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Aww what a waste! All you guys out there, reading my stories, playing with yourselves as you imagine being one of the characters, stroking your delicious cocks. I’m here all alone, not a cock in sight. Its my second favorite past time, right after writing this stuff, playtime with a cock. Doesn’t anybody want to join me?

Let me describe a typical movie night at home with me:

I like to sit on a nice comfy couch with a man, watching a good movie, my hand resting gently on his lap. I’m in my little boxer shorts and tank top and he’s wearing just a pair of sleep pants. While I’m all curled up in his arms I start to lightly caress his balls. Then raking my fingernails up and down the shaft, I can feel the stiffness, as his lovely cock starts to twitch a bit. I like it when men play with my breasts, rolling my nipples around between thumb and forefinger. I could have my breasts massaged for hours and never grow tired of it. Once a man’s prick is hard, I pull it out of that cute little opening in the front of his pants, allowing more room for me to play. I insist he keep watching the movie, as I use both hands to tease him, one hand massaging his balls, a little more forcefully this time. Not hurting! Just a bit more pressure, more kneading. I love rolling them around, feeling the shape, the size, knowing how delicate they are, but I’m careful. Just enough pressure to feel good.

My other hand is now busy stroking the shaft up and down, up and down, and as he starts to squirm, I tell him to never mind, just pay attention to the movie, or I’m going to stop! He knows I will, so he watches the TV. I’ve lost track of the plot, I only want to keep playing with my favorite toy. I squeeze the shaft harder, and I begin to pump him a little faster. I Kuşadası Escort never cease playing with the balls, I love the little guys!

Oh wait! Is that some moisture I see at the tip of his penis? I wonder what that could be? My nipples are getting pinched a little harder, but I don’t object. In fact, I wish he’d pinch both at the same time. I wish he’d place his mouth on them and suck, bite down on them, mmmmmm, that would be nice. But no, I told him to ignore me and watch the movie. Now there’s a little more liquid, and it looks tasty. I’m a bit parched anyway, so maybe I’ll try it. As I lower my head to his lap, he starts to groan, but I admonish him again. Watch the movie, I demand. If he knows me well enough, he knows I’m serious, so he resists those animal urges that are building. He pretends to ignore me. I go back to playing, my head nearly in his lap, my face inches from the tip of his prick. Holding his cock with one hand, I point it at my mouth, and my tongue darts out, catching his watery dew. Mmmmm, I was right, delicious!

I want more, my own hunger is driving me now. Still manipulating his balls, still stroking his shaft, I place my mouth over the head, my teeth lightly sliding along the skin. Using my lips to form a tight seal, I suck on the tip, just the helmet is in my mouth. I imagine it’s a straw, and there’s a thick creamy milkshake inside his tube, and I need to get it out. So I suck harder, just on the tip, nursing it. I think I’ve gotten most of the pre-cum, but I want more. I feel my own predatory urges taking hold of me. I’m starving, I need his protein to sustain me, or I’ll die!

He’s being such a good boy, pretending he doesn’t feel anything, like I’m not even there. I’m really into it now, Kuşadası Escort Bayan licking his shaft up and down. I want to suck on his balls, I wonder if he can behave? Removing my hand from his scrotum, I lick first one nut, then the other. He doesn’t say a word. I suck one completely into my mouth, twisting my tongue all around it. Nothing! I do the other one, sucking a little harder, playing with it inside my mouth, looking up into his eyes. Still no reaction. This is my kinda man! He pays attention, he has strong will power, I think I’ll keep this one around, for a little while anyway. I try to get both balls into my mouth at the same time, but they’re too big, they won’t fit!

I go back to his hardness, and oh my god its like steel! I want to suck the whole thing down! I’m able to relax my throat muscles, resist the urge to gag. I place his cock back in my mouth and bobbing my head up and down, I’m trying to lubricate it as much as I can. His resistence falters, and I feel a hand on the back of my head. NO! I tell him, Not yet! I’ll tell you when. He goes back to watching the movie, and I look at his face to make sure his eyes are open. They are, but they look a little glassy.

Back to the cock! Its well moistened now, my saliva coating its entire length. Relaxing my muscles again, I raise myself up onto my knees and engulf him. I slide him into my mouth, and I can feel the edges of his helmet brushing along my throat, down, down, down more, until he’s in. All the way in! My nose is touching his skin, his pubic hairs tickling, and I almost laugh. Keeping his cock buried deep inside my throat, I bob up and down again, slowly, ever so slowly. He’s such a good boy, he’s not moving, not making any noise whatsoever, Escort Kuşadası not touching me anymore, just pretending nothing is happening. I have to reward him.

Using my mouth, my lips, my tongue, I start pumping him faster and faster, I’m squeezing his balls with my other hand. Not too hard I’m hoping, but I’m lost in my own urges now, I need his cock, I must have his sperm inside me, I crave his seed. He’s been good, so I reach up and grab his hands and place them on my head. He knows what I want. He can’t hold back anymore, he grabs my hair, he moves in rhythm with me, forcing my face down, pulling my head back up by the golden locks. He let’s out a noise, almost a growl, a feral sound that surprises both of us. I’m sucking him hard, I’ve been holding my breath for a minute now, I inhale quickly when I can. He’s lost in the feeling, he’s a wild animal that needs release, so he fucks my face, he takes pleasure in choking me, he wants to drown me in his cum.

It won’t be long now, I can feel it in his balls, they’re moving on their own. He’s moaning, groaning, crying out my name, telling me he’s going to cum. I can’t wait, I’m so hungry! I need it soooo bad, please cum in my mouth, PLEASE! With a final thrust of his hips, both hands holding my head down, he ejaculates. He shoots into my mouth, down my throat. I’m swallowing and swallowing, it never stops! There’s more and more, and I keep gulping it down. As I take a breath, he shoots again, into my face, all over my nose, my eyes, it never ceases. I’ve turned on a faucet, and there’s no end. As his semen fills my belly, his spasms begin to subside, the flow ebbs, fluid only dribbling out now. I lick and I suck, I clean him up, everything. I scoop the cum off my face and into my mouth, smacking my lips. Delicious! I’m satiated.

With a look of total bliss on his face, he smiles at me, brushing my long blonde hair away from my eyes.

Looking deep into his, I ask, “So how was the movie?”


I think I really need to go out on a date. Anybody?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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