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Ralph was at the beginning of a two-week vacation at a ski resort in Pennsylvania. He was coasting along with the momentum of a trip down a long slope and passing by the side of a rather steep cliff when another skier, evidently a beginner, sideswiped him slightly.

He stopped, as she did (he didn’t know she was female then), and he started to bawl her out for being careless, when a car backfired out on the road. He looked up, realizing suddenly that this was not a good place to stop, and saw the snow above him start to shift.

To the right was a cave, and he grabbed her and ran for it (such as you can run, on skis). He could not easily tell how much snow was piled in front of the cave afterward, but it was over their heads and the volume was at least that of the inside of the cave. The rock was not going to cave in while the snow might well if they tried to dig out, so the thing to do was to wait for rescue. He had seen other skiers in the distance, who would have seen what happened and would send help.

Ralph now turned back to his involuntary companion for the first time, and realized that the long blonde hair he had already glimpsed went with a long body and large breasts. And, at the moment, a worried expression. Not that any of those could be seen clearly in the reflected light coming from above the piled snow..

“Do you think we’ll get out of this alive?” she asked.

“I imagine so,” he replied. “They know we are here, and they can bring a snowplow up if it’s needed. We may not even get hungry in here, though we are likely to get cold.”

“I already am,” she said. “It is freezing in here.”

“Well, to tell the truth, I am too. There is a wind in here, coming in with that daylight we can see up there, but that place is too high up for us to get out by.”

Valerie — she volunteered her name casino şirketleri then — wanted to explore to see if there was any other way out, but in that near-total darkness there was little hope of finding anything. (Ralph carried a pen-light on his keychain.) The temperature rise that had loosened the snow had reversed itself now and it got colder fast.

After a while Ralph suggested that they hug each other to conserve body heat, since there was no fuel for a fire or means of starting one anyhow. Valerie did not want to do it at first, since she did not know him and was afraid of him — she almost seemed to think that he had arranged the avalanche as a means of picking her up. Ralph thought he had seen her back at the ski- lodge and admitted to himself that he might have pursued her, but under warmer circumstances.

But the longer she waited the colder she got, till eventually she agreed. He gently put his arms around her and she began to feel warmer. She decided to herself that she liked his touch and liked being in his arms. Their faces were close together and they were breathing into each other’s faces. Valerie began to think about his kissing her, and then to wish that he would, since it would be so natural and right, somehow.

He moved his mouth closer to hers at that moment, then he touched his lips to hers. She tried to resist at first, while wishing again that he would kiss her after all. But she relaxed and let him kiss her. By now they had been in the cave for half an hour. His tongue darted between her lips and impulsively she grabbed hold of his tongue with her mouth and pulled it deep inside. His tongue explored her mouth, then her tongue in turn forced its way into his and reached for every corner of it as her breathing became faster.

After several minutes, Ralph reached between them to unzip casino firmaları her ski jacket. Valerie protested, but she could only make tiny little sounds because she had her tongue in his mouth. His hands reached below her sweater and he discovered that she was not wearing a bra. The bulk of the sweater and the tightness of the jacket would be enough support, she had thought that morning, though the bouncing on the slopes had proved her wrong.

He felt the warmth in her breasts and rested his hands against them. She hesitated for a moment then she opened his parka. She reached under his sweater and shirt and moved her hands across his chest. She played with his nipples and he began to stroke hers. Hers began to get very erect and hard, as was his penis, which was as hard as a rock by now.

His arousal — and hers — frightened her a bit, though it was obvious that it was going to happen and that they had been moving in that direction. The question was how far they were going to go.

Despite Ralph’s reassurances, she was very afraid of being overlooked and forgotten in here, dying frozen in the arms of a strange man. That combined with the nervousness of being sexually excited by a man whom she did not know made her both unwilling and eager for the same things, but in need nonetheless of a distraction from the first worry. So went another ten minutes.

He unzipped her ski pants then and to his surprise, and to hers, she did not protest, though she trembled from something other than cold — the cold was not even in her mind at this point, for this moment. His hands slipped inside her panties and not long later one finger slid inside of her. Valerie was extremely wet and very very warm.

With a boldness that she did not know she had she unfastened the top of his ski pants and removed his hard member. Her hand circled güvenilir casino it and stroked it a few times as she reflected that she had never really seen his face in a full light, let alone the tube of flesh that she had in her hand and now wanted to have inside of her.

Ralph shifted to lie between her legs, after lowering her clothing to allow for the ultimate contact, the sweetest kind of all. “Be gentle,” she asked him.

“I will,” he whispered.

He touched the head of his hard shaft to her outer lips and entered for less than an inch. Valerie drew in a breath as if in fear. He slowly began to thrust, and soon he felt the resistance that explained much of her nervousness. Then came the release, as she gave a sudden sharp cry and he slid further in.

Valerie clung to him in mixed fear and desire, at the feel of a man moving in her for the first time in her life, at the knowledge that as things stood he might well be depositing his seed in her for the first time as well, and at the fear that it might also be the last time, that they might be entombed here. She gave herself up to him and to his thick manhood with a fervor that frightened her.

He began to increase his strokes, to thrust and thrust, with the friction increasing, and the heat increasing. The motions of his hips became long and slow as Valerie became accustomed to him and his invading missile and to what they were doing together in the darkness in the cave — in her cave as well. She began to reach a peak, and gasped louder and louder. He pumped faster as he himself approached orgasm. She gripped him strongly as he spurted jet after jet of hot liquid inside of her.

As she tightened around him and milked him of his sperm, whether she wanted to or not, her sudden desperate thought was that she did not want to become pregnant, but she prayed she would be able to worry about it…

After they settled in each other’s arms, their naked skin still touching, they felt warmer, and content to wait till they were rescued by the snowplow that they could hear chugging toward them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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