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Hey Guys! Here’s the eighth chapter of Back to You. I have one last chapter in store for Matt and Ollie, so look out for that in the coming weeks. I also had this idea for another series I’d like to work on, as well as toying around with reviving an old one- so check back to see which one writes itself first. Hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you think- I really appreciate it.

Chapter 8: A second chance at that old life

Matt had been sitting in the driver’s seat of his Four Runner for the past ten minutes. The car was off, keys out of the ignition and yet he sat there, hearing only his subtle breath as if waiting for some sign that the coast was clear. He knew he had to face the world today, and as he looked at his watch that read, 7:45, he knew that his time avoiding it all was running down. Building up the courage to open the door, he heard a knock against the passenger seat window. He looked to find Oliver, standing there with a shit eating grin, as if he just walked in on Matt touching himself. He felt equally embarrassed at his sign of weakness- the entire student body of James Monroe High School.

Opening the door, Ollie sat beside him, “Nervous?” he asked.

Matt nodded as he gripped the steering wheel. He barely looked at Oliver, keeping his sight straight ahead at the cluster of trees just past the parking lot. He didn’t need a visual. Just knowing Ollie was next to him did wonders to set his mind at ease. “It took me twenty minutes to get dressed this morning- every shirt I tried on just screamed, ‘notice me.”

Oliver reached over and slipped his right hand between Matty’s and the steering wheel. Leaning in closer, he placed his palm on Matt’s face and turned the boy towards him. Face to face for the first time that morning, Oliver pulled him in for a kiss as he ran his finger along the boy’s jaw. He could feel Matt’s trembling lips stop dead in their tracks as he pressed in. Both of their tongues stayed well in their mouths, each set of hands restrained in places deemed ‘PG’ and yet the two were able to share an embrace as passionate and as intense as what they did behind closed doors.

As they pulled away, Matt breathed out, shaking off the tension that stockpiled inside him. He finally smiled, asking, “How are you so calm about all this?”

Ollie simply shrugged his shoulders, “The way I see it, Stevens. I’m crazy about you and now there’s nothing stopping us from being together. Nothing we have to hide, no one we can’t tell, just you and me, kid.”

Nodding, Matt exhaled, “I think I’m ready to go in.” The two got out of Matt’s car and stepped into the bright sun. Matt adjusted the straps on his backpack until they were tight on his shoulders, like he was about to embark on some expedition. Oliver came around the car and saw that Matty was beaming from end to end.

Matt pointed out, “I just noticed that you’re wearing my sweater. Out of everything, why that?” Oliver adjusted the sleeves with his fingers, “It’s OUR sweater, lover boy. And even though no one else but you knows that, I wanted it to be a reminder.” Ollie covered the bottom of his face, feeling slightly embarrassed. With the sleeves right under his nose, he inhaled the black cotton. It smelled like him. Like Matty was somehow stitched into the fabric even though he only wore it for a few hours. He’d make sure that he wouldn’t dirty it, hoping he’d never have to wash it ever again.

As they walked towards the main building and through the maze of parked cars and bustling students, Matt reached over and took Oliver’s hand in his. He interlocked his fingers too, so their palms were perfectly pressed against each other, transferring heat. Oliver turned slightly, so not to react too heavily. “We don’t have to-“

Matt cut him off and instead, squeezed tighter, “I want to, Ollie. You always seem to take away the nerves. ” Oliver nodded and held on. He looked to Matt as if he was a different person- like the scared and insecure boy was fighting a losing battle against himself. If Matt Stevens was able to push past his fears and hold his hand at school, Oliver knew he’d do anything he had to in order to make sure that boy knew he was just as invested.

The boys made their way through the front doors and through the sea of students, moving their way around each other like every other day of the school year. They stopped for a second, looking around as if checking their surroundings for potential threats. But other than the few confused looks and steady stream of knowing faces, everything seemed normal. Despite Matt’s fears, the world didn’t implode around them.


It was sometime after his third class that Oliver found himself at his locker, swapping out books and gathering his things. He was met by a familiar voice calling out, “There he is, ladies and gentlemen, the talk of the town.”

He turned to find Peter Kline, beelining through the crowd towards him. Peter always had this eccentric quality to him, like everything about the world was exciting and worth celebration. Büyükesat Escort He’d liked Peter from the get-go and even considered him a good friend. But with everything that happened with Bryce and the revelation of how he treated Matty all those years, Oliver just didn’t know who to trust anymore. As he got close, Ollie saw he was trailed by Jess, yet another one of his friends and Peter’s girlfriend. She wore a pensive smile along with her bright blue top and Oliver wondered which of the two stood out more.

Shoving the last of his books inside, Ollie called out, “Hey Pete, Jess.”

Jess stood there with her feet firmly planted. Crossing her arms, she raised an eyebrow, “Wanna explain why I had to hear from Abby Winters that my friend was not only dating someone, but a guy nonetheless.”

Oliver swung his backpack over his shoulder, “Don’t give me that, Jess. I don’t need to take shit from you two right now.” He pushed past the two of them, ready to storm off in a rage that felt all too familiar. But he felt a firm hand on his forearm, pulling him back.

“Stop, dude.” Ollie shrugged, trying to shake the other boy off, but he was equally matched. Sighing, Oliver turned back with an expression on his face that read, “talk before I kick your ass.”

Peter softened his voice, “What Jess was trying to say is that: we don’t care that you’re gay, Oliver. Or that you’re dating someone.” He shrugged his shoulders and released the boy’s arm, “We just hoped you would have come to us first before it turned into the latest school gossip.” He returned a warm smile on his face, the kind that held no threats or false pretenses.

Oliver shook his head, nervously running his palms along the front of his jeans, “I’m sorry- I just, I guess I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. I like Matt and he likes me, and we want to be together. It’s simple.” He looked up to find eyes fixed on his blushing face. He turned to Jess, “When you and Pete got together, there wasn’t a big declaration or an announcement of any kind, it sort of just happened. Why should it be any different for me and Matt?” He looked back after letting all of his thoughts roll off his tongue. He knew the answer to his own question. Things were different because they simply were. And yet, among that, he longed for a sense of normalcy.

Jess reached out and placed her hand on Oliver’s shoulder, “You’re right, it shouldn’t be any different. It just came as a shock, you know.”

The three turned their heads up, hearing the bell ringing throughout the halls. Oliver closed his locker as the groups of people around them started shifting like the tides. Before heading off to class, Jess felt she had one more thing to say. “Next time something big happens in your life, don’t shut us out cause you think we won’t understand.”

Peter chimed in, swinging an arm over Oliver’s shoulder, “Who knows, we might just surprise you.”


Oliver stepped onto the soft grass and headed straight towards the trees. There, in the lone picnic table, draped in the shadows of the overcast sky, he saw Matty. The boy looked determined as he carefully turned the page on the textbook he was reading, while twirling a ball point pen in his finger. He could see the boy’s eyes, focused on the blocks of text before him as he stuck his tongue out the side of his mouth.

Ollie managed to creep his way towards Matt without being noticed. Then, easing onto the bench, he reached over and nearly closed the book on the boy’s face. He spoke, “I think it’s just about time you took a break.”

Matt shook his head as he scribbled the last remaining notes, “I have a Chem test next period and considering I spent the entire weekend at your house, I need all the help I can get,”

Reaching around, Oliver snaked his arm at Matt’s lower back. Pulling the boy in closer, he offered, “And what a great weekend it was.” The boys exchanged a quick glance, each undoubtedly undressing each other with their eyes.

In an effort to break that sexual tension before it bubbled over, Matt added, “Now if I fail this quiz, you definitely owe me big time.”

Oliver was just about to reply with some witty comment when he heard rustling in the grass followed by a familiar voice, “There you guys are!”

The two looked over to find Jess and Peter, making their way towards them, both carrying trays of food fit to feed the entire soccer team. They eased into the bench opposite the two boys, while Matty tried his best to hide the confused look on his face. He’d seen both of them around school and hanging out with Oliver from time to time, but they’d never spoken to him.

As if reading his mind, Jess extended her hand, “You must be Matt. I’m Jess and this here is my boyfriend Peter.” Matty looked over to the other boy and exchanged a quick handshake. Turning back to Jess, she went on, “We’re friends with Oliver….”

Peter jumped in, “His mom pays us a hundred bucks a month to talk to him.”

Rolling her Elvankent Escort eyes, Jess continued as the boys shared a quick laugh, “Now that you two are dating, we’d also like to be friends.

Oliver kept quiet, not at all phased by the forward nature that was Jessica Mills. She was a firecracker as much as she was a sweetheart. And truth be told, she was the one out of the two he was most worried to tell. He looked over to see Matt’s face softening. The boy’s walls- the ones he erected to keep everyone out in fear, were slowly coming down.

Matt added, “Well, it’ always nice to meet new friends.”

After a round of nods, Peter spoke up, “Well now that we got all the sappy stuff out of the way, let’s eat!” He reached over and pushed the trays of fries and wings towards the other boys as Jess handed out bottles of Coke. “I think we got enough food, but considering how Oliver practically inhales his meals, we may need to restock”, he said just as Ollie had stuffed a hand full of fries into his mouth.

As Oliver powered through his burger, Jess asked, “So what’d you guys do this weekend? I mean other than throwing Abby for a loop.” She made a face that practically mirrored the shock that Abby wore that day, the one that complimented her skimpy outfit all too well. Matt nearly choked on his soda at the sight as Oliver patted his back.

“Mostly just hung out. My mom was out of town so I invited Matt over”, Ollie said, nonchalant.

Peter raised an eyebrow, “Ah, I see. So I’m guessing most of this hanging out happened horizontally? That was totally us the first weekend we had to ourselves.”

Jess shouted out, “Peter!” as she slapped him harder than expected from someone of her size. He sat there, rubbing against his shoulder blade, barely protected by the thin shirt he was wearing.

Shrugging his shoulders, Peter replied, “What! It’s true! I remember we were supposed to meet up with Oliver one time and totally flaked because we got carried away.”

Oliver pointed towards himself as he turned to Matt, “I had to sit through the latest Fast and the Furious movie by myself and I didn’t even like any of the first ones!” He looked back at Peter and Jess who were both blushed beyond comparison. He finished, “You could have at least texted.”

Peter put a hand on Oliver’s shoulder, explaining, “Well, like I told you that night last year.” He raised an eyebrow, “Something came up.”

After a round of laughter and a steady stream of high fives all around. Matt took a second to enjoy the moment. It had been years that he’d been surrounded by people who genuinely wanted to be friends, let alone sit next to the boy who meant the most to him. He breathed in, feeling that autumn breeze mix together with the aroma of French fries and stale soda. For the first time at this school, he found acceptance.


Sometime after Jess and Peter left, Ollie looked at his watch to see that they still had a good half hour before their next class. He stood up, quickly shoving Matt’s books into his bags and crumpling all the papers in the process. Matt looked up, confused, as he tried to straighten out his research paper against the edge of the picnic bench. He asked, “Dude, what’s the rush? We still have plenty of time before American Lit.”

Oliver nodded, making quick work of clearing the table, “Exactly why we need to get going!”

Matt rolled his eyes, knowing better than to question him. When Oliver had an idea planted so deep into his head, there was no way anyone could convince him otherwise. Instead he zipped up his bag and swung it over his shoulders, “Fine. Lead the way, speedy.”

Oliver dashed through the halls like a man on a mission, leading a winded Matt trailing behind him, almost sure he could see the dust form at Oliver’s feet. He weaved through the halls, keeping watch of the olive green backpack as it twisted and turned through the school. Catching up, he followed Oliver’s lead as he slipped into a nearby classroom after looking in all directions to ensure they weren’t seen.

Stepping inside, Matt started, still out of breath from the quick run, “Okay what gives, we don’t have class for another thirty minutes-“

Oliver shut the boy up by pressing his lips against Matt’s almost as strong as he pushed the his body against the wall. Licking the surface the boy’s pouted mouth, he found the satisfaction he’d been searching for all day. Matt tasted like spearmint mixed with a flavor that could only be described as addictive. And better yet, Matt tasted like his. He continued to peck along the boys mouth before slipping off, but not without biting on the boy’s lower lip as he pulled away.

He nearly growled, “I’ve been dying to taste you all day.”

Matt cradled the boy’s face in his hands, still trembling from the urgency, “But what if someone comes in?”

Oliver turned slightly to kiss the bottom of Matt’s palm as it grazed his cheeks, “Mrs. Porter advises Mock Trial practice during lunch. Beşevler Escort So it’s just you and me, kid.” He plunged back to Matt’s lips as if being restrained from the boy’s taste for an eternity. Matt writhed beneath him, rubbing his back against the chalkboard wall and most certainly erasing whatever contents it once held. Ollie smiled to himself, as he saw Matt’s dark grey shirt dusted in chalk all along the back, but he’d be damned if he’d let that stop him. That would simply have to wait.

Running his hand down, Oliver found the indent between Matt’s chest. He swiped down, annoyed at the thin piece of fabric that separated his touch with his boyfriend’s bare skin. He could almost feel the hairs along his chest, bristling through the shirt as if begging for air. Still moving down, he eventually ran his knuckle over Matt’s hard prick. The boy’s skinny jeans did nothing for the bulge that he had. Matt could be dressed in a bright pink halter top with stilettos and hoop earrings, yet that magnificent bulge would certainly be the most noticeable thing about him.

Teasing for a bit, he heard the slight whimper from Matt’s closed lips, dying to be touched. He grabbed at the boy’s jeans, asking, “What am I going to do with this?”

Matt didn’t have the strength to play Oliver’s little game. He’d been denying himself satisfaction since he left Ollie’s house yesterday and after the weekend they’d had, a mere 15 hours seemed like an eternity. He cut through that shit eating grin with a voice that oozed assertion, “No more teasing babe. Please just suck me already!”

Not waiting for an answer, Matt undid his own jeans and slid them down to his thighs. His cock almost smacked Oliver square in the face but the boy was quick, grabbing onto it as it flung out of the waistband. He rubbed his thumb against the wet slit, feeling the embodiment of Matty’s anticipation. He slowly drew his slick fingers to his lips, coating the surface like chapstick. Slipping his tongue out, he tasted Matt, all the while looking up to see a fixed gaze staring down on him. Matt could feel his body clench with Oliver just inches away, but the boy simply wasn’t moving fast enough.

Matt growled out, “I swear to God, Ollie if you don’t-“

But Matt never got to finish that sentence. Oliver had been drawing out his act, waiting for Matt to break. The boy had a tendency to get so bound up in himself that he loved when Matt threw caution to the wind and vocalized everything he wanted. At that moment, he sunk down on the boy’s cock nearly taking it entirely. Two measly inches kept the distance between his pouted lips and the boy’s nearly trimmed bush. He could smell sex on his boy’s skin- the way guys their age douse their bodies in cheap cologne.

The growl in Matt’s voice turned to that of a high pitched whimper. It was comical how quickly Ollie’s mouth could turn that boy from domineering to needy. But there Matt was, holding onto Oliver’s shoulders- the only support that kept him from falling face first on the vinyl tile before him. Oliver sucked on the boy’s cock with determination, hell bent on making Matt cum so hard, they could hear his moans across the campus.

As time progressed, the two boys became nothing but a series of motions: from the rummaging of Matt’s antsy fingers through the other boy’s silken hair, to the long movements of Oliver’s mouth as he continually pushed Matt’s cock down his throat. The boys didn’t even speak- apart from the slurping sounds and moans alike. Matt was sure he blanked out a few times- the only thing that kept him from cumming whenever he felt the back of Oliver’s throat massaging his head. Each time, he could hear the rustling of footsteps just outside along with the feint ticks of the old fashioned clock just above their heads. Their time was limited. Oliver has become quite the cocksucker since he first started weeks ago. By now, his mouth had memorized Matt’s overgrown cock and the two continued a long a drawn out dance that would soon come to an end.

Matt knew he was on borrowed time as he slid his fingers down, anchoring them on Oliver’s jaw. The boy looked up, not breaking his movements as he bobbed his head back and forth. He had been the object of his affection for years and he still felt the need to pinch himself every time Ollie reciprocated. But between the confidence he had given him and the safety he now secured himself with, there was no denying how much he meant to him. Matt was soon brought back to reality as he felt the gentle tug on his balls. He forced himself not to look down, instead channeling the pressure of Oliver’s fingers as they kneaded his balls, as if getting them warmed up for the end. Matt pressed into the chalkboard, cupping Ollie’s head in his hands and grazing his finger along the boy’s temple.

The build up was always his favorite part. It was those few moments when he could feel the orgasm surging through him, ready to explode at any moment; the feeling of his balls so worked up that the slightest uncalculated touch could have them emptying themselves in seconds. That moment was something Matt tried to hold onto for as long as he could, but Oliver’s expert tongue wasn’t helping the situation. After a long and strained moan, he looked down to find Oliver staring straight at him: eyes full of lust and the makings of a smile that formed at the corners of his full mouth. Big mistake, Stevens.

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