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Barbara opened her eyes, smiling as she remembered the heated, torrid session of hot, sweaty sex she and Abigail had enjoyed, after visiting Richard the previous day. She reached out to pull her niece closer but felt only empty space. She remembered that today was his release day, and she turned her eyes toward the bedside clock, amazed to see the time as 8 AM, she was almost always up at 6 AM. She grinned, maybe she needed more sleep to recover from the way that Abigail has so pleasantly used her body. She was a bit disappointed that Abigail was not there, she wanted to make her sexy little niece cum.

Almost as if on cue, Abby walked into the bedroom, wearing her white terrycloth robe, she saw her Auntie Babs awake. She had just gone to her room to freshen up. Abigail’s sky blue eyes started to take on that stormy look of lust, and untying the belt, she shucked the robe off her shoulders, letting it hit the floor.

She stood for a few moments, displaying her nudity, Barbara’s lust-filled gaze made her body tingle, and she turned slowly, letting her Auntie Babs feast her eyes. She climbed into bed and under the covers, they came together. Abby’s hand came up and stroked Barbara’s face gently. Then her head came forward, giving Barbara a good morning kiss, that lingered into a tongue-filled swirl, neither of them wanting to break up the quickly building heat.

Breaking the kiss, her face flushed, Abby whispered, “What time is it?”

“It’s just after 8, I’m surprised I slept so late,” Barbara replied softly.

“When will they sign Richard out, do you think it will be very soon, or do you think we have enough time for some morning fun?” Abby asked, with a lust-filled smile.

The lust-filled smile made Barbara’s pussy pulse, for her, she would make time.

“I think we have time, baby,” Barbara murmured, quickly covering Abby’s mouth with her own, eager to turn the flame of desire into a full-fledged blaze.

Oh god, Abby adored kissing her Auntie Babs, it was such a turn-on, her lips were soft, warm, and welcoming, and when their tongues came together, Abby could feel her pussy starting to thrum.

After several minutes, she broke the kiss and worked her way down. Her face was quickly in front of her Auntie Babs’ boobs, god, they were so perfect. Her Auntie Babs had the nicest set of boobs she’d ever seen, so luscious, so round and full, topped with two big, stiff, so suckable nipples, looking almost like big, pink cherries topping them off. Abby quickly got her mouth around the left nipple, suckling contentedly, and nibbling gently at the stiff, swollen nipple.

Barbara growled with pleasure, she gently cradled Abigail’s head to her, murmuring, “Yes, oh yes my sweet sexy nice, Ummm, my baby, suck my tits, Ummm, oh feels so wonderful.”

Encouraged, Abby then switched to her right nipple, eager to lick and suck those stiff pink köle escort beauties, closing her lips around it, her tongue swiping at it, then suckling and nibbling contentedly, umm, she loved to suck those hard, pink nipples.

Barbara wanted to do the same for Abigail, she knew her niece hoped for more up top and was quite shy about her chest size. At least she had developed a bit more from last year, she was up from a 32A to what looked like a 34A. By the time Barbara was Abigail’s age, she was a full 36D. Barbara hoped she had some more inches to grow, but for now, she was determined to show her niece that it wasn’t the size of the chest that counted, it was what a lover did to them.

“Your turn Sweetheart,” she whispered to Abby.

Nestling into the valley between, Barbara cooed, “Oh yes, such lovely breasts, you have such pretty tits Abigail, Ummm, so lickable and suckable, I’m going to suck and nibble on your pretty nipples, baby.”

Oh yes, that made Abby’s feelings of desirability surge right up, then the wondrous pulses that started to zing right through her, as her Auntie Babs did exactly as promised, her lips fastened around first one nipple, then the other. Her Auntie was a great lover, she switched back and forth, eager to give both nipples lots of pleasure, licking, sucking, and nipping gently, giving such doting, lingering attention, making Abby’s nipples throb.

She looked up at Abby, smiling, and whispered “69 baby?”

Abby grinned, and said, “I thought you’d never ask!” then giggled, as they repositioned themselves in that well-known number.

Barbara pulled Abigail’s pussy tight against her face, ravenously feasting on her niece, her tongue dipping deep into Abigail’s fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding Barbara’s mouth. She started flicking her tongue against her niece’s straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

Abby could feel the pulses of pleasure, her Auntie Babs’ hot mouth at her steaming core, driving her wild, and she buried her face in Auntie Babs’ molten hot pussy, licking her, tasting her hot musky juices, their shared arousal feeding off each other, making them hotter and hotter, Abby wrapped her tongue around her Auntie Babs’ bulging clit, pulling at the engorged stem over and over again.

The room quickly filled with sounds of pleasure, as they eagerly feasted on each other’s steamy seams. The room was filled with the mingled scents of their lust, it was going to be another hot day, and the heat of the early morning made sweat break out on their bodies, making them glisten and gleam as they lovingly licked each other.

Their hot, panting breaths filled the room as they licked each other in unison, reaching for that climax. They held on tight, eating each other ravenously until they both exploded, pussies gushing köle escort bayan crazily, howls and cries of orgasm filling the room, their bodies shuddering and writhing together in orgasmic fulfillment.

Abby flopped down, her body totally spent, shaking from the sensory rush. She cuddled against her Auntie Babs, enjoying the closeness after lovemaking.

“Come with me baby, let’s take a shower together,” Barbara said softly after a few minutes.

Under the spray, they passed around the soap, washing each other’s backs, the feel of the warm water, the suds, and the rubbing of bodies together started them going. Barbara didn’t think they really had time for another full session, but they did have time for a quickie. With a smile, she pulled her sexy niece close.

“Let’s have a quickie Abigail, I’ll stroke your pretty pussy while you stroke mine.”

She saw Abigail’s smile, then felt the pleasure of her niece’s fingers sliding down, trailing teasingly through her red muff. Barbara cooed, and slid her hand down, trailing over Abigail’s bare, smooth hair-free mound. Barbara felt Abigail’s fingers tracing lightly over her lower lips, drawing a moan of pleasure from her, Ummm, that felt so wonderful, and she enjoyed her sexy niece’s answering coo of pleasure as her fingers slipped over Abigail’s lower lips, her pussy was soaked, and she slipped two fingers in, then sucked in her breath as she felt Abigail do the same thing to her.

Their pussies quickly became soaked with desire. Bodies pressed together, Barbara started to rub her luscious mounds against Abigail’s breasts. The feel of hard nipples brushing against each other made the lust blaze higher, their hands caressing and stroking each other’s smoldering pussies. With their hands wet with each other’s juices, they started to dance their fingers over each other’s throbbing clits, and that was all it took.

Abigail cried out wordlessly, as Barbara’s talented fingers took her over, and she pressed herself as tightly against her Auntie Babs’ sexy body as she could, as Barbara growled out, “Oh yes baby, so good, so fucking gooood, uummmmmm” as she felt her niece’s sexy fingers pull her into orgasm, their bodies shook wildly, as they fingered each other to shuddering orgasms. They stayed under the water for several minutes, holding each other close, and enjoying the afterglow.

Barbara tipped up Abigail’s chin, saw her eyes looking happily at her, and she gave her niece a quick, passion-filled smooch, and said, “Let’s get dry, dressed, and get your brother!”

Abby exclaimed, “Oh yeah, I’ve missed him so much!”

Drying off quickly, and getting dressed, they wasted no time in getting on the road, and Richard was waiting for them. After the discharge papers were signed, he grumbled about having to be taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

“Jeez, escort köle talk about making me feel like an invalid!”

Barbara and Abigail smiled, it sounded like he was well on the way to recovery. They carefully loaded him into the backseat, so he could stretch out, and Barbara noticed that Abigail was turned around in the front seat, not letting him out of her sight, and talking to him only. She smiled, she had a feeling that her plans were coming together nicely.

Barbara had a nice, tasty lunch prepared in very little time, and Richard and Abigail hungrily ate their fill, sighing with satisfaction.

“Ahh, fantastic, they may know how to take out my appendix, but whoever makes the food could use more than a few lessons in how to make food taste great from our Auntie Babs!” Richard exclaimed.

Abby smiled happily, it was great to have her brother back with her. She had started to feel the pull of something more than just a brother-sister closeness, she wanted to get closer to him, in a more intimate way.

The idea had both frightened and at the same time fascinated her, after seeing the way he made love to Auntie Babs, Abby had started to wonder what it would feel like to have his hard manhood buried deep inside her, fucking her until he exploded his thick spray of sperm deep inside her. The idea of his stiff, hard cock breaking open her virginity made her feel hot and feverish with desire.

After lunch, Barbara told them she had to run a few errands, and in her Saturn Vue, she drove away from the closest town, and went another 40 miles, to the much bigger city that was second closest to the farm. She wanted to put her plans together, and buy some special things for Abby’s birthday, she had written a list, and she made sure that she got exactly what was needed, checking the items off as she got them, going over the list once more, to make sure she had everything.

Richard was stretched out on the couch, snoozing, and Abby slipped upstairs quietly, her pussy was still feeling flushed and wet from the idea of having Richard deflower her, and in her bedroom, she stripped naked, knelt on her bed, stuffed a pillow between her legs, and rode.

Her breath quickly started to speed up, she had that dreamy, far away look on her face, Ummm, the plushness of her pillow rubbing right against her creamy center was always so good. She started grinding down, then up, rocking and rotating her hips, fingers cupping her breasts, tweaking at her nipples, making them throb with sensations.

She was facing her mirror, watching the image of herself masturbating wantonly made her pussy blaze with heat. She knew an orgasm was almost on her, and her hips went into overdrive, she quickly imagined Richard ramming his bone-hard cock into her, his face screwed up in a grimace of pleasure, growling, and the gushing of his cock exploding deep inside her, his seed pouring into her no longer virginal womb, and she went flying over the edge, squealing with pleasure, rubbing madly against the pillow, wanting to draw out every last little bit of her climax, until she slumped down, breathless, sweaty and satisfied, that dreamy smile still on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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