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Hell guys, Anil here, a Telugu guy sharing his sexual adventures.

After our 1st gay fuck session, Mushtaq left for the ceremony, and I went to my friend’s room. Later that night, at around 1 or 2, I got a text from Saba. The ceremony was done with, and they are going to their rooms.

I thought this would be the ideal time to have all the three siblings under my dick. As my stay was near to the hotel, I went directly to Mushtaq’s room. He was shocked to see me there. He was not alone, there was his distant relative Sajid, with him in the room.

I called Saba and asked her to come to Mushtaq’s room, along with Sadia. Within no time they appeared in the room, in their sleepwear. Immediately after they arrived, I closed the door and caught their boobs with my hands, kissing them one after another.

Saba- “What the hell are you doing?”

I moved away. Sajid was shocked to see this.

Sajid- “What’s happening here? Who are you?”

Me- “Oh buddy, don’t get scared or something. These three are my sluts, worshipers of my cock.”

Sajid- “Worshipers?”

Me- “Yes, they love my cock and enjoy getting fucked with it.”

Sajid- “All of them? Mustaq too?”

Me- “Yeah Mushtaq too, he gave his ass to me just a few hours ago, in this very room.”

Sadia and Saba- “What? You fucked him?”

Me- “Yes my beauties, my first anal fuck is none other than your brother, Mushtaq.”

Mushtaq stood with embarrassment. Saba went to him and kissed him on the cheek.

Saba- “Don’t be shy brother, you got lucky. I thought I would get the first anal fuck, but you took my chance. I am jealous of you.”

I sat on the bed and all four were looking at me.

Me- “Well, come on, my dick is hungry for some action.”

Even before anyone could realize what’s happening, Saba came near me and kneeled between my legs. She kissed my erection over the tracks. My dick twitched.

Without wasting any time, She got rid of my tracks and undies. My cock sprung out, making Sadia and Mushtaq excited.

They didn’t wait for a second to kneel alongside their sister and kiss my dick. Now, all three lips were kissing my dick. I spread my legs wide to accommodate them. Sadia was on right and Saba on left, kissing each side of my straight dick. Mushtaq was in the middle and sucking on my balls.

Oh, this felt amazing. I removed my t-shirt and fell back on bed. I closed my eyes and savoured the trio doing their job. I felt one hand squeezing my balls and another hand holding my dick, dragging my foreskin to expose the pink top. Then, I felt all the three lips, kissing the top.

They put their tongues to work and licked the top. This was outstanding. Then, suddenly they retreated from my dick. I opened my eyes to see, they were removing their clothes, one by one and became naked. Mushtaq’s long thin dick bounced out of his undies.

The sisters got their milky, bubbly boobs bouncing out of their dresses. Their pussies were already wet and shining. Without giving a chance to others, Mushtaq immediately got down to my dick and took it in his mouth. He dug it in completely, that his nose hit my pubic hair and his hot breath tingled me.

He climbed up the bed and started sucking me. The sisters held each of my balls and massaged them, before taking them into their mouths. Oh god, this was crazy. I turned to see what Sajid was doing. He was very hard in his boxers and was stroking his monster, which made a wet patch on his boxers.

I winked and signalled him to get undressed. Within no time he was in his birthday dress. He is a bit brown skin-toned and has a nice dick, as long as mine, but way thicker, and of course, without the foreskin. He started stroking fastly, looking at how ankara moldovyalı escortlar I was being sucked.

The sisters left my balls and came to my chest, to catch hold of my nipples. They took each in their mouths and sucked them on while using their hands to feel my body. My nipples became erect and they got hold on them, with their teeth. This was making me crazy.

I caught hold of their boobs and started pinching their nipples. Then, they moved on to my face kissing and licking up. They took my earlobes with their lips and nibbled, sucked and kissed them. The sisters took turns to kiss and suck my lips.

They started licking me, and in between, licking each other’s tongues and kissing. Down there, Mushtaq was slowly sucking my dick, while stroking his own. I signaled Sajid to come over and take on Sadia’s pussy, who was in doggy style, bending over me.

He came and swiftly buried his face in Sadia’s pussy from the back. Sadia was shocked by this, and turned around to see Sajid sucking her pussy. I caught hold of her head and kissed her to divert. Saba saw this and got excited. She went to Sajid and adjusted below him, so that she could get his cock in her mouth.

Saba took Sajid’s cock in her mouth, which was so thick, that she had to open her mouth widely, to take it in. Sajid was surprised and moaned into Sadia’s pussy. This went on for 2 minutes. I took hold of Sadia’s waist and brought her pussy onto my mouth.

Then, Sajid lifted Saba and took care of her pussy, while she replaced Mushtaq on my cock. Mushtaq was left alone now, so he took hold of Sajid’s dick and put it in his mouth, surprising Sajid.

I realized that Mushtaq’s dick has got no attention. I told him to come in handy for me and took hold of his dick, to give him a handjob.

Now, the scene was like, I am lying on the bed, with Sadia sitting on my face, while I suck her pussy. Saba was on my right, bent over my dick and sucking it. Sajid kneeled behind her and was licking her pussy. Mushtaq laid below Sajid and took his cock. Mushtaq’s cock faced me, which I took care of, stroking fastly.

This was the best sex I was having, group sex I never thought of.

When I was nearing my orgasm, I moaned into Sadia’s pussy and increased my tongue fuck on her, also adding my extra fingers. I also increased my speed by jerking Mushtaq. As my intense orgasm hit, I spurted out hot cum into Saba’s mouth, while Sadia released her juices onto my face.

Sadia got off me and fell on the bed kissing me. Saba drank all my cum, while moaning due to Sajid’s tongue fucking her pussy. I continued my strokes on Mushtaq’s dick, while he deepthroated Sajid’s. I used both my hands to make Mushtaq cum, as soon as possible.

Sensing my speed, Mushtaq also increased his sucking and used his hand to finger Sajid’s ass. This startled Sajid, as he moaned loudly into Saba’s pussy.

Within no time, all the three started cumming. I positioned Mushtaq’s dick towards Sadia.

His cum erupted into the air, hitting all over Sadia’s face, on her eyes, nose and on the mouth, which she later licked enthusiastically.

This made Mushtaq work faster on Sajid, who immediately poured his hot load into Mushtaq’s mouth. Mushtaq couldn’t drink that huge seed, and some of it drained out of his mouth, onto his body.

Sajid gave huge grunts and inserted his fingers into Saba’s pussy, while his tongue was drilling her. This brought Saba to her amazing orgasm and she emptied her juices into the mouth of Sajid.

When this was done and all fell on the bed, I moved to Sajid and placed my dick near his face. I signaled him to clean my dick, covered in cum. He readily obliged, using his tongue, cleaned sincan ukraynalı escortlar my cum and slurped it.

I took his face towards Mushtaq’s, made him kiss and taste his cum off Mushtaq’s mouth. They both exchanged a good kiss, while I kissed the sisters, one after another. Then, at once, Sajid came towards me to give a passionate kiss. I melted for his kiss and tasted his cum, taken from Mushtaq’s mouth.

As I was still horny, I asked the boys to suck my dick and bring it to life again. They readily accepted and moved forward to take my dick. The sisters took no time in taking over their cocks.

Saba took Sajid’s dick in her mouth, while Sadia took her brother’s. Within seconds all three of us became hard again, to continue our group adventure.

Now, I was completely in the mood to fuck asses only. I wanted to take the asses of both the sisters.

Me- “Today, I wanna take the virginity of all your asses.”

Mushtaq- “Mine is already taken, lol.”

I asked the boys to lay down on the bed and the girls to take the dicks, in their pussies. Sadia took her brother’s dick, while Saba settled for the cousin’s dick. It was easy for Sadia to take Mushtaq’s cock, as it was thin. But, once she sat on him completely, she let out a loud moan, as his cock was long and touched her inners.

As Sadik’s cock was very thick, Saba couldn’t take it in easily. Her pussy was tearing apart and she was screaming. I held her mouth from the back and caught her body, to push it down. She screamed into my hand, once the dick was completely in.

There, Sadia was already enjoying her brother’s dick, and was gliding her pussy slowly, on and off, of his dick and bent down to kiss him on his lips. I was between both the pairs, Sadia on Mushtaq to my left, and Saba on Sadik to my right. Their milky white bodies were shining with sweat, as I had switched off the AC.

It was hard for me to choose whose ass to take first. Both were gliding and bouncing on the dicks, while their assholes invited me. I slapped both the asses hard and the sisters groaned loudly. I slapped them until they turned red.

I couldn’t decide whose ass to take, my girlfriend’s ass was more tempting. But, I changed my mind and went for her sister, Sadia’s ass, since Saba was already struggling to take Sadik’s huge dick in her pussy. She needs some time to settle.

I bent down to Sadia’s ass, with Mushtaq’s dick inside her pussy an inch away. I held her ass cheeks with both my hands and parted them.

I licked her pussy area along with Mushtaq’s dick, and up towards her back hole. She shivered. I used my saliva onto her hole, and with the help of my thumb pushed the saliva into her ass. I poured and poured my saliva, and pushed it inside, also greasing my fingers.

Sadia was giving huge moans and breathing heavily. She tried speaking, but nothing came out of her mouth, except the sexy groans. I replaced my thumb with middle and index fingers at once. She became stiff and her ass became tight on my fingers.

I bent her over Mushtaq and asked him to hold her. She felt relaxed and loosened her ass. I resumed my fingering, also adding more saliva. It was time to expand her asshole more, so I inserted a third finger and started rolling it, making the hole much more stretched and flexible.

As I realized Sadia’s ass was wide enough to take my dick, I signaled Mushtaq to close her mouth. He took her in and kissed her. Before removing my fingers and putting my dick, I greased my cock nicely with my saliva. As my dick became slippery, I removed my fingers.

Within seconds, I inserted my dick in the younger sister’s ass. It went only half as she tried to scream, but Mushtaq held her elvankent minyon tipli escortlar tightly, not letting her. She used her hands to push me back. But, I held her hands to her back and started giving strokes halfway. When I felt like she got calm, I inserted my whole dick slowly, deep inside.

Saba looked at what was happening to her sister and seemed to be shocked and excited, at the same time. Without wasting time, I held Sadia’s waist and pounded her ass, while her brother drilled her pussy from below. Finally, one of my fantasies to double penetrate, was fulfilled.

We both fucked her for quite a time. Meanwhile, I was also making Saba ready for her ass fuck. As I continued to fuck her sister, I placed my right hand on Saba’s ass and massaged her asshole. I used Sadia’s saliva, by putting my fingers in her mouth, before going to Saba’s ass.

So, within no time, I was fingering Saba’s ass with three fingers, while her pussy was being banged by her cousin. I didn’t want to cum in Sadia’s ass, because it would delay my dick to get hard again, to take on Saba’s ass. So, I removed my dick from Sadia’s ass and moved to her sister.

Sadia’s asshole was looking like some giant circular entrance, because of all the fucking. Saba was looking eager, as she saw me shifting towards her. I made her bent over Sadik and told him to shut her mouth. He also held her hands tight.

Unlike entering her sister halfway, I wanted to enter Saba completely, in one go. I removed my fingers and positioned my dick at her back entrance. I held Saba by the waist, and at one stroke pushed my throbbing dick into her ass. She arched back and screamed. Sadik couldn’t hold her mouth.

Saba- “Please, it’s painful, please remove. I am already having a huge dick in my pussy, please remove it.”

Me- “Don’t scream bitch, learn from your sister. Didn’t you see how your younger sister took my dick in her ass? Become the slut your sister had already been.”

I didn’t listen to her or care about her screams and started banging her backdoor mercilessly. Meanwhile, Sadia and Mushtaq turned into a doggy style, where Sadia faced her sister.

I ordered Sadia, “come on bitch, calm your slutty sister.”

Sadia did as i said, she took her sister’s head and kissed her, making her screams die down.

As Sadik slowed down, I picked up speed and rammed Saba’s ass. There, Mushtaq also changed his hole and entered Sadia’s ass. He was nearing his orgasm and wanted to fill his younger sister’s ass with his seed.

As soon as he gave 5-6 strokes in Sadia’s ass, his huge load filled up her back hole and he fell upon her back. As Sadia didn’t cum yet, she mounted Sadik’s face, while Saba was still kissing him. Saba took over Sadia’s pussy, while Sadik’s mouth was drenched with Mushtaq’s cum, dripping out of Sadia’s ass.

I increased my speed and fucked Saba’s ass like an animal. Sadia was facing me, and looking directly into my eyes. Her sexy, horny eyes made me crazy and I further rammed my dick into her sister’s ass. I sensed Sadia’s orgasm through her eyes and continued my assault on her sister, to get my cum out.

As the heat between us increased, I erupted my seed into Saba’s ass. Sadia’s juices too flooded from her pussy, onto Sadik’s and Saba’s faces.

That was the best fuck I had. It was more fantastic than fucking Mushtaq’s ass and cumming in him. Saba and Sadik were yet to cum. And Sadik increased his speed.

My dick was going down, but it was hard enough. So, I tried inserting it in Saba’s pussy, accompanying Sadik’s dick. Even before entering half her pussy gliding through Sadik’s dick, Saba released her juices. Her pussy became so tight, that it made Sadik also release his cum. They couldn’t hold another dick.

I stayed there in Saba’s pussy and felt his cum drown through my dick. Exhausted from an outstanding session, we all fell on the bed and cuddled together kissing each other.

So, guys, this is how I fucked another two asses. The fun of fucking siblings infront of eachother is outstanding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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