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Gina arrived back into town three days later sitting in Deanna’s living room sipping on a cup of coffee. She smoothed out her blue jeans with the cheeks cut out with a matching strapless denim blouse and brown strapless sandals with six inch heels. She wore a pair light blue diamond dangling earring’s and light blue crystal beaded necklace and bracelet. She just stared into her cup as she listened to Deanna and Ryan in their kitchen cooking breakfast. She was amazed at how they managed to maintain their perfect marriage from their swingers life style. Maybe they should be running group sessions. She thought as she sighed deeply. Her long white nails tapped the edge of her cup. Ryan, a very handsome bear type of a man came into the living room to join his sister-in-law who he would fuck sense less if she would just say yes.

“Good morning you sexy lady.” He said as he kissed her on her hand as her sweet scent made his cock twitch.

“Good morning handsome.” Gina smiled up at her brother-in-law.

“Come on breakfast is done.” Deanna yelled from the kitchen.

Deanna stood by the stove placing eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy on their plates. She wasn’t sure if Gina had heard about Sue or not. She placed the plate in front of Gina with her worried look that Gina had become accustomed to. She noticed that Deanna’s long red hair was as lovely as when they were teenagers. Deanna’s figure was still firm and full, her beauty was beyond words. They did luck out in looks she thought to herself.

“Gina, Sue was beaten and brutally raped the other night. She is in a coma.” Deanna told her as she sat down at the breakfast table.

“Oh gecelik escort my God! I feel so guilty that it is killing me!” Gina broke down crying into her hands.

“Gina why should you feel guilty?” Deanna asked Gina wondering what on earth could she have done.

Gina looked at Deanna as tears filled her eyes and spilt down her cheeks. ” I used her with sex and then dumped her like Steven has done to me time after time. I guess she couldn’t handle it and then she ended up hitting Mary.” She cried not realizing that Mark and Ryan were standing behind her.

“So you broke Sue’s heart.” He said almost in a whisper.

Gina turned quickly and the hurt in Marks eyes cut through her like a knife. Gina never wanted to hurt Mark who use to be her high school sweetheart and best friend. Mark picked up Gina’s orange juice throwing it into her face.

At Memorial General…..

Leo walked into his wife’s room where she laid in bed injected with Thorozine. He shuts the door as he locks it behind him with an evil grin. He stands beside her bedside dressed in his grey suit, with a silk white shirt under neath, he had on his diamond rings on almost every finger. He was showing the powerful man that he was.

“So wifey dear you look relaxed for once.” He told Peggy as she tried to fight the drugs and could not.

Leo walked to the window looking out in the parking lot at the attractive red head waiting for him in his car. A huge smile on his face as he lit up a cigar and inhaling deeply as he slowly turned towards his wife laying helpless in her hospital bed. A chuckle escaped istanbul eskort his lips as he once again approached her bed and pulling back her blanket and pinched her nipple hard with the cigar close to her breast.

“I wonder would you feel pain with all those lovely drugs flowing through you?” He asked as he placed the cigars cherry on her nipple.

Peggy’s eyes reflected the pain she felt and no matter what drugs she was under she held her screams inside. She prayed he would just leave her alone.

“Aw what my precious wife doesn’t want to pleasure me?” He asked getting angry that he did not get the reaction he wanted from her.

” So. . . . You are even, a bitch all wacked out on drugs huh?” He asked smiling and rolling his cigar in between his thumb and pointer finger and then he once again burnt her breast and this time she did let the soft scream escape between her lips.

“That’s better my sweet whore of a wife. Now I have to go oh and I did check out your doctor I think he is just a bit sadistic, but I would have picked him for you myself.” He said as he laughed an evil laugh as he walked out of her room.

Mary laid reading a book when Leo walked into her room. Silence filled the room except for the sound of Mary’s heart beat in her ears. She wondered why he was here? Leo without any expression on his face was beside her bed when he suddenly and without warning had her neck clutched in his hand. He smiled wickedly at her as she struggled for air and for her life.

Gina’s Office….

Gina sat in her empty office where for one year she held group sessions with couples. Her eyes glistened otele gelen escort as she looked around the room remembering all the memories. She was going to resign here until she could heal her own soul.

The door opened to Gina’s office, Charley walked in slowly and so humble. His big blue eyes were swollen from crying and all the sleepless nights since Mary’s accidents. His blue jeans fit his athletic body loosely and his football jersey was blue and baggy, but his blonde curly hair made him look so much like a little boy.

“I…I need someone to talk to Gina.” He said shutting the door and sitting next to her on the office couch.

“Oh Charley, I am so sorry for what happened.” She told him and placing her arms around his shoulder for comfort.

She felt funny when he began crying so hard in her arms, she cradled him as his heart was breaking into. Once their eyes met it was not long until their lips met hungrily and wanting. His hand moved up to her breast as he laid her back on the couch. Her back arched upwards as he kissed her neck and unzipped her jeans, he began to remove them with her help. Soon they were both naked and his cock was hard and wanting to fuck her. He could not believe the sensation he felt of this sinful pleasure with this devilish angel. His cock went deep into her hot juices, deeper with each thrust of his body into hers.

Gina wrapped her tanned perfect legs around Charley’s waist so could take him deeper within her pussy. He sucked on her nipples, licking them from time to time and holding her so close to his body as well as his hairy chest that made her feel comfort. Their bodies began rocking back and forth, faster and harder until their moans were heard throughout her office. They never heard Peter open the door until they sat up seeing him standing there speechless, but mostly he could not believe she would do this to him…to his heart.

To Be Continued. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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