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Body Cumshots

Not just my first submission to Literotica, but the first thing I’ve written in a long time. My apologies if it’s an awkward read.

Eric shifted on the couch, trying to focus on the chatter and flicker of the television. Again though, what had happened earlier in the kitchen went through his mind. Again he saw Julie, Aunt Julie, look at him with that knowing smile. Her eyes had flicked down at his jeans and she had to have seen he was hard. Had to know he had been looking at her as she leaned over the table. She had to know, to, what sort of thoughts were in his head. He shifted again, agitated, and he was glad she’d gone out that evening.

Julie hadn’t shown if she was mad or disgusted, but Eric worried what she must think of him. Maybe she would pass it off to his being nineteen. He wished he could. If he’d only looked at her once, or even twice he could have believed a young, healthy libido had gotten the best of him. But even then, would the desire to – Eric shivered – fuck her have burned in him? Julie was an attractive woman, and aunt or no, he could understand noticing her rich figure. There was no innocent excuse, though, for staring at her ass and wanting to press himself against the round fullness of her, to feel himself sliding deep into her pussy.

Fear and self-loathing shuddered through him, and he realized that since he’d been staying with Julie, Aunt Julie, his thoughts about her had grown more intense. The way he’d felt in the kitchen went beyond just noticing the full weight of her breasts, or the way her buttocks formed an inviting cleft any man would notice. Since the first day he’d found himself looking at her, imagining how the solid weight of a breast or thigh would feel. The other morning her robe had been open just so, and the way her pale breasts came together had given Eric thoughts he’d forced away.

But now those thoughts whirred in his head and his cock felt heavy in an aching way. Julie was a good looking woman in an anonymous sort of way, but not what Eric would have thought of as his type. She was just taller than short, and her body wasn’t fat at all, but solid. Short dark hair and glasses gave her a plain suburban look. Eric didn’t usually care about big tits, but Julie’s heavy breasts caught his eye. Her ass, though, was a magnet, and the image of her leaning over the table went through his mind again. His cock swelled painfully and blood raced in his head as he imagined what it would be like to fuck her. How she would moan and breathe, how her tits would feel in his hands. He got off the couch and stumbled into the bathroom and into the shower, feverish images of Julie flashing behind his eyes.

Eric woke up, his throat tight and dry. The guestroom that was his for another week was dark and the house quiet. He stared at a moonlight shadow before deciding the dryness in his mouth couldn’t be ignored. Quietly he walked into the hall, glancing at Julie’s room and wondering what she must think of him. A sick pervert no doubt. Maybe he was. When he’d been in the shower he’d tried to fill his mind with women he’d seen in magazines. Women he’d seen on the street, girls he knew. But the most vivid images, the most powerful, were of Julie. He’d come thinking about fucking her in the shower, her back arched and her ass thrust out to him. Eric felt somewhat guilty, but he hoped indulging his thoughts would exorcise his lust.

The wall clock in the kitchen surprised Eric, sure it was early morning and not half past eleven. He felt like he’d slept longer than a couple of hours. Must have slept hard. After the stress and anxiety earlier he wasn’t surprised. The kitchen looked moody with only a light over the stove on, and seeing the table reminded him of Eskişehir Escort what had happened earlier. Would Julie act differently around him now? He leaned back against the sink, holding a glass of water to his lips, thinking again about how she’d looked at him. If she was mad wouldn’t she have shown it then and there? Eric sighed, not wanting to think about.

Eric tilted the glass back to finish the water off and jumped a little when Julie walked into the kitchen like a ghost. She smiled and he thought her eyes went down the length of him. He didn’t breath for a second or two, his eyes wide at the nightie she wore. It was pale and slick, nearly glistening in the weak light. He stared at her bare thighs, and his pulse surged, staring at her ass, her nightie revealing more than he could handle.

“Hi. ” She said, opening the fridge, and Eric panicked, his cock hard, pushing out against the sweat pants he wore. He slumped against the counter, holding the glass with both hands to hide his arousal. Light from the fridge outlined Julie’s body and Eric couldn’t help himself. His eyes went up and down her and he thought about how she would feel under his hands.

Julie recapped the bottle of whatever she had been drinking and closed the fridge. She turned and Eric knew he looked ridiculous hunched over. He tried not to, but his eyes fixed on her tits, weak with how the weight of them pushed against her nightie. He forced himself to look up at her face, hot with embarrassment when he saw her pointed gaze. She looked down to his hands, a hint of a wry smile on her lips. Oh my god! Eric thought.

“Are you okay? ” Eric looked away, staring at the toaster oven, his heart beating in panic. In the corner of his eye he saw Julie shift on one leg, hand going to her hip. He wished he hadn’t woken up, wished he wore more than sweatpants. Wished his hard-on would go away. She’d looked and there was no way she hadn’t seen he was hard.

“Eric? ” Julie’s tone had authority to it, but he couldn’t look at her. He couldn’t ever look at her again. She sighed.

“Look at me Eric. ” He glanced at her, thinking how different she looked without her glasses. His eyes met hers and he tried to relax. At least his cock wasn’t rock hard anymore and he felt a little less exposed.

“Is there a problem? ” The question made Eric feel sick. Any hope she didn’t know he’d gotten hard over her was gone. He tried not to shake and was glad the kitchen was more shadow than light.

“No. ” He muttered, and flinched when he heard an annoyed sigh. He looked at her, wondering how her eyes had gotten so big.

“Eric – ” Julie took a deep breath. “I know you’ve been looking at me. And not just tonight either. ” Eric felt dizzy. Julie didn’t sound mad, or disgusted, and he wondered why. Because she thinks you’re pathetic, he told himself. A pathetic pervert.

“Why – what makes you say that? ” He asked, an attempted laugh dying in his throat. She looked amused, and Eric braced himself for derision.

“I’m forty-three Eric, and I know when someone’s looking at my ass. And my tits. ”

Eric stared at her wide-eyed, trying to say something, anything, that would prove her wrong.

“Do you like looking at me? ” Her voice was softer, almost teasing. Eric felt his face burn. He looked down at the floor, wanting to disappear.

“Eric. ” Her voice was velvet. Julie took a step towards him, and Eric wondered why he noticed how quiet the house was. Wondered why she wasn’t mad.

“I’m sorry Julie, I – ” The words froze when he saw the look on her face, confused why her eyes were heavy and direct. She moved closer to him, and Eric grimaced when he felt his cock getting hard. Julie’s Eskişehir Escort Bayan eyes glanced down at him and he pushed the glass against himself, trying desperately to hide his hard-on. Julie grinned and Eric could have screamed.

“Julie! ” She was a foot from him and Eric felt his cock stiffen painfully. He looked past her at one of the table chairs, his head swimming, barely noticing when she took the glass from his fingers. His stomach knotted when he felt fingers on his wrists, and he tried crossing his legs when she pulled his arms out to his sides.

He looked back to her, wanting to laugh it all off as a joke. He couldn’t tell what she thought as she looked down at his cock, afraid that when she lifted her head he would see venom in her eyes.

“What do you want Eric? ” Her head lifted, and her eyes and her smile were not what a nephew should see on his aunt’s face. He could only stare when she moved closer, her lips rising to his, her hands pulling his to her hips. He felt her tits press into his chest, the lace of her nightie lightly scratching him, her mouth opening and her tongue sliding over his.

What was happening?! Julie kissed him harder, her thigh slipping around his hip and he gasped when he felt her rubbing herself against his cock. He pulled his mouth from hers, wide eyes staring at the ceiling. Her tongue found his ear and Eric moaned, fear and lust raging in him. Julie ground herself harder against him and Eric’s cock ached to be inside of her.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you? ” Her voice was a staccato shudder, and Eric shook hearing her, need and fear tearing through him. She’s your aunt! He knew what they were doing was wrong. It had to be. But he wanted her in a way he had never wanted a woman before. His hands squeezed her ass and he pulled her against him hard and Julie gasped, the sound of her maddening. Her hips worked against him faster and his fingers slid down between her thighs to the moist warmth of her pussy. He rubbed her with a finger, the thin material of her nightie wet with arousal.

Julie pulled away from him, taking his hand and leading him out of the kitchen. A thin fear swept Eric when they entered Julie’s room, and his cock softened. He looked at her bed, floral comforter dark, and the reality of what they were doing hit him. Kissing and rubbing against each other had been breaking a taboo. But what the bed promised felt like

crossing the real threshold.

“Do you still want me? ” She looked up at him, moving until their bodies were flush, a near electric pain when the head of his cock pressed against her. Her hands rubbed his hips, fingers sliding along his thighs. Whatever fears or doubts withered and he wanted to be in her. She leaned into him, moving slowly until his cock was stiff. His hands cradled her head and they kissed, wet tongues working against each other with growing intensity.

The feverish lust Eric had felt in the kitchen returned, and he wanted her legs around him, wanted to hear her breathe and moan while he fucked her.

Julie pulled at his sweats, breaking from Eric and sitting on the bed. His sweats fell around his ankles and he stood before Julie, the hard length of his cock a breath from her mouth. He looked down at her, wanting to be in her, and when she leaned forward, a flash of disbelief. He breathed deep when she took him into her mouth, and for a moment his hand moved to push her away. He looked down, watching her lips slide along the length of him, wanting to feel his cock deeper in the warm gripping wetness of her mouth. He stared, a part of his mind aware that his aunt, his aunt!, was sucking him off.

Her head rocked back and forth, his cock Escort Eskişehir squeezed in her wet mouth.

“Julie! ” he gasped, trembling with the need to slide his cock in a smoother, wetter part of her. Julie pulled her mouth away and reached up to him and they moved onto the bed. She pulled his shoulders, their mouths met and they kissed in a frenzy. Eric tugged at her nightie, almost yanking it off her shoulder. Julie worked her arms until he could pull the nightie down over her tits, exposing the broad weight of them, her nipples large and pale. Julie lifted her tit and Eric bent down, his lips sliding over her nipple, sucking until the softness of it grew hard. He pulled with his mouth, stroking the hard jut of her nipple with his tongue, Julie gasping sharply and writhed when he sucked even harder, his mouth filling with her tit.

Eric lifted his head and Julie offered her other tit to him, breathing fast as his teeth lightly bit, her breathing deeper when his hand slid up her thigh. Her legs opened and her hips lifted, his hand molding against her pussy. Eric squeezed and moved his hand against her, her nightie slick with her desire. A finger slid into the cleft of her and she moaned, her hips bucking against his touch. The wet feel of arousal and the way she trembled drove Eric mad with desire to fuck her. His cock throbbed painfully, but he wouldn’t fuck her yet.

He knelt over her body, looking down at her tits rising as she breathed, her lips open and trembling as he rubbed her. Her eyes opened narrowly, and he saw humid lust. He slid her nightie off of her and caressed her thighs. Julie needed little prodding and she spread her legs, a shiver going through Eric when he saw the plump lips of her pussy. He wanted to tease her, but he couldn’t. He bent forward, his wet tongue sliding into the cleft of her, licking her with a long firm stroke. Julie moaned long and loud, her body jerking. Eric licked her again, the smell and taste of her nearly sharp. His tongue opened her and he held pushed against soft wetness, moving in short quick sideways strokes. Julie gasped almost painfully and her hands pushed at his head. His tongue worked faster, Julie grunted and gasped in sobbing breaths, her fingers clawing at his hair. Her hips jerked and then she trembled, shuddering cries as she came.

Eric moved up along the length of her, looking down at Julie’s face, unable to believe that this was his aunt. Her legs shifted, making room for his hips, and the smooth caress of her thigh against his sent a pleasant jolt through him. Her hands gripped his back, and the moment or two before entering a woman had always been the best part of sex for Eric. He grabbed his cock, breathing fast as he pushed down, gasping when he felt silken warmth of her pussy. He moved his hips, overwhelmed by sensation as his cock opened her. He groaned when he thrust too eagerly, Julie’s pussy a pleasant resistance. Her body opened to him and their movements became faster. Julie’s legs wrapped around his waist, and Eric groaned, orgasm building. He fucked her faster, pushing into her as deeply as he could. Julie’s breaths became shuddering gasps and he stared down at her face, her head pushing back into a pillow. He shifted his body and fucked her with long strokes, moving faster and plunging deep when he came. His head fell into the crook of her neck, and his cock moved slightly in her, orgasm overwhelming him.

They didn’t fall asleep in each other’s arms or in the same bed. Afterwards they hadn’t said much. Eric was surprised there was nothing like guilt between them. They’d said goodnights and Eric had gone to his own room. He’d lain awake in bed for awhile, waiting for the quiet of night to tell him he should feel shame. But he didn’t. He wasn’t sure how he felt. Would he do it again? He didn’t know, and he felt too at ease to think about it. He pulled the blanket up around him and closed his eyes. If Julie wanted to pretend nothing had happened, fine. If Julie wanted him in bed again, he was fine with that, too.

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