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It was the long hot summer of ’76 when I travelled from my home in Jersey, Channel Islands to England to study engineering at the University of Exeter. Arrangements had been made for me to stay with my Aunt Claire who owned a house on Western way.

My only recollections of Aunt Claire were of a small timid woman, and sure enough the woman who opened the door was a petite 46 year old, dark hair a little above the shoulder.

“Hello Mike, come in dear.”

“Hi, Aunty Claire.”

I gave her a hug which I noticed she felt a little uncomfortable with.

“Let me show you to your room, the bathroom is right opposite, you can put your things down and freshen up, I’ve made some dinner when you’ve settled.”

“Thanks Aunty Claire it’s been quite a journey and I am hungry.”

“Just ask if you need anything I promised your Father I would take good care of you.”

It was a large south facing bedroom with high ceilings a fitted wardrobe, small chest of draws, bedside table and lamp but best of all a double bed, the window overlooked the back garden largely laid to lawn with flowerbeds either side, and a vegetable patch at the bottom. Except for holidays this was going to be home for the next 3 years.

She served a casserole with bread it was delicious, we chattered for a while, she asked how the family was and about my course, she had quite a pretty face and a good complexion, but mostly I noticed how frumpily she dressed.

“Aunty Claire, do you mind if get some sleep It’s been a tiring trip.”

“No dear, you go right ahead.”

Aunt Claire was Dads step sister and 5 years younger, she had a rough ride from Dad’s grandparents and Dad had always felt protective of her. She had married Bill at 20 and divorced the brute at 40 after he’d given her a particularly bad beating putting her in hospital. My Father had come over and sorted Bill out telling him to get out of the house. Dad and Aunt Claire saw a lawyer to serve Bill the papers and she was awarded the house. She worked 4 mornings a week doing book keeping, typing and running the office for Mr Baines a builder who employed 5 tradesmen. Dad had insisted the money that would have been used for my board and lodgings be paid into Aunt Claire’s bank account.

Over the next couple of weeks we settled into an easy routine and developed a genuine liking for each other, she had a good sense of humour once you got to know her and a smile that lit up her face; I made a point of giving her a gentle hug every evening when I got back home and she warmed to me.

I came home early one hot day and went to my room to change, I saw Aunt Claire sunbathing on her back, there was a bottle of lotion next to her head, and a towel covering her face, AND she was wearing a bikini! Transfixed I took a long look at her body, she was slim and had a cute figure, small waist, curvy hips and as I later found out a 32B bust, she looked good.

Going quietly down to the kitchen and out into the garden I said;

“Hi Aunty Claire, nice day to get a tan.”

She quickly flipped herself over on to her stomach.

“Oh hello dear, I wasn’t expecting you home so early.”

Sitting beside her I said.

“I’ve only come back for a change of clothes then I’m back to town: here let me put some oil on you back you don’t want to burn do you?”

“err no dear.”

Slowly massaging oil on her back I noted how soft and smooth her skin was, not at all rough or wrinkly; Aunt Claire had a fabulous body for a woman of 46.

“There, that’s you done; I’ll see you tonight, bye.”

“Thank you dear, bye.”

I couldn’t get Aunt Claire’s body and how her skin felt to my touch out of my head, I hadn’t had sex since Mandy had dumped me for leaving her to come to Exeter and I was getting a hard on thinking about my Aunt.

That night I wanked myself stupid to visions of Aunt Claire.

The weather forecast was for another heatwave.

Saturday morning Aunt Claire prepared scrambled eggs for breakfast.

“I thought I’d help you in the garden today, I can trim the hedges and weed the beds whilst you concentrate on the veg patch.”

“That’d be very helpful dear; you’re such a sweetheart.”

By 1pm I was bagging the last of the trimmings, I said I was going to change then sunbathe. I quickly washed the garden grime off, then put my speedos on, grabbing a towel and the coconut oil from the bathroom, I went to lie on the grass; Aunt Claire was just finishing in the veg patch.

“Come and join me Aunty Claire we can chat as we tan.”

“I don’t think so dear.”

“Why not?”

“I’m too self-conscious.”

“How come?”

“Bill always said I had the shape of a girl not a woman’s body, he made me ashamed of my body.”

“Bill was a spiteful bully who didn’t deserve a woman like you: You’ve got a great body, half the women in the country would kill for a figure like yours.”

“Oh Mike you say the nicest things.”

“Just telling the truth Aunty Claire.”

She disappeared into the Kars Escort house; 20 minutes later I smiled as she put her towel next to mine wearing the same bikini as before, she oiled her front and lay on her back. 40 minutes later she turned over arced her back and muttered “oogh.”

“Did you strain you back working Aunty Claire?”

“Yes dear, and my shoulders.”

“I’ll rub some oil on you and kill two birds with one stone,”

“Only if you want to dear.”

Kneeling astride Aunt Claire’s thighs I gently applied liberal amounts of oil all over her back.

“I can feel where your muscles have knotted up. I’ll unhook your top so it doesn’t get in the way: don’t worry I’ll fasten you up when I’m finished.”

She didn’t say a word.

Starting at her shoulders I used my fingers and thumbs to kneed the tightness from her muscles, she let out the occasional “oo” as the knots straightened, I continued down the sides of her spine, all the while my cock was getting hard: from the underside of her armpits I glided my hands down the sides of her body my fingertips brushing the outsides of her breasts. After 20 minutes, I couldn’t carry on, I was horny as hell, and my cock was straining the fabric of my swimmers, the tip starting to leak pre-cum. I fastened her top back up and lay front down on my towel.

“How was that?”

“Lovely dear, my back feels so relaxed, I should oil your back now.”

“Give it 10 minutes; you don’t want knot up again by stretching too soon.”

Ten minutes later I felt her sitting on my bum rubbing oil into my back, tentatively at first, then copying near perfectly how I’d massaged her. I was hard again in 30 seconds flat, the feel of her hands roaming my back and her inner thighs on my bum cheeks sent a tingling buzz to my scalp, I didn’t care that she was my aunt, I wanted her.

“How did I do?”

“You’re a natural Aunty Claire, you’ve got magic hands.”

Sunday passed without incident and Monday was back to the weekly routine, I went to bed at 11pm Monday night and was asleep when an almighty clap of thunder woke me: I love thunderstorms, it was midnight, I decide to stand in the garden to watch the storm, I got out of bed, put my boxers on and crept silently downstairs, the mirror in the hallway was turned face against the wall, Looking at the back of the mirror and wondering what was going on, a shuffling noise from under the stair made me turn round, a flash of lightning lit up Aunt Claire huddled and shaking.

“Are you ok, Aunty Claire?”

“I always hide here in lightning storms they frighten me.”

I reached out and took her hand, she shot up and gripped her arms around my waist she was trembling like a leaf, I held her for a minute stroking her hair trying to sooth her.

“You must think I’m a silly old woman.”

“Nonsense, storms scare lots of people, come on lets go upstairs, you can’t stay here all night.”

“Will you keep holding me please Mike?”

“Of course.”

We went upstairs and into my bedroom.

“You can share my bed until it passes, I’ll keep a hold of you.”

She cuddled tightly into my chest, another flash and loud clap told me the storm was directly overhead. Aunt Claire trembled and buried herself closer, I hooked my leg over her waist into the small of her back and held close, we stayed like that for an hour, my cock didn’t twitch once, as the rumbles got more distant I told her that I was going to turn over and that she could cuddle up to my back, she was still pressed up to my back as I fell asleep.

In the morning I woke with a painful hard on, my cock had caught in my boxers, I pulled my boxers down far enough to release my twisted cock: listening to Aunt Claire’s breathing it was deep and regular she was fast asleep and we were back to back: Turning slowly to her I saw the sheet had come down overnight and I had the perfect view of her nighty which had ridden up to her belly revealing her white cotton panties; I put my hand on her soft trim belly and manoeuvred my aching cock between her pert buttocks, gentle thrusting wouldn’t part her legs so I put my hand under her right knee and lifted it a little, she stirred and bent her knee further up, she was still asleep, and now I had free access between her legs; I began to slide my glans from the back of her panty clad buttock cleavage to the hot softness of her pussy, after pausing to savour the warmth on my glans I kept going until my vein was being warmed by the heat from her pussy, I started a slow light piston motion: she murmured without waking so I carried on, I could feel dampness now, fuck this was so taboo; and all the more exciting for it.

She stirred again; I left my dick against her pussy but stopped moving and pretended to be asleep, she was waking up, I breathed slowly and steadily.

“Mike are you asleep?”

I said nothing. She put her hand between her legs and touched my glans; she moved away from me.

“Mike dear, wake up.”

“Huh; what time is it?”

“Its 6:30 and I have Kars Escort Bayan to dress and make breakfast.”

As she got out of bed, I could see her look at my hard on through my half closed eyes.

“Ok I’ll be down when I’ve showered, it was a sticky night.”

“Yes dear very humid; Thank you for looking after me.”

“My pleasure, Aunty Claire.”

I thought I saw a faint smile as she left.

I reached for the tissues on the table and wanked myself off.

Breakfast passed smoothly with no talk of the night.

Pondering all that had transpired on the walk to campus: Obviously I was strongly sexually attracted to her, yet my instinct when she was scared was to comfort and protect her, I respected and loved her as a person; I wasn’t really sure if she was sexually attracted to me but if she was, I wanted us to be lovers. I thought about how I could ask her if she felt the same and how I’d like to seduce her. The weather forecast of a good chance of thunder again tonight distracted me from my studies for the rest of the day.

Over dinner we chatted and laughed talking mostly about each other’s day. She washed up, I dried and put away.

“What’s your plan for this evening dear?”

“Bath first then read and keep you company, unless you’ve got a hot date.”

“Chance would be a fine thing.” She said with a hint of a grin.

I went to bed half hour after her. Lying naked in bed I heard a rumble, turning on my back with legs akimbo I started to play with my cock, a couple of minutes later there was a throatier rumble and a flash of light, no more than a minute passed when I heard my door open.

“There’s another storm Mike.”

As I said, “Hop in next to me.” A growl and clap sent her flying on to my bed, I lifted the sheet as she scooted up to me and held on, one arm across my chest the other on my shoulder half her body lay on my torso, her head turned and pressed to my heart, her legs were balanced on my left leg, she opened them and settled over my leg. Straight away I noticed the material of her nighty and panties were silkier than cotton, as I adjusted to hold her a loud crack and flash made her shift and grip me tighter. My erection was pressed up against her thigh until a roaring after growl made her shiver and I turned toward her and put my right leg over her back, disentangling our left legs so my cock no longer touched her skin, I gathered her close in both arms, our faces inches apart.

“It’ll be gone soon.” I whispered.

15 minutes later the rumbles were distant and receding.

I was sure Aunt Claire had felt my erection on her thigh; she didn’t move away or say anything and her nighty and panties were skimpy silk, coincidence? I thought not. I decided to try to seduce her in the morning light.

“I’m going to turn over do you want to hug my back again?”

“Yes please.”

I softly kissed her forehead and turned over.

Not unexpectedly I woke up hard, we were back to back again; I stretched out and turned to her, wow! she was wearing a white shear silk negligee with panels of swirly lace hardly hiding anything I let my eyes wander down her body, I saw it was an open fronted top and her panties matched. Her right knee was bent level with her other thigh. I cupped the base of her perfect buttock in my hand then positioning my glans in the valley of her cheeks I pushed forward and lifted her cheek so my glans could access her pussy, I lingered there before pushing on, my hip touched her buttock so I pulled back a little then slid my glans back and forth over her pussy, a murmur and change in breath told me she was awake I carried on nice and slowly. When I felt the dampness through the silk, I cupped a pert tit in my hand then used my palm to turn her on to her back; I started to fondle both tits gently.

“Mike don’t; we can’t.”

Smiling at her I took my hand from her tits and held up part of her negligee.

“This is sexy, when did you buy this Aunty Claire?”

She looked away and hesitated before whispering “Yesterday.”

“It’s ok, nobody will know, it’ll be our special secret.”

Her eyes searched mine.

“Have you imagined us making love?”

“Yes.” She sighed.

“You’re beautiful Claire.” I lowered my lips and lightly caressed hers, I took her bottom lip between mine and sucked gently, she met like for like when we kissed more urgently with open mouths. My hand returned to her tits I sensitively squeezed and manipulated each one in turn; I kissed her nose then an eyelid and moved over to her ear then back to her lips, my fingers brushed her nipples and I traced a finger around the areola feeling her perky nipples hardened. She moaned and kissed me hungrily as I used my fingers to touch, press and tug her nipples then I slithered my hand down her body. I reached her knee and lifted so her foot was flat on the bed my hand sliding to where her buttock met her upper thigh and squeezed the soft flesh, she jolted when my fingertips touched her silk clad pussy lips.

Pushing Escort Kars her leg back down and apart my hand resting on her inner thigh, I traced kisses down her neck to her nipples.

“Does naughty Aunty Claire like her nephew playing with her nipples?”

“Ooh yes,” she murmured breathlessly.

I sucked in most of one breast. “aaah.”

Putting my palm on her belly my fingers lifted the flimsy elastic of her panties and slid my hand down luxuriating in her fine sparse pubic hair, opening my fingers so as not to touch her clitoris, I rested the heal of my palm on her pubic bone and closed my fingers so that they lightly gripped her wet pussy lips, she shuddered and moaned quietly.

“Your pussy is very smooth and you’re soaking wet down here, I’ll have to investigate with my mouth and tongue.”

She thrust her bum up searching for my fingers; I teased her, dancing my fingers all over her pussy getting oh so close to her clitoris, “oooh yees.” She gasped. Working my way down her stomach with kisses I removed my hand from her panties.

Changing position so that my head was between her legs with both arms I reached around her legs letting my hands continue to play with her tits and nipples. My mouth edged from her Mons over her clitoris to her lips, I poked the silk into her vagina with my tongue. “Ooh.”

“Your panties are soaking wet, I’m going to take them off.”


Using teeth and fingers I took my time to pull her panties down. Her scant pubic hair formed a pretty ridge leading to her sex.

Kneeling to remove her panties, I parted her legs, my eyes never leaving that glorious view.

“Your pussy looks gorgeous.”

Lying down wedging my face into her pussy I licked from her outer lips to her Mons which I sucked and bit playfully, probing her inner lips with my tongue until they parted, I plunged my tongue into her vagina exploring her dripping cavity.


“I love the smell and taste of your pussy Aunty Clair.”

With two fingers I exposed her clitoris from its hood, I licked around her pearl whilst a finger of my other hand wormed its way into her little vagina, she gripped my digit and lifted her bum up for me to go deeper, at the same time I’d started to lap at the shaft of her clitoris with the tip of my tongue applying more pressure at every pass, I avoided touching her pearl.

Her breathing was erratic she was thrusting her pussy up at me, she was getting ready to cum, I stopped.

“What are you doing to me, don’t stop!”

“Do you like your nephew abusing your pussy?”

“Oh yes, please use me,”

I returned one hand to her tits and inserted another finger into her tight vagina; I treated her tits roughly as I pushed two fingers up her vagina and curled them onto the fleshy mound of her G spot. I blew on to her clitoris before my tongue briefly touched it and at the same time I pinched a nipple causing her to shudder and open her legs as wide as she could. I teased her clitoris mercilessly whilst finger fucking her, simultaneously rolling and pinching her nipples between thumb and index finger. She was moaning and writhing.

“Do you want me to make you cum now?”

“Ooh God yes make me cum.”

My tongue lashed her clitoris from side to side, lifting it up, circling around and lapping, I increased my speed as she reached a clattering orgasm, “Yes oh yeess.” She cried out, her juices drenched my hand and her spasms tried to push my fingers from her vagina. I withdrew my fingers and slurped up her juices.

“Oh Mike darling, that was incredible, I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

Smiling at her I leant over and kissed her lingeringly; I rocked back till I was kneeling again then readjusted the pillow under her head and placed another under her bum. I told her to watch as I furrowed her pussy up and down with my fat 7 inches, using a hand I bounced my glans on her clitoris then positioning my cock to her vaginal entrance, I nudged and pushed my glans into her up to my swollen rim.

Looking at her beneath me, her negligee askew perfect tits and large erect nipples bared her legs fully apart expectantly, gone was any vestige of the frumpy woman I’d met a few weeks ago, I wanted this woman so bad I felt my cock was going to split open it was so taut.

“Does Aunty want her nephew to fuck her?”

“Yes.” She rasped her face aflame with desire.

“Ask nicely then.”

“Fuck me, oh please fuck me.”

Stretching her opening, I muscled my glans all the way in.

“Hunh aargh: Oh you’re so big.”

I pressed into her, gradually opening her up as I went, then when I was to the hilt I asked, “How does that feel.”

“Beau ti ful.” She replied catching her breath.

Her grip was vice like around my shaft and her abundant juices lubricated us so I could start unhurriedly fucking her with long strong strokes, I was in heaven as she began to orgasm once more.

“Ooh yes yes, Ohhhaaa.”

Her wetness leaked down my balls as I kept my cock buried deep inside, feeling her contractions squeezing along my length as she spasmed for minutes.

We held each other as aftershocks coursed through her body.

Drizzling kisses on her face and neck, I whispered, “You’re such a sexy woman Claire.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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