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***I’m taking a slight break from my other story arcs (some of you are saying, “What Break!? You haven’t submitted anything in years!”) and I have a slug of these little family fuck-fest shorts lined up. This one was edited by Mistress Lynn, so if you like it and you see her on the boards, let her know! Also, take the time to read, vote, or comment, it helps out the creative process.


Cody Tanner woke up with morning wood, as usual; and as usual, it was an ivory tower of manhood that would make most porn stars drop their jaws in awe. Looking at it, he marveled at how it felt in his hand and how it looked in the early morning light, wondering how big it was. He’d never measured, but he knew the only girl every to have sucked down the whole thing was the sword swallower at the freak show in last year’s county fair. It wasn’t just long, either. It was thick, almost so thick that his large hand couldn’t close completely around it.

“Time for a shower,” he said quietly to no one in particular.

Of course, he was looking forward to some private time with his meat more than anything. He looked longingly where there used to be a door to his room; it had fallen apart a few years back and Pappa didn’t have the money to fix it then. Instead, he gave Momma a present a few years later, just last winter, and put in a modern bathroom with hot water. That shower had seen uncountable loads of cum painting the walls.

“Good thing the bayan esmer escort bursa walls are white . . . ” Cody said to himself as a crooked grin curled his lips.

He moved down the hallway of the too small, dilapidated cabin and went past his parents’ room. They, too, were short a door, and he saw the sight that he saw on so many mornings; Pappa getting his “Good Morning” fuck from Momma. Cody swallowed hard as he heard the telltale rhythmic creaking of bed springs, heavy breathing, and whispered moans. Like most mornings, he looked, expecting to see the lithe form of his mother, her sweat-sheened body practically glowing in the early morning light filtering through the window. Today was different than normal and he did not see Mamma’s shapely ass rising and falling with his father’s impressive spear disappearing beneath the twin globes. Instead, he was treated to a full frontal view of Mamma.

Her long hair was wet with sweat and pulled behind her head, but small ringlets of her long, naturally curly hair clung to her body. Some of them draped over her shoulders while some framed her face. A precious few of her long raven tresses wove in chaotic patterns to hang down between her breasts and almost to her belly button. She was leaning back, and her perfectly formed tits that were the focus of so many of Cody’s morning wood jerk-offs were wobbling in large circles with her movements. Her long arms disappeared bursa ucuz eskort somewhere behind her, hidden by her hair and her body as she supported herself on Pappa’s chest. Her tight abs were heaving with her breath and movements and her thighs tensed and relaxed as she drove what must have been eight inches of Pappa’s dick in her ass. Cody didn’t see any sign of him threatening to pop out as she came to the height of her motions.

That left her pussy, wide open and drooling with cum the focal point for Cody’s eyes. Her thin lips were almost non-existent, her clit and long hood showing proudly at the top of her slit. Mamma’s well-fucked hole was oozing what looked like a mixture of Pappa’s cum and Mamma’s thin and ample juice. It flowed down onto Pappa’s impaling, throbbing rod, and Cody could see the place where he entered the world flex and clench as Mamma started cumming hard. Cody licked his lips as he watched his Mamma’s cunt convulse and spasm while her juices flowed more freely before she even squirted a little, spraying down Pappa’s legs with short bursts of her hot cum.

As her whole body followed her twat and started to twitch, Cody’s eyes went up her body, drinking in the point where her pink slit faded into her well-trimmed bush. His gaze slid back up those taut abs, to her luscious tits, and right to her face. Her mouth was open in a silent scream, and her eyes were staring straight bursa anal yapan escort at Cody. She licked her teeth while staring at him, her ass slapping loudly against Pappa’s thighs. Cody saw her eyes shift and her view slid down his body to his very erect cock, his hand on it, the head, shiny with the precum that was oozing from the tip.

Cody, caught, felt himself blush, but couldn’t stop stroking his rod, his hand wet with the copious precum that had burbled from his tip. He could feel his balls jump as he watched his mother’s eyes shift between his groin and his face, each time the smile on her face grew more devious. She started really pounding on Pappa, her hips rising at least ten inches. His cock head still had not popped out of her ass. She started licking her lips and said just loud enough for Cody to hear, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” And cum she did. Cody watched as she sank down all the way onto Pappa’s dick and just roll her hips like a belly dancer. Her pussy was pushing the thick creampie out in surges now, squirting a little, then more, and then three huge gushes blasted out of those steaming pink folds while she kept staring at Cody’s dick.

“Damn baby,” Pappa’s voice said while Mamma still panted above him.

She sighed deeply with her pussy still clenching at nothing and licked her lips before nodding to her son that he needed to leave. Cody did so without a second thought but had just enough presence of mind to be quiet about it while he walked the rest of the way to the shower. He turned the knob to the bathroom door only to find out that it was slick with cum.

“Well goddamn! I done cum!” he said between breaths as he tried to calm down. The iron had never left his rod and it still didn’t leave as he climbed into the shower and turned on the hot water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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