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The day dawned clear with the promise of a fine warm day ahead, ideal beach weather. The four lovers had risen early, packed quickly and lightly, after all for what they were planning, clothes would be pretty well superfluous, apart from plenty of sexy lingerie. Just after dawn and a light breakfast they were heading for the beachhouse.

The previous night over dinner, although disappointed that there would be no fun and games this night, both Garry and Justin readily agreed to the girls’ plan, even agreeing to Mia’s suggestion that they preclude sex from their activities until after dinner on the deck the next evening and just mess about playing tennis and swimming, but mainly resting up for what they all hoped would be several hours of uninhibited fun.

The drive down was quiet, as Sorrell and Justin were a little down after leaving their baby for the first time since her birth. They pulled into a little picnic spot well shielded from the road and, while having coffee changed into their “Beachhouse Gear”. For the girls this meant sheer and lacy boy pants panties, Mia in white and Sorrell in pink, and sheer halter tops. The boys wore short white shorts and tank tops.

By the time they were back on the road the mood had lightened considerably and they conversation turned to reminiscences about previous trips to the beach house.

Sitting in the front of their SUV Mia looked down into her man’s lap and was amused to see his semi-erect cock, cockhead peeking through his foreskin, poking out from the leg of his shorts. She reached over and pinched his foreskin closed and then twisted it tightly, knowing he loved this type of play, she could feel his cock hardening further and straining against her pinching fingers. ” hey – no sex we agreed, no fair” Garry complained, Mia laughed let go and patted his now fully erect penis and pushed it back into his shorts. She leant over and kissed his cheek, “Just jokin’ honey – I love you.”

“Love you too babe” He replied.

In the rear seat Sorrell and Justin holding antalya escort hands laughed and said together, “We love you too, both of you.”


They arrived at the Beachhouse about an hour later, revelling in the warm breeze blowing from the sea, free to do as they please, when they please, in and around their totally secluded retreat, although there was a sandy path about twenty-five metres from the house that led down to the beach, but very few people knew of the beach and fewer still of the track that led down to it.

It was early afternoon now and they’d eaten a light lunch, the girls were catching a light tan, stretched out on the sun lounges that lay scattered about the huge front deck that overlooked the ocean and the beach fifty metres below. The boys were inside cleaning up after lunch and refilling the cooler with beer and wine.

Sorrell stretched, stood up and walked to the large telescope mounted on the railing and began sweeping the beach below with the huge eye, she caught movement from the corner of her eye at the top end of the beach up among the rocks.

She re-focused the telescope and found what had caught her eye. About two hundred metres away a young couple were engaged in an energetic bout of love making. “Oh, so nice, Mia come look” she said, waiting till she could feel Mia standing beside her, she watched as the young man slid his cock from his lover’s pussy and rammed it into her arsehole. “This is beautiful”, she said as Mia bent to the telescope and took in the view, “God!! he is pounding her arse hard and she’s enjoying it too”. Garry and Justin came over, each taking their turn at the telescope before handing it back to Sorrell.

She refocused again and then began giving them a description of what was happening below them, “He just pulled out of her arse, she’s turning over and sitting up, Oh fuck!! he’s jerking off into her mouth, she’s just sitting there mouth wide open and wacking off on her clit, she’s a fucking little cum-slut…..he’s antalya escort bayan cumming and so’s she, My fucking God, so much cum, he’s still shooting stuff, I’ve never seen so much cum from one cock before. She taking it all swallowing like mad, some of its dribbling down her chin and onto her tits, I wish I were there to get the dribbles. She’s using her fingers to wipe her chin and sucking the cum of them and he…yes, he’s licking his cum from her tits that is so hot. They’ve finished.”

She stood and looked around and saw that Mia had her hand cupped tightly over her pussy mound, just as her’s was, although she could not remember doing it or feeling the pressure against her wetness. The boys also had their hand pressed tightly around their erections, but were otherwise not wanting to carry on any further less they ruin the nights proposed entertainment.

Mia let her breath out explosively, “Shit that was so cool, they are so gorgeous and sexy, not to mention naughty did you see how they went at arse fucking, she was loving it, I swear she had a least four fingers in herself as he fucked her, sayyy, how does everyone feel about a couple of extra dinner guests?


Receiving an affirmative nod from each of the others, Mia headed off down the beach track as Garry watched her trim figure through the telescope, he laughed to himself, ” I am one lucky guy to have such a wonderful wife, so beautiful, so sexy so loving, so uninhibited”, even now heading down the beach, wearing totally see through panties and halter top toward a couple they’d watched moments before fuck each other almost senseless.

He watched as she waved at the couple and as they waved back, still totally naked and seemingly totally at ease in front of this scantily clad goddess that had arrived from nowhere, she joined them and sat down and a lively conversation ensued with the couple following Mia’s pointing arm toward the beachhouse, he waved and there was an answering wave from escort antalya the three on the beach. Mia stood and began walking back, while the couple behind her began dressing, she turned and waved as they, now dressed, returned her wave and disappeared up a track that was invisible from the beachhouse.

Mia returned a little out of breath from her climb up the track, ” Yes!! They are going to join us about 6. They are both just absolutely beautiful, and no body hair either thank God.” The four lovers had an aversion to body hair, and would entertain no lovers who had any. “They really got turned on again when I told them that we’d been watching them, wanted to know if we’d fucked or anything while we watched, I’m sure she was dribbling pussy juice, I know he was dribbling pre-cum. Lady and gentlemen, he has the most delicious cock I’ve ever seen, present company included, a good eight inches I’d say, not very thick, but a guaranteed good arse-filler I’d say. I think we are all going to enjoy that cock not to mention an equally delightful pussy.”

“What are their names, or were you too busy ogling his cock?”, laughed Justin.

“Oh, sorry, yes I was ogling both his gorgeous cock and her pussy, both mouth-watering, believe me, anyway their names are Jessie and David, and before you ask, they have a bungalow over on that next sort of headland down there. That must be that last turnoff before ours I guess. Anyway I’m for a swim and a nap”, finished Mia.

The four spent a leisurely afternoon in and around the pool, or playing tennis and more swimming, and then lastly they retired to the Sauna and spent an hour sweating out the last week or so of stress and the accumulated city grunge.

All these activities were carried out naked, although the girls did bind their tits quite tightly with their halter tops so as not to stretch or tear their breast muscle tissue. They had a cold shower on the deck before retiring to the large communal bedroom where they made themselves comfy on the huge oval bed that was the centre piece of the room.

The bed would comfortably sleep ten or even twelve, installing it had been nightmare, and having the mattress made was even worse, but they felt the end result was worth the effort. It was totally decadent, but just wonderful to sleep in and fuck on, in short they loved their bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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