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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or over.


Chapter 08: Fun in the kitchen

The following weeks I took the initiative to some risky adventures between Carmen and me. In the morning I would walk up behind Carmen in the kitchen and caress her tight ass with Peter still ind the room. When he left we would kiss and caress each other, but nothing more. But often we had little chance getting together for a full-out fuck-session, so I was always horny and just waiting to get some release.

One evening I lay in my bed thinking about my situation and decided to crank my affair with Carmen up to the next level. So the next morning as I walked into the kitchen, I knew it was going to a risky gamble and I felt how the adrenaline was pumping. Carmen stood at the kitchen isle with her back to me, dressed in a red satin nightie that only came down to the upper half of her thigh. She had a matching sleeved cover up on, which were partial hiding the nightie, but still emphasized her alluring figure. I recognized the nightie from our shopping trip, and knew it was held up by two thin spaghetti straps and trimmed with white lace. The nightie had a slit up her left thigh almost to the top of her hip. I knew it would provide me with easy access to Carmen’s ass and pussy. I made my way silently towards her as she was talking to Peter.

As usual Peter was seated at the kitchen table and had already eaten. He greeted me, picked up his newspaper and was soon hiding behind it.

Carmen turned and smiled at me. The thin fabric clung to her body, outlining her breasts and her nipples poked against the silk. It was clear to me, she was not wearing a bra. She also greeted me and then turned back to the task at hand.

I got hard instantly and I quickly walked across the room and was standing right behind her. I glanced down at her ass, and saw that the nightie also clung tightly to her shapely buttocks. Hidden from Peter’s eyes by the kitchen isle and his paper, I moved my right hand down the small of Carmen’s back and beyond, slightly up to the rise of her buttocks.

Carmen’s only response was a lightly humming sound.

I leaned forward and whispered, “You look gorgeous this morning.”

I put my hands on her hips and nuzzled the nape of her neck with my mouth and tongue.

“Oh, Ryan, we can’t…..” Carmen whispered, quickly turning around.

“One kiss to begin the day,” I whispered back, pulling her toward me and seeking her lips.

“But, Peter….,” she protested almost inaudible.

“I don’t give a damn anymore,” I insisted, my lips landing on her beşiktaş escort moist lips. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and I could feel the tension in her body. After a few seconds I let her go.

Carmen looked shocked at my actions, and quickly turned around again facing Peter.

Hiding behind his newspaper, Peter hadn’t noticed a thing and I decided to keep going. Still standing close behind my married lover, she once again began cutting up some fruit. I slipped my hands to my boxers and pulled out my large cock which bobbed before the perfect mounds of her ass.

Once again I reached forward and gripped Carmen by the hips, she flinched and then turned once again facing me.

At first she didn’t notice, but as I moved my hips the tip of my cock pressed against her and she looked down.

“Oh, my God, Ryan. Please don’t do this,” Carmen pleaded silently.

“You’re mine and I’ll do as I please,” I said, firmly grabbing the bottom of her nightie and pulled it up above her hips. She also wasn’t wearing any panties and I got even harder.

“Noooooooo, don’t,” Carmen cried out in surprise.

“Relax, and don’t make a sound, ” I said and turned her around so she once again was facing Peter. I pushed her a little bit forward so that she was slightly bent over the kitchen isle, presenting her perfect ass and pussy to my hard-on. The kitchen isle hid our lower bodies.

I quickly spit on my hand coating it with saliva before reaching down to transfer it to the head of my penis. I firmly gripped my shaft with my right hand and guided it swiftly to the opening of Carmen’s unprotected pussy. With a small grunt from me and a hissing sound from Carmen, I pushed my hips forward in one powerful motion, penetrating deep inside my mature lover.

Buried deep into her, I became totally still for a minute. It was a huge turn-on, fucking my married lover in the presence of her husband. I softly caressed her shoulders with my hands.

“Kiss me, babe.” I whispered.

Carmen didn’t hesitate, and she turned and clasped a handful of my hair and pulled my lips down to hers. Her warm, delicate tongue immediately slipped between my lips and probed deep into my mouth. I was thrilled at this mature woman accepting her new role.

“Oh my…” She whispered when we peeled our lips apart.

With my hands on her shoulders, I turned her once again around facing Peter and then leaned in and traced my lips along the gentle slope of her flawless neck, pausing at her earlobe where I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled on it.

I could sense, I had found şişli escort one of Carmen’s triggers, as her pussy muscles started to squeeze my huge cock in response.

“You feel so good, Mrs. G.” I murmured.

“Mmmm…But we have to be very careful, Ryan,” Carmen whispered back.

Hearing this I almost couldn’t believe, that once again Carmen had allowed me to push her boundaries. Pushing the envelope even further I began sliding my left hand up Carmen’s front and lightly cradled her right breast.

Both Carmen and I checked Peter, but he was still buried in his paper. As I caress her full tit, I began to thrust into her from behind. Soon I had both hands cupping her full round breasts and I started to squeeze them, tweaking her nipples between my fingers.

Carmen was now incredibly wet, and I could feel how her juices were leaking from her pussy as I kept on pushing my cock in and pulling it put.

“Oh shit, Mrs. G, even when you’re wet, your pussy are so tight,” I moaned as my cock inched itself deeper into Carmen’s burning pussy.

Carmen looked over her left shoulder and smiled at me and then shivered as I kept up my long, unhurried strokes into her wet canal. The kitchen was silent except for the low-toned sound of flesh collide with flesh.

“Ohhhh Goooooooooooood,…yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess…” Carmen breathed as I moved my left hand down below the kitchen isle and started to stimulate her swollen clit.

Carmen’s sopping cunt felt like warm silk on my cock and the setting was also a huge turn-on. Fucking my married lover a couple of feet from her husband, made an enormous impact on me, so I knew I was about to cum.

I started to fuck Carmen harder and faster, but still managed to keep the sound down. After a few minutes of relentless fucking, I could feel an orgasm mounting. I had no intention of pulling out as I was obsessed with soiling my best friend’s mother with my spunk in front of her husband.

As I felt Carmen’s pussy starting to quiver, I whispered into her ear, “I’m going to cum.”

“Almost there, lover….just a little longer.” Carmen begged looking into my eyes.

Somehow I found the strength to continue a little while longer. I looked into my best friend’s mother’s face and saw how her eyes closed in ecstasy as she emitted, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I’mmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuummmming.”

Carmen now let loose, and I felt how her pussy convulsed around my long hard pole urging it to release its contents. The sensation of Carmen’s pussy squeezing my cock was all I needed. The pleasure quickly became overwhelming bahçeşehir escort bayan and I suddenly felt like I was going to explode. I gripped Carmen’s hips tightly and pulled her along the length of my throbbing shaft a few times before wave after wave of ecstasy started to wash over me and my swollen balls began to empty themselves inside of her.

“Sooooooooooooo fuuuuuckinnnnnnnng goooooooooooood,” I hissed as my cock erupted deep inside Carmen’s waiting pussy. I could feel, how my hot cum was coating her insides. My hard-on cock pulsed over and over again and I was surprised at how long my balls kept contracting as I emptied a seemingly never-ending amount of cum inside my married lover. I knew I was emptying a massive load into her pussy, and while still cumming and shoving my cock into her sopping wet pussy, I felt how our mixed juices started to leak out of her chute and run down her legs.

Carmen tilted her head back, and we moaned into each others mouths. I almost collapsed on the floor, but got a hold on myself. Carmen was also unsteady, so I kept my hands on her hips. We broke the kiss and both looked towards Peter, but he was still immersed in his paper.

The soft walls of Carmen’s wet pussy was still hugging the entire length of my throbbing erection. I smiled as I thought to myself, “Fucking yeah, I’ve just fucked my mature teacher in her kitchen with her husband present, and she fucking loved it. She’s definitely my woman now.”

I flexed my cock and said out loud, “Anything good in the paper, Peter.”

Peter the paper down and looked towards me and his wife. “Same old same old, Ryan,” he said oblivious to what just had transpired between his wife and me. It was really a turn on that he was oblivious to the fact that I had just fucked his once faithful wife. I was in a teasing mood, so as Peter and I kept on talking, I kept on moving my still hard cock slowly in and out of his wife. Carmen didn’t know what to do, so she just started on fixing her plate of fruit as we kept talking. Her pussy responded to my actions and I could sense, she would soon experience another climax.

“Well, I’ll have to make a phone-call before I leave, so you’ll have to excuse me,” Peter said as he got up and began to strode out of the kitchen totally unaware of the fact that he was wearing the horns of a cuckold.

As he left the room I said to Carmen, “Fuck, that was so hot.”

“I can’t believe we did, what we just did,” Carmen whispered.

“Whenever, wherever, ” I just stated and began to thrust hard into my mature lover. After a minute Carmen came again and I pulled my cock out of her.

Our combined juices were running out of her and down her legs. Carmen pushed down her nightie and kissed me on the mouth. Just as I thought she was going to leave Carmen softly said to me, “We have a deal. Whenever, wherever….”

With that Carmen sashayed out of the kitchen, and I just watched her with a big grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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