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“Jeremy?” I dragged my eyes and mind back from the building cumulous clouds over the mountains to the west of our backyard to answer my sister, “What is it Chris?”

“Do you think about girls very much?” Chris’ question finished the task of bringing me back to the present.

Chris and I are both eighteen now. Not twins but both born in the same twelve-month period. Chris was born in December and was too young to start school when she was five, almost six and I was born in October, less than a year later, so that we started school together and went all through the grades and middle school together. Now, we were eighteen and would soon graduate from high school.

“What do you mean by, do I think about girls very much?” I asked as I rolled my head to see my sister where she lay on a poolside lounge dressed in her favorite bikini. It was one of the first really nice days of the year and, with no classes that afternoon, we had decided to take advantage of the weather and the time off to laze in the sunshine. As I said, Chris was dressed in a bikini and I wore only my Speedo trunks from last season. Both of us had grown since the last time we wore our suits and it was obvious that we needed to do some shopping for new ones that would fit us better.

The top to Chris’ suit never did completely hide her budding, youthful breasts. Now, this year, it barely covered her nipples and aureola. The bottom half of her bikini was just barely equal to the task of covering the most important part of her anatomy. My suit, on the other hand, never did a good job of hiding my manhood. At the first hint of arousal, I had to get into the water and hope that no one would notice or reach for a towel to hide my obvious erection. This year, at least to my mind, I always looked as though I was about half hard. Any excitement at all would cause the front of the suit to tent and the tip of my cock to appear above the elastic waistband. I tried bunching my dick down around my balls, but that didn’t work out well either, as I always looked as though I had a large baking potato stuffed in the front of my suit. Besides that, any sort of erection at all became very painful with my cock curled near my balls.

I looked closely into Chris’ face as I waited patiently for her explanation and either my looking at her or the pending question, one, caused her to blush. She took a deep breath and said, “What I mean is, do you ever wonder what a girl looks like without clothes?” ‘Oops,’ I thought, ‘what’s this all about?’

Aloud, I said, “Chris, of course I do. Wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. Why do you ask?” Chris was very serious as she said, “Oh, I don’t know, stuff the girls are always talking about I guess.”

“You mean girls spend time discussing what other girls look like naked?”

“No, silly. I mean that girls are forever talking about how nice guys look, how they would like to see their nice, tight buns, how long his penis might be – stuff like that.”

Cautiously, I said, “Well Chris, I guess it is just natural to wonder what members of a different gender look like under their clothing, and, yes, I suppose I wonder as much as the next guy. Maybe even more.”

My penis gave a familiar twitch and I reached for a nearby towel so that I would not have to embarrass myself and Chris said, “What’s that mean, maybe even more?” I gave my sister a quizzical look and said, “This is on the level, right? Its kind of embarrassing talking about what women look like under their clothes when we are out here without much on.”

Chris said, “Oh I guess that I’m talking about what people look like naked, not just girls or guys.” She paused for several moments then said, “Ok Jeremy, what I suppose and I know that I’m not expressing it well is, do you ever wonder what I look like naked because God knows, I spend most of my time when we are out here like this, wondering what you look like without your suit on. Dad too, for that matter. I guess the thing that really bothers me is if I am a pervert or something because I want to see my brother and my dad naked or is it normal for everyone to wonder about stuff like that.”

I grinned and said, “Chris, for whatever it is worth, you are not a pervert.” I often wonder what you, and Mom as far as that goes, look like naked even in the wintertime when we are wearing snowmobile suits.” I chuckled and said, “Of course, I find myself wondering more when I can almost see everything, like now for instance.” Grinning, I added, “Why do you suppose I spend so much time on the water or with a towel in my lap?”

“Because you have a hard on? Oh wow, is that what thinking about this stuff does to you? Fantastic!” Then Chris surprised me and said, “Well, I guess you should know what thinking about this stuff does to me,” and pointed at a widening spot of moisture in the crotch of her bikini.

Our conversation was interrupted by Mom’s voice coming from the open window that was just above our heads as she said, “Hi kids, your conversation is too interesting for me to miss any of it. Why not wait for a few minuets and I will come out and Mersin Escort join you?”

A few minuets later, I heard the back door close and then Mom came into view. She had changed into her bikini and was carrying a towel but she wasn’t wearing a cover-up robe. It was obvious that Mom had put on a couple of pounds, weight that her swimwear clearly did not cover adequately. Mom saw my appreciative look and giggled, saying, “Yeah Jeremy, I know. I could just as well have left this thing off for all the good it does to hide anything.”

Mom dragged a lounge around until she could lie on it and talk without having to strain to see either Chris or me, then once comfortably ensconced on a lounge, said, “You kids will have to excuse me. I really didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help overhearing your discussion and, Jeremy, your statement about wondering what I look like naked caught my attention. Does a young guy like yourself really spend time wondering what an old broad like me, his own mother, looks like naked?”

“Uh, well Mom, I… Oh I don’t know,” I stammered. Mom giggled, sobered and said, “Don’t be bashful or shy, either one of you. It sounds as though we should have had this conversation a long time ago.” She turned to Chris and asked, “God, don’t they teach any of this stuff in Sex Ed?” Chris snorted and said, “Hell Mom, they don’t even show good pictures of naked people. They just use cutaway drawings of female and male reproductive organs. Even at that, the penis looks like some kind of a limp, dangling thing that no one in their right mind would ever believe would actually fit inside a woman an impregnate her.”

Mom laughed and said, “Well, if that’s the case, we have a real live dick right here that your brother might let us look at. For all of that, I guess it wouldn’t hurt us to let him see the little bit of our bodies that he cannot already see either. In either case, I’m curious as to why you are holding that towel in your lap, Jeremy. You’re not trying to hide an erection are you?” Before I could respond, Chris said, “Oh God Mom, look at how you have made him blush.” In exasperation, I said, “Mom, if you must know this conversation has given me a hard on and the tip of my dick is sticking out above the waist of my suit.” Mom said, “Well go ahead and show us then.” Noticing my hesitancy, she added, “If it will be more comfortable for you, we all can stand, turn away, strip off our suits and then turn back around to face one another. Would that make it easier?”

We stood and while looking in another direction, I heard Chris say, “You know, I’m beginning to be sorry I ever brought all this up. Nothing was said about when we should turn around so, once naked, I turned and got back onto my lounge and had a delightful view of both Mom’s and Chris’ butts as they finished stripping. I had no idea that when bent over naked, a woman’s labia were clearly visible between their legs but there they were, two of them in plain sight. Chris’ was tight, plump and smooth with a light covering of blonde fuzz while Mom’s, too, was plumpish but gaped slightly and was covered with quite a lot of brown curly pubic hair that extended all the way to her puckered asshole. My cock was hard as a rock but seeing Mom and Chris’ pussies made me even harder.

The two women finished removing their bikinis and turned at the same time. Then, in addition to seeing their curly pubic bushes, I had an unobstructed view of their tits, as well. Mom’s caught my eye first. They were large, plump and sagged just slightly but the nipples were erect and made me think of a ski jump the way they tipped up at the tips. Her aureola were nearly a half dollar in size and were dark red, almost brown. The nipples did not protrude much and were close to a half-inch in diameter. I have no idea what Mom’s breast measurement was but her tits were a perfect size to go with her fit, athletic figure. Clearly, working out at the fitness center three times a week had paid off well for her.

Chris’s tits would match Mom’s perfectly in a few years. Right now they looked like pieces of ripe fruit that was just about ready to burst through the skin, much like Mistletoe berries just before they explode and send spores flying. The most noticeable feature I saw was that my sister’s nipples were about the size of pencil erasers but must have extended a good half-inch from her pinkish aureola.

Chris stared at my cock for a few moments, and then without saying a word, she jumped up and ran into the house. She returned in a minute or so smiling from ear to ear and with something clenched in her right hand. She looked at Mom and said, “Come on Mom, you’ll probably have to give me a hand here. Think I am going to need help with this. Both Mom and I knew she was up to something but neither of us had a clue as to what it might be. Mom got up and faced my sister across my relaxed body. Well nearly relaxed, my cock was far from being relaxed and it was my guess it soon would be even more rigid than ever, if such were possible.

Chris knelt at my side, produced a small tape measure and said, Escort Mersin “You hold him up Mom and I’ll measure.” Grinning, Mom said, “Sounds like a plan,” and held me so that I was pointed straight at the sky. Chris extended some tape and held it against me with the tip of the tape buried in my pubic hair. Mom giggled and said, “Well?” To which Chris said, “Gee Mom, I don’t know. On this side he is seven and a half inches.” She moved the tape until the tip was just above my balls and said, “But on this side, he is over nine inches, call it ten maybe.”

Mom laughed and said, “OK, that’s it. Your brother has a ten-inch cock. Just don’t ever believe one of your friends if you overhear her bragging that she took his entire ten inches.” Then she said, “Here, you hold him now, I want to measure him somewhere else.” Chris and Mom exchanged hands and my sister held me while Mom took the tape and measured around the outside of me. Chris could hardly wait and asked, “How big is he Mom, how big?” Smiling, Mom said, “Looks like maybe six inches to me. Guess we’ll have to do the math to figure out how thick he is.” Chris was stared silently into space for a moment and then said, “My God Mom, that means he is almost two inches thick. Will a woman’s pussy stretch enough to take all that?” Mom laughed gaily and said, “You better believe it. The two of you are living proof that I stretched that much.” Awed, Chris said, “You mean to say that Dad is that big?” Mom giggled and said, “At least, maybe a little larger.”

Mom knelt at my side and said, “Look here Chris, see what happens when you get a man a little bit excited,” and grasped my cock in her hand and began a slow stroking motion. Her touch nearly brought me off and I fought desperately to maintain my composure. I gripped the edges of the lounge tightly and my cock grew even larger. Grinning, Mom said, “Here Chris, measure him now. I’ll bet he is even larger than before.

Chris was quick to comply, measured the girth of my cock at its widest point and said, “My God Mom, Seven inches, that makes him almost two and a quarter inches thick. Wow.”

I stayed mostly silent while Mom and Chris were having their fun, and when they finished, I sat up and said, “You know, you’re both lucky you didn’t get a cum bath. A little more of that and I wouldn’t have been able to hold back any longer.” At that, Chris exclaimed, “Oh Mom let me at him, may I? Please, please say yes. I want to see him come.” Mom laughed and said, “OK Chris, I guess that is why we are here, to learn about one another.”

Chris knelt back down and began to stroke me. It was different than when she held me so Mom could measure the girth of my cock, but the end result was that after a couple of strokes, my cock swelled even more and I erupted and sent several jets of semen into the air. Chris was holding me close enough to vertical that most shot high (well, 24 inches anyway) and fell back onto her hand and my groin. Chris yanked her hand away as the first splatters of hot cum landed on her hand and said, “Eeyu, that stuff is icky,” then reached back and rubbed some of the slick goop around on my dick and balls. Mom laughed and said, “Pretty cool lotion, huh? Tastes good, too,” as she scooped some up with her finger and then stuck out her tongue and licked her finger clean.

Making a horrible face, my sister said, “Oh Mom, that’s gross, how could you?” Mom giggled and said, “How could I? Easy, I just love a man’s cum and by-the-way Jeremy, you taste especially good. About the same as your father, I suppose.” She looked at Chris and said, “Go ahead and taste your brother, won’t kill you and you might even like it.”

Tentatively, Chris stuck out her tongue and licked one of her fingers. She looked puzzled for a moment, then carefully licked all of her fingers as well as the rest of her hand as Mom looked on. Then Mom said, “Now Chris, we can’t leave poor Jeremy with sperm all over his cock and balls so I think one of us had better see what can be done to clean him up. Much as I am dying to do this, I am willing to let you have him first.” Curiously, Chris said, “Guess I don’t understand Mom, what do you mean?” Mom giggled and said, “Why, lick him clean is what AI mean.” Chris mad a face and said, “Lick Jeremy’s cock, oh yuck,” So Mom leaned forward and took the entire length of my wilting cock into her mouth and licked me with her tongue while bobbing her head up and down.

Chris watched Mom for a moment, and then she, too, got her head in and began to lick cum from my balls.

Having the two women working my groin with their mouths quickly returned me to my full erect condition. Having all of me in her mouth as I became erect must have stretched mom’s mouth and throat to the limits but she never hesitated and continued fucking me with her mouth until I tensed, shuddered and came again. In absolute bliss, I said, “Oh God Mom, I have heard guys tell about having a girl go down on them for years and thought it was all bullshit. That is the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me.” Mom lifted off and said, “I kind of thought Mersin Bayan Escort you might like that Jeremy.” She turned to Chris and said, “In case you missed that Hon, there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t dream and hope that a woman will give him head. Most think a blow job is the next best thing to actually getting laid. Hell, I think maybe some even like it better.”

Mom grinned and said, “Now Jeremy, if I recall, it was a question from Chris that started all this. Don’t you think it only fair that we see if we can make her feel as good as you do?” I sat up and, grinning, said, “I sure do. Chris wanted to know if I ever think about girls and I do. I often think about how nice their breasts, especially Chris’ and, yours too Mom, would feel if I could only put my hands on them.” Mom laughed and said, “I doubt you will ever have a better opportunity to find out.”

Mom and Chris were standing side-by-side and, gingerly; I reached out and placed a hand on one of each of their breasts. Chris’ felt about as it looked, tight and firm. Mom’s though, was large, warm and soft. At my touch, Chris said, “Oh Jeremy, you are the first person other than myself to ever touch me there,” and leaned toward me to increase the contact. I let go of Mom’s tit and moved around behind Chris so that I could reach from behind and cup each of her exciting breasts in each of my hands. I was so excited that my hands were shaking so I tightened my grip and began to rub and fondle my sister’s abundant chest adornments. Chris quickly raised her hands to enfold mine and press me more tightly against her heaving bosoms. She tipped her head back so that she could look into my eyes and said, “Here Jeremy, this is what I really like,” placed my fingers over her nipples and using my fingers as warm utensils, rubbed and even helped me to pinch the tiny protuberances.

My cock was fully erect as I played with my sister’s tits and, since I was standing behind her, it was pressed tightly against her butt. Chris took full advantage of the contact and wiggled her ass from side to side. I looked toward Mom and her smiling countenance gave all the encouragement I needed to let my right hand slide from Chris’ breast down across her tummy and pubis to her moist sex. My sister reacted to my touch on her slit almost as though an electric spark had jumped from my hand and she began shifting her butt against my cock and her pussy under my hand with enthusiasm until she shook spastically and shouted, “Oh my God Jeremy I just had my first climax that I didn’t bring on by myself. Oh Gee that feels good,” and continued to bump and grind her pelvis between my hand and cock until she had another orgasm.

I noted an increased amount of dampness right after Chris’s first orgasm, but the second produced an even greater flow of dampness some of which I was able to capture in the palm of my hand. Chris watched as I raised my glistening hand toward my mouth and said, “Oh Jeremy don’t lick that, I peed a little I came so hard.” Mom chuckled and said, “Jeremy, it is OK to taste Chris’ fluids. She didn’t pee, that’s cum. Sometimes a female comes like that when she is really excited.” She continued, “Go ahead Jeremy, taste it, I think you will like it. Let your sister taste it too, I’ll bet that she will like it too.” Chris giggled and said, “Mom–” but I noticed that she did reach for my hand and raise it so that she could lick some of her juices from my fingers. My sister licked my fingers greedily until she consumed whatever of her juices were on my fingers. After she finished, I looked blankly at my hand and Mom, giggling, said, “Jeremy, I think if you hurry, you may find there is still some on her thighs. Chris, sit down here and let your brother taste some of your cum.”

Chris giggled and sat where Mom indicated and I knelt between her spread thighs and took a tentative swipe across the glistening wetness on her thighs with my tongue. I quickly lapped Chris’ orgasmic juices from her thighs until I reached her crotch then switched my attention to her labia. The moment my tongue touched my sister’s pussy she yelled, “Oooh yes, and her pelvic region did its telltale vibration and my mouth met another flood of her sweet juices.

Mom laughed and said, “Jeremy, you’re not going to hog all that stuff are you?” I looked up blankly then grinned and said, “Golly Mom, I had no idea you would be interested in licking your own daughter’s pussy.” Mom said, “Well Hon, you know it now so move it.”

As requested (ordered?), I made room for Mom who, without hesitation, began to lick and lap Chris’ pussy. It looked as though Mom was in for the long haul, as she lifted Chris’ thighs over her shoulders and buried her face deep in her daughter’s pussy.

Suddenly, I realized that Mom’s pussy was wide open and available, so I crawled around behind her and placed my hands on her hips in preparation and ducked my head down until my mouth made contact with her dampness. Mom lifted her face from Chris’ pussy for a moment oh yes Jeremy, eat me and wiggled her butt invitingly as I began to take long swipes along the entire length of her pussy slit. Mom’s position, kneeling between Chris’ thighs did not provide an opportunity for me to lick her clit so I used the fingers of my left hand to fondle and pinch the tiny nubbin of flesh at the apex of her slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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