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If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the fire.

My wife and Julia had a five year old girl and a seven year old boy. We were happily married, but liked to go out frequently. Our last baby sitter was an elderly woman who decided she wasn’t up to young kids. She had been babysitting for us for seven years and we often felt she loved our kids as much as we did. We understood, a seven hour stretch could well be too much at her age.

We were unsure what we were going to do. We didn’t feel comfortable calling an anonymous service. We hoped we could prevail on Stella one more time. Stella refused, but mentioned her granddaughter, Kim had some experience babysitting and needed cash for college. My wife asked Stella to have Kim give her a call.

As we dressed for the evening’s festivities I asked, “The babysitter?”

Julia said. “Stella’s Kim will be here in fifteen minutes. I will go over our rules with her.”

As Julia was working on her makeup, the doorbell rang. I told Julia, “I will get it.”

When I opened the door, a woman was standing there. My eyes were popping out of my head. The woman was wearing a tight sweater, no bra, 36 maybe a D or C cup. The sweater let me see her large areolas. My cock was swelling, imagining what they would look like excited. Her skirt was just a bit more above the knee than was considered modest. I was hoping she wouldn’t be modest sitting on the couch where my wife would explain the rules to her.

Suddenly I awoke from a dream when I heard a sweet sing song voice. “I’m Kim, the babysitter. Sorry I am not in my usual babysitter costume of jeans, light makeup, and shirt. It was my boyfriend’s nineteenth birthday party and he wanted an older woman for his girlfriend tonight to impress his pals. I think I knocked their socks off.”

I replied, “I’m sorry you have to babysit on your boyfriend’s birthday.”

“It’s fine he has to go to work tonight.”

I replied, “That’s a shame.”

I walked her in and asked her to sit on the couch. I called the kids to meet her and chose an arm chair across from he hoping to get a peek of the holy land.

Julia entered. Kim stood and shook her hand. Julia said. “Kim?”

Kim replied, “Yes, we talked on the phone, Sorry I am dressed like this, but I just came from my boy friend’s nineteenth birthday party and he wanted an older woman.

Julia twitched her nose, as if getting a whiff of something and laughed, “Okay. Here are the kids, make sure they are in bed by 9 P.M. They have a snack in their playroom refrigerator and their TV is programed to things they can watch. Under no circumstances other than a disaster such as a fire open the outer doors or windows. They are alarmed and usually the police will be here in less than 5 minutes. After the kids are asleep help yourself to whatever is in the refrigerator.. Now please walk with me for a quick tour.”

The first stop was the master bathroom, Julia looked at Kim. “You smell like a slut! Use the bidet, I will leave a pair of panties on my bed. I do not want you dripping on every piece of furniture in the house, like a cat marking its territory. Be downstairs in 5 minutes, Nat and I are late!”

Kim replied, “I am so sorry, I will do better in the future.”

Julia hurried downstairs and kissed her kids good night and told them to behave just like they did for Stella.

As soon as Kim walked in the room, Julia sniffed and said, “Nat we need to hurry.”

They walked out the door. As soon as they were in the car, Julia said, “Kim smells like a slut. If there is only one man’s cum in her, it is like she is a virgin. Do you have the cameras and full security measures running?”

Nat replied, “Like always.”

Julia looked at gorukle escort Nat, “Do you plant to score Kim when we get home?”

Nat replied, “The thought crossed my mind, we will see.”

Julia commented, “Your cock shows it has crossed more than your mind! If you do take it easy at the festivities tonight. Your cock isn’t up to as many times as it used to be. But, maybe an eighteen year old slut can bring you back to life. We will see.”

Julia said, “If you get any signals your fucking her becomes a certainty, let me know. I will pull a train like she can’t imagine, put in my diaphragm and find out if besides getting fucked, she can munch wet sloppy cunt! If she doesn’t you will have to step up to an unreal creampie..” And she laughed.

They arrived at their destination, walked up a long sidewalk and rang the bell. A butler in tails and top hat opened the door. Nat handed him the invitation. He examined it under a UV light. When he was satisfied it was genuine, he commanded, “Front!”

Seconds later a satuese masked naked white woman and a very well hung masked black man came to meet them.

The man grabbed Julia’s hand and led her to a dressing room. He professionally undressed Julia without saying a word. When she was naked, he asked, “lube?”

Julia, replied, “Please.”

Julia noticed they were in a room with a glass floor and a large number of people below could look up and see the activities. The man dipped his cock in a vat of thick cream. He lifted Julia and slowly lowered her onto his cock. Julai tried to ride the mans cock, but he said, “Sorry honey, but I have more pussies to lubricate, maybe you will get the chance to see my real action later.’ The man’s index finger went into the vat and up her ass.

Julia whispered, “Oooh!”

Meanwhile in Nat’s room, the female had undressed him and when he was naked. She asked, “Stiffen you up?”

Nat nodded, “Yes, please.”

The lady promptly dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock. When Nat started to face fuck her, she said,, “I just fluff you up and get you ready for action, sorry hon, maybe later”

The black man called out, “Back.”

A masked well hung white man took Julia’s hand and let her into a foyer. Nat was waiting with a satuese masked naked white woman.

This was their first visit to this club and they both felt they hit the lottery. Seconds later they were disappointed when they were led into a lobby and introduced to a somewhat dumpier older couple as their first pairing. The escorts replied they would be on standby to help until the pairing was underway. The lobby opened way to a bedroom with a king sized bed and dungeon accompaniments.

Julia risked a quick glance at Nat, who gave a slight not of ascent.

Nat started to introduce himself and the woman shushed him. “No names please, we prefer anonymity in the club at least until you know another member very well.

She looked at Nat and gave him a kiss with her tongue steering it’s way deep into his mouth. She observed his cock was somewhat more deflated than was practical. She looked at the masked lady and said, “Hon, please help him with his erection.”

The masked lady promptly dropped to her knees and attacked his cock with her mouth. Her index finger was up his ass hole and it was clear in seconds he would be able to screw anything with a hole.

The older lady took over and after she proved she could deep throat, she said I need to ride that bad boy. Nat was wondering, but in seconds she was riding him reverse cowgirl. An ankh and some latin phrase was on her back in a tramp stamp. Nat was surprised at the power her legs were generating as she pounded herself up on down on him. There altıparmak eskort bayan was nothing gentle about this bitch! Nat quickly shot his load. She hopped off as he softened and proceeded to mouth the cum from his cock.

Julia was treated to an experienced tongue working her clit. In moments she was squeezing as she had a very violent orgasm. The man turned her over and took her doggy style. It wasn’t the gentle fucking she expected, but a full pounding one would expect from an athlete. She thought appearances are sure deceiving.

The man announced, “Welcome to our group. We are a small group tonight as we prefer when we have a new couple. We like to make sure they fit. Will you too wait here there is another couple be prepared in the ready room. We would like you to service them and then you and they can join us in the main room. Our masked assistants are here to help you and them prepare in any way.

The older couple left.

Julia said, “Wow, I was having second thoughts. I am glad I held my tongue and didn’t let first impressions get the best of me.

Nat agreed, “It was really intense great sex.”

One of the older couple as they listened and watched the video from where Julia and Nat waited, said, “I think they will be a good addition to the group. Now please help me to remove this crap that adds 30 pounds to my appearance, so we can get to the main room. I wonder, if they will recognize us after we get rid of this disguises?”

The masked black man and masked white woman led a couple in. The couple was naked, very fit, the woman was their age or maybe a bit younger. The man appeared to be from the Middle East.

Nat shook hands with the man. Julia kissed the woman. She pressed back and forced her tongue into Julia’s mouth.

The man said, “If you like and it is okay with your wife we will watch and let the women have their way with each other. The night is young and it is best to pace oneself.”

The man said, “Cocktail?” and proceeded to mix four drinks without waiting for an answer.

Nat observed the process. The cocktail had about ½ half shot of cheap tequila, followed by watermelon, aloe vera, avocado, honey, and an unlabeled cream like agreement from the refrigerator. It was shaken, strained and pourer over the arils of pomegranate. The man used a wooden masher with a squirting penis head to release juice and flesh from the arils, bursting the tender sacs.

The man handed Nat a glass and raised his as if to silently toast.

Nat raised his glass.

Nat tasted and smiled. “What is the secret ingredient?”

The man replied, “Each week we have group members bring in male ejaculate. If you guys join, we will give you a copy of the collection procedure.”

Before Nat could comment, an alarm rang on his phone. He swiped the app and was rewarded with a video of the nude babysitter rifling through a wallet intentionally left on the counter. He watched in interest as she counted the money and extracted some bills. He knew the serial numbers of the bills were recorded on the computer ih his secure office. The bills were marked with UV and UV transferable ink.

Nat observed the Middle Eastern man watching the video. He remarked, “Interesting my babysitter has set her price as a $57 whore or else she is a thief. My wife will be happy and I need to be ready one more time after tonight’s party is over.”

The man remarked, “You have a good outlook!”

Nat scrolled through the video channels and found the babysitter sitting in his leather recliner. She had Julia’s anal beads and one of her vibrators. A flick of the channel button and it became clear she was watching a video of Nat nilüfer eskort bayan and a black man spit roasting Julia.

Nat smiled, “If this bitch had balls they would be the size of bowling balls! I may have to find help to give her the proper reward for theft and fucking off when she is supposed to be baby sitting. Her grandmother would be aghast at her behavior.”

The man replied, “I will happily volunteer. I may have deprived your wife after seeing that video. I usually avoid screwing new women to the group until I see, if they are up to the stamina requirement for dealing with me. Your wife looks like she could handle me. If you are agreeable let’s make this a foursome.”

Julia was sitting on the female’s mouth. The man went behind her, sliding his cock into her cunt, leaving his partner to deal with her clit.

Nat entered the man’s partner in the missionary position. His mouth found its way to Julia’s nipples. It was not really a position for pounding, but he found he could rotate his hips in a circular motion and provide stimulation to the lady’s vagina. Julia joined in the effort by fingering the ladies clit. Nat knew with the added stimulation and the ability to view his wife’s eyes and expression as she was being fucked by the man he shared a drink with minutes before.

All four people appeared to enjoy the fucking and the anonymity of their newly met partners. It was not long until all four people reached an orgasm within seconds of each other.

Nat handed Julia one of the untouched glasses. As he toasted her, he said, “Maybe next week my ejaculate will join the other ejaculates in the glass.”

Julia raised her glass. “Here’s to cum. May everyone’s glass overflow with cum!”

The lady laughed and smiled as she raised her glass in a salute to Julia’s words.

The black masked man entered and announced, “It is time to join the other’s in the main room.”

The foursome followed the masked man into the main room. There was a little bit older couple who appeared sort of familiar, but not quite. Their recent sex partners, and the 3 masked couples. The older man spoke, everyone has voted and it is unanimous, if you – Julia and Nat wish to join us, you are welcome.

Nat looked at Julia, Julia announced without hesitation, “We would be honored to join your group.”

The three masked couples removed their masks. Nat instantly recognized the black man and woman as brother and sister who both were professors in the physics department in the local university. The man who greeted them was introduced as the Reverend at a local church and his wife the organist. The older man commented and she may be the best organ played who will ever play your organ.

Nat’s penis instantly jumped from three quarters to full attention at the thought.

Julia smiled as she thought about the competition she intended to give the lady.

The couple they had been partying with was the President of a bank and her husband. Nat thought it might be useful to know a bank President, because he was also in the money business.

The white man and woman who had been masked turned out to be brother and sister and offspring of the older couple. She was an investigator with the sheriff’s department and her husband was a deputy.

Suddenly Nat’s phone alarmed and when he opened the app, the big screen; lit up. His home security system was sending him a status update and live video. Apparently the babysitter had bypassed his security system. The alarm on his safe and front door had been triggered sometime ago. The video showed a pizza on the floor, a naked pizza man except for a hat receiving a blow job from the babysitter..The man’s ass shook, it was clear he was ejaculating into her mouth.

Suddenly the babysitter pulled the man’s cock from her mouth and pumped it to ejaculate on the pizza. When the man was finished she looked at the hidden camera, blew a kiss and said, “Nat, I can’t wait for you to fuck my brains out.”

Then she bit into a slice of the ejaculate covered pizza.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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