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A word about the series, unrequited love had always been one my favorite subjects. I guess that is because it appeals to both the romantic and compassionate parts of my personality. I really hate the idea of two people would suffering needlessly with happiness and fulfillment so close to them.

The plot of each story attempts to place the central characters in a situation that will allow them to discover their true emotions and fulfill their desires.

The primary mechanism I use to accomplish this is “Accidental Sex,” something I am sure is quite rare.

Sometimes the “Accidental Sex” resulted while the characters were engaged in some physical activity together, neither of them started out with the intention of being intimate with the other.

Other times I have used another set of characters, which I have come to affectionately think of as the “Matchermaker Bandits.”

In these stories, it is necessary to have the main characters restrained in some manner by the “Matchmaker Bandits.” I use this simply as a plot mechanism to place lovers into a situation where they are allowed to express their true desires and feelings.

In all the stories of this series, sexual intimacy between the lovers begins as the unintended result of either some physical action by one or both of them sometimes with the aid of a neutral external force acting upon them, such as a bumpy truck in motion.

In none of my stories are the main characters forced to have sex. They decide to have sex!

With that in mind, please enjoy this the third installment in the Accidents Will Happen Series.

Accidents Will Happen, The Great Museum Robbery

“Try to think about something else Jim.,” Joni said to me as my penis began to growing to full erection. But that is a lot harder than it sounds when you have a totally naked woman laying on top of you with her legs straddling your hips and her pert nipples poking into your chest.

It was about 2:30 in the morning on a Friday of the second week of September and unseasonably warm outside.

The fact that it was 78 degrees outside made me glad that my job did not require me to work outdoors.

The company I worked for had received the contract to upgrade the network of the Museum of Arts and Sciences. As the following morning the museum was to open for a new exibit of rare Egyptian artifacts, we had been given one night to complete the job .

I had worked with Joni for about three months and we had already developed the comfortableness with each other that new friends start to have.

As the client was not going to be present while we were working, we had both decided to be comfortable and dress casually. I had always made it a point as a professional not to allow myself to be distracted by such things while on the job but this time was to be the exception.

Besides being both very competent and a hard worker, Joni was quite attractive having short curly red hair, nice firm breasts and the most attractive pouting lips.

I found It was becoming increasingly more difficult to concentrate as Joni had showed up to work that night wearing a cute white blouse with frills on both collar and sleeves and a neckline cut just low enough to show enough of her ample bosom to keep me distracted. To make things worse, she was also wearing a somewhat provocative pair of tight red shorts that perfectly accented her curly red hair.

While I was working on the last stages of the upgrade of the second of three servers, she was busy wiping each workstation and installing a Operating System.

She turned to me and said, “Jim, I’m going out to the van and get my utility disk. This damn thing has a boot sector virus on it! I’ll be back in a second.”

As she headed toward the exit I called to her, “Hey, while you’re out there, can you see if there is any change still lying around? I’m dying for some caffeine and sugar.”

“Sure, need anything else?” She asked.

“Nope, just the caffeine fix; thanks.” Unfortunately, a caffeine fix was not the first answer that came to my mind when she asked that last question.

She had been gone a little longer than I expected and I was busy banging away at the keyboard when I heard her voice calling me, “Jim.”

“Just a second; I am almost done.” I said without looking up from the computer screen.

“JIM!” she said louder with urgency in her voice.

When I looked over at her I instantly realized why she was so insistent on getting my attention. Standing behind her were Sivas Escort a man and a woman dressed in what appeared to be security guard’s uniforms; both were wearing one of those cheap plastic Lone Ranger masks you buy for Halloween. The man was holding Joni’s arm behind her back and an old style .38 police special to her head. The woman was pointing a similar weapon directly at me. “They’re robbing the museum, Jim!” Joni said with fear in her voice.

“Keep your mouths shut. Do as you are told and don’t give us any trouble and you wont get hurt.” The female robber said to us. “Don’t” she continued, “and the cops will creating their own artwork on the floor with chalk. Get the picture?”

While the woman held her weapon on Joni, her companion took me to a storage room located near the museum’s loading dock. I was forced to help him uncrate, then cover with padding several large paintings that the museum’s personnel had apparently prepared for shipping and subsequent pickup.

The man handed me a 1 and a half inch drill bit the likes of which you might use to install a door knob. He then pointed to one of the cordless drills which, I can only assume was used by the museum staff to seal crates, and told me to drill several holes in one that was unused and its accompanying lid. Both crate and top were insulated with thick plastic covered padding ; and the crate, except for some packing blankets, was empty.

I started to worry when it occurred to me that the crate was just large enough for two people. I considered trying to jump him but realized that Joni was surely dead if I failed, and possibly even if I did not. I was pretty sure that if I had a firearm this guy would have been toast; after all, you do learn something playing first person shooters. Unarmed, well I didn’t like the odds. After all, I’m a computer geek not Walker, Texas Ranger! I decided not to risk it.

We then used a small forklift to load a crate and lid onto the truck. After that, we went back into the area in which I had been working and I was happy to see that Joni was still safe.

We all headed to the truck where they told us to get into the back.

When we got there, the male robber told us to get into the crate.

It was then that his companion said, “Wait, I have a better idea. Strip!” and got a wicked smile on her face.

I looked at Joni; she looked at me; and while we both just stood there in shock, the woman said while pointing her weapon at Joni, “Now! We haven’t got all night!” We started to strip and both stopped when we were down to our underwear. The woman looked at us and said, “I said strip; all of it!”

I closed my eyes as I pulled my tee-shirt over my head and I opened them just in time to see Joni’s firm breast spring free of her bra.

We both looked at each other in embarrassment for a second but it didn’t last long because the impatient female robber did not give us time to think about it.

Impatiently she said, “Hurry up, now the rest of it, or do you want us to do it for you?”

At that we each let the last stich of clothing protecting our modesty fall away.

Her male companion whistled when he saw the now fully nude Joni. Even as she tried to look away from me, I couldn’t help but notice that Joni was a true red head.

The female robber said to me, “Not bad for a computer nerd.”

She then pointed to the empty crate and said, “Take out those blankets and get in.”

I removed the blankets from the crate and started to get in face first so that I could lay on my stomach but she stopped me and said, “No! Not that way; lay on your back.”

Having no choice, I turned over and lay back into the crate.

She turned to Joni and said, “Now its your turn Sweety, get in; and just so there’s no confusion, face first!”

Joni walked toward the case looking even more embarrassed than before and climbed on top of me with her legs straddling me on both sides. She tried to keep her pelvis from touching mine by keeping her weight on her knees.

Then the female robber took the bundle of blankets I had removed from the crate and shoved them behind Joni’s ass as though she were packing us for shipping. She took the flash light from her belt and turned it on. Then, she pointed her weapon at Joni’s breast and pushed her into a sitting position.

She then bent down very close to me and said, “It seems an awful shame for you not to be able to enjoy the view.” and then she looked at Joni.

Turning back to me she placed the Sivas Escort Bayan flash light under my neck and said, “Here’s a little light for you.” With that she put her head down and French kissed me for several seconds.

After she pulled her mouth from mine she said to me, “Enjoy the ride honey.”

I really wish she hadn’t done that because the combination of her warm tongue in my mouth and Joni sitting on me started the flow of blood to my till then dormant penis.

She then turned to Joni and said, “Looks like your lucky night Sweety.”

Her male companion snickered and said to her, “You’re such a romantic Baby.”

“Yeah, I just love playing matchmaker,” she said and then pushed Joni down onto me and placed the lid on the crate.

When the lid was in place Joni said to me, “Jim, they are going to kill us! I don’t want to die this way.”

I started to reassure her when we heard one of them say, “Don’t worry; both of you did as you were told and we keep our word. We wont kill you. We just need time to get away once we get to the rendezvous point. Once we are safely away, we will call the police and tell them where you are. If we wanted to kill you, you would be dead already.”

After that they secured the lid to the crate with four screws.

The doors to the truck closed; the engine started and the truck started moving.

It was warm but not stifling in the crate but we both started to sweat.

“I don’t think the are going to kill us.” I said to Joni.

She looked me in the eyes as if trying to decide whether I was lying and then said with the sound of relief in her voice, “Yeah, I think you are right.”

“Are you terribly uncomfortable; do your knees hurt?” I asked her.

“No, not at all” she replied, “the padding in the crate is actually quite soft.”

Joni was still trying to use her knees to hold her pelvis away from mine but whenever the truck would hit a bump she would be thrown momentarily forward, causing her breast to rub against my chest, and then she would be thrown backward just enough for her pelvis to rub against the head my recently awakened penis.

Just our luck, I thought to myself, the truck these robbers chose to use is in dire need of new shocks as the ride became suddenly bumpy.

The contact of her pelvis rubbing on the head of my already agitated penis was begining to have its effect on me.

I closed my eyes and tried not to think about what was happening while hoping my dick would go back to sleep. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell my prick and the truck to cooperate with me.

A few more bumps later and it was fully awake.

“Is that?” Joni said to me.

“Yes.” I answered embarrassed.

“Well, can’t you do something about it?” she asked.

“I am trying; but its pretty hard,” I stopped instantly realizing my poor choice of words.

“I know that!” she said in retort.

It was then that I realized it was now rubbing into the furrow of her warm pussy lips and they were definitely very wet.

“That’s not what I meant.” I said desperately.

“Well,” she continued, “Try to think about something else Jim.”

“I am; but it’s just not working.” I told her truthfully. “Every time you move…it…it, well you know.” I tried to explain.

“Its not my fault!” She said defensively.

“I didn’t mean it was; its just that when the truck bounces it makes you move and rub my… you know.”

Then a few seconds later I asked her, “Can you move at all?”

“Not much with those damn blankets behind my ass!” she said.

Then it seemed that the truck turned onto a gravel road and things got worse because it was really bumpy. I noticed now that her breathing had become slightly labored and she seemed to jump a little with each bump. I guessed that her clit must have been rubbing on my fully erect shaft.

In desperation she said to me, “Maybe if I can raise my ass a bit you might be able to put you thing under my belly, then I can drop my weight and the movement might stop.”

“O.K.” I agreed, “Say when.”

“On three,” she said, “One, Two, Three.” And with that, she tried to pull her pelvis up using her knees and I tried to pull back enough to let my prick fall between us.

It did not work out quite as we planned because at that very moment three unexpected things happened. Firstly, the truck started down a steep incline throwing her forward more than either of us expected. Secondly, her knees slipped Escort Sivas from the sweat that had been accumulating on the padding from our bodies and her knees slid outward causing her to drop suddenly. And lastly, as I was trying to angle my prick upward between us, the truck started climbing again causing her to slide down my sweaty body buring my oncoming penis almost to the hilt into her pussy.

“Oh Nooo,” she said as I felt the firm grip of her now spasming pussy around my penis.

We both lay there for a second neither of us knowing what to say.

Then I started to say, “I didn’t mean for that to happen, really I…”

She cut me off saying, “Don’t say anything! Don’t move! And don’t say anything!” And we just lay there in silence with my prick still buried in her.

Then after what seemed like an eternity, she said, “Don’t you move a bit, I am going to try and get this thing out of me.” and started to lift herself up onto her knees and attempted to slide forward.

But to our supprise, When all but the last inch of me was out of her the truck made a sudden sharp turn and her knees slipped and she fell flat upon me. Then there was a large bump and she was thrown hard backwards this time burring me in her to the hilt. As the ride got very bumpy, I realized that we were driving down railroad tracks and she was being rocked on my prick.

“OH MY GOD!” she cried suddenly and I knew that she was riding a wave of pleasure quickly towards of a glorious orgasm as the movements of her vibrating pussy on my enraged rod was doing the same to me.

“OH NOOO! I can’t help it; it starting again!” she said; her eyes closed and a look of pure ecstasy on her face. “Please,” she begged, “Make it stop.”

But I could do nothing; for as out of control of her body as she was, so was I becoming. And it would not stop until the ride to the sweetest of pleasures had driven us both to the brink and beyond the point of no return.

As her body reached the peak of ultimate pleasure, she opened her eyes suddenly and with total surrender to her passion, placed her mouth on mine and kissed me as only a woman in rapture can kiss a man.

As I felt her body spasming uncontrollably on me she open her mouth wider to screamed a silent scream of ecstasy. No longer able to control myself, I reached up to hold her tightly and as I thrust as deeply into her, our tongues joined in a dance of passion while I filled her with the seed of our joining.

We both rode the wave of orgasm until it began every so slowly to subside. My organ, however, did not go flaccid as her warm cum filled pussy was still vibrating and undulating on my penis for the truck was still rolling on the railroad tracks.

Our mouths parted and we looked deeply into each other’s eyes as once again the waves began to slowly carry our coupled bodies to the highest state of physical ecstasy two people can share.

“ITS SOOO GOOD.” Joni said to me, and without hesitation she openly embraced the oncoming tide and leaned forward onto me. I kissed and devoured her neck passionately and begged her not to hate me.

She pulled away to look at me and told me she would never hate me for giving her such pleasure and kissed me again.

From the passion of her kiss and the trembling of her body I could tell that she was as close as I was to cumming again. The truck pulled off the tracks the exact moment the wave it us further intensifying our orgasms.

We lay there, both of us, still coming down from the crest as the truck came to a halt.

We heard the engine stop followed by the sounds of both doors opening. There were the sounds and feelings of things being moved out of the truck. Then came a female voice saying, “The police should find you in about thirty minutes. Hope you enjoyed the ride,”

When the woman said that, Joni giggled as she was showering my neck with kisses.

Then we heard the sound of another vehicle being started followed by its pulling away.

Joni looked at me and said, “What are we going to do for the next thirty minutes?”

With my simi-flaccid penis still encased in her pussy, I looked her in the eyes and said, “I think we can come up with something.”

She giggled once more and began rocking ever so slowly atop me.

The next day, the newspapers would report two unidentified gunmen had robbed the museum: one man and one woman. That several rare paintings valued at and undisclosed amount had been stolen by the thieves and that a man and a woman had been taken captive and later released without harm. What the newspaper reports did not mention was that the police report filed by the office at the scene stated that he had discovered the captive couple totally nude and for some unexplained reason tired, calm and quite happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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