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After the party at Jack’s Liz decided to stop sleeping around. She was good-looking, slim, took care of herself and she knew how men admired her, especially her legs. She could have any man she wanted, so why did she fall for losers like Jack? The truth was, and she admitted it to herself, she just loved to fuck. Once a man kissed her, and got his hand her breast or under her skirt she was gone.

Jack had called her a couple of times but she wouldn’t talk to him. Well at least she hadn’t got pregnant, she’d sweated that out for a month. Of course everyone knew and talked about that evening at the party but now a friend had told her that Phil was bragging about fucking her too. She was sure he hadn’t been there, although when you’re drunk who knows what could happen.

Greg had heard about Phil too, and just shrugged it off. He’d decided he’d have nothing more to do with Liz. That she was a slut wasn’t the point, it was the way she’d treated him that night. She left him sitting there, saying she’d be right back.

When she suddenly appeared again, even though she only had on a blouse, panties and stockings, for a moment he thought she’d come back to him. His instant fantasy was that in spite of Jack she had come looking for him, but instead she was looking for a condom for Jack to use. He laughed at himself. What a fool. When he heard the noise from the bedroom he had left, and had avoided her ever since.

Liz resolved to go straight from now on. No more one night stands, she’d find a nice guy who she’d see regularly, maybe move in with, and no more slutty behavior. But just to be sure there were no mistakes, she found a new doctor who prescribed pills for her.

After a couple of months she felt really good about herself. She’d been to a couple of parties, had plenty to drink and had gone home alone. Then one evening after work a group of people from work met at a bar for a drink where she got into conversation with Fred, a German who worked in another lab. She’d always found Fred interesting and that evening they talked a lot.

Fred was a big good-looking guy of about 40 with hair grey at the temples. He had a really good line that evening, and even though he was married, as they stood at the bar talking, his hand was on her ass. Liz liked the feel of his hand and was getting warm, so when he suggested they leave together she said okay.

He followed her car as she drove to her apartment, and as soon as they were inside the door grabbed her and starting kissing her. That’s all Liz needed, and soon her panties were off and she was spreadeagled on the bed. No condom this time and she liked the feel of his penis, the fleshy feel, in her vagina.

Fred could really fuck, and after no sex for so long she was in heaven, grunting and moaning, and: “Oh God that’s good.” And so on. However he came quickly and she felt the warm sperm shoot deep inside her and loved the feel.

“Sorry, got to run. Momma’s waiting.” He said as he pulled out of her, and she felt a sense of loss as she watched him pull on his pants, kissed her quickly, and was gone. She said to herself

“Okay, I went without sex for two months. I’ll just have sex with Fred. No more pickups at bars or parties.”

And she was good again for a couple of months, seeing Fred every couple of weeks.

One night after Fred had left for home and his wife, Liz again felt that feeling of loss. She had the whole evening ahead of her, a Friday evening at that, and when her room mate Bobby suggested she go with her and Clem to have a drink with some of their friends, she jumped at the chance.

Clem was in the navy stationed at the nearby base and he and Bobby had been going together for nearly a year. He was a tall skinny Southern guy, a great contrast to chubby, New York Jewish Bobby, and he was completely devoted to her. Liz had once had sex with him and another sailor, when they’d all been drinking, but Bobby knew nothing about it, and never would.

The bunch of sailors were a lot of fun, and soon there was dancing and laughter. And Liz was drinking too much. One nice looking guy latched on to her. They dance together a few times, and then all the time. When things started to slow down, about one o’clock in the morning, he wanted to go home with her. They were within waking distance of her apartment, so they started to walk.

Halfway there he stopped and pulling her toward him, kissed her. She loved it, and reaching down felt his rock hard penis. She was doomed! They quickened their pace, and were soon climbing the stairs to the apartment she shared with Bobby. As she opened the door he kissed her again, this time with real passion, all tongue.

They went to her room, and he had her panties off and was feeling her vagina before she knew it, and they were fucking while she was half undressed. She felt a great sense of relief that they hadn’t had to go through the condom question, which always broke up the romance of the moment.

She had a super orgasm, and after he came she held him wrapped in Trabzon Escort her encircling legs.

“He’ll probably leave now.” She thought.

But instead he asked if he could stay the night, and she readily agreed. They had sex at least once more, and then in the morning he was ready again.

When she got up to pee and make coffee she met Bobby.

“Did you have company last night?” Bobby asked.

And when she said “yes”

“I thought I heard you. Who was it?”

“Oh God! I don’t know his name.”

Clem had stayed the night too, so they all had breakfast together, and for some reason the guy’s name didn’t come up, and after he’d left, Clem said he didn’t know him. So Liz felt a little strange, she couldn’t remember ever fucking a guy without at least knowing his first name.

Again she resolved to stop being so easy. She’d been pretty good so far, but every time, it seemed, she slipped again. Maybe it was being on the pill that made it so easy, but at least there was no, or very little, chance of getting pregnant.

About a week after her sex with the unknown sailor she started to get an itchy vaginal discharge. At first she thought it was a yeast infection and treated it as such, but when it persisted she went to the doctor.

She had a thing about her new doctor. He was younger and sort of good looking, and the first time he’d examined her she was rather turned on getting up on the table, skirt up undies off, putting her feet in those stirrups and opening her legs for him. But this time she didn’t feel the same, and wished he didn’t have to examine her leaking itchy vagina.

He took a smear of the discharge and had her wait in the waiting room while it was checked. Then the nurse called her back in.

“You’ve got gonorrhea.” He told her. “But it isn’t the end of the world.” He reassured her when he saw the shocked look on her face. “The disease is easily treated these days with antibiotics. However we’ll have to make a report to Public Health, and notify the last person you had sex with.”

Liz was aghast! “I don’t know who it was! Or at least I know who it was, but don’t know his name or how to get hold of him.”

“Well you have to provide some information, so maybe you can find out. I assume there was only one.” He said looking at her disapprovingly.

“Well, actually there were……oh God no. Could it be Fred?” This was awful, she realized this must look terrible to the doctor, but it was just running out of her mouth.

“Two men? Recently?” He was surprised.

“Well, yes, Fred took me home. Then I went out in the evening with my room mate and met this sailor and……….and oh my God, Fred’s married. That can’t be possible.”

“Well, none of this is my business.” The doctor said tersely. “Just see my nurse and she’ll help you fill out the necessary forms.”

She took care of the paper work, even giving Fred’s name as a recent contact, then as soon as she could, called Fred. He was furious and said he was sure it wasn’t him, but that he’d get checked out anyway.

It was a nightmare, and even though the antibiotic cleared the disease up quickly, she avoided men altogether because she felt unclean. She saw Fred at work, and they talked, but there was no mention of the venereal disease, until one day when they were alone he asked her if it had cleared up. When she explained that she was okay now he suggested that they get together some time.

A couple of days later a group of people from the lab went out after work for a drink at the Hacienda and Liz went with them. Greg was there and they exchanged brief greetings. Then Fred came in, kissed her on the cheek and sat down beside her.

Liz was torn, because while Greg had been civil to her, she’d hoped that after a couple of drinks he’d actually become friendly. But now Fred sat beside her and soon his hand was on her knee. She glanced over at Greg, but he didn’t seem to have noticed Fred’s possessive move.

But he had. When he’d first come in and seen Liz there he had forced himself to remain aloof, but he wanted to speak to her, to tell her how nice she looked. He wanted to move so that he could see her legs as the hem of her skirt fell just above her knee when she crossed her legs. He tried to resist warming to her, remembering that night at Jack’s place when she’d treated him like shit.

Then Fred came in, kissed her, and plonked down beside her. Soon, out of the corner of his eye he saw Fred’s hand slip from her knee under the hem of her skirt. He’d heard that Fred had been fucking her, and thought that there she was, screwing around again, this time with a married man.

But as he watched discreetly he found he was getting aroused, he was feeling horny. When Fred turned to whisper something in Liz’s ear his hand slipped under her skirt to her thigh, Greg saw it. She smiled and nodded.

Fred got up: “I’d better be getting home. Goo’ night all” He said and turning strolled casually out the door.

Five minutes passed. Trabzon Escort Bayan “Me too.” Said Liz. “I think I’ll be going.” As she avoided looking in Greg’s direction.

There was quiet for a moment, then: “How about that.” One of the guys said. “I wouldn’t mind being in Fred’s shoes.”

“In Fred’s shoes and Liz’s pants.” Someone else joked.

One of the girls, Pat, said: “You don’t know that.”

“Oh come on, they’re screwing.” Dan laughed.

“How about it Phil, what’s it like?” Dan asked.

“What makes you think I know?”

“Jack said you both screwed her that night at his party.”

“Hey! Were you the one who gave her the clap?” Gus asked.

“What? Who said she had VD?” Phil looked worried.

“Well that’s the rumor.” Gus went on.

And the banter went on. Greg was deflated. He felt let down again after feeling so drawn to Liz, even if she was going to have sex with Fred, but now, with all this sordid stuff coming out again he just wanted out of there. Maybe he’d call Mandy, a girl he went out with sometimes, take her out to dinner, a movie, and then they’d have sex.

Mandy was sweet, a little chubby for his liking, but a real nice girl. They went out every couple of weeks, then back to one of their apartments to fuck. Everyone was having so much fun talking about Liz they didn’t even notice him leave.

Meanwhile, Liz had arrived at her place and parked beside Fred, who was already there. They went up the stairs together and as they went in the door Fred pulled her toward him and started to kiss her passionately.

Fred really enjoyed being with Liz. She was such a change from Ilse, his fat little hausfrau. Ilse had been voluptuous when they were married, but after two kids was getting fat, in fact he avoided looking at her when she was naked. She was a pretty good fuck still, but nothing like Liz. Now Liz, she could FUCK. She loved to do it and she let you know how much she liked what you did. And she’d do just about anything. Ilse would suck his cock when she was drunk, but otherwise avoided it. And even drunk, she’d spit out his sperm into a Kleenex. Liz would suck his cock dry.

That VD incident worried him, though. She’d told him she’d fucked some guy the same day as he’d fucked her, and she caught the clap. Good thing it wasn’t the other way round. It was a good thing the other guy hadn’t fucked her first, then he, Fred, had had her, or he might have got the disease.

The other thing was anal sex. She wouldn’t let him fuck her in the ass, but he was working on it. In fact when he went into her bathroom to take a pee, he saw a tube of KY jelly on the counter. He picked it up and slipped it in his pocket.

When he came out they kissed and kissed, as his hands explored her body. She took off her blouse and he fondled her breasts, her nipples. Then, while they still standing, his hand went under her skirt and quickly found her warm, wet vagina.

Liz moaned with pleasure. “Oh, oh Fred. Oh God that’s nice.”

“Take off your pants baby.” He told her.

She stepped back and did what he told her.

“Now bend over the back of the couch.”

She did, and felt him flip her skirt up, and immediately felt his cock plunge into her.

“Aaah…..aaah …aaah” she groaned and his cock slid deep into her cunt. Then he started rhythmically pounding her hot wetness. He looked down at her lovely round buttocks; the stockings; the skirt carelessly thrown over her back, and watched his penis plunging into her pink labia. And between her buttocks he eyed her puckered anus.

Fred took the KY jelly out of his pocket, and smearing a big glob on her anus and stuck first one then two fingers into it.

“Oh!…..that’s different.” Liz said.

Then after a couple of minutes he smeared another glob on, pulled out of her vagina, and in one thrust pushed his cock into her asshole.

“Ow! No, no. That hurts. Stop, please stop Fred.” She screamed. “You’re hurting me!”

But Fred held her firmly by the hips, and kept plunging his cock into her ass.

She was in tears now. “Please, please stop. You’ll hurt me back there.”

“Just a minute baby.” He told her. “You’re so tight I’ll come in a minute. Just try to relax.”

She tried, but it hurt badly, then suddenly he gave a huge plunge, which felt as if it would split her open and she thought she could feel his sperm shooting deep inside her. Then he was still, his arms wrapped around her hips.

“Oh, ow. That hurts.” She sobbed as he pulled out of her.

“That was so good, Liz my baby. So nice and tight. I’m going to have to clean up.”

He went into the bathroom.

When he came out of the bathroom Fred gave Liz a quick kiss.

“Sorry, gotta run. Momma wants to go out tonight.”

“Can’t you stay a few minutes longer?” She wanted the company, but most of all she wanted to shower because after the anal sex she felt unclean. So when he insisted he had to leave she didn’t feel too bad.

She sat Escort Trabzon watching television for a few minutes after she’d showered, then Bobby came home.

“You’re showered early.” Bobby remarked. “Got a date tonight?”

“No I just had a date.” Liz replied bitterly.

“Fred?” Bobby asked.

“Fred. And he did something nasty to me. Don’t ask.”

“Oh, I see. Some men can be unpleasant sometimes.” Bobby said sympathetically.

“Men can be pigs!” Liz growled.

Bobby and Clem were going out to a movie and she declined Bobby’s offer to go with them. Going out with a practically married couple could be a drag. Besides she needed a shower and felt like being alone.

Saturday was nice and bright, so Liz and Bobby went into the city and had fun shopping. They didn’t buy much but enjoyed looking. In the evening Bobby and Clem were going out with friends, so Liz was alone again. She’d decided to break it off with Fred, but now, sitting alone she’d have liked his company, but he always had to “go home to Momma.” She hated it when he said that.

She had a good book and read for a while, then looked at the clock. It was only nine o’clock. She poured herself a drink, scotch and water — good! She started to read again, then had another drink.

“God I’d like to fuck.” She said aloud, startling herself. “I’ll get dressed up and go down to that bar on the corner, pick a guy up and bring him back here.”

She went into the bedroom and started to put on sexy underwear, stockings, garter belt, the works.

“This skirt will do.” It was short, but not too short. She didn’t mind a guy looking up her skirt when she was sitting on a bar stool, but not while she was standing.

Then, “I wonder what Greg’s doing.” Again out loud to herself.

“No, fuck no! I’ve got to stop thinking about him. Anyway, he hates me”

She went back into the living room, sat for a minute then picked up the phone and dialed Greg’s number.

“Hello?” She heard his voice and it excited her.

“It’s Liz. I want to talk to you.”

“That’s a fucking joke. You want to talk to me, great! But you want to fuck someone else.”

“I’ll ignore that. I’m feeling down and I need to talk to someone and thought of you.”

There was silence from the other end of the line.

Then, “Okay, let’s talk.” Greg said.

“Can’t you come over? I’d rather talk face to face.”

“What, have you invited someone else over for the sex part?”

“Greg, really, I’m depressed and want to talk to someone.”

Greg was enjoying this. He’d wanted to tell Liz what he thought of her for a while, and now he was making her twist in the wind.

“Suffer bitch!” He thought to himself.

“So you’re feeling depressed. I felt depressed in Jack’s place, waiting for you to come back. And the next thing I heard was the sound of two people fucking in his bedroom. The sound of Jack fucking you.”

“Please forgive me for that, Greg, I was carried away by the moment.”

“The moment and a hard cock. Come on Liz, be serious, why should I listen to you after you’ve treated me like shit? No I’m not coming over. Why don’t you call up Jack or Phil, or the guy who gave you the clap? Or better yet go out and pick someone up and take him to your place and fuck his brains out?”

“Okay Greg, stay home and jack yourself off. I AM going out and pick up someone up and fuck his brains out. Or maybe I’ll just stay home and kill myself.”

And Liz slammed the phone down and started to cry. Then she got up, washed her face, skipped a shower, but gave her crotch a quick wash.

“If they don’t like the smell too bad.” She thought to herself

Then started to put make up on. Nice slutty make up; too much lipstick; lots of eye shadow; a little rouge in the cheek; then those cheap flashy earrings. There, that’s good, I look like a hooker and with the short skirt I shouldn’t have any trouble getting picked up.

The phone rang. She ignored it, probably Greg apologizing. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw before putting on a blouse and a skirt.

“No panties — I won’t need them. No bra, so my nipples will show.” She laughed.

The phone rang again. She ignored it again.

She was walking down the stairs when she heard someone coming up. She stopped and when she saw a man coming up, a man who looked up at her legs. Can he see up my skirt? She wondered. “Can he see that I don’t have panties on?” And she smiled. Men, they are so easy.

Greg had tried to call Liz back. He was worried because she’d sounded so depressed, and when she didn’t answer after the second call he wondered if she might really go ahead with what she had threatened. Not the bit about going out and getting picked up, but about killing herself.

He drove over to her apartment building, but didn’t know which one was hers. He was walking up the stairs when someone came out of one of the apartments. He stopped and looked up and saw nice legs and a short skirt. It had to be, yes, it was her.

“Hi, I see you’re on your way out.”

“I told you what I was going to do.” She answered him coldly.

“You also said you might do something else. I was worried.”

“Worried?” She was touched. “You shouldn’t worry, I like life too much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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