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Note: everyone in this story is over eighteen.

Asserting his dominance

It was early in the morning, and Hugo was having some trouble keeping up with his father-in-law.

It had been the old man’s idea to jog together so they could mend their bond. At least, that was what Hugo thought.

Two weeks ago, Dante had blown up at him at the dinner table when his daughter told him she was pregnant, and they hadn’t talked ever since.

Hugo had agreed to come because Jessica insisted…and he thought the old man would at least ask for forgiveness, but they drove to the park in silence and just began to run.

Dante Damascco was 56 years old and was built like a horse. No, a buffalo. He was running ahead so Hugo had to look at his physique and feel ashamed. His black hair was only a little muddle with white, his neck was thick and veined, his black shirt was glued and tight to his large muscles, and his grey pants wet with sweat around the cheeks. He couldn’t think of a more intimidating man to be his father-in-law.

In comparison, Hugo was a worm of a man, pale and skinny. He was an office man. But, he reminded himself, at least that was what Jessica wanted.

And that was the problem which Dante couldn’t accept. His daughter with a man like Hugo.

He would have to swallow it, though. The way he had looked at Hugo at the dinner table, as if he was the chain that was holding his daughter to the ground, forbidding her to fly… Hugo had tried to please his father-in-law for too long. Not anymore.

Suddenly, Dante stopped. There was still a long way to go, and the park there was deserted, the trees too suffocating. However, Hugo was glad for the rest. He was the most out of breath of the two. He put his hands on his knees, inhaling. A few seconds later, he felt Dante’s hand on his back.

“I want to apologize, Hugo.”

Hugo stood up.

“Oh.” Finally. He was staring right into the old man’s eyes, unafraid, expectant.

“I’m really happy that I’m going to be a grandpa,” he smiled. “I hope we can leave what happened behind.”

“That’s cool.”

“Come on, now. I overreacted. You know how I am.”

“I know…” Hugo said. “I know you never liked me.”

Dante was taken aback by the bluntness. Hugo had never spoken like that to him. In fact, he had enjoyed doing so. It made Hugo less afraid of him.

“Alright,” Dante said, putting his hands around the waist and looking around as if avoiding eye contact. “I admit I had my doubts, but I always trusted my daughter to do what’s best for her. I am sorry, truly.”

“Okay,” Hugo said curtly. He clasped hands with his father-in-law. “We should keep going.” There was command in Hugo’s voice. He thought maybe he was stretching his luck with the boulder of a man. He had gotten his apology already. But he had enjoyed speaking up to him, like he was finally facing all the rejection he felt.

“Let’s rest a bit more,” Dante said, but it sounded like he was pleading. Hugo looked at his eyes and saw something there, a sort of confusion. What was going on here?

“Okay,” Hugo said firmly. “Rest then.” And Dante’s face contorted into a smile, while he lowered his head in defeat.

Seriously, what was going on here?

“I might have been very wrong about you,” Dante suddenly said.

“You might. Now rest. We don’t have all day.”



Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Can I drink some water?” Dante asked. He was looking at Hugo with funny eyes, gleaming eyes. The water bottle was in his hand, but he waited for an answer. He waited for Hugo’s permission. Something had just happened and now Hugo was supposed to allow him to drink water. Hugo wanted to understand exactly what was going on, he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. It seemed like a game. Was it a dangerous one?

“Just a little bit,” Hugo said. And Dante nibbled at the water bottle.

“I want some more.”


He put down the bottle obediently. Yeah, okay. They were definitely playing a dangerous game. Hugo looked over his father-in-law, who seemed like a mountain of muscles, with rivers of sweat going down its length.

“You must make my daughter really happy.”

“What are you talking about?”

Dante’s smile was cutting as he pointed down at Hugo’s body. He looked Eryaman Escort down, and saw his big erection. Instinctively, he grabbed it, unbelieving. It made the print more obvious. His cock was six inches big, and it did make his wife very happy. Deep down, he knew he could not lose his cool now. He must keep asserting his dominance.

“And why are you looking at it?” he asked Dante.

“I’ll stop if you want.”

“I want you to only look at it when I tell you to.”

Dante smiled and nodded. He was trying to look calm, but he was red around the ears. He turned away and looked at the trees.

That was when Hugo saw his erection.

The big buffalo was not so bad himself in that department. But no matter how good he looked, what was making Hugo’s cock painfully hard wasn’t that, but the way he was obeying his commands. It was like a dream come true.

He wanted to push his luck.

“I want you to look at me now, and beg for my forgiveness. On your knees.”

Dante stared at him wide eyed; he wasn’t smiling anymore. But Hugo was. Dante shook his head silently, but a few seconds later, he looked around the place as if checking if people were coming. They were alone. He shook his head once more.

“I don’t kneel.”

“You’re going to, now. Now.”

He did. Fuck, he did!

His knees hit the ground and he looked up at Hugo. His lips were trembling.

“Please, forgive me…”

“Do better, old man,” he said, his tone mocking. Dante shook his head, and his eyes were in pain. But his cock was harder than ever, pushing against the pants.

“I beg you, please, forgive me, Hugo.”

Could this really be the man who intimidated the shit out of him throughout his married years? Hugo could almost cum in his pants. In fact, he wanted to. It was scary; not even his wife had made him feel this way…so powerful.

Someone was coming down the path, we could both hear their running steps. Hugo’s heart was beating really fast. But he was suddenly determined.

“Stay there on the ground.”

“What?” Now Dante was angry. He started to stand up.

“Stay,” Hugo said, grabbing the man by his cheeks. “Fucking stay.”

Hugo was euphoric, but Dante was scared, scared because he couldn’t refuse.

Somehow, he stayed on his knees and waited for the person who was surely coming their way. It was a guy. The stranger slowed his steps, but kept coming. He looked at Dante on the ground, confusion in his eyes. Hugo was standing right in front.

“Just teaching him something,” Hugo said.

The stranger passed through, smiling widely. Then he chuckled when he was a bit more far away. He looked back a few times. Dante’s face had become pure red.

“Take out your cock, let me see.”

This time, Dante obeyed without hesitation.

It had a red bullet head, uncut, and very thick, but lost to Hugo in length. He was glad to see that. It made him feel better somehow. Something in him that wasn’t smaller than the big buffalo. It didn’t matter much though. Now he had a kind of control he didn’t even think about having. How could he use it?

His father-in-law was definitely into it. If it hadn’t been obvious before – which it had – now you could tell just by looking at the old man’s drooling cock.

More people were coming. Dante looked at him with desperation.

“Get up, and dressed. Take that away from my sight, old man. And let’s go. Now you follow behind.”

“Okay,” Dante said, his deep voice held no dominance anymore.

Hugo felt powerful, but it was a power he yet didn’t know how to control or use. So, he stayed in silence, maintaining his dominance that way. Dante didn’t say anything either. They finished their exercise and then headed back home. But before Hugo left the car, he told the old man that they would keep jogging together. Every day. Same time.

Jessica was making lunch when he entered the kitchen. He was all sweaty, but didn’t care as he hugged her from behind and ignored her complaints. He pressed his hardness against her butt, making her gasp. And then she asked what had happened.

“I just saw you here and it drove me crazy,” he lied. “By the way, everything is alright between me and dad.”

“Really?” she was genuinely surprised. Sincan Escort She had to insist a lot for Hugo to agree to go.

“Really,” he said, kissing her cheek, pressing even harder. Her breath quickened, and she was slowly convinced to let him take away her pants and panties. She didn’t know that the erection which was fucking her was especially provoked by her dad. It was a weird thought, but one that made him horny. As he fucked her against the kitchen table, he told her, “I’m gonna go tomorrow again.”


“Run with dad.”

“Oh,” she didn’t even remember what they were talking about, and forgot again quickly. But it was all Hugo could think about.

His mind only rested the next day after Dante was there again in his car. They greeted normally, and talked about the weather. But Hugo could feel the tension when big father-in-law looked at him. Hugo didn’t know what was going on through that head, but the fact Dante had showed up at all probably meant he hadn’t changed his mind about anything else.

He was wearing a red sleeveless shirt, really showing out his muscles, and blue shorts. Hugo went for shorts as well. He was really excited.

Before they started their path, Hugo looked at him.

“Behind me.”

Dante nodded. “Okay.” That okay sent a thrill over Hugo’s body. He still couldn’t believe he was telling that buffalo what to do.

Things were tranquil while they followed the same old route. Hugo had that same destination in mind, where the trees and the winding path would be perfect for some more playing.

He had to stop before that.

“I need to take a piss,” Hugo said. “Stay here.” The trees were farther apart here, so he would have to get away from the path. Dante was too silent today. He only stared at Hugo, nodding. Maybe he was having second thoughts?

Hugo did not want to lose the power he held over his father-in-law. It was the best he had felt in years.

“You know what? Come watch me.”

Dante blinked at him. “Excuse me?”

“Come watch me piss.”

Hugo didn’t wait for him. Thankfully, he heard him follow. He wasn’t going to show insecurity.

They went behind a big tree. Hugo waited patiently while Dante came around. “Now look,” he told him. He took out his cock, waited for it to get hard, and began to piss. He looked at Dante, to check if he was watching. The man was smiling.

“I was wondering if you would change your mind,” Dante looked. “I was afraid, actually. You have a nice cock.”

“I bet you wanna touch it.”

“I do,” he said, and Hugo could hear the thick hope in his voice.

“But you will only watch,” Hugo said. With his cock hard, the piss took a while to leave completely. He jerked his mast a few times, each stroke slow and long. He showed his balls to the old man. “What about my balls? You like them?”

“They’re beautiful.”

Hugo laughed at him. “Shit, you’re a complete different person, Dante…what have you been doing behind Claire’s back?” At the mention of his wife, Dante flinched.

“Leave her out of this.”

“And your daughter? This,” Hugo said, grabbing his cock, “belongs to her after all. Do you think she would like to share with her dad?”

Dante stared at him wide eyed. His face turned to a deep red, a crimson shadow that covered his neck too.

“It’s you who’s a different person.”

“I think any guy would die for the chance to turn his father-in-law into a bitch. That’s what you are now.”

Dante shook his head. “I really am,” he said, as if he couldn’t believe it himself, as if he was just now realizing. “Is there a chance that we both forget everything and go on without hurting any one? Neither Claire, nor Jessica?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know. I’m asking you…”

“I’ll tell you what,” Hugo said, and he was ready to bet all-in now. “If you turn around and go back to jogging, we’ll forget everything that happened. But if you stay, you go down on your knees like a good bitch and suck my cock. Choose now. NOW!”

The scream startled him. But he fell onto his knees with a pained expression.

“Fuck…I can’t, I want…” Dante was saying desperately.

Hugo couldn’t believe his eyes. He chose to kneel, to suck his cock. Etlik Escort His father-in-law waited patiently, hands on legs. Hugo pointed his cock at his face.

“Don’t use your mouth yet,” he told him. “Just smell it. Take it in, that’s right. Rub your nose on my scent, big bitch. Good boy. That’s it. Now rub it all over your face. Slap it on your cheek. Faster now. Now open your mouth…good boy. I bet you’re good at this. I bet you suck a lot of cock behind Claire’s back. Keep it open. Now enjoy your meat.”

Dante opened his mouth wide and pushed the cock deep inside his throat. He left the cock there for a few seconds, making Hugo moan. Son of a bitch. He wanted to prove he was actually good. Then he began to slurp on the head, sucking like it was a delicious lollipop. The father was so much better than the daughter; Hugo was impressed. His body shook, and stared wild eyed as he fought to control his body. Shit. He didn’t think getting sucked by a guy would feel this good. But he thought there was little to do with it being a guy, but rather, which guy…this was the guy. His father-in-law.

He remembered the disgusted turn of the lips Dante had made at him at the dinner table not so long ago, and now those lips were being shredded by his big cock. It was more than sex. It was sweet vengeance.

“Do you like the taste of my cum?” Hugo asked, taking him by the hair. Dante moaned through his teeth as he grabbed the hair really tight.

“I like it. Yes, hmmm,” and the cock was right back in his mouth. He stopped once to ask Hugo if they could go deeper into the woods so passers-by didn’t see them. Hugo thought about it, but preferred to deny it just because he was asking and not begging.

“Just suck it and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Dante’s dark eyes seemed perturbed while he looked up; he bobbed on the cock without stop, and Hugo stared right back at him. He saw it, right there in his eyes, how much his father-in-law loved that cock. As if Dante had been caught, he let out a guttural sound, and he awkwardly tried to snatch out his cock from his pants in time. It was already shooting cum.

Once more, Hugo could only stare wide eyed. But then he smiled, satisfied. He watched his cock get sucked dry by someone who loved doing it.

“Can you taste your daughter’s pussy?” he asked suddenly, knowing that it was a risky thing to say. He didn’t want his dick bitten off, but it was too tempting. He watched the expression on the older man’s face change from pleasure to agony. He kept sucking, moaning, desperately trying to forget Hugo’s last comment. “You definitely suck better than her.” Hugo couldn’t stop it. He was smiling widely now. Each comment seemed to make his cock throb harder.

“You wanna eat my cum?” he asked. Dante’s lips made a smack sound as he removed the cock from the mouth, and nodded.

“Yes, please?”

“I’m ready to cum. Watch.” Hugo took out the cock and turned sideways, jerking it harder than ever. He saw the realization hit Dante, and laughed. “You won’t get any, old man. You better beg with more effort next time.”

Dante scowled at him, but didn’t say anything as he watched Hugo stroke and stroke, until he was cumming. He had always been a big giver. His loads were thick, long and many.

As each stream of cum hit the ground, Dante’s eyes got wider with sadness and loss. A small “Please” escaped his lips as the last bit of cum was wasted. Hugo debated if he should tell the old man to lick it from the dirt, but decided that it was too much. He let him lick and eat the cum that was left on the head.

“Hmmm, Jesus, hmmm,” Dante sucked.

As they were dressing up, Dante looked at him – he was taller, but somehow Hugo felt bigger – and smiled. Hugo smiled back.

“How didn’t I see it?” Dante asked.

“See what?”

“You. If I only knew, I wouldn’t have provoked you. I wouldn’t have gotten in your way.”

Hugo looked at him and knew that he meant each word. He felt a thrill going through his body, focusing on his balls.

Who would’ve guessed that the approval from his father-in-law would have come in this way?

Why was Hugo so happy about it?

“Honestly, dad? I’m glad you did.” He eyed his father-in-law up and down. Suddenly, that fat muscled ass seemed very pretty. He had never realized how tight it seemed.

“What are you looking at?”

Hugo slapped him. Tight ass.

“Speak to me like that again and I’ll show you.”

Dante shook his head, smiling.

“What now?” he asked.

“Now you go ahead this time. I wanna keep looking at your ass.”

Hugo was already making plans.

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