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I’m Judy, early 40s and happily married to Tim. Well, when I say happily married what I really mean is, generally happy but sexually frustrated. You see Tim only wants sex once a week and then just straight intercourse with him on top. Of course, I have an orgasm but sometimes I just want a real good fucking or to suck his cock and get a mouthful of his lovely hot cum.

I don’t normally use words like fucking but sometimes that’s how I feel. Of course I enjoy making love but why can’t he just sometimes bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me from behind.

This frustration has been hard to cope with and I’ve found that I’ve had to result to playing with myself to satisfy this need.

We live near the coast and as I don’t work I have lots of spare time during the day. Lately, during this nice hot weather we’ve been having I’ve been spending time at the Jazz Cafe at Sandbanks enjoying a coffee or two but really just admiring the many young good looking guys walking around in the hot sun and imagining them doing very naughty things to me. I then wander home and as Tim is at work its not long before I’m playing with my nipples and then progressing down to my pussy and bringing myself to a body shaking orgasm.

I want to tell you about one day in particular. I had woken up really horny because Tim hadn’t wanted sex the previous evening. My pussy was beginning to drip. I was so very tempted to turn on the computer, find a nice porn site and wank my clit to a thundering orgasm. In fact that was really what I wanted but something stopped me.

Instead I dressed in a summery dress with a low cut top. There was no way I was going to wear any knickers and I seriously considered leaving my bra off, but as I have rather large tits I thought they needed a bit of support so I found a white frilly quarter cup one. I admired myself in the mirror before heading out.

I had decided I was going to the Jazz Cafe at Sandbanks and just going to sit and watch the sexy young guys (and girls) walking around and let my imagination do the rest. I had been there for about an hour sipping a nice glass of white wine admiring the young athletic bodies. My pussy was getting wetter all the time and I enjoyed the feeling as I kept squeezing my thighs together.

I was daydeaming and imagining all sort of naughty things when I heard a voice say, ‘Hi Judy’.

I looked up to see my nephew John standing in front of me. He said, ‘What you doing here, can I join you?’

‘Of course,’ I said. He sat down and I asked him if he wanted a drink. He said, ‘Thanks, I’ll have a beer.’

I went inside and got a beer. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed to see him as I was more than happy sitting there with my fantasies but then I reckoned he’d have his beer and then go.

I sat down opposite bursa otele gelen eskort him and John drank his beer. We chatted about the family in general and asked him how his mum, my older sister was.

I also noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes off my tits. At first I thought to myself, ‘Hey John you can’t do that I’m your auntie, you really shouldn’t be looking at my tits.’

But I suddenly realised I was enjoying it and I found myself turning round to face him directly and even leaning forward a little so he could see further down my top. This was making me even more excited. I know John is my nephew but he’s also a good looking young 20 year old guy.

As we chatted I found myself actually flirting with him and then asked him, ‘You’re enjoying looking down my top aren’t you?’

John blushed and said, ‘Oh sorry, I know I shouldn’t.’

I replied, ‘I don’t mind at all, do you like what you see,’ I said, leaning even further forward.

‘Wow, yes, I think you’ve got lovely breasts,’ he replied.

‘I call them my tits, I think its naughtier to call them my tits.’ ‘Do you like looking at auntie’s big tits,’ I teased him.

He blushed again and nodded.

I knew this was wrong, here I was flirting with my nephew, my sister’s son, but it turned me on even more.

I asked him, ‘Would you like to see all of them, would you like to see more of auntie’s tits?’

He nodded again.

I stood up and went to the ladies and took off my bra and went straight back outside and as I sat down I handed him my bra. I leaned forward and said, ‘Can you see all of auntie’s tits now, can you see aunties nipples? Now auntie hasn’t got any underwear on at all.’

‘Oh auntie, yes, they look wonderful, they are so big. Do you mean you’re not wearing any knickers either?’ John asked.

‘Yes, that’s right, no bra and no knickers,’ I told him.

‘Would you like to suck auntie’s nipples,’ I asked.

I thought what a stupid question, of course he wants to suck them. I said, ‘Let’s go back to my place, Tim is at work. We quickly knocked back our drinks and we jumped into my convertible Audi and drove back to my house. Amazingly we hardly spoke as we drove, I was now seriously thinking what a mistake I had made, although I also have to admit that I was extremely horny. The drive back took about 5 minutes and my hand was shaking as I put the key in the lock. I was going to do something I hadn’t done in 20 odd years of marriage, and even worse I was going to do it with my nephew.

We went in and I grabbed John and gave him a deep passionate kiss and our mouths soon opened and accepted each other tongues. I broke away first and simply pulled my top down and pushed his face down to my tits. I loved bursa eve gelen escort bayan the feel as his lips clamped tightly round a nipple while his hand tweeked and squeezed the other one. I reached down and felt his hard cock through his trousers and squeezed it. I took his other hand and put it between my legs. John gasped in surprise as he realised he was feeling my very wet pussy. He stopped sucking my nipples and slid a finger inside me. My cunt was so wet. I parted my legs and his fingers slid all the way in.

I knew I was going to cum quickly and I wanted the pleasure to last longer. I grabbed John’s hand and led him into the lounge and pulled him down onto the floor. We grabbed at each others clothes and undressed each other. I was delighted when I saw the size of his erect cock. It was longer and thicker than Tims and I just wanted it inside me. I had had enough of Tim lying on top of me and fucking me and now I was going on top.

I raised myself up and put my legs either side of John and lowered myself down onto his lovely hard cock. I eased myself down slowly at first but then plunged all the way down as my nephew’s cock filled my cunt. I raised myself up slowly again and then plunged down hard and fast. The pleasure was incredible and the fact that I was fucking my sister’s son made it more exciting. I reached for John’s hands and put them on my large tits and said, ‘Pinch and squeeze auntie’s nipples, oh yes that’s lovely, harder, harder, squeeze them, pinch them, oh fuck, John, thats wonderful.’

My orgasm was approaching and I sensed John’s was too. I was on the pill so I knew John could cum inside me, in fact even if I wasn’t on the pill I would have wanted to feel my nephew’s cum shooting deep inside my wet slutty cunt. Suddenly I was there and I screamed out in pleasure as I had an enormous orgasm and even as it subsided John kept thrusting upwards to meet my pushing and a second and eventually a third orgasm rushed through my body.

Just as I had my third orgasm I felt John’s cock pulsating even more and knew he too was about to cum and I adored the feeling as I felt his hot spunk pump violently into my cunt.

I lay down on his chest for a couple of minutes to recover. I admit I had a few thoughts of regret at what I had done but as I felt John’s cock start twiching again in my lovely wet cunt these regrets soon disappeared. I actually surprised myself at how quickly I was getting horny again. I wanted to suck him off but I also wanted him to fuck me from behind, to use me and abuse my cunt, my slutty auntie cunt.

I knew I could soon get him hard again by using my mouth so I decided he was going to fuck me from behind. I raised myself up off his ever hardening cock and stood up and bayan eskort bursa grabbed his hand.

‘Come with me,’ I demanded.

I led him upstairs to my bedroom. The bedroom where my husband, my nephew’s uncle makes love to me but now his nephew was going to fuck his auntie here.

I leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of the bed. My arse stuck up in the air with my wet cunt waiting for John’s cock. He moved forward and I felt his cock and the opening of my cunt. I thrust backwards to meet him thrusting forward and John’s erect cock slid all the way in. I could feel his balls banging against my arse.

‘Fuck auntie’s slutty cunt,’ I ordered him. ‘Make auntie’s slutty cunt cum,’ I demanded.

I loved the feel as John thrust his cock deeper and deeper into me. I was in heaven. I looked at the bed and imagined Tim, my husband, watching me, his slutty wife being fucked senseless by our nephew. Although I had already cum three times I knew I was going to cum again soon, in fact very very soon as John pounded away at me. Suddenly I was there and my cunt almost ejaculated another huge amount of cunt juice out of me.

‘Cum in me,’ I told John and within a few moments I felt another huge surge of my nephew’s hot spunk deep inside me.

We collapsed on the floor with exhaustion and I loved the feel as I felt John’s spunk trickle out of me. Although I was now satisfied there was just one more thing I wanted. I got John to sit on my marital bed and I knelt in between his legs. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. As I clamped my lips tight around the head and started sucking it I loved the feel as it hardened between my lips. I reached up and squeezed his balls and with my lips clamped tightly around his cock I started moving my mouth up and down his cock.

I loved the taste of my cunt juices on his cock which just seemed to excite me even more. Suddenly I wanted to cum again but I carried on sucking John off. I was now desperate to taste my nephew’s cum and I sucked as hard as I could. I soon felt that wonderful twitching feeling as I knew he was about to cum. I made sure my lips were clamped around his cock as tight as ever so that none of his lovely spunk could escape.

Then I happened as jet after jet of wonderful hot cum hit the back of my mouth. I was going to swallow it all but wanted to savour the taste and texture of it so kept it in my mouth.

Now it was my turn and we swapped places and I sat on the bed, the bed that my husband made love to me in and where now John my 20 year old nephew and lover was going to lick my cunt. I parted my legs and pulled his face to me. I was in heaven as I felt his lips and tongue against my soaking wet cunt lips and then as he found my clit and sucked it I came almost instantly. I put my hands behind John’s head and pulled his face tight against my cunt and ground it against me. I could still taste his cum in my mouth and as my fourth or was it my fifth orgasm subsided I swallowed it all.

Now totally exhausted and satisfied we showered and John went home. I don’t mind Tim making love to me only once a week now as my 20 year old nephew and lover keeps me well and truly fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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