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I sat there stunned as I listened to the words from my uncle. I couldn’t even believe that we were sitting here having this conversation! “I think you’re out of your mind Ed,” I said still not registering what he was telling me.

“No, I’m not, he replied, “I think your aunt Paula is fooling around on me!” There was more anger than hurt in his voice. Although I wouldn’t condone Aunt Paula fooling around, I could understand why she would. You see, Ed was a controlling bastard to say the least. He was a good provider but he thought that other than making a living for his wife, he didn’t see that he had any other responsibilities as a husband.

“So what makes you so sure Ed?” I asked not really wanting to hear the answer.

“It’s not really anything in particular,” he said. I could feel the tension in his voice as he spoke. “It’s everything in general John!”

“Everything in general?” I asked, expecting him to be more specific than that.

“Yeah, everything! I’m out of town a lot, as you know. My job takes me every where. Here lately whenever I call the house, she doesn’t answer the phone. She says that she is always somewhere in the house and she doesn’t hear it but I think there is something going on with someone else!”

“Yeah, I know that sounds odd Ed, but…”

Ed cut me off. “And you know what a fine looking lady your aunt Paula is John! I just need to find out what’s going on. If I can find out, then maybe I can get things back on track!”

Ed was right. In her early 30’s, my aunt was still a stunning lady! To describe her here wouldn’t do her justice but I will do my best. Aunt Paula is about 5’4 with long shapely legs with a perfect set of curvy hips. Her hair is dishwater blonde with light blonde highlights. She has a nice round “spankable'” ass and the nicest set of titties that a man would want to feel in his face!

“But fucking around? I just can’t imagine my Aunt Paula doing that to you!”

There was a long silence on the line. “Oh, I get it now! You’re just prejudiced because she’s your mom’s sister! Well if you don’t want to help me, then I’ll find a private detective that will do it! I just didn’t want a stranger to be sticking his nose into the family’s business!” It was if lightening were coming through the phone line as he shouted.

“Now settle down Ed, settle down. I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it for you. It’s just that I’m sure that if she sees me following her around that she will get suspicious.”

“I don’t know why she would,” he said, “hell, she hasn’t seen you since you were 12 years old! You don’t even look like the same kid!”

Ed was right. I hadn’t seen my Aunt Paula for about 9 years. The only way Ed knew what I looked like was that he happened to be in town to see his family last summer and we had met for dinner while he was there. “I don’t know Ed,” I said still hesitating, “I just don’t want to start any family problems!”

“You won’t kid! Look, I’m begging you to help out your old uncle. Will you do it for me?

“Look. If it would make you feel any better, I’ll check around and find out what I can,” I finally relented. “But you’ve got to promise that you will never tell Paula or Mom.”

“Thanks kid! You have my word of honor,” he said. “I knew that I could count on you!”

“No problem,” I said as I hung the receiver up. I can’t believe that I had just agreed to spy on my aunt. Of course the thousand-dollar check that had been in the envelope Ed sent me helped some. I emptied the rest of the contents of the envelope onto the table. Another envelope was inside the larger one and I looked at the front. My hands were almost shaky as I fumbled to open it. The flap undone, I pulled out the airline ticket that was inside it. A free trip to Canada would be icing on the cake, I thought to myself. Also inside the envelope were a couple of pictures of my Aunt Paula. The pictures were some that had been taken while she was on vacation in Tahiti the previous summer. I smiled as I looked at the image of my mom’s younger sister on the beach in a bikini that very tastefully covered her most private parts. The years had been very good to her or she had spent Uncle Ed’s money well, I couldn’t be sure which. Whichever one it was, it didn’t matter. What mattered is that I only had a couple of hours before I was supposed to be at the airport!

I quickly packed my bags and after loading them into the car, I headed to the airport for my departure. I waited through the long security checks that were getting more frequent over the last few years and then, after walking up the loading ramp, I handed my ticket to the pretty redheaded fight attendant. She took my ticket and smiled a white toothed grin and I found my seat and made myself comfortable for the ride. Closing my eyes, I drifted off into as restful nap, dreaming of the same things that most young men do. In fact, if that redheaded flight attendant knew what I did to her in my dream, she’d probably have me arrested! I was awaked as the announcement bursa escort bayan came to buckle our seatbelts and prepare for the landing.

The security checks were almost as through landing as they were boarding. But, after a while, I was in a cab and headed to the hotel that Ed had arranged for me. “Nice,” I said to myself as we pulled up to the hotel. I paid the driver and then checked in.

“Thank you,” I told the bellboy as I handed him a tip and pushed the door shut. The outside of the place was much more impressive than the inside. It was just the average room with the average bathroom and the average bath. Oh well, it was a place to stay that wasn’t costing me anything so I put my bags on the bed and walked to the phone. I dialed the number and waited till I heard a voice on the other end.

“Hello?” the soft female voice said on the other end.

“Hello? Paula Ann?” I asked.

“Yes, this is Paula. Who may I ask is calling?”

“Hi Paula Ann. This is John your nephew from the states.”

“Well I’ll be darned!” she exclaimed, surprised to hear from anybody back home. “How’s the family?”

“Uh, the family’s fine.” We continued to chitchat for a few minutes and then I made my move. “Aunt Paula, the reason I called is that I am going to be in town tomorrow and I was wondering if you and Uncle Ed would mind if I came over and visited while I was in town?”

“Why heavens sake John! You know I would be glad to see you. But, your Uncle Ed is out of town. It will just be the two of us.”

“Great!” I said. “I’ll be over about 5 then.”

“Great! I’ll make us a nice dinner and you can tell me all the gossip from home!” she chuckled. “And, I want to know ALL the juicy tidbits!”

“Ok. Thanks Aunt Paula. I’ll be looking forward to it,” I said as I hung up the phone. The next thing on the list was a call to the car rental agency. It might make it a little easier to keep my surveillance less noticeable if the tags were of Canadian origin. After completing my call, I went down stairs and walked outside and hailed a cab. A short ride and a little identification and I was behind the wheel of a comfortable compact car.

It was easy to find the home of Aunt Paula with the directions that I had been given by Uncle Ed. The house was a spacious tudor style stone house with a large pool in the back. “Not bad auntie,” I said to myself as I pulled the car to the side of the road and waited for her to go about her daily routines.

Boredom had started to come over me as I sat there and wondered why I had even agreed to this silly adventure and I had just about decided to head back to the hotel when I saw the door to aunt Paula’s house open. I looked at my watch and noted the time. I wrote down 6:15 PM in my notebook and hunkered down in the seat. Looking over the edge of the car door, I watched as my aunt got into her Blazer and pulled out of the driveway. I started the car and began following her from a safe distance. The drive took us through the middle of the small Canadian town and soon we were on the highway and headed to who knows where. About 15 minutes out of town I was getting concerned that maybe she had spotted me and was leading me on a wild goose chase. My mind drew the image of a 21-year-old American man getting arrested for stalking a 30 something Canadian housewife! Mom would be proud, I laughed to myself as I followed her and she turned into the driveway of a business type building.

I pulled to the side of the road and waited until aunt Paula went inside. I put the car into gear and pulled into the parking lot. She had went into the center door and I couldn’t make out what the business said, so I waited a few minutes and then walked to the door. “Candy’s Bodyworks” the sign on the door read.

“Wild woman,” I said to myself. “Gone to get herself a little relaxation and that fucking Ed has me following her around!” I walked back to my car and sat and watched the door. After about an hour, I began to wonder if Paula was ever going to come out. Surely a woman as attractive as her couldn’t possibly need that much work done on herself! It was then that I began to notice that although there was not much traffic in and out of the place that the bulk of them were men! “How odd,” I said to myself as I waited. Waiting a little longer, I decided that I was going to have to go in and find out what in the world was going on.

“Good evening sir,” the beautiful brunette woman said to me as I entered the establishment. “What can I do for you?”

“Hello,” I said. My eyes and nose took in the room around me. The walls were decorated with the typical feminine trinkets that were popular at the time. A faint smell of French vanilla moved into my nostrils. My eyes scanned the room and then I noticed the sign on the wall that read:

Sauna $15
Massage $30
Combination $45
The Works $60

“Hi. I was visiting a friend in town and he told me that you gave great massages here. I thought that gorukle escort I would find out if he was telling the truth,” I lied to the girl.

“Well you’ve come to the best place in this part of the country to get a great massage. What is it that you would like to purchase?” she asked.

“Gee, I don’t know. Tell me,” I paused, eyeing the woman’s beautiful frame, “exactly what is ‘The Works’?”

“Well,” she paused, picking up a notebook. “There is a rumor around town that this is a house of ill repute. Well, that is just a rumor. ‘The Works’,” she continued, “is that you get to pick which girl it is that gives you the massage after your sauna.”

“I get to pick the girl?” I asked.

“That’s right young man!” The woman eyed me suspiciously. “You’re not a policeman are you?”

“Heavens no!” I said almost laughing. “Why would you ask that?”

“Well,” she said moving slowly toward me. “I was just going to tell you that if you and the girl you pick agreed on some extras,” she whispered, “well that would just be a contract between you and her.”

“Extras,” I asked?

“Yes extras!” she said a little louder winking at me. I could smell the young girl’s perfume as she stood close to me and told me these things.

“Do you do the massages?” I asked, almost forgetting why I was here.

“No,” the girl replied.

“How about the extras then?” I asked chuckling.

“Oh heavens no!” she exclaimed. “I just work the desk!”

“Too damned bad!” I said laughing. She giggled and moved away from me. I have to admit that I would have loved having this girl move her hands all over my naked body.

“But,” she said picking up the notebook, “we have a fine selection of ladies here. Would you be interested in looking?”

“Yes. I would,” I said as I walked to the counter and opened the book. “So who’s the most popular girl here?” I asked as I turned the pages. Page by page a pretty woman’s face was displayed with a little bit of an introduction to each one.

“Oh there are none that I would call more popular than any other. It just depends on what our customers want.”

“Yeah?” I asked. How interesting. There was indeed a fine selection of ladies. There were brunettes, redheads, blondes and every shade of hair color in between. There were young girls as well as older women. All were attractive but each had different characteristics.

“Yeah,” she said. “Some men don’t care who serves them, but some men have peculiar tastes. Is there anything in particular that you like?”

“Well,” I said looking a little embarrassed. “I have always liked the older experienced women over the younger ones. I also like blondes in particular.”

“Oh!” the girl exclaimed. “I know one that you will just love. She’s on duty right now!” The girl quickly turned the book and there on the desk before me was a picture of my Aunt Paula!

“Wow!” I said, trying to hide my surprise. “She’s pretty. Annie?” I asked as I read her name.

“Yes. She’s very popular.” Once again the girl whispered to me. “And I heard that she does indeed contract for some extras too!”

“No shit?” I asked, as I laid my hand on the counter trying not to let the shaking become visible. “Uh, I mean, no kidding?”

The girl laughed. “Well, I don’t know that for sure,” she replied, “but I’ve never had a man complain about the treatment he gets from our little Annie!”

My insides were like gelatin at this moment in time. “Ok,” I said, “I guess Annie it will be!” I thought about the possibility of turning around right now but my curiosity about just how far my aunt Paula Ann would go was going to have to be satisfied.

“Great!” the girl said. I paid the $60 up front, plus $100 deposit in case the girls agreed to extras she wouldn’t get stiffed. It was all cash money of course. “Right this way young man,” the girl said as she turned and walked toward a door that led into a back room. I followed her like a little puppy dog. My eyes watched her cute little behind as it was packed into those tight blue jeans. My hand almost reached out and took a handful of that beautiful seat but my mind once again rushed back to the thoughts of being thrown in some small town Canadian jail. “Here you go,” she said as she led me into a large room in the back of the building. “Take off your clothes and we’ll start the sauna. Annie will be with you in about 20 minutes or so.”

“Take off my clothes? Now?”

The girl giggled. “Yes now silly boy! Don’t worry, I’ll turn my head,” she said smiling.

I didn’t really want her to turn her head, I was just a little nervous as I started to disrobe. Turning her back to me, I quickly disrobed and set my clothes in a chair in the corner. I stood in this room as naked as the day I was born with a girl whose name I didn’t even know. “Ok, I’m ready now.” The girl turned around and gasped, quickly turning away from my nakedness. “You naughty man,” she said obviously embarrassed. “Wrap bursa merkez escort bayan that towel around yourself!” she said pointing to the massage table.

“Oh, sorry miss,” I said as I reached for the piece of white terrycloth.

“That’s ok,” she said, turning around. “It wasn’t really that bad. In fact, it was kind of pleasant,” she said as she giggled and walked out the door.

The lights in the room began to dim and then I could see the sauna lamps begin to become bright. The heat felt good on my body and I walked over to the table and lay across it. I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying not to think about what was about to happen. What if I blew my cover? What if I said something stupid and wasn’t able to give Uncle Ed a complete report? God, my insides were shaky now as I turned on my stomach and let the heat from the lamps do their job of relaxing my muscles. The softness of the terrycloth along with the thoughts of being alone in the room with my aunt Paula and her not even aware of who I was started to make my cock come to life. The soft sound of music began to come in over the speakers that were mounted on the wall above me. Slowly I began to relax and my thoughts drifted to things other than my beautiful aunt. After a few minutes, sweat began to form on my body as the heat bears down. Feeling like a chicken in a broiler, I turned over onto my back and let the heat soak into my hairy chest. Not liking the fact that the light was shining into my eyes, I removed my towel and put it over my face. It felt very nice to have my entire body bathed in the heat.

I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I remember is a soft hand touching my shoulder and a voice saying, “Hello, my name is Annie.” Suddenly aware of my nakedness, I covered my cock with my hands. To my surprise, it was as hard as nails! Annie laughed as she saw my nervousness.

“Relax young man, the human body is nothing to be ashamed of!” Annie took the towel from my face and draped it over my midsection. I opened my eyes and there before me stood my beautiful aunt, dressed in a robe and her hair was done up in pigtails. “Hi John,” she said, “just relax and I guarantee you will have a good time.”

“Uh, hi Annie,” I stammered. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too John. Now are we going to get comfortable or are you going to keep that towel covering that beautiful cock of yours?”

At a loss for words, I just stared and nodded at her. She smiled and removed the towel and draped it across the back of the chair. “Now what is it that you are so ashamed of young man?”

“Uh… I don’t know,” I said embarrassed.

“Now come on! You can tell me!” she said, seeming ready to encourage me.

“You know,” I said nervously. “I’m like most guys, I… uh am not happy with the size,” I said shyly as my aunt stood above me.

Paula Ann laughed a hearty laugh. “Men!” she exclaimed. “All you guys are the same! You think that just because your cock isn’t 12 inches long that it is something to be ashamed of! Well, let an older woman tell you that is not what it’s all about.”

“It’s now?” I asked, uneasy at my aunt’s referring to my penis as a cock. It was such a dirty word and it sounded so much dirtier coming from between her sweet lips.

“No silly boy! It’s not!” I could almost feel Aunt Paula’s stare as her eyes moved from my face, down my chest, across my stomach and then to the hands that were covering my midsection. “In fact, it’s the farthest thing from what a real woman wants!” Paula’s hand grazed my stomach and her delicate fingers touched my hand. “Now let Annie see what you’ve got there young man.” I relaxed my arms and Paula smiled as she took my hands and laid them at my side. “Now what are you so ashamed of young man. That is a beautiful cock!”

“But every guy wants a bigger one,” I said.

“Yes they do. What they need to understand that it is the man, not the cock that is important. Take my husband for example. His cock is well over 10 inches long but he doesn’t know how to properly use it!” My 6-inch cock was now standing up proudly as Paula inspected it visually.

“You’re married?” I asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

“Yes. But he’s not interested in me any more. That’s why I’m here, to keep myself busy so I won’t have to think about the loneliness that I have to endure at home while he’s out of town.”

“I don’t believe that!” I said, not understanding how Uncle Ed could not care about the beautiful woman standing before me.

“It’s true John,” she said, her eyes beginning to water a little. “But,” she said, regaining her composure, “that’s enough about me. What is it that I can do for you young man. What would you like?”

“Ummmmm. I want a massage?” I told her, not completely comprehending where her question could be leading.

Paula giggled. “I know that silly boy! But, I want to know what kind of massage you want?”

“Ummmmm. What kind of massage?” I asked.

“Yes! What kind? You see I can do this three ways. I can do it fully clothed,” she said, faking a yawn, “or I can do it without the robe,” she said as she slid the robe from her body. “Or,” she paused, “I can take my clothes off and give you a complete body massage in the nude!”

“Nude?” I asked. “You mean naked?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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