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This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed — as always — to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Erotic Adventures — Chapter 2

Fireball Mary Ann

** Chance meeting **

I found myself in Manila again; but this time Mel was in Tokyo doing several modeling shoots for her new client. She tried to get away; but there was no convincing the client. We had tried to figure out some way to hookup — even briefly — but it just wasn’t to be this time, so I had resigned myself to a quiet trip.

Al picked me up at the airport as usual, apologizing that he couldn’t pickup Mel for me. I thanked him for his concern; but it really wasn’t his problem to solve. The townhouse had been closed up, and I was staying with the ‘country director’ at his house in Makati. Rick had made the move a few months earlier, and had found a very nice rental home a half mile from the Makati hub, in the Green Hills area. The house was very roomy and had three bedrooms, one of which Rick was using as an office, leaving one for ‘guests’ like me. Al drove the car up the drive and parked behind Rick’s car. It was late; but Rick was up waiting for us. “Good trip?” he asked, shaking my hand as Al took my bags inside.

“Any trip that ends safely at the intended destination is a good trip.” I laughed. “But yeah, it was decent. Had to rearrange flights at the last minute; but Jennifer was good about it.” I added.

“Al told me about Mel.” Rick responded. “So she’s in Tokyo now?” he asked politely. He had made her acquaintance on my last trip, even wondering if he might have a ‘date’ with her. Al had made it clear that Mel wasn’t a bar girl, or a working girl of any kind.

“Yeah, she’s got a generous contract with a couple of Japanese outfits. She’s over there shooting for a sportswear client right now.” I told him. “Had to happen. Her career is starting to take off, and she’s a busy girl.” I added.

“Well it might not be so lonely my friend. Derrick called me today since he knew you were arriving tonight. He got us invited to a show tomorrow in Makati. Dinner and the usual — girls in fancy duds on the runway.” Rick chuckled.

“Cool!” I replied, being polite. I really didn’t expect to be picking up a girl for a one-nighter; but looking could be fun too.

The following day was a Thursday, and I went into the factory in Paranaque with Rick, the hour’s drive down the crowded ‘superhighway’ giving me time to thumb through the notes I’d made for the trip. Just some routine upgrades and recalibrations to get done, followed by the requisite production quals. Derrick’s assistant Becky greeted us at the guard’s desk and escorted us up to the production area and Rick’s office. She didn’t need to do that, as Rick had an access key; but Becky and I had known each other several years, and didn’t get to catch up as often as we’d like.

Small talk behind us, Rick and I got down to planning my time and his schedules so that what I needed to do wouldn’t adversely affect his production numbers. While we were doing that Derrick popped his head in. “Morning gents.” he said, taking the cup of coffee from Becky. “You guys going to join me this evening?” he asked.

“Sure thing. I’m up for some dinner and pretty girls!” I replied with a chuckle.

“Great. Rick knows the place. Cocktails at six-thirty.” Derrick told us, turning to head for his own office while Rick and I finished up. With our plan written down I headed for the guest office to login and get my e-mail before I went to the floor. Nothing newsworthy, just a quick note from my admin with a bit of gossip and a ‘welcome’ from Becky. I’d hoped there would be a message from Mel; but not surprised there was none. I looked over the plan once more, then donned my clean suit and headed to the floor and my ‘babies’.

The morning went fairly well, no surprises and two machines were upgraded with calibrations running. They wouldn’t be finished until later in the day, so I went back to the guest office to see if I couldn’t make things more efficient. Rick poked his head in at eleven-thirty. “Expat’s Club?” he asked. I nodded, closed my laptop, and we were off. Rick had gotten pretty good at navigating the rutted avenues of the Paranaque business district in the older Camry he had purchased. It was a little large for the Manila traffic; but it was comfortable. It was only fifteen minutes to the club, and we arrived without any excitement.

Carla greeted us when we walked in, walking over and giving me a nice hug. “Hey Rob, nice to see you again!” she said, squeezing me tight against her lithe form. “Rene sends his regards; but he had to be over in Cebu today on some family thing.” she added. “So how long will you be with us this time?” she asked, Maraş Escort squeezing my arm and smiling.

“Just a couple of weeks; but I’m alone this trip so you can count on seeing me often.” I replied, returning her smile. Rene had picked a winner in Carla, that was certain. Not only was she slender and sexy, she was beautiful as well, and her personality was a combination of business smarts and Filipina foxy.

Rick and I sat at the bar this time since there were no other customers in the place yet. “So how did things go this morning?” Rick asked me, taking a swig of his San Miguel.

“Good!” I replied. “The two machines for today are already running cals on the upgrades, should be ready to qual this afternoon. If that goes really well, I might be able to move some lots from a third machine and have three of the ten done by the end of the day.” I told him.

“Ahhhh… I don’t know about trying to pull that off Rob. Sounds risky.” Rick replied. “I’d rather not jeopardize tonight’s throughput. But you might be able to convince me.” he added, touching his beer bottle to mine. “Stop by my office when you have one and two back up and we’ll talk about it. “

“Fair enough.” I replied. My gaze locked on Carla’s fine rear end as she bent over to find something under the bar cabinets. Her jeans were already painted on, and stretched as they were in that position — well — she was hotter than usual.

“Hey Carla, you have an admirer here!” Rick teased.

Without straightening up she turned around. “Yeah?” she asked. “You like my ass, Rob?” she laughed. Then she stood up, bringing the plates with her. “I guess it’s pretty good. Rene seems to like it a lot.” Carla said with a smile. “Your lunch will be up in a couple of minutes guys.”

“No rush sweetie.” I told her. “We have a nice show to keep us happy.” I chuckled. “Just don’t tell Rene I said that!” I said as she brought us another brew.

Carla laughed. “Hell, he’d have me prancing my ass around here in a bikini if I’d go for it!” she laughed.

“Maybe you should try that some time, honey!” Rick suggested.

“Heh… you’d like that wouldn’t you!” Carla replied. “Horny damn yanks!” she laughed, turning around and shaking her butt in our direction. “This is as close as you’re gonna get buddy. Enjoy it.”

We enjoyed the classic sausage and sauerkraut with homemade onion rings, and had another San Miguel in the process. The banter with Carla continued as the crowd began to gather for the ‘normal’ lunch hour from one to two. We bid Carla a good day, promising to return for dinner on Saturday, and headed back to the factory.

By two-thirty I had all of the calibrations completed and the qual lots running on both machines. I jotted down a plan that would have number three running quals before we left for the day, and headed to Rick’s office. He appreciated the idea; but I couldn’t convince him to take the risk that he would be down a whole machine for two shifts while he and I were out having fun. His performance was rated on production efficiency, and the two of us had managed to keep that very high on the machines I worked with.

“I think Roger is here. I’ll call Becky. If he is, he can take you back to the house. You can have a swim and relax this afternoon.” Rick said, picking up the phone. He said a few words to Becky in Tagalog, who confirmed Roger’s availability, thanked her and set the receiver down. “Roger’s waiting for ya, bud. I’ll be there at five-thirty.” he told me.

I went to my office, taking off my clean suit and grabbing my computer. Heading downstairs I said my goodbye’s to Becky and joined Roger who was waiting in his old Benz diesel. My afternoon was relaxing, taking a dozen laps of the fifteen-meter pool before lounging with a San Miguel and my laptop. I updated schedules and prepared my status e-mails to send the next morning before heading into the house at five to take my shower and get ready for the evening. I was out, dry, shaved and dressed when Rick came through the door a few minutes after five-thirty.

“Phew!” Rick said. “Guess I’d best get my ass in the shower if we’re gonna make that six-thirty cocktail hour!” he exclaimed, not waiting for a response as he headed back to his master suite. His room was huge, and had a door leading out to a stairway down to the pool. The place was quite a find, and at less than five-hundred US a month it was a bargain. Real Estate and rentals in Makati were bordering on outrageous, with a typical home selling for three-to-four hundred thousand US, and a two-bedroom condo in one of the new high-rises fetching nearly that much. Rick was living in relative luxury for less than half of his monthly ‘housing allotment’ from the company, so he had plenty of disposable income to share with the girls of Manila.

At five-minutes to six Rick came out in his evening casuals and we jumped in the Camry for the drive across Makati. “Where’s the party?” I asked.

“Shangri-La.” Maraş Escort Bayan Rick replied.

The hotel was at the corner of Makati Blvd. and Ayala Ave., a major intersection, and getting into the lot at the hotel from this direction could be tricky; but Rick knew a few tricks and we were at the hotel’s conference center at twenty-five after six. Rick looked at his watch. “Perfect!” he said with a chuckle, pulling the Camry into a spot just inside the parking garage. Five minutes later they walked into the assigned ballroom. As with many of these events, the invited guests were separated by an empty chair ‘to allow room for the girls’. Rick and I found our assigned spots and stood behind our chairs to wait for someone we knew.

A few minutes later Derrick and Becky arrived, coming over to greet us. “Evening gents!” Derrick said, shaking our hands. He looked at me and smiled. “I heard you got the first two systems upgraded and back into the line already!” he said. I nodded. “Right on schedule Rob, great job.”

“Gotta keep my friend Rick happy.” I replied.

“Well, we will try to keep you happy this evening my friend.” Derrick said, turning to Becky and saying something in Tagalog. Becky turned around, her cell phone to her ear.

“Looks like she’s calling in the troops, bud!” Rick whispered to me.

Just what I need! I thought to myself.

Ten minutes passed, Derrick introduced Rick and I to a couple of his associates from the local business bureau. Seemed nice enough; but their English wasn’t any better than my Tagalog, so I couldn’t participate much in the conversation. I sensed someone behind me — and smelled a very pleasant fragrance, then I noticed Becky mouthing something to someone who must be behind me. I started to turn around to look when hands cupped themselves over my eyes. “High honey, I’m home!” came the words of what was obviously a woman, followed by a giggle. Then she kissed my neck and took her hands away, using them to turn my head toward hers. “I’m Mary Ann.” she said, smiling that beautiful Filipina smile.

“Pleased to meet you Mary Ann, I’m…”

“I know. You’re Rob. Becky told me about you, and told me about your girl — um — friend who is away in Japan.” Mary Ann said. “I hope you won’t mind if I fill in for her.” she added.

“Uh… sure!” I replied, offering her the chair between Rick and myself. I noticed Rick’s gaze on her backside as she was bent forward talking to me. He caught my eyes and nodded his approval of her ass. I caught just a glimpse as she moved around to sit down. She did have a very tidy little butt, that was for sure. I poured her a glass of wine from the ‘table stock’ and we enjoyed fifteen minutes of small talk. Like Mel had been, Mary Ann was working the Manila modeling circuit hoping to be discovered by an agent or scout from one of the bit Japanese firms. She was certainly pretty enough; but was a little too short to make the list as a high-end fashion model. Even with that, her body was perfectly proportioned, with what I guessed were 32B breasts, a 22 inch waist, and 33 inch hips. Beautiful eyes and light brown skin that looked like satin topped off a very attractive package.

Mary Ann had to break off the conversation and head backstage to get ready for her show; but she leaned close and gave me a peck on the cheek. “See you after the show Rob?” she asked.

“Of course!” I answered, watching her little behind twitch as she walked away. Sure would be nice to get some ass. I wonder if she’s into anal…. I thought.

Rick reached over and snapped me out of my trance. “She does have a nice butt, huh?” he suggested. “We should invite her over for a barbecue tomorrow night if she’s available.” he added. “I’ll call Carmen.” he said, opening his cell phone. A couple of minutes later and he closed the phone with a smile on his face. “Okay, she’s up for it.”

“I’ll ask Mary Ann when she comes back.” I said. “She already hinted that she would like to take Mel’s place for me, so I’m sure she’ll be available.”

Dinner went by with no surprises, the seafood salad going well with the Kobe beef main course — the hotel serving an excellent Cabernet to go with the red meat. The girls put on a good show, Mary Ann strutting her stuff in a very slinky sage green shift that hugged her curves like a glove. She made sure I noticed her, blowing me a kiss and giving me a wink as she wriggled back up the runway and out of sight.

Mary Ann arrived back at the table just in time for the cheesecake dessert, still wearing the sage green dress and it became obvious she wore nothing underneath. “So… I was wondering if you might like to join me for a small barbecue party tomorrow evening at Rick’s house here in Makati?” I asked her. “Just the two of us along with Rick and his girlfriend Carmen.”

Her hand came down on my thigh only an inch from my crotch. “Yes I would love to Rob!” she replied excitedly. “Should Escort Maraş I bring anything?” she asked.

“Just your beautiful self — and a bikini.” I replied with a smile.

“A bikini?” Mary Ann asked.

“Yeah, Rick has a swimming pool. It’ll be fun.” I answered, looking her up and down and imagining that body in a bikini.

“Okay, what color would you like?” she asked coyly. “I have… um… a red one, a black and white one, a light blue one…..”

“I’ll bet the red one looks great on you.” I said.

“Red it is then!” she said, smiling.

It was getting late, so I exchanged contact information with Mary Ann and told her I would give her a call with more details tomorrow. She thanked me, gave me quick kiss, and headed backstage to the dressing room while Rick and I bid Derrick a good evening, thanked him for dinner and the show, and headed out. The traffic, even at eleven o’clock, was terrible going toward Green Hills. At least it was cooler and the sun wasn’t beating down on the car. “So maybe you’ll have some fun tomorrow, eh?” he said. “She sure is a hottie!”

“That she is, a hot little babe.” I responded. I could imagine how that sweet body would look in a red bikini — hoping it would be a thong; but there was a day of business to take care of before that. We arrived at the house and went inside. I thanked Rick for the hospitality and transportation and hit the sack.

** Pool barbecue with friends **

Friday dawned as usual in Manila, warm and humid. Rick and I whipped up some bacon and eggs before we headed to the factory. It was pretty much a carbon copy of the previous day, with two systems being upgraded before lunch, with calibrations running until mid-afternoon. We lunched with Derrick at the Expat’s Club, chatting with Rene and ogling Carla. Roger took me back to the house at three, with a stop for the evening’s groceries on the way. I had called Mary Ann at lunch and gave her Rick’s address, setting the time for seven this evening.

Rick got home at six, a little beat from the drive in traffic; but looking forward to a relaxing evening with his girl. Carmen wasn’t ‘officially’ his girlfriend; but he relied on her for pleasant company — and sex. She didn’t have the looks of Mel or Mary Ann; but she was an intelligent woman with a nice body and no major flaws. She adored Rick, which he did his best to accept.

Rick came out of his room, ready for a casual evening. “Gotta run over and pickup Carmen. I’ll be back in twenty.” he told me. “You guys can just head down to the pool when she gets here.” he added. Then he darted out the door and was gone.

Ten minutes later a knock came at the door. I opened it and my jaw dropped. Mary Ann stood there wearing the red bikini she’d promised with just a loosely knit shawl draped over her shoulders and that beautiful smile. “Hi Rob.” She said. “Um… May I come in?”

“Of course.” I replied. “You look fantastic.”

“Well thank you sir. I’m glad you approve.” Mary Ann said, giving me a ‘twirl’ as she draped the shawl over one of the living room chairs. It wasn’t a thong; but her luscious backside wasn’t covered by much. She noticed my stare, and gave her booty a shake. “You like?” she asked with a giggle. I had to try not to drool. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She laughed, bending forward a ways and giving her butt a playful slap. “Now where is that pool?”

I led her down the stairs to the table by the pool where the maid had already served two bowls of chips with both red and green salsa. Also awaiting our consumption was a cooler with a case of San Miguel’s. Mary Ann opened two beers and handed me one, touching her bottle to mine. “To new friends.” she said.

“New friends.” I responded, taking a swig of the cold brew. Mary Ann took a quick sip, then setting her bottle down on the table she walked quickly to the side of the pool and dove in. She swam to the other end, did an expert swimmers turn and came back. She popped up at the edge of the pool and smiled. “I love the water.” She told me.

“A mermaid, then?” I suggested with a smile.

She laughed and did another lap before coming back to the table. She leaned over and kissed me — a bit longer than before, as the water dripped down my chest and into my lap. She ran her fingers through my chest hair and down over my belly. “Ooops. Sorry honey.” she said, kissing me again while her hand wandered. Her kiss was very sensuous, almost as much so as Mel’s, and we found ourselves in a passionate embrace that lasted until we heard Rick’s Camry pulling into the drive. We broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. “Wow.” Mary Ann said.

“Indeed. And very nice!” I responded, giving her hip a squeeze. She got the message and quickly stood up and moved to her own chair as Rick and Carmen came down the path. I rose to greet Carmen, looking lovely in a two-piece suit with a silk pullover. She smiled and held her hand out, which I dutifully took and kissed. “Good to see you again Carmen. You’re looking lovely this evening!” I told her. Rick was already opening two more beers, and handed one to his girl.

“I’ll go up and check on the food for dinner.” he told us, heading up his private staircase into the house.

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