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Twenty years ago I became a Godfather by default to my niece and last night I became a freak. How did this all come about?

Allow me to explain. I married my wife 20 years ago and the same year we were married her sister had a daughter and my wife became the Godmother of her niece and I guess by default I became our nieces Godfather.

Our niece, Aubrey, was a cute little girl. She and I formed a bond when she was little and I’m not exactly sure how or why. All I knew was that if I ever had a daughter and she looked at me the way Aubrey did I would be putty in her hands.

As she grew up we kind of became a little distant which to me was understandable. I didn’t see her as often and as she grew up she became more involved with school, sports, and boys. I would see her on holiday get-togethers and she’d always give me a big hug and then go off to do other things.

About two years ago something happened that kind of threw me for a loop. We hadn’t seen the family all together in about two years as I had to move due to my job. So, we, my wife and I, went to her sisters for a Labor Day pool party she was having. There were family members and some other neighbors of my sister-in-law there. All of the kids were in the pool playing when we showed up.

I grabbed a cold drink and headed to a lounge chair. I started making small talk with one of the neighbors. Just then I looked up and this very attractive woman starts walking my way. She is soaked from being in the pool, her hair is below her shoulders, and this girl had a very nice set of tits on her. I feel something twitch in my pants due her beauty.

This beauty looks at me and says, “Uncle Aaron is that you?”

My jaw hit the ground. It was Aubrey! I hadn’t seen her in two years and now she was all grown up … and out. She sat on my left knee and leaned in to hug me but as she did she placed her right hand on my crotch and threw her left arm over my shoulder and gave me a peck on the check. My mind went crazy with her hand on my crotch.

We exchanged small all the pleasantries of people who hadn’t seen each other in a few years. You know the “How have you been?” “What have you been up to?” “How’s school?” those types of questions.

I couldn’t believe it though. My cute little niece had grown up. The last time I saw here she was this 16 year old awkward little girl. She had braces and looked like 90% of the kids who go through puberty. Now she’s this 18 year old girl who looks like she’s in her mid 20’s. Her complexion had cleared up and she now had nice tits — I guessed 34 C’s. Now her mom had big tits so it was understandable that Aubrey would too – but at 18?

Anyway, as we sat there talking I had a hard time not starring at her tits. Her nipples were almost as hard as my cock was becoming. We finished chatting and she leaned over again to give me a hug. Again she put her right hand on my crotch but this time her hand grabbed my cock and gave me a squeeze. She got up gave me a coy little smile and dived back into the pool.

What the hell was happening, how did that happen, and why was my cock still hard? She was my 18 year old niece for crying out loud. The rest of the evening was uneventful. My wife and I left around Kars Escort 8pm and went to our hotel as we had an early flight out the next morning. I gave my wife the fucking of her life that night. All I could think about was my niece with her big tits and her hand on my crotch.

Fast forward two years. My wife and I had moved back to the East Coast and lived in the same metro area as most of our family. It was early June and we received an invitation to Aubrey’s college graduation. At first my wife said she wasn’t going because of something with work. I told my wife she had to go because Aubrey was her Goddaughter and it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t go.

She finally relented but said that she was going to have to fly out right after the ceremony to get to some conference in Chicago. That was fine with me — I just didn’t want Aubrey to be upset if her Godmother wasn’t there.

We go to the ceremony and then over to her sisters house afterwards for the family party. We weren’t staying long as I had to drive my wife to the airport. When we got there we were met by Aubrey who was a stunning beauty at this point. I think her tits got bigger too. And I couldn’t help but notice how her ass looked in that sundress she had on.

After about 10 minutes my wife told Aubrey that we had to go as she needed to catch a flight. As I started packing up our son’s toys that he had gotten out Aubrey said “Don’t worry about it Uncle Aaron. I will drive Carrie to the airport for you. Besides I wanted to thank her again for the wonderful graduation present you guys gave me.”

I didn’t give it a second thought as I kissed my wife goodbye and told her to give me a call when she got there. I continued to pack up Jake’s things and got ready to leave. I get home and get him put to bed and it was off to the den to check out some porn on the computer. Look — my wife is attractive but there is something about these young women on the internet that just turns me on. And besides I’m a guy — what did you expect?

The phone rings and it was Carrie, which is a little odd as it had only been 45 minutes since I left the party and I knew she hadn’t made it to Chicago that fast.

“Hey honey,” she starts, “Aubrey might stay at the house tonight. She is going to go out with her friends and probably get drunk and asked if she could stay in our guest room so that my sister won’t kill her.”

I am not thrilled at the idea of having an 20 year old drunk girl at the house. It was deceiving her mom and I didn’t want to have to clean up any potential puke spots. So I push back a little, “Why can’t she stay at her boyfriend’s house or something like that?”

My wife is getting frustrated with me, I can tell by her tone. “Listen, aren’t you the one that gave me shit about going to her graduation because I’m her ‘Godmother’? Well, turnabout is fair play mister. If she wants to stay at the house she can and there’s nothing you can say to change it.”

“Yes dear” it’s all that I could say at that point.

“I gave her a key to the house and the alarm code so don’t wait up as she was only 20% sure she may come over. So look at your porn, jerk off, and go to bed.” Carrie always had a way with her words. Kars Escort Bayan “Don’t worry — it will be okay. I love you honey. See you in a few days.”

“Bye, I love you too.” And with that she hangs up the phone.

It was 11pm and I was getting tired so I went to the shower, checked on Jake and went to bed. I was startled awake by the sound of the alarm counting down the time before it would go off. It stopped and in my groggy state remember that Aubrey might be coming over so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

I heard my bedroom door open and then the sound of Aubrey’s voice “Uncle Aaron? Uncle Aaron are you awake?”

I rolled over to see her in the door way. I heard a sniffle like she was crying or something. So I sit up in bed and turn on a light. From what I could see she was crying. “What’s wrong honey?” I ask.

“Todd was a jerk to me tonight and I’m really drunk and sad” she pouted.

Rubbing my eyes I look at her in this micro mini and low cut top. I felt that twitch again but in my head I knew that I had to comfort Aubrey. “Sit over there in the chair and tell me about it.”

She instead sat at the end of the bed. Her skirt hiked up and I could see up her skirt and I felt that twitch again. “Well, God I don’t know how to tell you this, Todd and I were going to have sex tonight.”

“Whoa — wait a minute — are you sure you…” I stammered. “Don’t you want to talk to you mom or Carrie about this?”

“No Uncle Aaron you are the only guy that has ever been sweet to me and listen to my problems.” Aubrey continues, “Besides you are part of the reason why I didn’t have sex with Todd tonight.”

“What are you talking about Aubrey?” I was confused and honestly a little freaked out by her last comment.

“Well,” she slid closer to me, “I have a confession. I, um, have a crush on you and that’s the reason why I couldn’t let Todd have sex with me tonight. It’s been forever since I had last saw you and when I saw you tonight all of those naughty thoughts had come rushing back to my head and I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”

I sat there in silence. I didn’t know what to do or say. I mean this was weird, my 20 year old niece has a crush on me? And she didn’t have sex with her boyfriend because of me? What the hell is going on here?

“Uncle Aaron,” she began, “do you remember that pool party a couple years ago?”

I nod in affirmation.

“Do you remember how I put my hand on your crotch? And how hard you were?”

Gulp — she remembered that? Oh god I’m going to hell for sure now.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about how good your cock felt in my hand since that day. I swore that I would feel it at least one more time before I head off to grad school. And seeing you at my house earlier and the way you hugged me made me know that tonight was the night that I was going to touch your cock again.”

My cock began growing in my shorts, thank god the covers were still pulled up. “Honey, I’m your Uncle. You can’t feel my cock again. You shouldn’t have felt it the first time and I am sorry about that. You’re a beautif…”

It was all I got out before she slid up next to me and placed her left hand in my crotch Escort Kars area. “Too late now” she declares.

I grabbed her hand and throw it off my crotch area — fortunately her estimate as to where my cock was under the covers was off by 3 inches to the left.

“What are you thinking?” I exclaimed. “I can’t let you touch me like that. What would your parents think — hell what would Carrie think if she knew her goddaughter just tried to grab her husbands penis?”

“Uncle Aaron, all I want to do is touch it one more time.” She continued, “And you know what I will make it fair. If I get to touch your cock you can touch anything of mine you want.”

“Wouldn’t you like that?” she asked as she coyly started to rub her hand over my crotch area looking for my cock. “I know you have starred at my tits and this whole time we’ve been talking you have been looking up my skirt. So it will be an even trade. I get to feel your cock and you can either feel my tits or my pussy.”

At that point she found my cock. I leapt with excitement as she gave it a squeeze through the comforter. “I, uh, we shouldn’t do this Aubrey. It’s not right.”

“What is not right about it Uncle Aaron?” She has started to pull the covers down past my stomach at this point. “We have always been so very close. Wouldn’t this just make us a little closer? Don’t you want to be close to me Uncle Aaron?”

Her hand is now stroking my cock through my shorts. My mind is racing. What should I do? I know this is wrong but this beautiful woman is sitting her stroking my cock and the look in her eyes is saying “take me.”

We sat there looking into each other’s eyes while she continued to stroke my cock. “Well?” Aubrey broke the silence, “Aren’t you going to touch me?”

My mind raced, my cock stiffened even more, and I just starred at her. Without any reluctance she took my left hand and placed it on her thigh. God is was soft and inviting but I quickly removed it as I knew that it was wrong. I shouldn’t touch her that way. Upon the removal of my hand Aubrey looked at me and said “Well if you aren’t going to touch me then I won’t do this…”

What’s “this” I questioned to myself and at just that moment she lowered her head and engulfed my cock into her mouth. I let out a gasp both out of shock and excitement. “Stop Aubrey!” I demanded.

“Only if you touch me back Uncle Aaron” she replied.

“Okay fine. But you can’t do that again Aubrey, you understand right?” I don’t know who I was kidding — I hoped that she would do it again.

With her hand softly stroking my cock I place my hand on her thigh. I swear to myself not to move it and I didn’t. But I didn’t take into consideration that Aubrey might move it herself. Without hesitation and with a quick move of her hips my hand was at the outer edges of her panties.

I feel my balls tighten and I know I am about to cum. “Aubrey, honey, I am about to cum we must stop.”

With that she sped up her stroke and as I closed my eyes just as I was about to cum this warm sensation came over my cock — it was her mouth and it was too late to stop what was already in motion. I blasted a big load of cum into the back of her throat.

Aubrey’s head continued to bob on my cock until it was soft. With her fingers she slid the cum that was on her chin into her mouth and licked her fingers. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said, “Uncle Aaron — you know I love you — will you make love to me?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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