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It wasn’t that I minded my husband watching sports all day. I just hated spending a whole day watching sports when we hadn’t seen each other all week. He had been out of town for two weeks. For me, a week without a man seemed like a month. We were free to satisfy our urges with others but after a couple of weeks without getting any, I always wanted to break the fast with my husband. The fact that he had finished off his business trip by fucking one of his clients didn’t sit well either. I would normally have been really mad because I had stayed abstinent but I really like watching him screw slight, Asian women. (Thank you iSight camera.) There is something about the way he just picks them up and puts them in the position he wants and the way they just lay there while he pumps them that really gets me going. And while skinny, this one had a pretty nice pair of breasts. The way they bounced and shook as he did his thing made me long to be bounced myself. I gave myself a pretty intense orgasm but there’s nothing like a man in the flesh.

Unfortunately, my current man in the flesh (i.e. my husband) was more interested in football. He had already taken my hand off his thigh and given me the “I’m watching the game” look twice. I wasn’t going to get anything until the game was over. If his precious Raiders could have at least been close to winning, I would have understood. But with the game over at half, I didn’t see why we couldn’t go home and get down to things. With nothing else to do, I got myself acquainted with the bar tender. He was pretty cute but he had his eyes planted firmly on the asses of the twenty-two year old waitresses running around in their bike shorts. As he continued to pour me beers, I continued to flirt. I was buzzed and getting hornier by the moment. My husband was so into the game he hadn’t noticed that I had ripped my Raider jersey at the color to create a lower neckline. I may not have the biggest breasts but men can’t help but look at any women’s chest where there might be some cleavage. “Screw the Raiders,” I thought. “My losing streak is going to end türbanlı escort today.” It was just a matter of who was going to be the lucky guy.

My artificial creation of cleavage had worked. The bartender set up shop in front of me and while he tried to sneak looks down my shirt, I turned to tequila to make the inevitable sex in a kitchen or closet more attractive. (I’m a bed girl by nature.) As I set my shot glass down, I caught him again trying to sneak a peak. I leaned forward to increase the amount of gap in the shirt, “They’re yours for the asking…”

He looked over my shoulder and said “What about your husband?”

I turned and looked at my husband. His eyes never left the screen. “I’ll go ask him,” I said and I got up. My buzzed logic dictated that I give my husband one last chance. Somebody was about to get lucky. It was all up to my husband to decide who.

I plopped down next to him and put my hand on his thigh. I was leaning in – about to inquire about whether he wanted to come in my mouth or on my face – but before I could utter even one word, he lurched forward and shouted some generic comment a guy makes when his team isn’t doing well. That decided it. The bartender was going to land this piece of ass.

I turned to head back to the bar and was stopped in my tracks. That fucker was hitting on another girl. I don’t care if she was younger than me, had a tighter ass and a perkier rack. I know my way around a man and this ass was tossing me aside for some girl probably named Britney who had never had a dick go more than an inch into her mouth. I was pissed. Pissed and horny. I wasn’t going back to sit next that ass of a husband and I couldn’t stand the site of Britney fawning all over that asshole bartender. It seemed a perfect time to head to the bathroom.

I walked around to the back of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. As I made my way down the hall, I noticed the hallway not only lead to the bathrooms but also to rather large poolroom. I walked past the bathroom door to check out poolroom. istanbul escort At 10:30AM on a Sunday it was completely empty – except for one man.

He was a big guy – about six foot two and he projected strength. He was wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt with a white t-shirt with blue jeans and boots completing the ensemble. As my eyes ran down his body, I imagined what his thighs would look like flexing as he did me from behind up against a wall – hands on my hips with my face buried under my hair pressed up against the wall. As I snapped back into reality, I was acutely aware of myself. Not only were my nether regions moistening in preparation, my mouth was literally watering.

I tried to be cool as I crossed the room but the combination of the beer, tequila and absolute lust put a little swerve into my walk. I walked straight up to him, looked him in the eye and tore my jersey a little more. “Wanna a play?” I asked.

Thank god he wasn’t in the mood for foreplay. He immediately unzipped his pants and I immediately fell to my knees, sat back on my calves and shoved his cock down my throat. You know that feeling you get on your skin when you haven’t been swimming all winter and you jump into a pool for the first time, that’s how my mouth felt. In fact, that’s how my whole body felt. As I pulled him in and out of my mouth, I fought the urge to pull out his cock and rub it all over me. I wanted to feel it on my neck and on my cheek and on my back. I wanted to rub it between my thighs – feel in the crack of my ass.

I have deep throated plenty of men and he may have been the biggest but I’d never had less trouble putting a man farther down. I took my hands off his shaft and reached around with both hands to his ass. I began to pull him into my mouth all the while the need the feel that cock on my flesh growing.

I returned my hands to his rod and raised myself up. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face. I closed my eyes and moved my head back and forth as I allowed both cheeks to share the pleasure of touch with this tesettürlü escort monster. I rose up more and began rubbing it on my lower neck and chest. As soon as it brushed my nipple, a lightning bolt shot down to my pussy.

He must have had a similar sensation. He lifted me up into the air. The way he just threw me around reminded me of my husband the night before last. He set me face down on the pool table, pulled off my shorts and lowered my panties to mid thigh. Instead of impaling me, he lifted me up and pulled me onto him. He raised my hips to the perfect height for fucking me. And fucking me was what he was doing. I wanted to scream but held it in. There I was, floating in the air doggy style – wave after wave of electricity shot through my body with each thrust. I wouldn’t be able to take much more. I didn’t want to take much more.

With no apparent struggle, he rotated me onto my side. With both his hands under my left hip and only my left shoulder touching the pool table, I floated in the air sideways, as my eruption became eminent. I looked up to see him staring down at me. With each thrust, I grew closer. He never showed one sign of fatigue. He just stared at me. My whole body felt like it was about to explode. Sensing his body was about to do the same, I rolled back onto my stomach. I started grabbing for something. I usually needed something for leverage but his strength had negated that need. I just needed something to squeeze. God I needed to come but I was holding out and just as I thought I might not be able to hold on any longer, I felt his eruption begin. He pulled me onto him urgently but without strain. It felt like he was two feet inside me when my muscles all contracted at once and my back arched yanking my head off the pool table. His hand came up to my shoulder to hold me completely in place as he finished depositing his load. My muscles gave up on me but he hadn’t finished. He continued to hold me in place as he finished his thrusting. I was literally putty in his hands.

He finally released me and I collapsed onto the pool table. He lifted me back to my feet and I collected myself.

He smiled and said, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to shooting pool.”

I smiled and walked away. My husband could take a lesson from this guy. After a screwing like that, I wouldn’t care if he watched football all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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