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It was about to happen, today was the day we woke up the Stone Age girl!
We were all up early and washed and brushed before the sun had even risen over the Stone Age landscape.
We had been busy in those two weeks. Other than breaking Susie to our will, we had had numerous trips down to Earth, trying to learn what we could and also picking up various items that might help her to adjust. I was still dubious about keeping her and had also been scouting for locations to insert her back into society down there. I had not had much luck at that, it seemed it was fairly brutal in the Stone Age.
Computer alerted us that it was ready to wake her up and we all hurried into the recovery room where she was lying down, stark naked.
‘What would you like her to be wearing when she wakes?’ Computer asked.
My first thought was nothing! I looked at her lying there and she was beautiful. Computer had tidied her up well. Her hair was now lustrous and neatly kept, spread out behind her in gorgeous brunette locks. Her small breasts were firm and perky and her pussy was smooth and bare, just as I had ordered. It seemed that even a Stone Age girl could scrub up well! My cock twitched and I had the urge to fuck her! What I answered though was,
‘Can you replicate those skins she was wearing when she arrived?’
‘Of course!’ Computer replied and instantly she was dressed as I had required.
Computer continued, ‘One thing you should know is that I had no previous knowledge of any spoken language from this time period. However, I have been scanning the region for people and I have been listening to their spoken words and I now have the knowledge necessary to translate for you. In the long run, it would be better if she could learn to speak your language.’
With that, her eyes opened and she looked round the room, took the three of us in and promptly smiled at us, most especially me! Computer silently informed me that it had implanted happy thoughts about the three of us rescuing her in her mind.
‘Where am I?’ She asked.
‘You are in our home.’ I replied.
‘Who are you all? You look different’ she asked.
We then had a lengthy question and answer session, where we gave her all the information necessary for the time being without overwhelming her.
We found out that her name was Karakaalanama. I though it pretty much unpronounceable so we all agreed that she would be called Kara. We learned that that was her entire family group that had been slaughtered. The tribe that did it had bad blood with hers and that was why they had attacked. They were caught unawares because they had hunted and killed a large beast the day before and had spent the evening feasting as they had not had meat for a while.
We moved to our quarters, where I had got Computer to lay out breakfast for us all. Walking in, Kara noticed Susie in her cage and asked about why she was in there and who she was.
I explained all about Susie and her current status in our family. Kara looked at her and then spat at her. It seemed that Kara had to learn a few social niceties! However, I was happy that she did not baulk at the fact we had a slave!

I got Susie out of her cage and had her kneel beside my chair as we started breakfast. Kara marveled at all the wonderful foods on off and I had to restrain her from eating too much on an empty stomach. Happily she listened to the advice.

We spoke about what had happened and what lay ahead in the future. I gave Kara the options that she had,

‘We will happily take you wherever you wish to go and help you to set up.’ I said, ‘Or, you are welcome to stay with us and become a part of our family.’

Kara looked at each of us in turn and mulled it all over for a while. She then spoke up,

‘You all seem good people. I will stay with you. I owe you a debt for saving me.’

‘Kara you are welcome to stay and you may leave us at any time you choose.’ I told her

‘I will stay.’ Kara replied.

That settled it, we had a new member of the crew, or family, as I was now beginning to think of us all as.

On that happy note, we continued with our breakfast. Kara loved all the fruits we had on offer but was not keen on coffee, preferring to stick with water. I would catch her watching me, as I absent mindedly patted Susie on the head and fed her morsels from the table. I was subconsciously trying to keep training Susie in her place as a slave to us all, using the old dog trick to help get me there.

‘What does she do, this slave of yours?’ Kara asked.

Joanna replied, ‘Well we have only just trained her really. We have been using her for sex mainly as there are no chores that need doing here.’

‘What is this sex you speak of?’ Kara questioned.

Joanna looked at Melia and I, giggling as she did so.

Melia responded, ‘It is to feel good, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and special and it’s just brilliant.’

Kara looked thoughtful. ‘I want to try this sex you speak of. It sounds good. Is it like when you eat well and have a full stomach?’

‘Not quite, we will have to show you! There is so much for you to learn.’ Melia said. Kara looked scared at this.

‘Maybe we should take it slowly, one small step at a time.’ I suggested.
It seemed that Kara was a virgin! I suppose the full stomach analogy was apt, given the harshness of life for her previously.

‘Melia, would you like to take Kara on a tour round the ship? Perhaps you could show her the hot tub room?’ I suggested.

I wanted Kara to have time to adjust and us sitting round talking about sex was not going to help. I thought it best if she had some one on one time with one of us. Melia was closest in age to her, so I chose her.

‘Oh yes, great idea, come on Kara, let’s go show you everything!’ Melia replied as she bounded out of her seat and grabbed Kara’s hand, dragging her with her.

Joanna and I were left alone, well, with Susie kneeling by my side that is.

‘And what shall we do today?’ I asked Joanna.

‘The beach, lets go to the beach!’ Joanna said, before continuing ‘after I have satisfied a couple of urges that is! I want to fuck the Fuckslut whilst you fuck me!’

Joanna got up and went to where the sex toys were kept. She grabbed the largest strap on she could find and went and sat on the bed.

‘Fuckslut, come and lick etiler escort my pussy.’ Joanna ordered Susie.

Susie crawled over to where Joanna sat with her legs spread and lower her head to her cunt and began lapping at her slit. Joanna had one hand on the back of Susie’s head, pulling her onto her pussy, forcing Susie to push her tongue deep into Joanna’s pussy. With her other hand she held the strap on dildo and was sucking it to lubricate it, all the while looking suggestively at me.

I moved up behind Susie and grabbed a bottle of lubricant and oiled up her pussy and asshole, making sure my fingers delved deep into both her holes, making her squirm. Joanna eventually pushed Susie away and stood up to put on the strap on. As she did this, I turned Susie round and thrust my cock into her mouth, making sure that she got me nice and wet. Joanna finished putting the strap on on, adjusted the straps to make it fit snugly and then she grabbed Susie off me and forced the big fake cock into her mouth to assert dominance.

I moved over to Joanna and kissed her. It was strange with Susie on her knees between us, especially when Susie started playing with both of our ‘cocks’ and sucking us alternately. I kissed Joanna harder, taking the opportunity to fondle her magnificent breasts as I did so. I then pulled away and let Joanna get to work on Susie.

Joanna pulled Susie up onto the bed and got her to kneel on it in the doggystyle position. Joanna moved behind her and guided the head of her dildo into Susie’s pussy. It was the largest one we had, with a thick girth. It made Susie gasp as she felt it inching into her pussy, stretching her cunt apart as it delved deep into her insides. Susie winced as her pussy stretched to accommodate the huge width, she lowered her head and the bedsheets muffled her cries.

Joanna now had the dildo fully inside Susie. She held it there and said, ‘Now put your cock in my pussy, and lets fuck together.’

I moved behind Joanna and gently guided my throbbing cock into Joanna’s pussy from behind. Joanna was very wet and I had no trouble sliding my full length into her in one fluid motion. I rested when I bottomed out, waiting for Joanna to continue.

Joann slowly withdrew the strap on from Susie’s pussy and I did the same behind Joanna. She then slammed back in and I followed a split second later, allowing Susie to feel a double thrust as I forced Joanna forward with my cock. What a sexy experience! I loved it and we continued like this for some time. Joanna’s pussy felt so hot and wet around my cock.

Susie’s pussy had now grown accustomed to the width of the strap on and she was moaning in pleasure and pushing her sexy little ass back to meet Joanna’s thrust.

‘That’s it Fuckslut, push back, let your pussy take the whole length, fuck yourself on my dildo you little slut.’ Joanna shouted to Susie.

Joanna was now moaning as well and their sounds combined made me even hornier. Suddenly Susie jerked and screamed. I looked round Joanna and saw that Joanna had inserted three of her slender fingers into Susie’s asshole. This stretched her out and with the dildo as well must have been sending all sorts of sensations through her.

Joanna then told Susie to move off her and wait. Joanna lay down on the bed. It was quite a sight seeing such a beautiful woman lay there with a fake cock sticking up erect!

‘Now mount me and slide your ass down my cock.’ Joanna said to Susie.

Susie looked nervous but hurried to obey like the good little fuckslut she had become. Susie swung a leg over Joanna but Joanna stopped her and got her to face the other way- reverse cowgirl style! Susie squatted over the dildo and rubbed the end of it around her lubed up asshole. It would be a very tight fit indeed, what with the dildo being so huge! I watched in awe.

Susie slowly allowed the head of the dildo to enter her ass, using her body weight to force it through her anal ring. As Susie got used to this, with her face screwed up with pain, she sank further down, accepting the dildo into her bowels. Inch by inch she took it into her ass until she was seated against Joanna’s pussy, with the full length of the dildo inside her bum. Susie gradually began to move small movements on it as her sphincter loosened and allowed her to adjust to the anal intruder. Joanna got her to lean back and put her hands down on the bed and use her hips and thighs to slide her ass up and down on the dildo. Susie was moaning incoherently as she fucked her ass with the giant dildo.

‘Take it you slut, take it all in your asshole you little whore.’ Joanna moaned at her. Joanna was really getting into having a sex slave it seemed.

I couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste so I move between Susie’s legs and stopped her and lined my prick up with her cunt. I slid into her pussy, feeling the giant dildo through the walls of her pussy. Joanna and I then proceeded to fuck Susie hard, driving our ‘cock’s deep into her in a fast motion, allowing Susie to impale herself on the lengths that were intruding her two holes.

Joanna stopped Susie and got her off her after I had withdrawn. She moved Susie round again, first making her suck her own anal juice off the dildo, before mounting Joanna again and inserting the dildo into her pussy. This freed up her asshole for me. As the dildo was so big, Susie ass was left gaping open and it was no trouble to slide in easily. I fucked Susie’s ass hard, driving myself as deep as I could, until my whole shaft was swallowed by her ass. I was a blur fucking Susie now, plowing in and out of her loosened asshole like there was no tomorrow. Joanna was gnawing on Susie’s nipples. Joanna was orgasming as the nub inside the dildo rubbed her clit with my violent thrusts. Susie was screaming out in pleasure and a bit of pain as I ravaged her asshole, before I drove in deep and unleashed a torrent of hot, sticky cum deep into her bowels, splashing her inside with my seed. I fell forward, squashing Susie between Joanna and I as Joanna and I kissed as I squirted the last of my spunk deep into Susie’s anus.

Joanna and I continued to kiss passionately, ignoring Susie, both of us still buried in her holes.Eventually, I broke the kiss and withdrew my cock from Susie’s asshole. It gaped wide open as my çapa escort cock left her depths, slowly closing up again before my eyes- such a sexy sight. I then let Susie dismount from Joanna and collapse on the bed, well and truly fucked.

Joanna got to her knees and unbuckled the straps and took off the dildo. She then made Susie lie face down on the bed. She parted Susie’s ass cheeks and looked at her ravaged asshole. Susie had closed up again and there was just the tell tale bit of my cum seeping out.

Joanna got Susie up and made her squat on the floor. Joanna grabbed a plate from the table and put it under Susie’s ass.

‘I want you to squeeze the cum out of your ass onto the plate. When it’s all out, you will get on your hands and knees and lap it up.’ Joanna commanded.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Susie replied.

I watched, fascinated as Susie contracted her muscles in her ass and pushed my cum out of her bowels. The first bit flowed out easily in a mini waterfall. It then took more effort to squeeze it out until it was all on the plate in a sticky mess. Susie fell onto all fours and lapped up the plate of cum with her tongue, getting it all in her mouth and swallowing. Susie then licked the entire plate clean. As she did this, Joanna and I both patted her on the head, calling her a ‘good little cumslut, a good Cumdump, a good Fuckslut.’

We then allowed Susie to go and wash, while Joanna and I sat and kissed and talked, both in the afterglow of satisfying orgasms.

‘I really got off on the whole dominance thing then.’ Joanna said, ‘I think I could get used to it.’

‘Well, she is yours to use as you wish.’ I said, ‘It was so hot watching you with her!’

‘Lets get ready and go to the beach!’ Joanna changed the subject.

‘Sure, you want to go here, in the stone age?’ I asked

‘Why not? Can you find somewhere with no other people so we won’t get killed?’ Joanna asked.

‘Yup, let me consult Computer and we will go when you are ready.’ I said.

I went to the command room to look at schematics of the planet and continental arrangement in this time period. Computer scanned possible locations and came up with half a dozen possibles. We quickly flew to each one before I settled on the one I liked best. We stayed above that one ready to beam down whenever the ladies wanted.

It seemed that would be a while- I don’t understand women sometimes! Joanna came to me and said,

‘Why don’t you go on ahead and we will come down when we are ready. Can you send the Fuckslut to us as well?’

I agreed and making sure that Computer understood my instructions, I beamed down onto the beach to take a look around. It was beautiful. Golden sand, turquoise waters, green palm trees. The stereotypical tropical beach. The temperature was perfect and the water was cool enough not to feel like getting into a bath. I lazed in the water, enjoying the lapping of the gentle waves over me as I lay and felt peace and tranquility wash over me.

I had gotten Computer to apply a sun screen to all of us before we left, so sun burn was not going to be an issue. I had also got Computer to set up a kind of beach lounger station, made of old wooden posts and comfy mattress, raised off the beach and swinging gently in the breeze.

An alert brought me back to consciousness and I saw Susie appear next to me. She was dressed in a bikini and I have to say that she looked hot. I could only imagine what the others would look like! Soon enough, they appeared on the beach. All three were wearing bikinis and sarongs wrapped around their waists. They all looked stunning and I stared at them appreciatively. They joined me in the water, except Kara, who stood on the beach and looked slightly nervous. I suddenly realized that she had never seen a beach before and certainly did not know how to swim! We managed to coax her into knee depth water and she was soon happy sitting in the shallows, engaging in conversation with us. We allowed the Fuckslut to be there as well, except she sat and said nothing.

When it was time for a proper swim, we all helped Kara to paddle about and all tried to teach her the basics of staying afloat. Kara turned out to be a natural and was soon confident enough for no one to hold her as she rather inelegantly paddled about in shoulder depth water, able to put her feet down if necessary. I spent my time fondling the girls bottoms, making sure that I had a good old feel of them in their tight bikinis. I even copped a feel of Kara’s ass, she seemed not to notice, and it was pert and tight as any I had ever felt. My passions were rising steadily as we all splashed about. I grabbed the nearest body to me- Melia as it turned out. I pulled her to me and she wrapped her legs around my waist, me standing in the deeper water. We kissed, a full on tongue waggling kiss as we melted into each other.

My cock was rock hard and I whipped it out of my board shorts, pulled Melia’s bikini panties aside and thrust myself into her pussy. Melia was sopping wet with her juices and ready for me. We fucked hard, both desperate to cum quickly to sate our lusts. We were wrapped up in our own passions, ignoring the other splashing about nearby. I had my hands on Melia’s ass and was lifting her off and pulling her back down hard onto my cock, driving both of us wild.

Melia was by now crying out in her pleasure, alerting the others to what we were doing. I heard them stop and Kara question Joanna as to what we were doing. I heard Joanna explaining and Kara keep on asking questions. I was so hot to have an audience and I was reaching the point of no return. I hammered my cock into Melia’s pussy harder and erupted my cum deep into her pussy, feeling Melia’s pussy spasming around my shaft, milking the cum from me. When I was spent, we kissed and hugged for a while, enjoying the afterglow of our spontaneous fuck.

I looked up at the others, Joanna winked at us both with a broad smile on her face. Kara was looking at us curiously, obviously wanting to know more than Joanna had told her. Susie was impassive, as she ought to be, I thought!

We all retired back onto the beach and swung on the lounger together. Drinks appeared from Computer and we all had a cold drink in hand as we sat and chatted. Heaven!

Sitting together merter escort in the lounger on the beach, the conversation soon turned to sex, initiated by Kara, who was keen to find out more. I lay back and let the girls take over. Joanna and Melia were telling Kara about the basics, all about pussies and clitorises. Kara looked mystified about it all. Joanna looked at Melia and shrugged.

‘I guess we will just have to show her.’ Joanna said.

With that, they both stripped off their bikinis and sat there naked in front of Kara.

‘Now take yours off.’ Joanna instructed Kara.

Kara did so, eagerly stripping down. I drank in the sight of her small, pert tits and tasty looking pussy.

‘These are what we call breasts, or tits.’ Joanna said, grabbing her own with one hand and reaching over to display Melia’s with her other.

‘These are nipples and they can be very sensitive.’ Joanna continued, reaching over now and giving Kara’s nipples a tweak. Kara jolted as Joanna’s fingers grasped her nipples and she let out a gasp.

‘That was good.’ Kara said.

At that, both Joanna and Melia took a nipple each in their hands and began fondling and tweaking Kara’s tits. Kara was panting as she experienced unfamiliar sensations for the first time. It was quite a sight, seeing three naked chicks fondling their breasts in front of me! What happened next was even better. Melia leaned forward and sucked on one of Kara’s nipples, soon followed by Joanna. What a sight. I was absent mindedly fondling Susie’s bum, who was kneeling next to me.

The girls continued their three way sucking, driving Kara into quite a state, until she was groaning at the pleasure building up in her body. Melia and Joanna stopped and turned their attention to Kara’s pussy.

‘Now, you see that your pussy is wet?’ Joanna asked

Kara nodded and Joanna traced a finger down from Kara’s breast and teased the outside of Kara’s pussy with it. I saw that it was glistening with juice and Kara moved her hips naturally as Joanna teased her. Melia started to kiss Kara, gently giving her face small kisses, until the passion mounted and they were latched together in a full on make out session. Joanna had eased one finger into Kara and was circling her clit with her thumb. Kara was moaning into Melia’s face, having the time of her life at the hands of Joanna and Melia.

Joanna moved her head down and began licking Kara’s clit, alternating between it and diving into her pussy with her tongue. Such a sexy sight. I moved Susie and pushed her head down onto my erect cock and just held my cock in her mouth, not allowing her to blow me, just enjoying the wet warmth of her mouth.

Joanna had moved her attention to Kara’s clit now and was pumping two fingers into her pussy as she lapped at Kara’s clit. I was rock hard in Susie’s mouth. I caught Melia’s eye as she paused in her kissing Kara.

‘Joanna, let’s move Kara onto cock now.’ Melia said.

Joanna came up for air, withdrew her fingers from Kara’s pussy. This left Kara moaning for more, as she was nearly at orgasm. The girls helped Kara over to me and they instructed her on what to do next to mount me. They positioned her pussy over my cock. Melia grabbed my cock and helped Kara sink down onto it. Wow! Kara was tight. She was also a virgin. I broke through her hymen as gently as I could and allowed her time to grow used to having my cock inside her. Melia was stroking her back and kissing her back.

Joanna has left us to it and lay back the other side to watch.

‘Come her Fuckslut and lick my pussy.’ Joanna ordered Susie.

Susie did as she was bidden, crawling across the lounger to start lapping at Joanna’s sopping pussy.

Kara started moving and I let her find out what she liked without moving too much. Kara, at the encouragement of Melia, experimented with speeds, depths of penetration and sitting up and lying down on my chest.

‘You can start thrusting now.’ Melia told me.

I grabbed hold of Kara’s hips and began gently pumping myself into her. The effect was immediate, as Kara’s first orgasm hit her. I fucked her gently through it and built up speed to move her onto the next one. I was pumping into her hard and she was well on the way to orgasm number two. I drove in deep and Kara moaned as another small orgasm hit her. It was time to change position.

I moved her off me and lay her down on her back. I got between her legs and inserted my cock back in her pussy. I then fucked Kara missionary for a while, building her up towards more pleasure. I stopped, still inside her and moved her legs so that they were on my shoulders, allowing me to penetrate her pussy to the deepest parts. This drove Kara wild and she screamed in joy as my cock plunged deep into her, feeling my cock head bump up against her cervix. Kara screamed as orgasm number three hit her and her pussy rippled along my shaft. This was too much for me and I shot a jet of hot jism deep into her pussy, spraying my jizz into her pussy, coating her insides. This made Kara make even more noise, as she felt my hot cum pumping into her.

I withdrew and moved off Kara, leaning down to kiss her. We kissed and it was magical, I felt a connection with her.

Joanna had also reached orgasm, the sight of me cumming in Kara’s pussy tipped her over the edge and she grabbed Susies head and drew it hard onto her pussy as she came. Melia got down in between Kara’s legs and gently tongued her pussy, eating my cum out of her. Joanna moved Susie and got her to lie down under Melia’s piussy. Joanna then got Melia to sit down on Susie’s face as she was eating out Kara. Now that was quite a sight! Melia was moveing her hips quickly, grinding her pussy down onto Susie’s face, as she herself had her face buried in Kara’s pussy eating her out. Wow! What a sight! Joanna and I lay together, arms round each other as we watched Kara and Melia both reach another orgasm each.

Eventually, they all finished and lay back panting from their exertions. Kara looked serene, a smile across her face.

‘I like this sex!’ Kara said to us all.

We all laughed and assured her that there would be more to come.

‘Swim, time for a swim.’ I said.

We all leaped up and ran down to the water, where we splashed about having great fun. I even saw Susie smile once! We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach before beaming back to the ship for showers. We then beamed back down to find that Computer had made us a lovely table and chairs out of driftwood to eat our supper off. Perfect!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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