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I’m in a Holiday Inn hotel room that I’d booked and paid for a week ago. It’s summer in York. There is no aircon, just a fan blowing hot air around this sex filled room.

My head is forced into the hard hotel pillow, I can feel my face burning red. My arsehole is burning too. I’m being buggered by the escort that I’d booked and paid for some nine days ago.

I’ve been looking forward to this, I’d almost cancelled 20 times. I almost didn’t turn up. Even after driving here for two and half hours I thought twice about checking in and standing her up.

I’ve gone through with it though, booking it on a credit card, and visiting somewhere as far away from home as possible.

My grown up kids wanted to know where I was going, what I was doing? I’d told them it was a work trip.

I’ve booked a 2 day holiday from work, and booked a midweek 1 night stay here in York.

I’ve had an itch, and I’ve scratched it. My bicuriosity has got the better of me.

She’s gripping my waist as she’s thrusting a lubed strapon into my arse. “Are you Ok, down there?” she asks as she’s fucking me raw. I think she sniggered as she said it.

I manage an uh-huh as my fingers grip the bedding, or whatever it is that I can.

Its my first time anal, its my first time with a woman, its the first time I’d paid for sex.

She said the strapon wouldn’t hurt, she’d also told me it was small. I’d told her to go to to town on me.

A surge of delight, pure sexual heat was overwhelming me. I’d never felt this before. I’m awash with adrenaline, lust, excitement all mixed in with feelings of shame. I’m on a high.

We’re coming to the end of the session. I’d played with her firm tits, fingered and tasted her cunt, we’d used toys together. I’d looked down Ankara Escort at her as she ate me out. The thrill of it all was exhilarating.

Its my first time, I’ve paid, I want to try it all. I’ve rushed my time with her like an eager child in a sweet shop.

She’d fucked my cunt with a large strapon already, now she’s in my arse. I can feel my hole stretched, I can feel the slick fake cock slide slowly out, and oh so forcefully back in.

My body is rocked with each forceful ploughing, pushing my head further into the pillow, I feel squashed, my knees clamped together under me, pushing my tits achingly into my chest. My buttocks are forced apart by her grip. I feel her beautifully manicured nails dig into my skin.

I’m naked, I feel sweaty from the heat of the room, from the fucking I’m receiving. I’m taking in everything, my senses heightened, the room absolutely stinks, like nothing I’ve experienced before.

This strapon fucking is the pinnacle of my fantasy. I feel dirty. I feel like a whore.

I can feel my cunt dripping, I’m thinking of her, holding me, fucking me. I know I’m just a perverted bitch paying her. This all adds to my senses, the building crescendo of cumming.

“Dont stop, keep going!” I hope and pray. My limbs are sticking together, for the brief moments her thighs hit the backs of my legs, the dampness makes the slap sound exaggerated.

I clench the bedding, my fingers ache, fuck, my arse aches. Oh the shame.

I can hear the slurping of the cock, in my crack. I hope its not my shit. I can feel the dribbles and slickness at my rear end.

My orgasm. If it’s not the feeling of this divine act of sodomy, its the feeling of what got me here, its the Sincan Escort escort fucking me, it’s the shameful view of this, my 38 year old self surrendering so mercifully to this will of lust and fornication.

The pace picks up. I free an arm and I brace against the head board, I manage to lift my head. I look up and catch myself in the mirror.

The image adds to the building orgasm. My red face, I’m biting my lip, my necklace dangling down passed my chin, my dark bobbed hair sticking to my perspiring skin.

I’m panting, I glimpse the face of this woman. Our eyes meet in the mirror. She smirks, I think she’s enjoying this, fucking me, a soft middle aged woman.

Her long bleach blonde hair is sticking to her clean pale skin, her slim elegant body forces her wicked sexual contraption into my splayed and now wrecked bottom.

I notice the black straps dangling down her fit thighs flowing with each of her thrusts.

She’s been friendly towards me, caring possibly and guiding. She’s been professional. I sense her looking down on me. To her this is her job, fucking and being fucked. She is a sex worker, she’s seen this so many times before, I bet.

I ashamedly look back down, a bead of sweat drips and soaks onto the sheet below me.

The wave is washing over me like a tsunami, my arms are shaking trying to hold me. My knees and back ache.

My arse is now easily accepting the strapon, its no contest. My bowels are being battered from the beating its receiving.

I’m coming “Fuck!” I shout.

I can’t describe the pure ecstasy, I lose control, I try and hold a wail in, I clamp and then release.

I collapse onto my side. I can barely open my eyes. She’s still Etlik Escort in me. I smile and cover my face embarrassed to look at her. She strokes my thigh and withdraws her tool.

I grab the towel I’m laying on and wipe myself down. I’ve soiled it, I’m even more embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

I feel released, I feel regret. I feel fucking great. I look at her, she smiles.

“It’s fine”, she says, pausing and looking at my arsehole. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” she questions, not expecting me to reply.

I’m tired, I grin.

“Oh, fuck, that was good”. I finally let out.

I lay for a while watching her take the condom off of her toy. She unclips the belt and goes into the bathroom.

I feel my holes, they were well used today. I feel fantastic.

She comes back out naked and collects her things. I offer her the shower, whilst I rest, but she says she has to go. She’ll get one at home. She puts her calling card on the bedside table.

The smart dress and jacket she wore to meet me is picked up off the chair. I watch her fold it and place it in her bag. She places, her stockings and the sexy underwear in their too.

The sadness as the realisation that this illicit rendezvous is over sinks in. I’m also a little relieved. I want to tell someone all about it, but I know I can’t.

She steps into a pair of tight jeans, and pulls on a vest top. Her nipples are erect. She puts on a pair of white trainers and goes back into the bathroom.

A short time later, she’s back out, looking plain, but beautiful. She smiles at me again.

“I’ve left my card there. If you’re back up this way, give me a call?” She zips up and takes her bag, I hear the door open and slam behind her as she leaves.

I feel a little dejected, ironically used.

I get up and try and open the window some more. This room needs airing. I can’t. The room stinks, I smile, surprised by myself and lay back down covering my face again.

Fuck! This is it, my fantasy has come true. I’ve just been arse fucked by a woman 15 years my junior.

It was dirty, paid for sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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