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Chapter 29 – LYDIA

Lydia Part 2

‘Tell me naughty boy, how many times did you touch your little boy?’ Lydia teased.

‘If I tell you the truth, you won’t believe me.’ Dammy answered.

‘Why not?’

‘Because you won’t.’ He shot back.

‘How can I know the truth?’ She teased again.

‘When I fuck you, you will find out, ok. Before I will be about to cum, I will feed the head of my cock into your mouth; understand.’ He nearly cried.

Lydia hugged him and kissed him. ‘I believe you sweetie. So, you had been a very good boy.’

‘You know I love you too much my dear, and I don’t want to loose you. What about you, you naughty sweetie pie, how many times did you touch yourself?’ He asked teasingly.

‘I dreamed a few times about you. I could not believe how good you were, so forgive me. I not only missed you but I couldn’t resist, not to rub my pussy.’ She whispered.

‘I’m sure you will.’ Damianos answered.

The weekend passed and they both enjoyed making love as much as they had enjoyed fucking. It was a hot weekend. They fucked at various times, experimenting with various positions. The attraction of their bodies for each other was incredible. They were insatiable, hungry with a genuine love for each other.

Their third weekend was a replica of the previous two with the exception that they didn’t fuck in the same way. They made changes, experimented and tried to find other ways how to make love.

It was Tuesday afternoon, two days after their third weekend together that Lydia’s mobile broke the silence. It was while she was studying, lost in her books with a dream every now and them about Dammy’s big cock.

As Lydia answered the call, she heard a voice which sure she knew. She was shocked when she recognized who the person at the other end of the line was: but she was not so sure if she was hearing right. ‘Hi Lydia, how are you?’ She was positive. It was Dammy’s mother.

‘I’m fine…mum.’ She said as she remembered. ‘What about you?’ Lydia asked.

‘I’m fine my dear. I wish that if you have some spare time, we will get together for a few minutes. I like, that we will become acquainted.’ Dammy’s mother requested.

‘Is there something wrong mum?’ Lydia shockingly asked. She was so lost in love with Dammy that she wondered.

‘My dear: first I would like to thank you for what you had done for Damianos. Before you came on the scene he was sending me crazy. I have no idea what you had done to him to change his attitude so much, and I don’t want to know.’ Dammy’s mother answered.

‘No need of any thanks mum; just what two lovers do; nothing more.’ Lydia answered.

‘Whatever, my thanks will never be enough. Look, I’m not interested in your personal lives. I wish we can get to know a little bit about each other. But I don’t want Damianos to know. I had never seen him so happy.’ His mother Eva answered.

‘I’m very happy too. He’s a great man, mum. When are you available? How about tomorrow…? I’ll be home before two in the afternoon.’ Lydia excitedly asked.

‘That will be fine with me.’ Damianos mum answered.

Lydia gave her details where they can meet. She only had to call when she will be in Kifisja and she will guide the taxi driver.

Evangelista or Eva as everybody called her, had studied law at the University of Thessaloniki before she travelled to England with her fresh husband, where they spent two years. There Eva continued to study international law. During that period she delivered a daughter. Another one came eighteen months later after their return back to Greece with Damianos arrived about two years later.

Lydia became very excited when Eva’s call came. She guided the driver and within minutes they were hugging each other.

When Eva entered the apartment she was enthralled with what she saw. She wondered how she could afford such luxury. Lydia tried to explain in a few words how she got the apartment and she explained that she was sure that her uncle will let her have it as a wedding present.

After they ended touring the apartment, they settled in the dining room where they enjoyed a coffee. It was then that Lydia asked Eva, the real reason of her visit.

‘First I really wanted to get to know you personally. I had been very worried about Damianos. The greatest worry was that I could not have any access as to what he was feeling. I knew he was not happy. I also knew that there was that something which he was hiding from the family, or better from me as his father was mostly away. Lydia please, I don’t like to intrude in any way, whether you continue to be friends or not, or what you two do. At the moment he is very happy. It seems there is that something which I had never seen in him since he started attending university. I mean he was very happy the first months, but after that… it became hell, in a way. Now he is in the heavens.’ Damianos mother explained.

‘Well, it all started about a few weeks after the first semester Ordu Escort started in October. He was watching me, looking at me whenever I sat in the library. Sometimes he smiled, but otherwise he just starred. Whenever I caught him looking, he turns and sort of hide himself. I became curious. All other ladies, well some of them laughed at him. There seemed to be something. I mean, he was known as nerd.’ Lydia explained her feelings about Dammy.

‘Well I don’t know; his recent results were not that outstanding. He had done so well in the first year but as I said; not the good in the first semester… . I really wish to know the truth. Whatever, he’s my son, and whenever I had tried to get some answers from him, they had never materialized. Most of the times he kept his mouth shut. He was never a liar.’

‘But now he is very happy?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes he is. Rather too happy and he’s studying. Since you got to him and called me, there was a significant transformation, but I must say, that you had shocked me with that call. I was never, ever in a hundred years ready to accept such an invitation. You had the guts to do it.’ Eva explained.

‘I was fed up catching him starring at me. I knew there was something wrong with him and I was curious to find out what it exactly, was.’ Lydia described her anxiety.

‘Did you find out anything that was really bothering him?’ Eva asked.

‘Can I ask you a personal question about Damianos? Lydia asked.

‘I don’t see why not?’ Eva answered.

‘Don’t be shocked. Do you know what he has, hanging; I mean his sexual organ?’ Lydia asked.

‘Is there something wrong with him? Does he function? You shocked me again.’ She asked shockingly.

‘There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just… you know… he’s too… big.’ Eva looked shocked with the news. Lydia continued. ‘He’s about twenty five… centimeters long.’

‘This is news to me. Well since puberty I never saw him naked and I’m still shocked about it, hearing such things.’ Eva answered.

‘So you never heard if there was ever somebody in the family, with such a gigantic cock.’ Lydia tried to squeeze out more information.

‘Not as far as I know. In those days there was less talk about sexual matters. So what is the present situation, if I may ask?’ Eva asked rather worried.

‘Do you want to know the truth?’ Lydia asked without any concern.

‘Sure I do. I spent many months wondering what his problem was; so now I want to know everything.’ Eva’s curiosity increased.

‘You don’t need to bother any more, mum. He’s very happy and I can tell you that we do everything that comes naturally. He functions normally, except we have to be a little bit careful, how far and how much he pushes inside me. He’s also rather a little bit thicker at the front; otherwise I’m very happy. I learned how to control and with respect mum; whenever we make love we end up into the heavens.’ Lydia described.

‘You only meet in the weekends. I mean I was never expected to let him sleep away… it was against my principles… but he was so unhappy I closed my eyes.’ Eva answered.

‘Don’t be afraid, mum. I trained him well and we make great love. I’m protected and I am not ready to carry a child unless we are married.’ Lydia’s words really relaxed her guest.

‘I must congratulate you for being such a caring lady. How can I thank you?’

‘No need of any thanks mum. I’m very happy with him, but all I want I, that we both have free time. I don’t want to feel married. Don’t misunderstand me? When we get here on Friday we go crazy and fuck for at least two hours… ohhh sorry mum, I did not want to say such words… We also make love later too.’

‘Don’t be, I understand why. Those few days….’

‘Yes mum those few days makes us hungry for each other. I never thought I’m going to fall in love with him. Not because he’s your son mum; but I loved him. He’s just fantastic. I think we better change the subject. I know you did not come here to find out what we do?’ Lydia asked.

‘I never thought such conversation was ever going to take place. At some point I felt ashamed talking about such a subject… which I must say was intriguing. At least I know something about my son… something I never dreamed about. I mean, I knew he was doing some things as I found some stains on the bed covers. Every mother’s wants to know if her sons and daughters are normal. But that is nature’s way.’

Lydia prepared some more coffee while the subject changed towards Eva.

‘So what about your life; I mean, are you still active?’ Lydia asked.

‘You mean re our intimate activities?’ Eva asked politely.

‘If you don’t mind talking about; yes it’s about those.’ Lydia explained.

‘Why should I? Well, my husband is mostly away, probably Damianos told you. Yes I miss him, tell you the truth. Like with many other women, this happened also to me.’ Eva answered.

‘I’m sorry. Do you go to him when he around? I’m sure a woman of your Ordu Escort Bayan structure could make him realize that love is not just respect, but more.’

‘Well, maybe some could be my fault. When he is around we are always going to visit friends and time seems never right. There might be other situations, I am not sure about.’

‘Ok Mum, no need to tell; I understand. Do you go to a gym, massage etc; you know today there are a lot of facilities around, where one can relax.’ Lydia suggested.

‘I’m a member of a good club. It’s well equipped. It includes massage, swimming pool and, well it’s a well equipped facility which caters for the higher level of society. I go there once or twice a week and I must say I’m satisfied with the service. The massage is also good but you know not that good.’ Eva described.

‘In what way, mum? The masseurs you mean, or the way they use their hands. Do they do; body to body massage?’ Lydia asked.

‘Well, sometimes there will be a masseur who just like to do it quick; then you can get a woman who will really give you a real massage, but don’t understand me wrong, there are no excesses, like touching intimate parts. You mentioned body to body; that must be a very intimate massage…’

‘Well not really. But it could be, depends how effective. The masseur and the receiver both will be totally naked, but most times both are the contenders and receivers, as they switch roles. What you need is a good friend, somebody who can really understand what a body to body massage really entails. You have to give yourself and so will your friend. It is a something which must be enjoyed by both and both must learn how to do it right.’

‘It seems interesting. I’m intrigued.’ Eva answered.

‘If you like to find out more; I think we still have some free time.’ Lydia offered.

‘What do I have to do?’ Eva skeptically answered.

Lydia pulled a flat hard mattress and asked Eva to strip totally naked. Eva was shocked. She rarely took all her clothes off infront of another woman, unless she had been to a doctor or when she was innocent infront of a sister.

Lydia hugged her and looked into her eyes. ‘This is about the pleasures of the flesh. It has nothing to do in a way, between two women… you know what I mean. It may be more ideal between a woman and a male. That is where a woman ends. In the final act she becomes connected to the male and together they reach nirvana.’ Lydia explained with a sweet light smile on her lips.

Lydia looked into Eva’s eyes. They were shinning. She wanted to know more. Within a minute or so Lydia was pulling Eva sexy underwear off. Her bra was first, followed by her panties.

‘Mum… you look beautiful… you really have a fantastic figure.’ Lydia walked slowly around her, evaluating her well kept body. Her panty was still in Lydia hands. She squeezed it a couple of times and yes, it was wet. She wanted to smell it, but she did not dare, not infront of her mother in law.

‘Are you ready to lay down, if so on your stomach please?’ Lydia asked politely. Eva did as she was ordered. Her ass looked beautiful. She wished to comment further or even move her flat hand to slightly feel the smooth skin of her ass.

‘Mum, now I’m going to massage your body; remember you have to learn how to use your hands. When I finish my part, then you have to massage mine, expecting to get the same treatment. Do you understand?’

‘I will try to concentrate and follow and hope I will do it right.’ Eva answered. She was shocked. She never really exposed herself totally, and more and more with the same woman who is going out with her own son, the same one who her son was fucking. Further, it was the first time they met. “How did she give herself totally and so easily? She must have been really hungry for the pleasures of the flesh; or otherwise frustrated?” Lydia asked herself.

Lydia spread some oil on Eva’s back and started working. The back went easy but the excitement started when her hands started to get towards the exciting parts. With her hands flowing along the inner thighs, Lydia could not resist getting closer. It was then that she pressed the side of her hand a little too close against Eva’s partially covered lips.

‘Mmmmmmm.’ Eva moaned as she felt the unexpected intrusion.

Lydia confirmed the wetness, especially when she slightly moved to the other thigh giving Lydia more space. Lydia’s fingers passed up and down slightly touching Eva’s hot vaginal lips; Eva moaned.

‘Aaaahhhhhhhhhh; wooooowwww.’ She made noises; hot sexy noises the like of which never remember she ever done. She had become hotter than ever. It was then when she wondered why her son seems very happy.

‘It’s your turn mum.’ Lydia called. Quickly they exchanged places. Lydia felt the oil coming down precisely on her spine; the extra crawling down just above the crack of her ass along her spine up to her shoulder blades.

Her hands worked well, except that she needed more training. Escort Ordu Lydia made sure that she kept her legs more than slightly apart, but wanted that her sex will be partially exposed; letting her mother in law to wonder. When the end of Eva’s part was about to end, Lydia felt disappointed. There were no intimate touches, even though she was not expecting them; she expected them.

Eva took her place on her back and Lydia explained the ritual. She ethically followed the rules and the same the other way round. Eva’s breasts were beautiful, not too big and neither too small. Her nipples became hard after the first move of Lydia’s hand over them. Eva closed her eyes as she felt the ache of the excited nipples. Lydia’s other hand moved between Eva’s slightly open legs moving slowly and lightly along one of her inner legs until the side of the pointing finger passed sweetly against her wet lips. Eva enjoyed the feeling but was not expecting it; at least not on a first time.

‘Wowww. You are making me so hot… so hhooottt.’ Eva moaned.

Lydia stopped her hand there, feeling the wetness between Eva’s wet lips. She focused her eyes on Eva’s face expecting some response but there was none. She wondered what that touch was going to cause. Eva’s eyes were closed and there seemed to be more than a reaction. Her body trembled as Lydia’s finger slipped between Eva’s hot wet juicy lips. She closed her legs and opened them again expecting more.

Lydia felt Eva’s pouty lips starting to pulsate. More and more love juice was flowing. Lydia continued to massage Eva’s body with a second touch of her erogenous zone. Eva’s body trembled again as Lydia held her hand pressed a little harder. She moved her hand back and forth between her too wet pouty lips, not to mention the heat which was escalating fast between Eva’s legs.

‘Ohh Lydia, Lydia. This is more than heavenly; more than heavenly. Make me cum… pleeaasssssse.’ Eva moaned.

Lydia looked in Eva’s eyes, pressed her hand against Eva’s pussy with two fingers moving inside her vagina. She moved then back and forth, every time hitting her G-spot. Eva lifted her ass expecting to get more. Lydia stopped just before Eva really exploded; rather disappointed.

When they exchanged places, Eva spent more time working on Lydia breasts as also on her lower belly, but not getting too close. When she was satisfied with what she had done, she took advantage of massaging Lydia’s inner thighs which she on purpose left them more than slightly open. Eva’s hands were frequently moving from the knees up until they locked between the folds of Lydia’s pouty lips.

Lydia moaned every time Eva’s hand came back along her inner thighs. She even pressed a finger between the engorged lips of Lydia’s vagina. Lydia wanted her to keep her hand stuck there within the folds. Eva in a way wanted to keep teasing Lydia between her legs but was not sure if she was overdoing it. It was a new experience for Eva, even though she had heard about females doing it together to satisfy their ego’s, which their husband’s did not satisfy. Lydia was expecting a little bit more, even though Eva had tried to excite her.

Eva was not yet ready to go fast. She tried to use her hand on the inner parts of Lydia’s legs. She was not sure. Lydia gave her a look that she wanted more. Her hand moved between Lydia inner thigh close enough that she felt the drenched gusset as she slightly pressed a finger.

‘Mum that was fantastic. The way you moved your hands between my legs or rather between the lips of my pussy, you really made me… so hot. My body wanted to explode. You seem that you have a great feeling, where to touch. Thanks for reciprocating.’ Lydia commented.

‘It was a pleasure, especially after you opened a new door for me. I had never known such pleasures are possible. I can understand that it’s not so easy to accept being touched or touching another woman. The instinct feeling was pointing in other directions. But in your situation, it would be a relief to have a friend who can help you liberate your sexual frustrations, or even of both of you.’ Eva explained.

‘My dear, thanks. It was a relief…’ Eva continued. ‘I haven’t felt anything the like of it for a long, long time. Now I am in a situation to say; that you not only liberated my son from his frustrations but also mine… I have no idea how I have accepted that I will let you touch me… but I understand that I will never betray my children. What my husband do far away from home whether he do or not, I’m not accusing him as I don’t know. I will keep it away from my thinking.’

‘It is exactly right mum, but keep one thing in mind, never abandon your man. As soon as he enters your door go to him and do it to him yourself. Suck him; fuck him, until you drain all his energy.’ Lydia encouraged her mother in law.

‘And what about if bring some disease?’ Eva asked.

‘Keep some condoms ready, stick one on him. After he fills it hide it and take it to a lab to be examined.’ Lydia seemed to have the answers to everything.

After they chatted some more, the evening was closing in and so Lydia invited her to join her for dinner. She chose a nice quiet restaurant where they could eat well and also continue with some small talk.

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