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I hadn’t heard from Bill or John for about four weeks so I called to see how they were doing. I got hold of John and asked if he and Bill were doing o k. He told me that Bill was out of the country and had been for the last three weeks and he was glad I called as he didn’t have my number. I asked if he would like to get together for lunch or drinks and he suggested the next day, I agreed.

We met at a popular restaurant and had a nice lunch where we talked about every thing but sex. After lunch John asked if I would like to go to his house for a while. I said that was a good idea and that I would follow him, he then told me that his wife was there and asked if I would be comfortable around her. This was a surprise as I didn’t know he was married. I asked why I should be uncomfortable. John told me that Cathy, his wife, knew about his gay activities and she liked to watch, and some times even join in. I said that this was an unexpected situation but that I would not mind her being there.

When we arrived at his home he introduced me to his wife, she is a nice looking woman in her fifties. She is 5’6″ and about 145 pounds with 34D’s and 36″ hips and naturally blond hair. When I first saw her I hoped that she would join us.

John asked what I was drinking and went to get us a beer. Cathy invited me into the den, she asked how I met John and I explained our first meeting. She then asked how I got along with Bill. I replied that the three of us seemed to take an immediate liking to each other and enjoyed each others company. She then asked if I was gay or bi. I told her that I enjoyed women as well as men so I guess I am bi. She told me that she liked to watch men have sex with men. I asked what she liked best and she answered the cock sucking, because this was the one thing she wouldn’t do.

John came in with our drinks; Cathy was having some rum and coke while John and I had beer. Cathy asked John why he hadn’t had me over before now, he explained about losing my number but now he had it in three different places. She said that she wanted to video tape our activities if I didn’t mind. I agreed as long as I got a copy.

With out a word John stood up and removed his clothes, when he was nude he said that the time for talk was over that now it was time for action. I took off my clothes as did Cathy. I was checking her out again now that she was naked; her tits were very appetizing and had that SUCK ME look. John came over and took my cock in his hand and started massaging it. I noticed that he was already hard so I had him sit down and I got between his legs and took him in my mouth. His hard cock felt good as it slipped between my lips, I ran my tongue around the head and got a taste of his pre-cum. As I was sucking him I turned my eyes toward Cathy. She had a video camera and was filming me sucking her husband’s dick. I let his cock slip from my mouth so that I could lick his clean shaven balls. I ran my tongue up his cock and continued to lick the head then sucked the full length back in my mouth as I was massaging his balls. I again glanced at Cathy it was a turn on knowing she was watching me suck her husbands cock. John was getting close to cuming so I started sucking harder, I could feel his cock getting harder and his balls were slipping into his belly. John put his hands on my head and pulled me further down on his cock as he started pumping his cum in my mouth and down my throat. bitlis escort I sucked even harder at this time to make sure I got all of his juices. When his cock stopped jerking and started getting soft I let it slip from my mouth and lay on his belly where I continued to lick it.

Cathy reminded us that we were not alone when she said that she had never seen any one suck a cock like that before and that for a moment she wished she had one for me to suck.

I told her that I could do a pretty good job on a pussy also, to which she replied that I would have to show her how good I was.

John broke in at that and said that it was o k with him if he could suck my cock while I ate her pussy. I couldn’t believe what was happening; we were discussing a 3-some MMF situation where I would have a choice between doing a cock or a pussy. I have always wanted to lick a pussy that was stuffed with a cock and taste both after the guy filled it with cum. I explained my wants to John and Cathy and they were both for it, John also wanted to do Cathy as I fucked her so he asked me to allow him to be first. I thought to my self, Hell this is your wife so you get to set the schedule.

John had me sit on an ottoman and lean back so he could suck on my balls and then moved to take my cock in his mouth, John is a fantastic cocksucker and he got me hard quickly. As soon as I was hard enough John told Cathy to face away from me and sit on my cock, she was well lubricated and I slid in her easily. John was positioned so he could lick us both as Cathy humped my cock. John would lick and suck on my balls then run his tongue up my cock and suck on Cathy’s clit. More than once my cock came out of Cathy and John would take me in his mouth and suck for a moment or two then guide me back in her pussy.

I was in one of my states where I could control myself and not cum until I wanted too. I decided that Cathy was going to have an orgasm before I did. John started licking my asshole after about 25 minuets because he knew from the past that this causes me great pleasure and brings on an orgasm. Cathy started humping faster and reached her climax just as I did. All of a sudden I had my cum, Cathy’s juices and some of her pee running down my ass, John had to lick and suck fast to catch as much of this sex cocktail as he could. My cock started getting soft and slipped from Cathy’s cunt; John took me in his mouth and sucked me dry. He then moved my cock out of his way and sucked Cathy’s pussy clean of all of our cum and her pee. After he finished cleaning Cathy’s cunt John stood and proudly presented his new erection.

I was surprised to see John had recovered so quickly but I was also happy, I was looking forward to eating Cathy while she was being fucked by John. Cathy got in the doggie position and John got behind her as I got beneath her where I could suck both of them at the same time. I watched as John slowly entered Cathy’s willing vagina, when he reached full penetration I ran my tongue over his balls. Cathy pushed back against him trying to get more of his cock inside her. I loved my position directly below her pussy and John’s cock, I could see the way her vagina reacted to the insertion and withdrawal of John’s cock and it was mesmerizing, especially the way her pussy lips clung to his pecker on the back stroke. After a few moments there were some fluids leaking from around escort bitlis John’s cock and the lips of Cathy’s cunt. This turned out to be a combination of pre-cum, natural vaginal juices and urine, and it had a unique taste that was, in my opinion very good. The harder John fucked her the more her clitoris protruded and the easier it was to suck. I was able to lick the shaft of John’s cock as he worked in and out of his wife’s cunt, he would pull all the way out and enter my mouth after every fifth or sixth stroke. After a while I noticed John’s balls starting to get tight so I knew that he was going to cum at any time. John was moving faster and going deeper in Cathy’s love hole, I was massaging his balls when he let out a moan and started depositing his cum inside his wife. John always shot a large amount of sperm and this was no exception, I counted seven hard contractions then he pulled out of Cathy and entered my open mouth where he spurted six more times. Even though this was the second time he had an orgasm in an hour and a half he filled my mouth with such a large amount of cum that I was lucky not to choke. After he finished draining his balls he removed his cock and kind of fell backwards on the floor. This gave Cathy room enough to put her pussy over my mouth so I could lick and suck her clean. Cathy must have leaked a lot of pee because there was a huge amount of juices flowing from her cunt, of coarse I couldn’t complain because I enjoyed sucking it out.

After this round we all needed a rest, John got us a drink and Cathy put a porno tape in the VCR. This was strictly a gay film; it had five guys doing every thing imaginable to each other. It was only an hour long but it was pretty good and it ended in a daisy chain, After it ended Cathy said that she wanted to watch John and I suck each other and for me to butt fuck John.

John told me that Cathy really got off watching guys suck each other at the same time but her ultimate turn on was watching him get fucked in the ass. Who was I to deprive this lady from seeing her favorite sex acts?

John and I lay on the floor head too toe and took each others cock in our mouth and started sucking. I sucked John in and pulled a strong vacuum on his cock as he started licking my cock. John gives wonderful head; he takes his time and works one area at a time. He will start on your balls then work his way up the shaft, when he gets to the head he really goes to work using his tongue and lips and sometimes his teeth to produce sensations that are unbelievable. It was hard for me to work on John’s cock because what he was doing to me was capturing all my attention. John had sucked my cock before but never like this, I don’t know who had been teaching him but he certainly learned well. John stopped what he was doing and went back to his old style. I was able to resume sucking him; I enjoy wrapping my lips around the shaft of a cock and sucking until I pull a vacuum on it. I can hold this for several minuets and most guys like it, John was no exception. I sucked and licked and played with him until he shot another healthy load in my mouth. After he ejaculated I had him get in the doggie position where I rimmed his asshole to lubricate it then I pushed my dick against anus until I had fully entered him. Cathy got off the chair she was sitting in and got on the floor so she could get a close view of our action. She put bitlis escort bayan her cheek on John’s ass as I pumped my dick in him as deep as I could. I noticed Cathy was licking her lips every time I withdrew before plunging back into his ass. I decided then that when I started cumming that I would finish inside her mouth. I gently put my hand on the back of Cathy’s head as I approached my climax, I started cumming in John’s ass but quickly withdrew and put my cock in Cathy’s open mouth and let her have the rest of my sperm. Cathy sucked the full length of my cock in her mouth; she then ran her tongue around the head and allowed the rest of my ejaculate to run down her throat.

John knew what was going on behind his back because this was something Cathy had done before and he was thrilled when she did it. After Cathy finished cleaning my cock she licked the cum from John’s asshole and cleaned him. John pulled Cathy to him and gave her a deep kiss.

After this Cathy said she was going to take a bath, as she was leaving the room she gave me a kiss n the cheek and said that I was welcome in their home anytime and she hoped to see me again soon. As I watched her nude body leave I was thinking that next time I wanted to fuck her ass.

John got us another beer and asked if I could stay a while longer? I told him I had no particular place to go and that I enjoyed sitting around nude with another guy, but I had to pee so which way to the closest toilet. John said that there was only one in the house and it was down the hall and Cathy was probably in the tub but she wouldn’t mind me coming in. Finding the bathroom was no trouble as the door was open and Cathy was relaxing in the tub. I asked if it was o k for me to pee and was given her blessing if I would pee on her, this surprised me although it shouldn’t have. I stepped close to the tub and pissed on her big old titties. She rubbed the pee in and thanked me.

When I returned to the den I told John about my experience in the bath. He smiled and said Cathy has always had a thing about being pissed on and he figured she would like it if I did it. I asked when Bill was too return, John said he didn’t know, he had talked to Bill’s wife and she wasn’t sure either. I then asked about Bill’s wife and if she got involved like Cathy. He told me that she only got involved with other women and she and Cathy had a long standing affair going. They enjoyed performing in front of the guys and he would arrange a show if I would like. I told him I would like.

We had consumed about 3 beers each and were still sitting there nude so I reached over and took John’s cock in my hand and leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth. I couldn’t help myself as I have an oral fixation and love sucking a cock or sucking a pussy, since there was only a cock available I settled for it. It took a while to get John hard because of our previous activities, but when I inserted two fingers in his ass he sprang to attention. I was enjoying giving John a slow, easy blowjob; I was teasing his cock head with my tongue as I tickled his asshole with my fingers. Too soon John’s balls started to tighten and it became obvious that he was about to cum. I thought about stopping my activities but decided to finish him. I started sucking him harder and faster and soon felt his cock start jerking in my mouth. He deposited his load deep in the back of my mouth and I almost choked as it ran down my throat. I managed to control myself and swallow all he had to offer.

It was getting late and I had an appointment that afternoon so we agreed that we would get together again very soon. I got dressed, gave John a big hug and left, a very satisfied guy.

Next Chapter: Bill returns!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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