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This story is based upon actual events….

Feeing a slight dose of desperation the summer after I turned eighteen led me to wondering, wondering about what pussy might smell like. That summer before my senior year in high school, I remember lying in bed one night thinking I’d never, ever get the chance to find out. Girls were still pretty foreign to me then, different and unattainable. Boys on the school bus would say “pussy smelled like tuna fish” but considering the sources, how could I believe them? They didn’t know, did they? What to do, what to think? Lying in my bed that night, I felt overwhelming desire and desperation to learn. And then, staring at my blank, dark ceiling, out of nowhere, the thought came to me that if I could get my hands on a pair of my Aunt Suzie’s panties, I might just find out!

My mom’s youngest sister, Aunt Suzie, had moved temporarily into the spare bedroom next to mine a few weeks before. She’d left a teaching job and an ex-boyfriend (“The Asshole”) in Texas to come home to the Washington DC suburbs to look for a new job and a new start. She was in her mid 20s then, I don’t know exactly how old. It had been years since I’d seen her, since before she went away to college, so when she showed up, she was kind of a stranger to me, different and grown up and experienced. She treated me in a friendly, familiar way, but I felt like a little kid next to her. She was like a younger version of my mom, though blonde, and really, really cute. And she brought this new energy into the house that I never remember feeling before. Aunt Suzie showed up and the entire house warmed up about 10 degrees and the lights went from 60-watts to like 100! I remember feeling funny and excited by her and stealing peeks at her, noticing things about her: The shape of her breasts in t-shirts, her lips, visible bra straps, and panty lines…

Ok, back to my story. I’m lying in bed, it’s late and the house is quiet, and I’ve got this thought in my head now: Aunt Suzie’s panties! God, she wears them all day long, so close, just holding her pussy! I can’t let go of this idea. Her panties! Suzie’s in the bedroom right next door! Is she asleep? An adolescent erection like steel!

Now, I can’t say for sure, but those might have been the first thoughts I ever had connecting panties and pussy and sex and girls and all that. Before that moment, I probably just considered girls’ underwear just that, underpants. But at that moment, I remember lying in my bed and imagining that her pussy was held right there in the center of her panties all day long and if I could get my nose anywhere in the vicinity of them, I might just learn what I was dying to know. It’s possible I became obsessed with panties at that very moment.

It was already pretty late, but I remember lying in my bed, cutting-edge rock hard, just waiting and waiting, listening as hard as I could until I was certain the entire house was sound asleep. Then I got up, entered the hallway, stood outside my Aunt’s closed door, then turned the knob and slowly, slowly opened her door. Faint light from the nightlight in the bathroom allowed me to see just enough. I stood there for a long time, my heart crashing in my chest … then quietly stepped in to her room like a thief. Once fully inside, I saw her clothes on the floor and just froze and concentrated on her breathing. Was it changing? No? Good. She was sound asleep. Her clothes were piled on the floor where she’d taken them off. And there in her jeans were a pair of dark panties all rolled up, left there just as she’d pealed them off and stepped out of them. Man, my heart was pounding! I did my best to remember how they looked in the darkness, how they were positioned, and I grabbed them and left. Even before I could see them, I felt they were satin. Oh God, was I excited!

Back in my room I held them to my nose and … well … you can imagine. Ambrosia! Her scent unbelievably exciting! I did everything I could think of that night with those panties. I smelled them until my smeller was all smelled out! Feeling them, touching them, examining them (dark blue satin bikinis, dark blue scalloped elastic edging, slight darkness on the white cotton panel that held her pussy so tight!) And imagining them on my Aunt! God! And I even put them on and, wow! Did that thrill me! I masturbated like mad that night, like only a teenaged boy can. It was crazy! A little before dawn I realized I’d need to put them back and snuck back in and did my best to reposition them, saying goodbye to them. Wow.

The entire next day I was nervous as hell. Exhausted, excited, scared. Dark circles under my eyes and weak, shaky knees, but thrilled, too. I watched with a wary eye, but Aunt Suzie gave no indication that anything was amiss. So the next night I did the same thing. This time they were dark green, same style. The difference was that on this second night, in my exhaustion, I fell Gaziantep Escort asleep wearing them. When my mom called me to wake up, I threw off my covers and saw I was still in them! Holy shit! That freaked me out and I immediately took them off and shoved them in between the mattress and box spring! God, I was shaking like a feather all morning, certain I would be caught and what would I say when confronted? I waited until after breakfast, and when my Aunt got up and went into the bathroom, I dashed into her room and put them back as best I could and then ran back out. I was scared to death all day, really scared, and interpreted everything Aunt Suzie said or did as evidence of my guilt. But again, it seemed, nothing was discovered. I felt like I’d dodged a bullet for sure and that night, exhausted, I went to bed thankful and fought my urge to enter her room yet again.

For a few days I didn’t do anything because I was pretty freaked out, at least in my mind, about almost getting caught. But then the thought entered my brain that Aunt Suzie’s panties would end up in the laundry hamper, where no one would miss them and there was almost no risk of being caught! That thought was like Zing! Like Adrenaline! And almost immediately, I eased myself into the basement and helped myself to my Aunt’s panties once again! This went on for several days running (my mom wore cotton, so easy to differentiate between them) and I became very familiar with the scent of my Aunt and began to look at her differently, in a more sexual way. It was a thrilling time for me. Until I got caught.

It was late in the summer by this time, and my Aunt was going on interviews during the day, and I was just not being careful. Down in the basement going through the hamper, hoping for yesterday’s satiny panties, I found a pair of see-through lacy ones I’d not seen before, and there I was with one arm buried in the hamper and a couple of pairs of my Aunt’s panties in my hands when my mom walked in on me. There I was, I mean, it was fucking obvious what was going on, but I jammed the panties back in, stuttered some lame excuse about how I was looking for money in my jeans pocket, and my mom was gracious enough to let me off with a knowing look. Dammit! I ran off to my room feeling like my world was about to end. Fuck, fuck, fuck! How could I be so stupid! And it was clear she told my Aunt because at dinner that night in front of everybody, Suzie made an offhand comment about me “wearing her underpants.” My younger twin brothers both snorted and laughed like crazy. Head down, eyes averted, I tried to play it off like she was teasing me, which is, hopefully, how my dad took it, but I knew she knew and obviously mom knew … something. It was pretty humiliating, and I just tried to just let it go and hope everyone else did the same. But I was busted, and that was it. Game over, even though that pair of lacy panties in the hamper continued to tug at me like nobody’s business.

Yeah, it was kind of a crazy time. For the last few weeks of summer I just tried to fly underneath the radar, tried to avoid Aunt Suzie and my mom, tried to keep my head down and my mouth shut. Aunt Suzie was given a job at an elementary school in the county, and started putting in long hours prepping her classroom and getting ready for the school year to start. No one paid much attention to me at home and I felt like a weight had been lifted and things seemed to start returning to normal with my Aunt and mom. I mean, my Aunt never said or did anything else to make me feel uncomfortable, but it was always just a little weird for me. Then, she rented an apartment and moved out. It was kind of abrupt, all of a sudden she was gone and the spare bedroom was once again empty. I figured that was probably a good thing.

A couple of days after she’d moved out, my mom took the brothers and went to run errands, buying school supplies for them, and I was left alone in the house. Being horny and bored, I wandered into the spare bedroom recalling the times I’d snuck in. It looked different in the day, empty. I don’t know why, really, but I found myself opening drawers and looking around. The closet was empty, just hangers and boxes of stuff my mom always stored on the shelves. As I went to close the door, I glanced down saw what looked like a crumpled up sheet of paper in the front corner, near where the door folded up. I reached for it and realized it was the lacy panties I’d been caught with! Holy crap! Did Suzie miss them when she moved out? Did she leave them on purpose? Fuck! I had no way of knowing but finding them was like a gift to my horny mind! Her scent was faint, yet distinct. I’ll leave it to your imagination what happened next, and then over and over for days….

A week or so later my senior year began. Certainly I looked like a man, but still sometimes felt like a kid, especially when it came to girls. About Gaziantep Escort Bayan that time, only a few days after the school year started, my father announced he was going to leave on a year-long excursion to sub-Saharan Africa on a hush-hush secret mission to find oil. He worked for an oil company, called himself a “Deep Earth Geologist” whenever anyone asked him what he did. He’d leave for field work for weeks or even a month at a time, but this time it was different. An entire year. My mom announced, too, that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, she was going to go over to Africa to be with him and that Aunt Suzie would be moving back in to watch over us. I remember clearly how my mom looked softly into my eyes as she said this, and my stomach did flops and all I could think about is that my mom knew exactly what I was thinking. I was instantly excited and afraid. Mom made a point of saying that, of course, I didn’t need anyone watching over me since I as so grown up, but the brothers did. She said that in the summer we’d all go, including Aunt Suzie, but instead of being excited, my entire body felt like weak, like I was made of Jell-O.

For the next few weeks, I tried my best not to think about what might happen when my mom left and my Aunt moved back in. The girls at school definitely offered some distraction, and homework and practicing the trumpet demanded attention, but it was as if there was a constant buzz inside my skin, something deep in my gut calling out to me: Aunt Suzie’s Panties. Of course, the pair I had were well explored and examined, but I wanted more, more, more!

Then it was Thanksgiving. I took Aunt Suzie’s lace panties and balled them up like I found them and put them back into the closet where I found them and the day after she moved back in and then my mom left for Africa to be with my dad. There was definitely some adjustment. Starting on that first Monday, Aunt Suzie was up and out early, driving my brothers to their school (she worked at a different school) and I was on my own to get breakfast and get to the bus. In the afternoons, I had to watch my brothers until my Aunt got home, and even had to start dinner. Aunt Suzie would get in around five o’clock and take over dinner.

The first few days I was pulled like a magnet to her room and to the hamper, but I resisted, trying to be careful and cautious. But I was curious, too, and one evening before Aunt Suzie got home, my brothers were watching TV downstairs and I snuck into her room and looked into her closet. I’d been wondering about those white lace panties. What I found was a plastic clothes basket full of her dirty laundry. I didn’t touch it, though I was sorely tempted. And I looked into the front corner where I’d left the lace panties and they were gone … but in their place was another pair. Holy shit, but my heart did a double-backflip in my chest. I looked and sure enough, they could have just been tossed into the dirty laundry basket and missed, but something told me that wasn’t what had happened. I felt the pressure of time and left them, closing the closet door and backing out, trying to erase my footprints from the carpet as I went. At dinner and later that night as we watched TV, I was so excited and looked to Aunt Suzie for indicators that something was up, but I couldn’t discern anything, and that night as I lay in bed, I convinced myself that it was just one of those things, that it wasn’t purposeful.

And that brings me to Friday night. Same routine. Homework, dinner, a little TV, put the brothers to bed, and then Aunt Suzie came back downstairs. She said she was exhausted and wanted to crash and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her. Of course I said OK. I was always thrilled and a little scared to be alone with her. I thought about her panties in the closet. I thought about all the times I’d sniffed her panties and played with them and masturbated. I wondered what she was wearing underneath her skirt right now, and knew that I could probably find out tomorrow. It was exhilarating and anxiety provoking at the same time, yet throughout it all she just seemed so cool and sweet and approachable.

She made some popcorn and put on a tape of Sixteen Candles, which I thought was lame, but whatever, I was happy to hang out with her. She hadn’t changed from work, and so was wearing a skirt and blouse. As we settled in to watch, sitting on either end of the couch, she kicked off her shoes, untucked her blouse, and propped up a pillow on the arm of the couch and leaned back. Once the popcorn was gone and the trailers were over, she shifted her position so that her back was against the arm of the couch and she stretched her legs out toward me, even kind of kicking me with her toes, you know, teasing me, saying she needed more room. But she then settled down and drew her knees up. She kept wiggling every so often to get comfortable and Escort Gaziantep I looked over and noticed that her skirt had fallen down her thighs and that her bottom was visible. The one light that was still on in the room was behind me and so it was shining right up her skirt. Her legs were together, but the barest hint of her panties (white!) was visible as they wrapped up around her bottom. I grabbed a pillow and rested it in my lap because all I was wearing was underpants and basketball shorts and I was getting hard. And so now what to do? I tried to focus on the movie, but, damn! All I wanted to do was look up her skirt! Of course, there was nothing to do but to try to steal glances. And then, barely able to breathe, my heart crashing in my chest, I just couldn’t help myself and turned in my corner of the couch to face her. Not directly the way she was facing me, but I moved so that I was at a 45-degree angle between the TV and my Aunt. I shifted on the couch and she shifted a bit, too. And she let her knees separate just a bit. I thought I would cum right then. I still tried to watch the movie, turning to my mom every time something funny or silly happened and we laugh a bit and when she turned back to the TV I’d let my gaze linger on her, trying my best to penetrate my gaze further up between her thighs and to will her to open her legs.

This went on for I don’t know how long. Ten minutes, fifteen minutes? There’s a scene in the film where the boys are trying to see the girls’ underwear, or steal it or something, I don’t know, but during that scene we looked at each other, I know I felt kind of thrilled and embarrassed, but she smiled at me and turned toward the TV. She said she was really sleepy, couldn’t keep her eyes open, and to wake her after the movie if she fell asleep. And then she closed her eyes. I was just watching her, taking her all in. And then Aunt Suzie just let her knees fall open! A little bit at first, thighs parting, then more and more until just a hint of white panty was visible, but then more, and then more, and then she just let one leg drop all the way to the sofa so that she was showing me her panty crotch full on. God! I could see little light brown curls coming from the edge of her panties. My entire body was electrified! Tingling! I could see clearly her entire mound, from seam to seam, even where the scalloped edges of her panties pulled away from her pussy and legs at the hollow at the top of her thighs. I was just staring at her, just staring at her pussy, right there. Unbelievable! She was just showing everything to me, letting me look! God how I wanted to touch her! She lay like that for what seemed like hours, thought it was probably only a few minutes or so, but god, god, god, it was incredible! The most amazing thing I’d ever seen! Her panties were satiny white and stretched tight over her beautiful pussy! God how I wanted to touch her and smell her.

And so I went for it. Couldn’t help myself. And so heart pounding, I slowly leaned over toward her, shifting my body slowly, slowly so as not to wake her (if she was even asleep!) until my face was within only a few inches of her pussy. I could feel her heat and could smell her, that familiar scent somehow richer and fuller and warmer! And so I hung there, hovering over her and breathing her in until I began to feel my muscles shake and so I sat back up, never taking my eyes from her panties. And then I reached out to her. I reached over to her and with one finger I touched the very center of her! God, she was so soft! Unbelievable!

But then she opened her eyes and sat up and looked at me. Instantly I pulled my hand back, eyes wide, heart pounding, scared shitless! She looked at me, narrowed her eyes for a moment. The hammer was going to come down, I was certain, so scared! She then smiled and said, “Listen, it’s time for me to go up. You gonna be OK here watching the rest of the movie without me?” I’m sure my eyes were huge! My cock hidden by the pillow certainly was! She stood up, said she was going to check on something in the basement real quick, then was going to head on up to bed. On her way back from the basement, she gave me a quick peck on the forehead her perfume warm and said, “Enjoy yourself,” and went upstairs.

I gotta say I sat there for a few minutes, my mind completely blown away, my cock just pulsating, I could feel the precum oozing and my head was spinning. What the fuck just happened? I thought. What the fuck! Amazing! And then I thought about the basement, holy crap! As quietly as I could, those damn creaky stairs, I was downstairs, that one bare bulb swinging, and sitting right on top of the pile of clothes in the hamper, laid out like a present were my Aunt’s satin panties. I swear they were still warm, though that was probably my imagination. Fuck, I came right where I stood, her panties to my nose and mouth and two strokes of my cock, and I sprayed my cum all over the other clothes in the hamper! I wore her panties to bed that night, put them back in the morning right on top, covering up the dried cum on the other clothes.

The next three weeks were pretty crazy, but I’m going to leave this story right here for now…. Hope you enjoyed it!

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