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At times I can be too much of a smart aleck for my own good. I do babysitting quite frequently. I’ve continued to do it even though I’ve left school and am now working full time. It can mean a few useful untaxed dollars, and they all help as I was saving for a trip to Europe. I’m eighteen now and I intend to be in Europe before I’m in my twenties.

This particular night I was sitting for Mr Bedford. His wife was away on a business trip and he wanted a night off from child minding and didn’t mind paying top rates for an experienced sitter, such as myself.

Mr Bedford (call me Charles) was a nice enough guy. Tall, reasonably good looks, a good personality and a funny sense of humour. I should have remembered that funny sense of humour before I tried to get smart with him.

Once the kids were asleep I hopped onto the family computer and got into Facebook for a while. After that I poked around on the PC, just snooping, as you do on a strange PC. Nothing much on it, naturally, but I did come across a folder of photos of nudes. Nothing really pornographic, but it was a bit unexpected. I made a mental note that it existed and went on to other things.

When Charles got home he made us a cup of tea and then I was ready to go home. He was digging in his wallet for my pay when I pulled my little stunt.

“Oh, while I think of it, Charles,” I said. “There’ll be a special surcharge of fifty dollars for tonight.”

He’s like, “Ay, what?”

“It’s for the shock to my system finding those pornographic photos on the PC and to keep my mouth shut where your wife is concerned.”

I gave him a really bright smile, not really expecting to get an extra fifty. I did get something.

“Oh, really,” said Charles. “And did you happen to see the pictures of a pert young woman getting her bottom spanked?”

I giggled and shook my head, thinking that was the end of it. I then found out that it was just the beginning.

“Then this will be an exciting new experience for you,” said Charles, and with that he plonked himself back down on the chair and yanked me across his knee.

I was kicking and giggling, not expecting more than a friendly swat on the bottom. It came, sure enough, and I squealed, because it stung. Then I squealed some escort mecidiyeköy more, because the spanking kept going. The brute rained half a dozen hard swats to my bottom, and each one of them stung. I was squealing and kicking my legs, for all the good that did.

Then Charles swung me back to my feet. I was standing there, rubbing my behind indignantly and glaring at him. I was about to say that it was a bit much, wasn’t it, when Charles just hooked his fingers under the waist of my yoga pants and pulled them down. I was lucky my panties didn’t go with them.

Then I was back over his knee and the spanking started up again, but now the spanks were landing on what was effectively a bare bum, and they hurt. I was squealing louder now, and trying to wriggle off his lap. Half a dozen more spanks I got, and then he allowed me up.

“That was stage two,” Charles told me, while I was standing there in shock. “This is stage three coming up.”

I promptly guessed at what was going to happen and made a grab for my panties. I was slow and he was fast and my panties joined my yoga pants, down below my knees. The only reason Charles wasn’t looking at my bare ass was because I was facing him, and you can guess what he was regarding bare.

I was squealing in protest even before I landed over his knee. That didn’t deter him at all. He gave me another couple of spanks on my bare bottom, and then things got worse.

His hand sort of squeezed between my legs and cupped my pussy.

“Move your legs apart,” Charles told me.

“Why?” I wanted to know, not moving them.

“Because I want to finish spanking you,” he said, sounding as though it was the most reasonable request in the world.

“But, but, but,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

I felt a finger easing its way past my lips, poking at my more private parts. It occurred to me that if I didn’t move my legs apart he was going to just keep playing with my pussy, so with a groan I let my legs drift apart.

“Good girl,” he said, and then he was paddling my pussy.

He wasn’t taking great big spanks the way he beat my bottom. He was just giving short fast slaps to my pussy, his hand cupped to cover my mound. They stung a little, but oh my istanbul eskort god, they were erotic. I could feel the fires hastily catching, causing liquid to start flowing inside of me. My lips were swelling and opening, and now I could feel his fingers slapping against my inner lips as well.

The whole thing was totally unbearable, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. When Charles did finally stop and stand me on my feet my legs were trembling. I thought I was going to fall down.

Perhaps I should have. While I was standing there, feeling stunned, Charles was casually lifting my top up and over my head. Then he reached around and unhooked my bra and lifted that off.

I was just about to begin panicking when he reached down and lifted one leg, pushing my yoga pants and panties down and off. I had to grab hold of him to stop myself falling, and I continued to hang on while he lifted my other leg and finished stripping me.

There I was, standing in front of Charles completely naked, bottom red and stinging, pussy probably also red but singing rather than stinging, and my breasts were getting into the act. They seemed to have swollen slightly and my nipples were erect as though saying don’t forget about us.

Charles was leaning back on his chair, just looking at me. And liking what he was seeing, I could tell.

“Having fun yet?” he asked.

Fun? I was too stunned to be having fun. I didn’t know what had struck me. Well, yes, I did. Charles’s hand, repeatedly. I opened my mouth to reply and found I had nothing to say.

“I was just going to leave your cheek go with the spanking,” Charles said, smiling. “However, seeing you standing there like that, looking so delectable, I think I’ll go one step further. I’m going to get undressed. If you’re not dressed by the time I’m undressed, we’ll proceed with the next step of the punishment.”

So of course I pounced for my clothes and put them on just as fast as I could. Yes? No. I just stood there, watching while Charles undressed.

“You do realise the next step will be him screwing you, don’t you?” asked this tiny little voice inside of me.

“Shut up,” I was whispering back to it. “I know. I know.”

Then Charles was naked and a fine upstanding taksim escort man he proved to be.

“Right here, right now,” he said quietly, and he was easing me down onto the kitchen floor.

He calmly pushed my legs wide and then he was coming over me, his cock pressing against me and then sliding smoothly in while I watched it. And felt it. Oh, god, I could feel that cock sliding into me from the tip of my toes to the hair of my head.

I just groaned as he took me, it felt so good. Charles hands were at my breasts, teasing them, pleasing them. Looking down the line of his back I could see his bottom lifting as he pulled slowly back, then it dipped and I groaned again as he slammed back into me.

Charles settled down to teaching me my lesson. His cock slammed down hard, again and again, while I valiantly rose to meet it, accepting my punishment with good grace. (That’s another way of saying greedy lust. Good grace sounds so much nicer.)

It quickly became plain that Charles didn’t believe in a quick sharp punishment. He was an advocate of doing it properly, driving the lesson home repeatedly, making sure you got the point, and that it sank in deep. He went on and on, sometimes moving slowly so that I could feel every inch of the rod being used, other times beating out the message hard and fast.

Through it all I lay there, accepting everything he dealt out. Well, I didn’t exactly just lie there. I will admit my bottom was as busy as his, bouncing up to take him as he drove into me, sinking back down as he pulled back. A very energetic lesson, I found. Noisy, too. The hard slap of his body hitting mine was almost drowning out the squeals and protests I was making as he ruthlessly dealt with me. (Alright. Maybe there wasn’t any protests. But I’m sure I would have made some if I’d just had the breath to spare. It’s the thought that counts, and I was definitely thinking that I should protest.)

I was squealing loudly at the end, when his mouth covered mine and he started to really hammer his message home. My squealing changed to a scream which was stifled by his mouth on mine, and I was pressing hard up against him, shuddering as a climax ripped into me. I could feel Charles pulsing deep within me, flooding my insides with his seed, and I shuddered again as I just let everything wash over me.

You know, the odd thing about it all was that when I checked my pay later I found that Charles had slipped me the extra fifty I’d hinted at. Thoughtful of him. It would go to my holiday fund.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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