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Your family is out of town for a week, so I know I have you all to myself for seven heavenly days. Seven days of heat. Of fucking like animals.

I want to start it out right.

I sneak into your garage, knowing you’re working on your beloved muscle car. We both love the low rumble that car makes, the vibrations when you drive it fast, like riding an out-of-control vibrating dildo. I always get wet and you always get hard. And we always go somewhere and fuck.

I sneak up behind you and reach around you, pushing my nipples against your back, rubbing, exciting us both. I stroke your hardening tool through your pants, it stretches down your leg and strains the fabric. Still behind you, I unfasten and unzip your pants and pull them and your tight boxer briefs down to your ankles. You can’t get away from me now. I notice that your hands aren’t even dirty. You must have been expecting me.

I unbutton my shirt (of course I’m not wearing a bra), and rub my huge tits against your back, making my nipples even more sensitive and hard. I reach back around you and put my hands up your shirt, massaging your chest, slowly making my way down over your stomach, running my fingers through the thick pubic hair on your groin. I like that you don’t trim it or shave it off–I like the thick, manly roughness. I massage your groin, feeling your pubic bone, reminding me how it feels grinding and pounding against mine when we fuck.

Just under that kinky tuft is the shaft I worship, the shaft that feeds my hungry mouth or that stretches my cunt and fills me with your seed. The shaft that drives you to want me, makes you want to be inside me in any way you can, deeper and deeper as I moan and sometimes scream. The shaft and mushroom-shaped head that drives me crazy, makes me do things I can’t believe I’d do. I’m a crazy woman because of your amazing cock. I lose myself when it’s in me. Nothing matters but the physical animal feelings that pulse through me, electric and sharp and the most real thing I have ever felt.

I slowly grab your beautiful cock and gasp at the electric feeling of your power in my hands. The skin is tight, but with a rough texture. I feel the ridges of thick veins that pulse and engorge with blood as I hold your manhood. I slide my right hand down to the head while my left stays at the base. Oh God, that wonderful head. The thick rim that feels so good whenever I slide it past my lips, gently using my teeth to tug at it, driving you crazy. The tiny hole at the end that your potent seed shoots from; the hole that I push the tip of my tongue into, widening it a little when I suck you.

I slide my right hand up and down your shaft slowly with enough pressure to move the skin up and down too. You part your legs a little, making a firm, forceful stance. Your ass and legs tighten, but you don’t moan. You won’t give me that until I’ve pleasured you more. I can’t stand it until I pleasure you. You are always in control of me, whether you know it or not.

Still behind you, I help you pull your feet out of their clothing bindings. Squatting down to do this, my face is at your ass, which is cliched tight. I caress it and kiss it, feeling your muscles, firm and unyielding. I reach between your legs and stroke your sack and feel the two distinct balls inside. I want them … bad. I crawl between your legs with my mouth up and open, and suck the sack and one ball into my mouth. I taste you–the taste of sweat and man. My pussy clinches and I feel wetness oozing into my panties. I roll your ball around in my mouth gently, tugging on your sack, my face pressed firmly against the skin just below your scrotum. I lick the hair on your sack over and over, feeling the ball in my mouth swell and move like it’s alive. I imagine it pulsing as it creates the cum I crave. I exchange one ball for the other, giving it equal time in my mouth, and I breathe in deeply. The scent of your sex and strength is intoxicating. I’m moaning, but you still don’t moan. You want me to work harder for it.

Your cock stands at attention, your one acknowledgement of my effect on you. I crawl all the way through your legs, kneel before you facing your groin, then look up to see if I’m pleasing you. You look down at me with an angry lust and breathe deeply. I pull your beautiful cock into my mouth, quick and deep, forcing it against the back of my throat, bringing up slick saliva, then slowly, slowly slide back down it, leaving your shaft shiny. Mmmmm. God you taste good, feel good. Now I move slowly up and down, in and out applying pressure, then backing off. Teasing the head with my tongue, tickling that taut part on the underside of your head, poking my tongue into that little hole.

I’m thinking about how it feels when you cum in my mouth. How sometimes you lock my head against your groin and shoot straight down my throat, savage with your power, and how I love that. And how other times you fill my mouth, jetting onto my tongue so I get to taste your salty sweetness as it slides thickly and slowly back and I swallow. How sometimes you almost howl as you’re cumming, completely lost kazak escort in the animal feeling of power and release. Any way you cum in my mouth, I love it. I feel my animal responding to yours, accepting what you give.

But right now, you’re not going to give me that. You have other ideas, but I don’t know that yet. Your cock is still in my mouth. I’m happily slurping up and down, enjoying the feeling of your shaft against my lips. Kneeling in front of you is one of my favorite places to be. Mmmmmm … your pre-cum mixes with my saliva, making the ride in and out of my mouth even slicker. My pussy is so wet now that it’s probably leaked through to my leggings.

Suddenly, you reach down and slide your fingers into my hair. You pull roughly, knowing I like it when you’re rough with me. Your cock pulls from my mouth with a wet pop as you raise me to my feet. There’s still so much saliva on your rod, it drips loudly onto the concrete garage floor.

You have a savage look on your face and I’m excitedly scared. You close the hood of your car, and the bang makes me flinch. You lock your eyes on mine as you shove my open shirt off my shoulders and yank it off my arms, dropping it to the floor. My nipples get harder in anticipation. You pull your t-shirt over your head and drop it to the floor with my shirt.

You move toward me, push your chest hard against my tits and grab the sides of them, squeezing and kneading. You know this makes me crazy. My legs are weak. Your hot cock is pressed against my stomach, still wet and slick with my suck juices. I moan from your wonderfully rough handling of my breasts. I close my eyes and breathe through my mouth. I want you to know how much I love this. You pull my tits out to the sides, surprising me with a charge of pain. I suck in and breathe heavier, looking in your eyes for mercy, which I blissfully don’t find. You pinch and squeeze and roll my tender nipples between your rough fingers. I gasp, then moan as you lift the heavy DDs up by the nipples, holding them there. My legs nearly collapse. Finally you let my breasts drop. You stand there for a moment, glaring down at me, breathing hard.

With a sudden move, your hands are down inside my stretchy leggings, grabbing hold of my ass cheeks, pulling them up and apart. I feel my pussy pull open too. You lift me like this and set me on the hood of the car, then you push me back and roughly pull my leggings and panties down and off. Now we’re both completely naked except for our feet. You have on heavy work boots and I have on lime green running shoes. I imagine you’re going to start working your cock against and into my pussy. I gush in anticipation, hoping you don’t mind my letting loose on the hood of your car. (You’ve never minded before!)

Instead of what I expect, you reach under me and pick me up by my ass cheeks again, pulling them even farther apart, pulling my pussy against your chest so that I have to wrap my legs around you. You carry me across the garage and lay me on a cold metal work table. You press your fingers against my lips–our signal to not move or say anything. You get two wide ratchet straps and wrap one around each of my thighs just above the knees, ratcheting each one till it’s almost tight against my skin. You then take some heavy chain and slide it through the strap on my left leg and pull it under the table, then loop it through the strap on my right leg and back again to the first one. You pull tight and I feel myself opened up wide and obscene. That’s not open enough for you, so you pull the chain tighter still until my legs are splayed completely, flattened against the metal surface. You fasten the chain with an enormous, heavy lock and lay the key on a tool chest out of my reach. You look hungrily at my open, exposed womanhood. My stiffened clit pokes out of my incredibly swollen pussy lips. My vag is pulled open so wide that the juice flows freely down and over my asshole and pools on the metal surface.

Now you walk to the other end of the table, your work boots falling heavy and threatening on the concrete floor. You grab each hand and wrap more of the heavy chain around my wrists, then pull them together and fasten them with another lock to a hook that’s bolted to the wall above my head. You leave just enough slack so that I can raise my head up to see what’s going on at the other end of the table.

“Why my hands?”

You shove your fingers into my lips again, this time with more pressure, and lean down and growl into my ear, “You never let me finish you. You always beg and pull at my cock. Today I’m gonna finish you. Now don’t say another word or I’ll have to duct tape your mouth.”

I know you’re not playing. Your eyes have a wolf-wildness that lets me know you’ve given over your sense of mercy, and that even my begging you with our safe word won’t be enough to stop you.

At the other end of the table, you bend over and begin flicking my bulging clit with the tip of your tongue. I gasp. You pull my swollen lips open roughly and dart your tongue into my wide open hole, tasting my flowing istanbul bayan escort juice, then pull it slowly up my slit, stopping at my clit, rolling it around with your tongue. I seize up in pleasure.

Do it again! More!

You go back and lick upward again, then again and again, pushing your tongue deep inside each soft fold as you go. Your fingers move down to my entrance and start pushing in. I moan. Deeper they go and wider they pull me open as your lips lock onto my labia, your tongue flicking relentlessly at my clit. My hips are bouncing as much as they can in their bound position. My lime green shoes kick and flail in the air. The top of my body rocks and my tits swing back and forth as I writhe. Aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa … oh God, yes, oh my God, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!

You push your fingers in even deeper, pulling the soft inner tissues open. I gush more. I feel cool air hit my cervix. I’ve never been this open, this vulnerable. You can do anything you want to me. I’m helpless. I love it. The thought of that loss of control pushes me unexpectedly over the edge and my body rocks and convulses with an enormous orgasm. I close my eyes so tight I see stars. I moan so long and loud, I think your neighbors might hear, but, fuck, it feels good. I pant audibly as I wind down.

You’re obviously not finished with me. I feel your mouth move down over my vag opening. You dip your tongue in and lap at my juices over and over like a dog drinking his water. My juices flow more and more as your fingers continue to hold my walls open. Your tongue moves deeper into that open hole, roughly licking every surface it comes in contact with. Your face is pushed up against my pussy, I can feel your nose burying into my slit as you shove your tongue in as far as it will go. You tongue fuck me and your fingers start moving in and out in rhythm. The wet, slopping sounds your tongue and fingers make as they move inside me, mixing your saliva and my juices together, drives me wild.

Suddenly you pull your face back and roughly shove two fingers of one hand in hard and fast and start finger fucking me. I bounce against the rest of your fisted hand. Then you put a third finger in and hold your fingers pried apart, pounding into me like that–at first fast and relentless, then pulling out slow and ramming into me, your fist hitting against my pubic bone. It’s savage. It feels amazing. My body is alive and electricity shoots through me with each thrust of your fuck fist. I cum again, hard, gushing all over your hand, making it slicker and slicker with my juice. You keep pounding it into me as my body tenses and bucks, pulling against the chains. My back arches uncontrollably as my body instinctively tries to move into you and force your fist all the way in. The chains make that distinct metal-on-metal chinking sound as they hold me in place in my torturous orgasmic state.

When I’ve finally stopped cumming and my body is spent, you pull your fingers slowly out and start the licking again, from the hole up to the clit. Over and over as I lay there helpless except to let you do whatever you want. I feel like I can’t take anymore. Not another orgasm. All my muscles are weak and drained. They can’t clinch like that again.

You start your licking a little lower now, until you’re raking your tongue over my asshole in your path up to my clit. Oh God that feels good. I groan and strain futilely against my bonds. I raise my head up to see your head as it disappears down low, then rises slowly with each deep, penetrating lick. Oh God, no. Oh God, yes. I want this so bad. Yes, push that tongue against my tight, puckered hole. I want to grind against your face, but my legs are too weak, my bonds too strong. I bang my head against the metal surface, trying to convey what I need. Then I feel your mouth against my labia, sucking and biting. It feels so damn good.

But I need more. And even if I dared to speak, I know I couldn’t find the words. The body can feel and need and crave an intensity that is beyond words.

Now your thumbs find their way back to my cunt hole and dip in, squishing around in the juice. Then I feel them slowly moving down, down, slowly down, torturously pushing at my other entrance. Rubbing over it, pulling it open, pushing in and in, then pulling out. Going back up for more lubrication, then rubbing over it, pulling it open, pushing in, pulling out. Rub, rub, rub, push, pull, over and over until your thumbs are finally firmly inside and pushing at that barrier–the pain just beyond the outer pleasure. Agony builds in that lowest spot and radiates; an agony that I perversely, achingly desire. Push, push, yes! Puuush! Break through!

Your mouth is making lewd sucking and licking noises and your saliva flows through my opened slit and continues down over my asshole, lubricating your thumbs as they probe deeper. It’s glorious torture. All of my being is focused on what you’re doing to me. Nothing else matters. Just that. Just the feeling of you entering me. Your tongue plumbing my depths, slurping. Your thumbs pushing into that forbidden azeri escort place. I feel like the nastiest whore, and I’m loving every fucking second of it.

Then I feel it again, the rush radiating from my sexual center, traveling up my spine into my arms and hands, into my legs and feet. I brace for another climax–but nothing could ready me for this. I nearly black out as my body thrashes and pulls against the chains. Then you really do it. You thrust your fingers deep into my vagina with your thumbs still in my asshole, you pinch them together and pull hard, then push back, yanking and shoving the sensitive tissues between my vagina and anus. Over and over you do this, your tongue still running up and down inside my slit. Intense pain melts into almost unbearable pleasure. The heat of my entire body rushes to that area, singeing my tissues as if the devil himself were spearing me with his rod of fire. I suck in a long gasp, then bear down holding my breath, remaining still as one long, incredible, electric-shock orgasm sears through me. My green shoes feel too tight as my toes splay and then curl inside them. If there’s a vocal accompaniment to this, it cannot break through.

Finally, just as it begins to subside enough for me to breathe, you release the pinch, push your fingers and thumbs in even deeper, pinch, and pull again, mercilessly. I think my insides are going to be pulled out. I start with a low moan that grows to a near scream. I buck and flail against my metal restraints, the chains thrash loudly. My tits lunge in crazy, unrelated orbits.

“Aaaaaa! Fuck meee! Pleeeease!!! Please fuck me! Oh God, please please fuck me! I want you in me! I can’t … you have to … Aaaaa aaaaa!!”

I hear your heavy boots pound the floor as you suddenly stop and straighten up. I manage to quit screaming, even though I can feel the pain pulsing in my groin. I look at you, almost afraid of this brutal eros. My eyes are glazed from the pleading and the strain of intense orgasm. You tower over me. You so own me right now and you know it. You control me. Tears stream down my face at the thought that you might further torture me by withholding your magnificent rod. I can’t stand how strangely empty that makes me feel.

Then I feel it hit. You lift up your glorious cock and let it fall against my mound, making me flinch. You have an evil grin on your face. I can’t see your hands, but I can hear you handling something under the metal table. Then I feel something very strange, cold pushing against my asshole. I don’t know what it is. I don’t care. God it feels good. Oh my God it feels so fucking good. It’s going in further than your thumbs did, then with suction it pulls out. Then in again. You push it in deeper and leave it there. I throw my head back. Oh God …

You grab your cock and move it slowly down my slit till it finds my sloppy-wet hole. Although it’s still pulled wide open, it’s swollen from the fist-finger fucking. This makes it incredibly tight when you start to push your cock in. It’s tender and your cock rakes at the swollen tissues, sending shocks through me. I moan pitifully. I feel so stuffed with your steel cock in my cunt and whatever-it-is in my ass.

Finally, I hear you moan too. I look and your eyes are closed. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. It’s so fucking tight. Oh my God. Your hole is so fucking, fucking tight.”

Your hands grip my waist and you slowly move into me deeper and deeper. Then you pull back, and in one swift motion, you impale me on your savage fuck spear. I can’t get any sound to come out, but my mouth is open wide. That stab you just made moved the object in my ass deeper too. You grunt loudly and grind into me. I can feel your cock head push open my cervix and probe around inside it.

You let out one more groan, then start pounding me with a fury I’ve never known in you. The sound of you slapping and slamming into me, the juice squishing and squelching is obscenely thrilling. The feeling of your pubic bone relentlessly ramming mine and the feeling of both holes being stuffed full is indescribable. I am so open to you. I want you to push further and further in. To tear me open. I want you to fuck me so hard that all my insides are shoved up against my throat. I so wish I could free my hands and grab your ass to see if I could pull you in deeper.

With each powerful thrust you make, the object in my ass seems to penetrate further, and the thought crosses my mind that we may not be able to retrieve it. How the hell long can it be? But it feels so good as your cock rakes across it through the tissue that separates my vag from my anus. You must like it too because you haven’t opened your eyes yet, and with every thrust, you grunt.

You pound with complete animal abandon, pushing beyond my limits and into depths I didn’t know I had. Your power overwhelms me. I let go of every part of myself as you take control. I feel myself tumbling over that threshold again. The feeling builds and I give myself to it completely. You slow as my cunt grips your cock and I spasm and thrash against my restraints. You must feel the intensity of my body pulling at yours, which throws gas on your already out-of-control flames. As my orgasm subsides, you start again with renewed energy, this time building incredible friction inside my cunt and against my labia as your pubic hair scrubs me raw. Oh God, yes! Burn me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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