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The morning was dim and drippy, the night’s rain just ending. He awoke and reached for her to find her gone from the still warm bed. His body only a little tired from last night’s lovemaking, he stretched and sat up, pulled on his robe and quietly walked out of the room. His cock was hard in its usual early morning way, but instead of relieving it, he looked for her and found her in the warm, softly lit kitchen, kneading bread dough.

Still in her silky blue pjs, her red hair wild, she stood on her tiptoes and worked the dough with small, but strong hands and arms. The dough was coming together nicely, he could see, as he stepped up behind and slid his arms round her.

The yeasty smell of the dough was not unlike the delightful nose around her pussy and his hands slid up her sides to cup her sweet breasts as she leaned against him and tilted her head back for a kiss hello.

He bent down and their mouths came together in a gentle brushing way, their tongues just touching and then withdrawn. She could feels his hardness against her lower back, feel his need to have her, but she continued to fold and push the dough, making it elastic, the gluten stretch and bind. The dough reminded her of the skin of her lover’s cock when it was soft, supple and ready to rise. She knew when the dough was done and rounded it into a ball, stroking it smooth as his hands ran up and down her sides and breasts, his kisses on her şişli escort neck, making her shiver. She laid the dough into the ceramic bowl, covered it with the damp linen tea towel and set it on the old oak table to rise.

Turning to face him, she found his robe open, his hand caressing his cock, his deep startling eyes hungry. He reached for her and drew her to him, his hand at her face titling her head back, and a kiss so deep it drew the breath out of both of them. Her smile was impish and she stepped back and slowly undid the buttons on her pj top, all the while enjoying his slow stroking of his now throbbing cock. She pulled the top just back off her shoulders and caressed her own breasts, lifting them and flicking the nipples with her pink tongue. Then she knelt and slid her hands round his body to grip his buttocks and pull his cock into her mouth.

She sucked it in hard and fast, hearing his sharp gasp, and ran her tongue up and down the length, and flicked it just under the head. He groaned and pulled back, reached down for her and brought her to him, lifted her and put her butt right on the edge of the coutner. The morning light sprinkled in the window behind her, making her hair glow and outlining her body in a rim of pure energy.

He undid the drawstring of her pj bottoms and they slipped down to fall on the floor in a silky heap. Balanced on the edge of the counter, she wrapped one kağıthane escort leg round his hip, pulling him in. “I want you inside of me, ” she whispered to his mouth and his eyes closed in bliss as she guided his hard cock to her wet, slick pussy.

One arm and one leg wrapped tightly round him, she gasped as he thrust himself inside of her, grinding his hips. His pelvic bone rubbed her clit, making her shiver with glee. She pushed back and squeezed him with her strong pussy, milking him inside of her. She brought her other hand up to his mouth and he licked and sucked each one of her fingers and then their mouths came together again, their tongues slid round each other, tasting the heat and the glow.

He thrust into her again and again and she laughed as the counter top appliances began shake. He lifted her up, his hands under her ass, and spun her round, still inside of her, to one of the kitchen chairs, where he sat, with her in is lap, kissing and nibbling at his neck and ears.

She churned and ground herself against him, he could feel the heat of her, her clit rubbing against his belly; he felt ready to explode, but he concentrated and waited, wanting her to cum on him as he would cum in her. He lifted one of her breasts to his mouth and sucked hard, making her nipples tingle. She responded by sucking his earlobe hard into her mouth and bounced up and down on his cock, whispering, taksim escort “Cum in me, you hard man, fill me with your hot cum….”

“I want you from behind” he said softly.

She slid off of his hot cock, squeezing it as she went and stood, one hand on her breast, the other rubbing her clit in hard, fast circles. He stood and stepped behind her, bending her gently down over the worn oak table and spread her sweet buttock mounds to push his cock back into her dripping sweet pussy. They rocked back and forth together, feeling the waves of their orgasm flow and ebb. Her fingers on her clit, she rubbed and stroked it faster as his fingers found her tight rosebud ass hole. He pushed one long finger inside of her tight hot place, and then two and wriggled them, feeling his cock pound in and out of her on the other side of the skin. The effect was thrilling and she moaned and gasped, “Now, oh please, now….” He thrust into her and almost all the way out, his cock aching for release. Her clit was on fire, her pussy filled with wave after waves of sweet bliss and hot cum as he thrust into her one last time, their sweet release and the scent of their sex filled the room to the wooden beams of the ceiling and cascaded back down over them, washing them in their own delicious glow of heaven.

Entwined in each others arms on the table, she opened her eyes and noticed the bowl of bread dough just beside her. The dough was well risen and slowly creeping over the sides of the bowl as if trying to escape. The delightful smell of the yeast made her smile and she hopped off the table, picked up the bowl and carried it to the counter, to punch the dough down, and let it rise again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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