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John was 19 years old, and his life was a failure. He graduated high school with passing grades and was accepted to a small state college but was unable to keep up academically. John was small for his age, and the other boys in his dorm tormented him about his lack of masculinity and testosterone; John stood at 5’5″ and weighed about 110 pounds, without much in the way of masculine features. His wavy blonde hair didn’t help matters, either. His luck with girls was non-existent, and John always pined for the prettiest girls, ones who would never consider him as a potential dating option. It didn’t help that no matter where he went, he seemed to find a group of bullies who loved to torment him, especially in front of girls. Constant bullying affected his ability to pass his classes, and eventually John dropped out and moved back home to live with his father at the beginning of the summer.

John’s mother died while John was in high school, and in the time John was away at college, his father had remarried a much younger woman. John’s father was a major attorney at a law firm downtown, and brought home enough money to bring in any woman he might desire. Asuki was a 23-year-old dark-haired beauty, fresh out of college and with a taste for money. She quickly took a liking to Big John’s power and money, and they were married in a matter of months. John had only met Asuki a handful of times, but each time he was in her presence, John found himself bashful and incapable of having a normal conversation. She resembled all the girls John had crushes on in his school years, out of his league and disdainful of him as a man. Asuki was quite a beauty, she kept herself very fit, her slender frame was well toned. With dark hair and dark, deep eyes, her gaze was piercing. Her soft lips seemed permanently smirking, laughing at John’s inadequacy. Her breasts, perky and full, the C-cups filling out her frame in a way that made John profoundly uncomfortable. Her slender waist led down to a curvaceous ass, worked at the gym until her buttocks were both firm and soft. Long legs and shapely feet only completed a picture of bursa suriyeli escort escort perfection.

Everything was fine for a time, and John even got used to his stepmother’s a-little-too-familiar behavior. It seemed like she was always finding a reason to touch John, or walk past him dressed provocatively, or sunbathing right outside his bedroom window. She said that part of the yard had the best sun, but her penchant for sunbathing naked was clearly directed toward him. Why else would she knowingly sunbathe nude directly outside his window (which didn’t even have a curtain)? John, for his part, mostly avoided making eye contact and conversation with her whenever possible. Once, she drank a fair amount of wine and suggested that he call her ‘Mommy’, a ridiculous suggestion that only deepened his distaste for Asuki. How could he think of someone basically his own age as his mother?

Despite his reservations about the way his new stepmother behaved, John was, after all, a man. His stepmother haunted his sexual fantasies, and the waste basket, tissues, and lotion near the window spoke for themselves. He never even considered that she might look in his room, he kept it locked when he left the house as a matter of general policy (this wasn’t a paranoia thing, John’s family just believed in privacy). Many afternoons during the summer he sat at an angle from the window where he could spy on Asuki, gazing longingly at her glistening breasts and buttocks, furiously pounding his cock. John hated himself for being so undeniably attracted to his stepmother, but that did not stop him from fantasizing about her constantly, even in the hours when she wasn’t sunbathing.

John’s real problems began when his father was suddenly arrested, facing various counts of fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. The evidence against him was solid enough that Big John quickly took a plea deal, earning 7 years in prison. Some of his assets were seized, but most of the money and the house fell into Asuki’s possession, and John immediately realized that his bursa ucuz escort ability to stay at the house was up to her decision. He knew he had no other options; having failed out of school and never held a job, he had little in the way of prospects, at least in the short-term. John decided the best thing to do was to avoid addressing the situation with Asuki, and hope she simply allowed him to stay at the house for free.

That managed to last about two weeks after Big John was sent away to prison, but one afternoon John got a text from Asuki.

“Come see me in my bedroom, I need to talk to you.”

John, apprehensive about what was going to happen, walked down towards his father’s (former) bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, so John pushed it open and leaned in.

“Asuki? Hello?”

“Oh yes, come in John. I’m just finishing getting ready.”

John walked into the well-appointed bedroom, with its California-King bed draped in incredibly soft sheets and surrounded by a heavy wooden bedroom set that featured a large mirror above the head of the bed. He didn’t see Asuki, so he turned around to look and found her bent over the sink in front of the mirror in the large counter-space outside of the bathroom proper. She was applying dark-red lipstick that perfectly matched the maroon tube skirt that barely concealed the bottom of her well-toned cheeks. She wore a flowy white blouse, a kind-of imitation of a men’s business shirt but cut extremely tight on her figure, which featured a loosely tied white silk bow above her ample breasts. She turned to face John, who quickly tried to conceal his open-mouthed stare.

“John,” Asuki started, “you know you’re father isn’t going to be home for a long time, and this house belongs to me now. I make the decisions here, and I’m simply not comfortable with you staying here anymore. I’m afraid you’ll need to get your things and leave tonight.”

John was agape for a second time in less than 90 seconds. How could she just make him leave? Where would he go? He would be homeless with no one bursa üniversiteli escort to call for help. His stomach immediately turned sour and he began to cry.


John looked up, his face full of tears.

“You might be able to stay…with some conditions. But I promise you won’t like them. You might prefer to leave.”

John, willing to do anything to avoid being thrown out with no place to go, made his decision quickly.

“I’ll do anything you want, just please, I can’t leave. I don’t have anywhere to go, please, don’t!”

Asuki looked away from John, who had fallen to his knees without realizing it. She seemed to be considering whether to ever speak again (or maybe the time just seemed to last forever for John), but she eventually turned back and spoke to John, who was kneeling on the carpet in front of her.

“You might be able to stay. But there will be rules. The first and most important is that I am in charge of all things starting now. This means all things in your life. You will defer to me in all things, and you will not under any circumstances question my decisions or judgment.”

John was stunned. Asuki? In charge of his life? Before he could lodge a complaint, she continued.

“Secondly, I found your little trash can full of cum rags. Right next to the window. I sunbathe there because it’s the only spot that stays sunny all day, not so you can watch me and abuse yourself. Your disgusting.”

Waves of humiliation crashed over John. He couldn’t even look up at his incredibly sexy stepmother, he feared the judgment in her eyes. He was totally busted; how could he be so stupid?

“This is unacceptable, and you will give up that disgusting habit. With this.”

John finally lifted his eyes off the ground and saw Asuki holding a pink plastic contraption with a lock. It slowly dawned on him what it was for.

“That’s right, John. Your penis will be locked in this cage. I will keep the key, and if you behave properly I will consider releasing you. But in the meantime you will obey me and do as I say. Any disobedience will result in severe punishment. It’s up to you, John. You can leave now if you want. But you aren’t staying without this.”

John was thinking hard. He couldn’t be homeless. He had no one to go to. He would die on the street.

“I don’t have all day,” Asuki barked, tapping the chastity cage impatiently with a perfectly manicured nail.

“Time for a decision.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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