the bathroom, and I came almost as soon as my girlfriend touched my throbbing cock. Later she mentioned that it caught her by surprise, but it was hot because I’d came all over her dark blue panties as they were around her ankles, and after we left she said she could feel my cum seeping into her pussy as she drove home. That had gotten my pulse going…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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