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The goddess gives him his sister, and promises him his mother. He helps his sister revenge a friend’s rape, and cops a cherry. if you haven’t read Astarte Ch. 1, it tells how she gave our hero his power. it is under ‘Mind Control’ stories. enjoy. comments welcomed; signed ones answered. jb7

Friday morning, Deon got up late and threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed his laundry and hopped in his car to make the three hour drive home. First, he needed to get some breakfast and some coffee for the long drive. He stopped at the same diner where he had learned of Astarte’s gifts. He had missed the morning rush at the diner, and it was nearly empty when he arrived.

He took his favorite booth, toward the back of the diner, next to the kitchen door. He could hear Donna in the back, telling someone to stop whatever they were doing. When she came out of the kitchen, she looked upset, her face flushed, the top of her uniform slightly askew, she was shocked to see him there, and blushed. “Deon, I didn’t know you were here. Have you been waiting long?”

“No, I just sat down. Everything alright?”

“Yeah…no, not really,” she said, sliding into the booth, opposite him. “The cook is the owner’s brother, and he is always making some kind of suggestive remark, or touching me. This morning, when he saw we were alone, he tried to put his hand down my top. The owner says she can’t do anything; if she fires him, he won’t be able to get another job because of his prison record, and he won’t listen to her when she tells him to watch his mouth.”

“Damn, that’s too bad. If there’s any thing… Hey, the museum is looking for docents. Each room will have one plus a few more to serve a tour guides. I bet you could get one of the positions in the art wing. I’m not sure what the money is, but it has to be more than you make here, even with tips. “

“Thanks, I’ll look into it. I can afford a little cut. It’d be worth it to be free of the tattooed octopus in the kitchen.” She gave him a wide smile as she rose from her seat. “What can I get you today?”

“Mostly coffee. I’m driving home this morning and need lots, plus whatever you don’t have to go into the kitchen to get.”

That earned him another smile. “I can grill you a danish, with some coffee and juice. And a large coffee to go?”

“Sounds great. Terri Stein is the woman in charge of the docents, and is the person you will need to talk to. I’ve talked to her several times and helped her train the guides and area docents in the Middle East displays. She’s a pretty savvy lady. Tell her I suggested you apply.”

At that moment the door to the diner opened and the owner walked in. Donna nodded to Deon, and went to get his coffee. After she delivered it, she went to talk to the owner, at the cash register. He saw the owner’s head jerk up and look toward the service window behind the counter.

Her face was grim. Donna continued to talk. The owner looked at her, surprised. The owner’s shoulders slumped, her head dropping as she nodded. She turned and started for the kitchen. She nodded at Deon in greeting when she passed his booth.

Moments later he heard what must have been the stockroom door slam. A minute later, he heard, “… miserable ass out of here before I call the cops! And stay away!” A short, stocky bald man, sporting numerous tattoos on his arms and shoulders burst through the kitchen door.

“Fuck you!” he cried. “You, too, bitch! Too prissy to take a little teasin’, huh? We’ll see how you and this place do without me! Fuck all of you! Right up your prissy asses,” he called as he stormed out the door. The owner came out of the kitchen, her cheek bright red where she had obviously been hit, her eye beginning to swell closed. Deon sprang up and yelled to Donna to bring a towel and some ice. He made the older woman sit at the counter.

Gently holding the ice pack to her cheek, Deon asked if she were okay otherwise. She put her hand over his and pressed a little harder, wincing slightly. Deon heard Astarte giving him some directions about hand placement and some gentle caresses. He did as she instructed, and was surprised to see the swelling and redness quickly disappear. “Good boy,” he heard her say and felt her fleeting kiss on his cheek.

The owner felt her cheek and eye, a look of wonder on her face. “What did you do? He’s hit me like that before, and I usually have a bruise for a week.”

“Nothing. Probably, he didn’t hit you as hard or as directly.” He gave her the ice pack and straightened up. “Well, I have to get gone; my sister is expecting me to be there when she gets home from work today. Donna, what do I owe?”

“Nothing, Donna, and take what ever he says for a tip from the till. Thank you, young man, for the ‘first aid.’ From now on, whenever I’m here, you eat for free.”

His sister’s car was in the driveway when he pulled in beside her. A stranger’s car, to him, was pulled up, blocking her. Leaving his bags in the car, he let himself in the house. He heard his sister in the living room, telling someone to stop.

“Holy Kars Escort shit, Astarte! What’s going on? Are all the women I know going to be assaulted because of what you gave me?”

“Don’t despair. It’s that long-nosed cow, Neffi. She knows I’m free and is trying to mess with me through you. Just follow your instincts, and be strong. We’ll prevail, I promise.”

He stepped into the living room. The sight immediately caused a flashback to his freshman year in high school. He had asked a classmate to a dance. A second-year senior who had designs on her had accosted him on the way home after school and pounded on him until he had promised to break the date.

That bully was now holding his sister face down on the couch while he tried to pull her slacks and panties down her legs. “What’s the matter, Harry? Won’t the women in this town have anything to do with you? Some reason you have to beat up the young girls to make them put out, like you did Sue Swenson?”

In turning to see who was talking, Harry relaxed his grip on Sally’s arms, allowing her to break free and turn over. Her knee came up rapidly, crashing into his perineum and adjacent structures, doubling her assailant over.

Her well placed kick on his ass sent him sprawling across the floor. He landed at Deon’s feet, in a fetal position, cradling his testicles in his hands.

Deon flashed his sister a grin as she stood up and pulled her clothing back on. Harry’s pants were around his ankles. Deon reached down and pulled them off, carried them to the front door and threw them into the yard, after tying the legs closed. When he returned, Harry was just struggling to his hands and knees.

“I don’t think you should try to stand up, yet, Harry; do you, Sally?” asked Deon.

“I think you’re right, brother. I don’t think he should stand up. If he does, I think I may kick his ass again, all the way to his car. In fact, I know I will.” She put her foot on his ass. “Knees and elbows, you son of a bitch, and be glad I don’t call the cops. Although, I may. I’m sure I could find a number of women to corroborate my story.”

Deon dropped to his knee by Harry’s head. He lifted Harry’s chin so he could look the hurting sod in the face. “Harry, I want you to crawl to your car and drive away, naked.

“I want you to drive downtown, and find a place to park your car on Main Street. Ignore the passers-by. Just sit there and pleasure yourself; jack off, play with your asshole, scratch your balls, if you can reach it, suck your cock, whatever turns you on.

“But don’t ejaculate until a police officer opens your door. Then, aim your prick at him and let it fly. Don’t stop coming until your balls are empty. Do you understand all of that?” Harry nodded. Deon stood up, telling Harry it was time to go. “And Harry, stay away from my family.”

His sister stood there, gaping at him. She wanted Harry to do just what he had been told. She wanted to make sure it happened. And, somehow, she knew Harry would do it, just the way her big brother had told him to do it.

Since Sally had started high school, their mother had left them alone when she went out of town on business. Good kids, they had not caused any trouble, and had become good friends as well as siblings. A by-product of the togetherness had been a game based on healthy sexual curiosity-trying to catch the other one naked. It had gone on all of his senior year. They had both caught glimpses of all of each other’s parts, but never had ‘the whole show’ been seen by either one.

Kate was out of town their last week of regular classes that year, including Deon’s birthday; coincidentally, the last day of school. That day, Sally beat Deon home by 15 minutes. She hurried to her bedroom and stripped. When she heard him come in, she stepped into the hall and called to him. “Gideon! I need some help; hurry!”

He came running up the stairs and into her room. He came to a screeching halt at the sight which awaited him. Sally, fully nude, was standing in the middle of the room, her back to the door. When she heard him, she looked over her shoulder. “When you’re dressed like I am, I’ll turn around,” she said, with a saucy smile. He didn’t hesitate more than a second.

While she watched, he removed his shoes, socks, jean shorts, and shirts. He was about to remove his jockeys when he looked up and saw her watching. With a grin, he turned his back to her and finished stripping. He looked over his shoulder and asked, “On three?” She nodded, with a shy smile. “One-two-…”

“Looking only, no touching,” she interrupted.

He nodded. “Three.” They turned and looked at each other.

“Happy birthday, Deon,” she said softly, turning completely around so he could see all of her naturally blonde beauty.

“My god, you’re beautiful,” he breathed. “Thank you.”

That day was playing out in his head as he looked at his sister now, watching Harry crawl into his car. “Do you think he’ll do what you said?” she asked her brother, afraid to look at him, afraid she might give in to her desire to please Kars Escort Bayan him.

“He will,” Deon said simply. “What happened?”

“He followed me home from work and pushed his way into the house. He wouldn’t leave; he said he had put too much time and effort in on me to leave before he got what he came for.”


“I met him at one of the graduation parties. He knew one of the girls. I think he was a friend of her brother. We talked and he asked me out. I knew a little of his reputation, and he said he was a friend of yours from high school; I thought I could control him, and I did, until today. He said now I was legal, and he didn’t have to wait any more.”

With a wide smile, Deon said, “Well, I can’t really fault his taste, just his methods. I’d want to make love to you, too, if you weren’t…”

“Oh Gideon, what are you saying?” came the cry in his head. “Remember, incest was not a barrier in the royal families. If you desire to mate with the women in your family, it will happen. With them, you don’t even have to ask, just let me know of your desire.”

He felt his manhood begin to raise and grow. From the look on Sally’s face, she saw it, also. Curiosity, realization, passion, hunger were all seen momentarily on her face before she looked into her brother’s eyes. He held out his hand for her to take, and led her, without resistance, to her bedroom.

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since my eighteenth birthday,” he whispered to her as he unbuttoned her waitress uniform top. “You were so beautiful that day, I wanted to…”

“I know. Me, too. That’s why I said no touching. I knew if I let you touch me, I wouldn’t be able to stop. And it would have caused a lot of trouble eventually.”

“And now?”

“I’ll be joining you at University. We can live together, and noone will care.”

“What about Mom?”

“She can move in with us. Then you can have her, too. We’ll make it work, somehow. If Muslims and the Mormons can make having multiple wives work, we can.”

Her slacks and panties were pooled around her feet. She stepped out of them and kicked them to join her top and bra in the corner where Deon had thrown them. She stepped to her brother and began to pull his tee shirt from his waistband. It soon joined her clothes, followed by his jeans, shoes and socks, and shorts. She reached for his phallus, gently stroking it, cooing in admiration as it grew in her hands.

“I’ve heard the girls talking about their boyfriends. I think you must be bigger than them.”

“Only talking? No experience?”

“Just babysitting. I’ve been saving myself for you. I decided that day you would be my first, and I wanted it to happen today. Thank God, you got home when you did.

“I also have to tell you, I’m a virgin without a cherry. I broke my hymen during cheerleading practice, doing splits. There was one bad one that really hurt; when I got home and was changing, my panties were all bloody. I asked Mom about it. She said it happens to most cheerleaders and gymnasts. I hope you don’t mind, that It’s gone.”

“I don’t mind. I wouldn’t have minded if there had been someone else first, but I’m glad there wasn’t. I love you, Sally. Not just as a sister, but…”

“I know, brother. Me, too.” She stepped up to him, her B+ sized boobs just touching his chest. His arms went around her as their lips meshed, and tongues met for the first time. Deon’s hands lightly caressed her back and sides. Her hands mirrored his as the siblings manually explored what they had only seen before, never touched.

Anticipation of the forbidden, their mutual love, youth, all contributed to their rapid arousal. Deon’s arms pulled his sister closer to him. “Sally,” he whispered to her, “if you have any doubts, or misgivings; if you’re not absolutely sure this is what you want…”

“Hush, my love. I have played this scene in my head almost every night since that day. There are no doubts, no regrets. Whatever you want, do it. Just be gentle the first time. The only thing that’s been in there is a tampon,” she said, with a grin.

His hands slid down over her buttocks and gripped them firmly at the bottom, forcing him to slightly bend at the knees. When he straightened his legs, he lifted her from the floor, eliciting a small giggle. He carried her to the bed and set her down. She kissed him, her tongue stroking his lips, and sat down. She lifted his uncircumcised semi to her lips and kissed it, pulling just the corona into her mouth.

She looked up at her brother, a trace of fear in her eyes. “I’m afraid,” she said, dropping his organ from her mouth. “I don’t want to bite you.”

Deon smiled. “I don’t want you to bite me, either, and, because we don’t want you to bite it, you won’t.”

“Don’t tease me, Deon! I want to do this right for you,” she said, tears forming in her eyes, a small sob audible.

He quickly sat down and drew her into his arms. “Sweetheart, I’m not teasing. Really. It is just that simple…”

“Gideon, let me explain.” Deon and his sister looked Escort Kars up. Standing in the doorway, Sally saw the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Astarte was dressed in a long, flowing, white linen chemise, perfectly set off by her black hair and dusky skin.

“Good afternoon, Sally. My name is Astarte; I am the Egyptian goddess of love, and of war. Last week, while he was getting a statue of me ready for display, your brother freed me from a very long captivity. As his reward, I gave him the gift of being irresistible, within some very broad limits.”

“Who did you say you are?” Sally asked. “Who is she, Deon? What kind of joke are you playing?” There was a touch of anger in her voice, the beginning of hysteria.

“Sally,” said the goddess, her voice calming and soothing, “there is no joke; as hard as it is to believe, I am real. My gift to your brother means that no woman can resist his expressed desire or need. When he gave Harry his instructions, what did you feel?”

Sally blinked, remembering her desire to follow Harry and make certain that he followed all of her brother’s orders. “I wanted to make Harry do what Deon said.”

“Exactly, just as any other woman hearing him would have wanted. And Harry will do as he was told, because your brother’s will, when it comes to sex and love, dominates even men, within some narrow limits.

“You expressed a fear about your performance, which your loving brother attempted to allay, a bit simplistically. He has learned that trying to explain my gift can be problematic. Because of the love the two of you have for each other, I decided to help him.

“Whenever he expresses a desire, if it is physically possible for his lover to carry it out without harming herself, she will do so; it really is that simple. He said he does not want you to bite his member, therefore, you will not bite.”

She smiled at the teen. “Nor need you worry about children. You will not conceive until you both want a child, and I promise, your children will be bright, beautiful and healthy. Are there any other concerns?” The siblings shook their heads. The goddess smiled.

“Sally, you will need to delay your entering college for a year. Your mother is going to need your help at home.”

“Mother? Need my help? For what?”

“She’s going to have Gideon’s child.” And she faded away, like the sunlight at dusk.

Sally looked at her brother, sure that the same stupefied look on his face was mirrored on hers. “Gideon?”

“Don’t ask me! You’re the one who suggested I fuck Mom. Christ, Sally, until a week ago, I was as much a virgin as you are. Probably more, knowing that son of a bitch you’ve been dating.”

“Deon! How can you…I never let him…not even my boobs, and he tried, often.” She giggled. “I think there were a lot of nights he must have gone home and…uh, you know.”

Deon laughed. “You can say it, Sally. I won’t be offended, but I doubt if he jacked himself off. More likely, he went down to South Park and picked up some hooker to go down on him.”

“You mean, after making out with me, he went and…That son of a whore! Can we go find where he’s parked and call the cops on him?” Suddenly, the anger vanished from her face and she broke into a huge smile. “Was-what was her name, Ashtart, Astart? Was she right, if you ask a woman to do something, she can’t refuse you?”

“None has yet. Why?”

“Harry has a sister, Jordan, who insists she is going to stay a virgin until she’s married, and says she’s going to marry some rich old man because of it. Harry used to brag about her and her cherry being his meal ticket. She’s always belittling girls she hears about who’ve been taken advantage of, or who trusted their boyfriends to be faithful and were dumped.”

“Taken advantage of?”

“You remember Chrissie Stewart, the black cheerleader?” He nodded. “She was dating Harry and Jordan’s little brother, G.W., the fall you went to college. Over Winter break that year, he invited Chrissie to a party,she said. What he didn’t tell her was that she was the only girl. It was her and him, and five of his basketball teammates.

“Before she got suspicious, she said, they put something in her drink. She only remembers getting to the party house and being given a soda. The next thing she remembers is waking up naked on a couch in the basement and seeing the guys, naked, sleeping on chairs and the floor. G.W. was in bed with her, his hand on her pussy. She was all sticky with cum, her vagina, her anal area, breasts, face, hair, everywhere.

“She was able to get out of the house and drove G.W.’s car to the hospital. She told the police what happened. They were able to find traces of roofies in her blood, so the guys were arrested and charged, but the six of them all said she knew about the drug and that sex was going to part of the evening.

“Jordan said she should have known better, a white guy only dates black girls for one reason; that she believed the guys, that Chrissie must have known what was going to happen and afterward worried about her reputation and decided to holler rape. Jordan told her brother’s version of the story and teased her, and her friends, so much about it, that Chrissie dropped out of school and moved out of state. Jordan laughed when she heard about it and said it proved she was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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