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As Marc got out of the car, his rigid manhood pressing against his Levi’s, his taut and tender head rubbed the coarse fabric. He felt like he was in a surreal dream. The moon was full, the crickets chirping and the stars brilliant against the black sky. He walked around to Dotty’s side of the car, and opened the door.

“Thank you sir” Dotty said “Come closer and give me your hand.”

Marc willingly complied, his chest heaving slightly from the unexpected excitement that was visiting him tonight. He reached out, and Dotty pulled him in closer.

“I’ve been thinking Marc. Your tightly stretched, smooth head felt real good on my lips. I got awfully wet down below, and would hate to waste drop. What do you say about giving me a test ride on that beautiful thing.” She smiled and giggled as the fingers of her free hand began caressing his hardness through the tight fabric, then fumbled with the metal button (Marc wore no belt), opened it and pulled the zipper down. “Mmmm” she said as she scratched her long red nail through his pubic hair, wrapped her fingers around his cock, and pulled it out of his pants. “Oh baby, you’re much bigger than my Guilford, and I want to feel you inside me now.”

Marc reached down and undid the large western buckle on Dotty’s, fumbled with the button and zipped her down. He peeled her jeans down her legs, all the way to the top of her cowboy boots, then peeled her black lace panties down to the top of the jeans, Isparta Escort placed his finger between her lips. Yes, she was very wet. “You weren’t kidding Dotty.”

“Nope Marc, my pussy’s made for fuckin, so stop talking and get with it baby.” She flexed her knees to provide Marc access.

He took her legs, tied at the ankles by her jeans, and turned her to the left, resting her legs in the opening of the car door. Then, with his left hand he spread the cheeks of Dotty’s soft warm ass, hearing a tiny wet click emanate from her parting labia. His right hand wrapped around the girth of his ample maleness, he wiggled the head in the parting of her cheeks. His head felt her flaccid wet lips part, as if in a gentle kiss, and then, guided by his hand, it found her vaginal ring.

“You’re doing good so far Marc. But, don’t be timid hun, slam your swollen meat inside me.”

Marc hesitated for a moment, then leaned hard forward, his tapered head opening her sphincter, and his throbbing cock plunged deep inside Dotty’s hot, wet, spongy cunt. He closed his eyes picturing the action inside Dotty, and breathed out hard through his flaring nostrils.

“Oh yessss baby! Fuck me now…fuck me hard!”

Marc was so excited as he was pistoning his engorged meat in and out, that he had to squeeze his cheeks together hard to keep from cumming. He was amazed at how hot Dotty had gotten, and so fast. But, he felt he should warn Isparta Escort Bayan her as he said “Dotty, I’m sorry babe, but I am gonna cum. You sure you want it inside you?”

“Oh yessss baby…fill me up. I want your cum.”

Mark pumped three more times and on the fourth down stroke, he slammed deep inside and moaned through clenched teeth…”Shit! Oh God Dotty, oooooooooooooh!”

His balls spasmed over and over again, forcing his silky white semen deep insider her as it splashed her cervix, and then added to the lubrication of still pumping rod.

Marc’s knees collapsed and he had to steady himself on the top of the car and the car door.

“Whoa baby! That was good, huh?”

“Well, I am sorry Dotty that it was so short. I was, er…a little excted.”

“I told you it was just a test ride Marc. Don’t be so serious hun. I loved it. And, besides we are going to have plenty of time for a long ride later.”

Marc’s cock was going limp now, and it slipped out of Dotty’s pussy. A string of white formed from Dotty’s pussy as she quickly put her hand to catch it, rub the mixture coating her pussy, and she rubbed it on her stomach. “Mmmm” she said “precious balm…don’t want to miss a drop.”

Both Marc and Dotty pulled up their jeans and adjusted themselves, not bothering to tuck in their shirts. Dotty took Marc by the hand and led him toward the house. “Better not keep Silk waiting too long, hun” Escort Isparta she said “she’s a horny little devil” she giggled.

They walked through the garage, through and entryway, and then into the kitchen. Silk had not wasted the time that Marc and Dotty had been frolicking in the car. She was standing with a beer in her hand. Marc, could not believe the image of this beautiful young long haired blonde woman her perfect slim hour glass figure highlighted by the lacey black teddi, with high legs, her perfectly formed, long legs enhanced by black lace thigh highs, her feet in 4” black stiletto heels.

“Isn’t my baby a dream Marc?” Dotty said, winking at him.

“Mmmm” is all that Marc could get out.

“And look what your Mama has got for you sweetie” Dotty said as she held up her right hand and opened her palm “Wanta taste?” Her hand was still wet and in the middle of her palm was an aloe looking white gloss.

Silk walked over to her mother, looked at Dotty’s palm and then brought it to her mouth as the tip of her pink tongue touched it and began licking. Then she squeegee’d it with her lips and sighed “mmmmm.” The she looked up at Marc. “You taste good Marc, not strong and salty like Grover, or all garlicky like Daddy.”

“Well, you two, I will leave you alone to get a little better acquainted” Dotty said “I want to get out of these stiff jeans, and make myself more presentable for the party.”

Marc watched Dotty walk through the door, into the house beyond, thinking that Dotty, for an older woman, was won hot looking woman. And then he looked at Silk, still standing in front of him, her nostrils flaring slightly as she continued to waft the scent of Marc’s semen on her fingertips.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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