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Big Tits

This story is a slow burn and sex doesn’t happen till the last few chapters. It has some very offensive language.


I looked over to the judge who was giving me my sentence. Her hair was a mess and she had her shirt on backwards, her robe was wrinkled but she had a satisfied look on her face. I smiled and winked at her.

“Tyrell Jackson I sentence you to a 30 day anger management program.” She banged the gravel and I smiled. I just got off an assault case. The nigga who ass I beat was in his wheelchair mad as fuck. His cast was stopping him from moving around so he had a shitty look on his face. He’ll be able to walk in about three weeks but he ain’t gon ever speak on my name again.

The judge was smiling at me so I smiled back. She a lifesaver cause my violent ass was supposed to go to jail for some months but she let a nigga off. I played my part though and kinda got myself off. During her little recess to decide if I was going to jail or not I went into her office and fucked her on her desk. I had to sneak around the cops but when I did find her office it was on.

I don’t really fuck that many women that’s older than me but she was one I could get down with. She was older but was more flexible than any young bitch I’ve been with. These rich hoes do yoga and shit I guess. Imma start fucking around with them more. I need a sugar momma. Sugar mommas be teaching you new shit and I’m willing to learn. She did this spin move on me like we were in mortal combat or some shit. We had her whole office a mess.

“Aye they let a nigga off.” I smiled while meeting up with my cousin. He was in the back of the courthouse waiting on me. He glared and shook his head.

“You fucked her didn’t you.” I nodded walking to the car. “You’re disgusting.” He sighed getting into the driver seat.

“What, she was fine for a 50 year old and I can’t afford to go to jail right now.” I shrugged. I’m trying to get a clean record. I wanted to take my business underground and start a shipping company.

“You put that poor man into a wheelchair.” he groaned. I grabbed a blunt from my glove box and lit it. I’ve been in jail for a week and I need some weed bad.

“He called you fag Manny. You know I don’t like that shit.”

“But Ty I don’t care why do you?” Emmanuel is my cousin who I’ve been looking out for. We live together at my house and have been for about five years. When he was 13 his parents kicked him out of the house for being gay and since I’m the only family he has, I took him in. At the time I was just 18 but I already had my own place and a good amount of money. I’ve been taking care of him, so to me he’s my brother and I kill over family.

“He ain’t gon disrespect you Manny. Fuck was he thinking he knew I don’t play that shit.” I shook my head.

“What are you ‘Captin save a fag’?” He joked.

“Shid if I gotta be.” I smiled over at him.


“Look at the end of the day, fuck that bitch.” I laughed and blew out smoke.

“You’re the devil.” Luck laughed grabbing the blunt from me. “I gotta go entertain guests. You go find you some ass.” He walked back gaziantep escort into the party.

We were having a house party because soon I’m going to stop selling drugs. Well that’s what everyone at this party thinks. The truth is I’m starting to sell overseas but I can’t have the drug dealer title over my head. I want to look like a real business man. So I’ve been cleaning up my act so I can start a shipping company that’s actually a front for a huge drug operation.

I walked back into the house looking for somebody to dance with. It was a packed party so it didn’t take me long to find a fine ass girl to dance with. She was short, thick, and had long hair that covered her ass. I watched as she grinded on me.

Soon I suggested we go find somewhere private and she agreed. I led her to a room that was empty. We didn’t waste time and got right to taking off our clothes. She was trying hard to kiss me but I don’t kiss hoes so I dodged all of her attempts.

When she was taking off her dress gunshots started sounding from outside.

“What the fuck.” I sat up pulling out my gun. At the sight of my gun the girl ran off without pulling her top back up. I got up to go find out who was shooting.

My body bumped into someone running inside the room while I was trying to leave. This big ass nigga quickly closed the door after bumping the shit out of me.

“Open the door.” I yelled. I tried to move him but he stood in front of me. He was my height but had dark skin with waves. He actually wasn’t that bad looking. I may be straight but I can admit when a guy looks good.

“What? No. They’re shooting out there.” He said standing still.

“It’s gon be shooting in here if you don’t open the fucking door.” His eyes got wide before he turned around. He was pushing and pulling on the door but it still didn’t open.

“It’s stuck.” He said turning back to me.

“Fucking move.” I tried opening the door but it didn’t bulge. I stepped back and let a few rounds off into the door. The door slowly opened now that the lock was shot off.

I turned to the guy one last time before leaving. He was standing with a shocked look but he didn’t say anything.



“Charm, I don’t care, I’m never going out with you again. Almost got my butt blown off last night.” It was early in the morning and I was getting ready for work. I’m starting my new position today. It’s the same company as before but I had an opportunity to be promoted so I took it. I was just a social worker but now I teach anger management classes which paid much more.

“Okay but did you have fun?” I didn’t say anything because until they started shooting I was having fun. I was dancing with some girl when they started shooting. “Like I fucking thought. At least you found shelter my dumbass was running around like all the other people. I saw a bitch running with her titty out.”

“Man I had to sit in a room with a dude who was trying to go and shoot up the party with them.” I rolled out of bed so I could get ready for work. I also have to get my son ready.

“Okay I’d rather be sitting at gunpoint than trying to dodge bullets. My wig almost came off when I was running.” I laughed while picking out an outfit.

“The guy was fine but he was obviously crazy.” I sighed. The guy from last night was just my type but I can’t get involved with any more drug dealers. I like danger but I can’t let myself get into trouble messing around with some wanna be thug. I got to think about my future and it can’t involve someone who’s not good for me or my child.

“I bet he was. You did say he shot the door off. I bet he’ll give you a good time. You know how hood boys are. They are all hotheads who know how to give good head.”

“No I’m serious no more down low men. They get hooked on me then they start stalking me. I be dickmatizing people.” She snorted over the phone.

“Whatever you whore. I gotta go though because Chad just woke up and I’m about to suck the soul out of him.”

“Bye I love you.” She hung up.

I walked into Romero’s room to wake him up. He was spread out eagle style on the bed with his underwear on. I know I put pajamas on him last night. I looked down and saw his Spiderman pants and shirt on the ground. He has a habit of kicking off his clothes during his sleep. My baby curls were all over his face making me smile. He looked like his mom and nothing like me.

“Come on Bubba time to get up.” He groaned rolling away from me.

“Okay you got five seconds then I’m calling the tickle monster.” He stayed still so I started counting. “One.” I poked his side. He wiggled then went still. “Two. Three. Four. Tickle monster!” I tickled him, making him yell out.

“Daddy op.” He laughed. I stopped picking him up.

“You didn’t get up so I had to call our friend the tickle monster.”

“I no hear five.” He pouted with his arms folded. I smiled going to the bathroom. He got on his step ladder and used the toilet. I brushed my teeth and washed my face then we switched places. After washing our hands we went to get dressed for the day.

“Okay you can dress yourself right?” He nodded making his curls go everywhere. I left him to dress himself while I got dressed. I put on some black slacks and a dark blue button up shirt. I tucked my shirt in and pulled on some loafers.

“I ready daddy.” Romero has dressed in a green shirt and orange pants. He had his baby vans on and his Spiderman backpack. I laughed picking him up.

“You look good Bubbs.”

“Me know.” We left out after I brushed our hair and grabbed my briefcase. I made a stop at McDonald’s and grabbed him some oatmeal and I got a coffee.

“Today you’re going to work with me so you gotta be super good.” The new job allowed him to come to work with me so I didn’t have to keep getting babysitters.

“I be good.” He said from the back seat. I got him out his booster seat and grabbed his food. We made our way inside and set up for class. He had a little table and a chair so I sat him right there and started to get the papers spread out. I had a bunch of pamphlets on how to be a better you.

After thirty minutes, people started to file in. This class was filled with adults who messed up and needed help. It’s a 30 day anger management class. I have a psychology degree but I usually work with kids. The end goal is to open my own practice and become a child psychologist but I have to go back to school for that. Once Romero turns ten I’m going to look into going back to school.

“I’ll wait until everyone has come in.” I spoke before going back to setting my papers out. Romero was coloring so I let him be. Once everybody came in I started to make introductions. “Hi everyone I’m Bassir and I’m your anger management teacher for the next 30 days. This is Romero, he’s my son and my helper.” Romero shyly turned around and waved.

“Hi.” That got a few awes from the class. My baby is adorable. Romero is very smart for his age but he’s also kinda shy. I’ve been trying to get him to be more outspoken. He is very sweet and caring but it just takes him a little longer to open up.

“Before we start, I think it’s best we do some introductions. So I’ll start. I’m Bassir Matthews. I’m 24 and I have a 3 year old son.” I turned to Ro. “Romero say something about yourself.” He stood up.

“Me name Romero I three and me like a Spiderman.” He sat back down and went right back to coloring. I smiled and motioned to the first person in the front row so they could start.

“I’m Tanisha Roberts I’m 31 and this is my third anger management class.” She sat down after she introduced herself. It went on like this until I noticed somebody familiar.

“I’m Tyrell Jackson I’m 22 and I don’t wanna be here.” That’s the guy from last night. The one who tried to blow the damn house down right along with the shooters. No wonder he’s in here.

“Would a sticker make you wanna be here?” Romero held up his sticker book. By this point Romero was focused on the class listening to people’s introductions.

“Maybe.” Romero looked at me so I nodded. He ran and gave Tyrell a sticker then sat back down.

“Okay and last be not least.” I motioned to the last girl.

“My name Aria I’m 18 and I think you’re fine as hell.” A few of the women in the class agreed. I am handsome as hell so it’s no surprise I got a compliment. I’m not cocky but I know I look good. I keep my body in shape and I’m very keen on keeping a good hygiene regimen.

“Thank you guys.” She smiled. “So for this class we will be focusing on controlling our anger and keeping a level head.” They all nodded. “So if you guys don’t mind I’ll like to take some of the situations that placed you here and help you deal with them better. Let’s start with Mr. Jackson.” He looked away from me with a frown.

“I put a guy in a wheelchair.”


“Because he deserved it.”


“Because he was talking shit.”

“What did he say?” I could tell he’s getting frustrated. It’s kinda cute.

“Ask me some more dumb shit and imma put yo ass in a wheel chair.” I laughed standing up. I could tell I was getting under his skin.

“I’m here to help you Tyrell not make you angry so if you can’t handle talking about what you did we can stop.” He looked away with a pout. “Next person who’s open to telling the class why they’re here please go ahead. This class is about openness and overcoming, remember that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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