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Aunts and their daughters always know how to help.

Aunt Pam just about dragged me to dinner. My mom’s place was pretty full now with seventeen family members.

Our family centered around mom and her siblings. I’d been in college and working a while while my sister Mary had graduated and held a pretty good job in town. Mary seemed to hang out at my mother’s place more than I did but we both had our own apartments. Mom had been a model both before she was married and had my sister and me and some after she was a mother.

We ran into stories now and then like how mom had a thing for my Aunt Ann’s husband Brian, or how some guys had photos of mom naked and shit. Leave it to say mom like her sisters had a pretty sexy past. I’d even heard my Aunt Jane’s boyfriend had some pictures of mom having sex with a girlfriend of one of my cousins.

Anyway mom mom has these three sisters, Pam, Tina, Ann and Jane. She also has three brothers, Ed, Joe and Mike. Of the lot I think Pam is the most dirty minded but they are all pretty bad when you get them together and holiday weekends were always things to keep a young man straining in his pants. Mostly my aunts had teased over the years but not that all the cousins were over age things had sometimes really heated up.

Aunt Pam pulled me by the hand into the crowded dining room. It took two tables to seat those of us who were there and not everyone was there yet. Some of my cousins would be in the next day but the aunts and uncles and a few of my cousins were there as well as my sister and I. Maybe it was just me but I’d still not quite come to grips with the way my female cousins and aunts had ganged up to make me orgasm as aunt Pam sat me down between her and her step sister, my aunt Melinda. Pam’s husband Ben was a quiet guy seated across the table from me. His sister, aunt Melinda, lives with them in a two bedroom place. Very cozy with aunt Melinda and cousin Sarah sharing one room.

“You’re looking a little dazed there, Ken,” my uncle Joe said. “Have a glass of wine.”

There was a class already full in front of me. I glanced to my right where mom sat at one end of the table.

She sometimes didn’t take kindly to my drinking but she didn’t seem to be interested at the moment. I glanced around the table taking who had sat where and then as I lifted the glass I felt aunt Pam’s hand on my lap.

She was holding my leg and shifted her hand to my cock, squeezing it through my pants as she lifted her glass to propose a toast.

“Too our sometimes dazed young men,” she said clicking her glass against mine.

“I’ll drink to that,” my step aunt Melinda said and tapped her glass to ours.

The toast went the round of the table as I took a drink and felt aunt Pam rubbing my cock. She had just the right motion too, as she went down the length she rubbed that spot between my balls and at the base of the shaft before rubbing back up along the swelling length. I was getting full for her quickly.

“Will Linda and Bren be in later tonight or tomorrow, aunt Connie?” asked my cousin Sarah. She is aunt Pam’s daughter.

Aunt Connie is my uncle Joe’s second wife. Linda is Joe’s from his first marriage and Brenda, who everyone calls Bren most of the time, is from Connie’s first husband.

“Tonight I think,” aunt Connie said. “But I’m not sure, dear.”

“Your top looks a little tight, Connie,” uncle Joe said. “Undo a few buttons.”

“I like her top,” said my sister Mary.

Aunt Pam wrapped her fingers around my balls and held them as I watched aunt Connie follow uncle Joe’s instructions and undo the top three buttons of her top. This exposed most of the middle of her tits because she wasn’t wearing a bra. We all knew aunt Connie was a submissive chick and uncle Joe didn’t let her wear bras even though she has a pretty full set of tits.

“That’s better, Connie,” uncle Joe said. “You have great tits, don’t hide them.”

“She does have great tits. I think she could undo one more,” aunt Pam said squeezing my balls. “My husband, Ben, always likes that and I think Ken here would love to see more of his aunt Connie’s lovely breasts. Wouldn’t you Ken?”

I didn’t say anything.

“One more, Connie,” uncle Joe said glancing over at uncle Ben. “She does have nice tits, doesn’t she Ben?”

“I’ve always thought so,” said uncle Ben.

Cousin Sarah who was siting between uncle Ben and aunt Connie leaned back to give uncle Ben an even better view.

“Thank you, Sarah,” uncle Ben said leaning just a bit so he could get a better view.

“I bet you’d like to play with them over dinner as much as I would,” said my cousin Sarah.

Uncle Ben moaned. I noticed then that Aunt Jane, my mother’s oldest sister, was leaning into my uncle Ben and that her hand closest to him was under the table. I wondered if she was stroking his cock like my aunt Pam was doing to mine. My cousin Sarah seemed to notice the same thing and peered down at uncle Ben’s lap and licked her lips.

“Enjoying yourself, uncle Ben,” Sarah asked moving a hand down below the table as Gaziantep Escort well.

“He seems rather happy,” aunt Jane said. “Yes, I’d say he was enjoying himself.”

Henry, my aunt Jane’s younger boyfriend laughed and started talking to my mother about some magazine he’d recently purchased. He’d sat between my mom and my sister Mary. He explained that the magazine had a pictorial that reminded him of some photo shoots she’d done in the past he said and began describing it to her.

“Is uncle Ben hard, Sarah?” my cousin Maddie asked. She was sitting on the other side of my aunt Melinda to my left next to my aunt Tina.

Aunt Connie looked over then, having a good view of uncle Ben’s lap, and boy did she smile wide, “he looks nice and hard from here.”

“Ken here sure is hard,” aunt Pam said. “I bet my Ben is too. He loves tits. I bet he and Ken are dreaming of shooting all over Connie’s tits after dinner.”

“Well,” uncle Joe said. “I have other plans, but I’m sure you’re right Pam.”

Uncle Ben’s sister, my aunt Melinda who was sitting right beside me, put her hand in my lap as well. Now she and aunt Pam were both stroking my cock through my pants.

“Mike and Joe are both hard as nails,” aunt Deborah said. She is uncle Mike’s wife. Mike sat to my left at that end of the table facing my mom at the far end. Aunt Deborah was to his left on the corner beside uncle Joe. I guess she’d been doing some stroking of her own.

“Now lets all get to eating dinner,” my mother said. “All this talk of tits and hard cocks is making me very hungry.”

Aunt Tina popped a fork full of food in her mouth and made a long drawn out moan. “Mmmmm, hhhmm, Mmmmmmmm, mmmmm.”

“Taste like cum, Tina?” Asked uncle Ed, who was sitting beside aunt Tina and closest to uncle Mike on my left.

“Mmmm,” aunt Tina said. “Sure fucking does Ed, and I am hungry just like Candy.”

“Me too,” said uncle Ed’s wife, my aunt Elizabeth. She’d sat next to my mom at the other end of the table on my right beside uncle Brian.

“There’s nothing you like more than a man’s jism,” my mom, Candy, said. “Now is there Tina?”

“Nope,” aunt Tina said looking at uncle Mike and his wife Deborah. “What about you, Deb? Do you and Mike enjoy a good jism role now and then?”

“Of course they do,” aunt Ann said. She was also on my right beside aunt Pam.

My uncle Mike is known for his homophobia. He looked a bit disconcerted by the comments but didn’t say anything. We’d all heard how he’d had sex with a guy at least once to win Deborah and he’d never lived it down. My aunts all know the fine details and like riding him.

“I sure do,” aunt Deborah said. “I like to take a nice drive and find one of those jism roles. A girl can get into it with one of those thick cream filled jobs. You just grab ahold of it like the stick shift on a car and work it into high gear. If you chew it good and suck real hard you can get a stomach full of the best jism.”

“That does sound good,” Aunt Pam said as she and aunt Melinda rubbed my cock. “I’d love one of those for desert.”

“Me too,” said aunt Connie.

“You’ll get one for sure,” uncle Ed told her.

My sister Mary was looking right at me. She’s a lesbian but seems to like tormenting the men in the family just as much as my aunts. Her particular tastes make tease the women just as much.

“Is your cock out, Ken?” Mary asked.

“No,” I said.

“I’d have it out,” said my cousin Sarah. “Or take it out.”

“I’ll take it out,” aunt Melinda said. “Its better that way.”

“Melinda!” My mom looked at her. “Really? The boy needs a rest.”

“What about your pussy, Sarah,” Mary asked. “Is uncle Ben fingering you?”

Aunt Melinda worked my zipper down and aunt Pam undid the button at the top. They both shoved my underwear down and my cock was so hard it just popped out.

“Not yet,” said Sarah. “But I would if I was him.”

Uncle Ben put both hands under the table. Aunt Jane one the one side and Sarah on the other both squirmed a little getting adjusted.

“What if I come over and help him do it?” Mary asked. “I’d like that. Would you?”

Aunt Melinda started stroking my full cock taking turns at it with aunt Pam.

Cousin Sarah nodded, “I’d do that.”

“Mary!” my mother admonished. “Finger your own fucking pussy and eat your dinner.”

“Feel good, Ken?” Aunt Pam asked while looking over at my sister and squeezing the head of my cock. Aunt Melinda’s hand wrapped down around my balls a moment.

One of Mary’s hands went below the table, “don’t mind if I do.”

“Are you?” Aunt Pam asked as Melinda’s hand took its place on the head of my cock rolling the full mushroom shape in her fingertips. “Are you fingering your pussy?”

“Yes,” Mary said jabbing her fork into a piece of carrot and lifting it to her open mouth. “I’m fingering my fucking pussy and eating my dinner. Are you jacking off my brother?”

“God, Mary!” my mother said. “You’re such a slut.”

“But she’s a hot fucking slut,” said Henry from Gaziantep Escort Bayan between mom and Mary. “Any daughter of yours would have to be. It runs in the family.”

Uncle Ben’s eyes were half closed as he moaned deeply.

“I think Ben’s going to shoot a load,” aunt Ann said. “You should catch that for Tina.”

“What about me?” asked aunt Jane. “And what about Sarah? She’s doing half the work.”

“That’s right,” said aunt Connie. “Sarah is rubbing his balls while Jane jacks him off.”

“Nice,” said cousin Maddie. “I’d like some too, please.”

“My god,” said my mom. “Just save it.”

“Good idea,” aunt Tina said. “Maddie get aunt Jane a glass. She can save Ben’s load in that and we can think about it over dinner.”

Maddie got up and walked behind me stopping to rub my shoulders, “it looks like Ken isn’t far behind.”

“Dinner!” my mom said. “Hello! We’re supposed to be having dinner here.”

Aunt Anne leaned in front of aunt Pam getting a look at my cock. Maddie pressed her tits against the back of my head as aunt Melinda’s finger tips teased my prick. “Oh nice! More jism for desert.”

“Jesus,” mom said. “Doesn’t anyone want to eat dinner?”

“I want to eat pussy,” uncle Brian said. “But dinner will do, won’t it Liz?”

“You better get that glass, Maddie,” aunt Pam said.

I was shaking a little as I looked over past aunt Pam and aunt Ann to uncle Brian as he gave aunt Elizabeth a kiss on the cheek.

“Liz likes to be fucked for dinner,” uncle Ed said.

“ED!” aunt Elizabeth gasped. She was the CPA in the family and thinking a lot of herself always wanted the others to think she was above such things while in private uncle Ed took full advantage of her deeply rooted smuttiness. “Don’t tell them that.”

Cousin Maddie kissed me on the cheek and left to find a glass.

“You better hurry,” aunt Jane said.

For a few moments it was quiet. You could hear my sister Mary’s fingers slopping around in her cunt and aunt Jane’s stroking of uncle Ben’s cock. He was breathing hard and gasping now and then. I wasn’t that far gone, I was hard as hell but I guess because I’d had an orgasm shortly before it was taking longer to bring me to that point.

I looked around the table as cousin Maddie returned with the glass. My sister was taking bites of her dinner and lazily chewing them. Henry sitting beside her was eyeing my mom’s tits pretty obviously and I was pretty sure uncle Brian’s hand was on aunt Elizabeth’s leg under the table.

“This is a good casserole,” mom said. “Did you cook this, Liz?”

Aunt Liz looked hard at uncle Brian. He was putting away another glass of wine. Brian didn’t hold his alcohol very well and tended to get drunk at family gatherings.

“Liz?” mom asked.

“Oh,” aunt Elizabeth said. “Yes. I got the recipe off the Internet.”

My cock was really swollen now. Aunt Pam reached for the butter with the knife in her free hand. This made me nervous.

“God I’m horny,” said my sister Mary fingering her pussy.

“That looks so hot,” cousin Maddie said leaning behind uncle Ben. “He’s about to blow, isn’t he aunt Jane?”

Aunt Pam cut a slice of butter from the dish and dropped it into aunt Melinda’s hand. They started spreading it for lube all over my cock. God that felt fucking good.

“Yes dear,” aunt Jane said. “Hold the glass. Yeah, just like that so Sarah can massage his balls.”

“Fuck!” mom said shoving a large slice of food into her mouth.

“Oh I wish,” said aunt Tina looking over aunt Melinda’s lap at my buttered up cock. “It is so nice to be fucked by that nice big cock over dinner.”

“Oh god,” said uncle Ben. “I’m going to cum. Do it, Jane!”

“Rub your father’s balls, Sarah,” aunt Pam said pumping her hand up and down my slick hard shaft while aunt Melinda rubbed right between my nuts with her finger tips. “You know it helps him cum harder.”

“Show him your tits, Connie,” uncle Joe said. “You too, Tina. You have fucking amazing tits.”

Aunt Connie opened her top exposing those lovely tits. Aunt Tina quickly worked to let hers out as well while watching Pam’s hand slow and grasp my cock at the base nice and tight.

“Go for it, Deborah!” uncle Mike said.

Uncle Ben started to grunt as he looked at my aunts tits. Uncle Mike’s wife, aunt Deborah, pulled her sweater off exposing her bra. It had to checkered flags like you were crossing the finish line. Uncle Mike reached

over popping it open at the middle exposing her full tits and a great tan line.

“Jesus!” my mom screamed as my cock was throbbing in aunt Pam’s grasp.

“Come on, Candy,” Henry said beside her. “We want to see your tits too.”

“You always want to see my sister’s tits,” aunt Jane said milking uncle Ben’s cock. “Dirty little boy.”

“I’m cuming,” said uncle Ben. “Oh fuck yes!”

“Cum, daddy,” said cousin Sarah.

My cock throbbed in aunt Pam’s grip.

“Shoot it, Ben,” aunt Pam said tightening further on my cock while aunt Melinda rubbed my balls.

Uncle Escort Gaziantep Ben grunted and shook as aunt Jane milked his cock into the glass cousin Maddie was holding and his daughter, my cousin Sarah, rubbed his balls.

“That’s so hot,” cousin Maddie said. “Oh shit, look at all that sperm.”

“He does shoot a lot,” aunt Pam said slipping her fingers down to my balls while aunt Melinda moved hers to the head of my shaft.

“That looks great,” aunt Tina said looking at my cock.

“Same Glass?” cousin Maddie asked looking over from uncle Ben’s spent cock to my face.

“No,” said my sister Mary. “Put it on your tits.”

“Mary!” My mother said, this time nearly spitting out her wine. “Do you want your brother’s sperm all over your cousin Maddie’s tits?”

Mary was blushing. “Yeah!”

“Open your top, Melinda,” aunt Pam said. “We can have him shoot all over yours.”

“Yeah!” Mary said.

“Oh I think she’ll pop before he does,” Henry said.

Aunt Jane lifted her hand from uncle Ben’s lap and licked some jism off her finger.

“Oh yeah!” aunt Pam said. “He tastes good, doesn’t he?”

“I love your husband’s cum,” said aunt Jane.

“I want it,” said aunt Tina. “Bring me the glass, Maddie.”

My cock was hard and slick in aunt Melinda’s pumping hand as I watched Maddie walk away from uncle Ben. First she rubbed the glass on our cousin Sarah’s cheek and lips, then held it below aunt Connie’s nose so she could take a sniff, then the same for aunt Deborah before walking by uncle Mike and uncle Ed.

“You saucy minx,” uncle Ed said.

“She sure is,” said aunt Tina. “Now give me my jism shot, young lady.”

“Oh yeah,” said Mary shaking as she was fingering her cunt. “Do it!”

Maddie held the glass to her own lips.

“Look at that, Ken,” said aunt Pam. Her hand grabbed the base of my cock again and aunt Melinda ran her thumb back and forth over the piss hole of my cock. “She’s going to snow ball it.”

Maddie tipped her head back and dumped uncle Ben’s sperm juice into her mouth so we could all see it run onto her tongue.

“Holy shit,” said my mom. “Maddie!”

Aunt Jane clapped her hands. Uncle Ed did too, everyone joined in as my sister Mary moaned that she was going to cum.

“Now,” said aunt Tina tipping her head back and opening her mouth wide.

Maddie moved so the load of cum slowly drained from her lips into her step mother’s mouth. When every last drop had passed between them aunt Tina swallowed joyfully.

“Fuck that’s so fucking good,” said aunt Tina.

“I need a blow job,” said uncle Joe.

“Jesus,” said my mother. “Who doesn’t after that?”

We all mumbled this and that and looked around at the aunts tits and my sister’s shaken post orgasmic face.

Everyone seemed to forget that I was having my cock stroked under the table other than aunt Pam and I. Even aunt Melinda had both her hands up where we could all see them now.

It seemed a course of the meal at least would be eaten. Chit chat kicked off here and there. I did my best to follow and to eat while aunt Pam slowly stroked me keeping my cock as hard as hell.

“How’s school, Ken,” aunt Jane asked.

I answered but I was distracted by the throbbing in my cock. Hell if I know what I told her because it was getting worse and worse. Aunt Pam had slowed her strokes so they were so very gentle and so very fucking amazing on my pecker.

“Huh?” asked Sarah. “What did you say?”

I looked over but just then she turned to aunt Connie who still had her top open and leaned down to suck one of aunt Connies tits. This was a surprise to my aunt too who gasped before grabbing Sarah’s head and holding her tight.

“I uh…”

“She does like to suck things,” aunt Pam said.

“So does Connie,” uncle Joe said. “Want to watch her give me a blow job?”

“Hell yes,” said aunt Pam.

“Oh to hell with it,” said my mother. “Go on, Connie. Suck him off, I’d like to watch too.”

All the women agreed, the guys other than me seemed less interested. Maybe they wanted their own blow jobs, who knows, but I sure as hell wanted to see aunt Connie’s cock sucking skills in action.

“Kitchen,” said aunt Tina. “That island is perfect. We can all circle around and watch.”

“Now?” I asked.

Aunt Melinda patted me on the shoulder. I guess she realized how close to blowing my own load I was getting.

Suddenly everyone was standing and moving to the Kitchen. Well the women other than aunt Elizabeth were going, and uncle Joe and I.

“Wow,” said uncle Joe seeing aunt Pam leading me by the cock. “You giving him a blow job too, Pam?”

“I would,” said cousin Sarah.

“Me too,” said Maddie.

“Maybe after your uncle Joe has had his cock sucked,” said my mom. “First I want to see Connie swallow her husband’s cum.”

“Me too,” said Mary.

“Aren’t you coming, Liz?” My aunt Deborah asked. “Or are you staying behind to have sex with Mike, Ed, Henry and Brian?”

“No,” said aunt Elizabeth. “If that’s what you think I’ll come. I’m just not interested.”

Aunt Pam pulled my cock close behind her so it rubbed her ass, “We’re all interested, Liz.”

“I am not,” aunt Elizabeth said.

“You must be a great fuck, Liz,” aunt Pam said. “I bet Ken would love to shove this nice cock into your pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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