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My mom walked out on us early in my life. At six years old, with two younger brothers, I helped my dad raise me and my brothers. I learned cooking, cleaning, and ranch work early. We were close. We grew up tough, running a town of 15,000 people. When something happened in town, they came to see where I and my brothers had been at the time.

Then, for unknown reasons, our mom reentered our lives when I was 15. By then, I was over 6’3″ tall, a freshman in high school, and an athlete. To this day, I do not know why I moved to live with my mom in a community about 15-miles from my dad and brothers.

My new town was small. 380-people populated the community. And my mom owned a restaurant 1-block from school. A small, rural high school, farm kids were brought by bus to school. I ran with my cousins, the local town tough kids. Drinking, girls, more drinking, more girls was the daily way of life. My sexual experiences began at 13 for me. By late high school time, I knew the buttons to push to fire up a girl’s young body. I practiced as often as possible.

But, I was different. Everyone in the community knew who I was. I got involved in sports at the high school. Lean, mean, and with the appropriate attitude, sports came easy. I loved football, an approved way which you could apply intense physical force to damage the opponent. It came easy. I kept lifting, running, building a body that was suited for the sport. Coach always told me he could teach skills, he could not teach heart, he could not teach size. I had the fire in the belly. I had god given size. As a sophomore, at 6’5″ tall, weighing 200 lbs, playing defensive end, I tackled our own quarterback during a practice, breaking 3 of his ribs. I was appointed the new quarterback.

Being star quarterback on the football team, center on the basketball team, and pitching and playing 1st base on the baseball team, I was in the popular group of kids all schools have. By the time I reached 18, early in my senior year, I had bedded many of the girls in the school. As a senior, I even had one mom open the door when I arrived to pick her sophomore daughter up for a date, step outside, and refuse to let her daughter go out with me. Seems the small town buzz indicated that I was a bit of a cad. So her daughter snuck out, showed up at my place, we did the nasty anyway. I even dated her older sister for awhile, the one in my class so I could do her as well.

This sets the premise for my story. My mom was very aware of my social activities. On two separate occasions, she had come to my room to find me in the middle of sexual relations with one of the girls from school. The most she said was “Can I see you shortly?” And to add to her frustrations, I would notch my wooden headboard each time I scored with a new girl. This got to be a delight for both of us. It got to be a routine with us. After going out, the following morning she would ask “Get any honey on your stinger last night?” She would come check the notches on my headboard, shake her head in disbelief, and remind me “Son, one of them gets pregnant, you marry them!” What got her the most was when one of the ladies would come over unannounced, want to see me, and we would disappear to my room for our sexual activities. Mom knew full well what we were up to. She was amazed that they lined up for me. I would joke about being the best, knowing secrets that each could not resist.

As I settled into my senior year, mom became more interested in my activities. I must have been really dense. Our game became regular. Even repeat dates, mom would come to my room, rub my back, and openly discuss my date with the young lady of the prior evening. And we discussed some explicit details. “Did Clair suck your cock,” she might ask. “Did Brenda swallow your cum?” she may ask outright. “Was she a virgin?” she might continue. After several minutes of discussion, she would swat my ass, stand and march out of my room. “Remember son, one gets pregnant, you marry them!” she would state and off she would go.

Ours had never been a life of being prudes. I often ran around in my briefs. And mom would often talk to me while in her short nightgown. I could see the outline of her body, her nipples showing through the material. She may be laying on her back on her bed, with the tits shifting off to the side. I would joke with her about having a tit in her armpit. That one always made her laugh out loud. One morning before school, I had just finished my shower when mom entered the bathroom, bringing a shirt I had asked about being clean. Standing, drying my hair, my body was in full view. Having stroked my rod in the shower, he was in a chubbed state. “Well son, I now know why they come back so often,” she laughed and headed out the door. I dropped my arms to my side, giving a full frontal stance.

“Mom,” I said. As she turned to look at me, her eyes glued themselves to my crotch. “Thanks for grabbing my shirt,” I continued.

“You’re welcome baby,” Mom stated. A few fractured seconds passed. Gümüşhane Escort She turned, moving quickly out of the bathroom. I finished drying, shaved my fuzzy face, dressed, and headed back to my room. Passing Mom’s door, I could hear muffled grunts. I stopped, leaning to her door. I could not see what was happening, but Mom was grunting out “Fuck Mommy Baby! That’s it Baby! Fuck Momma!” My cock lurched to attention. I pictured my mom for the first time as a sexual person. I pictured her, her body racking itself with her approaching orgasm. I pictured her hips arching, raising high off the bed, her body growing tense. I pictured her involuntary thrust upwards, her hips jumping to meet her fingers as she pleasured herself. I heard her groan softly.

I headed off to my room, my stiff cock leading the way. “Holy shit,” I whispered to myself. I dressed quickly. Very quickly. I raced back to Mom’s room. Knocking softly, cracking the door, I found Mom still in her bed, covered, resting quietly. “Hey mom,” I whispered.

“What do you need baby,” Mom asked? I entered her room like many times before. As I approached her bed, she raised her hands, placing them under her head. The covers hovered just above her breasts. I sat down sideways to her, lifting a leg up, bending it at the knee. My thigh lay gently against her side. My elbow rested on her stomach. I placed my hand at the top of the covers, hand open, palm down between her tits, resting on her sternum. Her tits were spread wide, rolling toward the sides of her body. I massaged gently, my fingers dancing on her bare skin just above the covers.

We had been here many, many times before. We had many talks in such a situation. But never had I looked at her as a sexual toy. I noticed her face. For being old, 37-years of age, Mom had a very pretty face. Her skin was flawless, no signs of aging wrinkles. Her body was good, she attended the exercise classes at the school 3-days per week. And she walked briskly each day. Carrying her hand weights. I often laughed at her when she left with the massive 2 ½ lb weights. When I had time, we often went together, me to keep her company. A brisk walk to me seemed what old people did. I noticed her hair, how it framed her face. “You’re beautiful Mom!” I blurted out.

“Go on kiddo,” she replied. “What do you want,” she asked.

“Did you cum?” I asked. You could have heard a pin drop. Mom just stared at me. “Did you cum,” I repeated.

“What kind of question is that for a son to ask his mom,” she replied.

“Mom, you get to ask me questions about my dates,” I stated. “I want to know if you came,” I stated again. “Do you pleasure yourself with your fingers? Do you use a dildo?” I asked. I stared into her eyes. Her jaw tightened. Her eyes flickered. I could see a twinkle in her eye.

“You heard me?” she stated softly. “Were you listening to me,” she asked.

“That’s not the question Mom,” I said. “I asked you if you came,” I repeated again.

“Get off to school Baby,” she growled. “That’s not really your business now is it?” she continued.

“Mom, answer my question. Did you cum?” I again asked. I sat, softly stroking her neck with my fingertips. She hesitated. I flattened my hand on her covers, shook my hand back and forth. Her boobs flopped back and forth several times. The movement startled her, her hands reached to grasp my hand. A playful grin crossed her face. Her eyes again twinkled.

“I will tell you when you get home from practice today. Now off with you. You don’t want to be late picking up,” her voice faltered. “Who is you target for today,” she laughed. I leaned to kiss her. This time, for the first time, I felt her lips as we kissed goodbye. I licked my lips, leaned to kiss her quickly again. Rising, I gave her a wink.

“God I love armpits with tits,” I quipped. Turning, I was off. “See you later Mom,” I said as I headed off down the stairs. “Love you,” I shouted.

“Love you too Baby,” she replied. “Drive carefully!”

Driving up to Stacey’s house, all I could picture was my mom. Her body naked, her legs splayed wide open, her fingers mashing her clit back and forth rapidly. I pictured her hips thrusting to meet each invasion of her fingers, her juices leaking out of her hole. I could see her face, her eyes closed tightly as she pictured what her lover was doing to her body. I could see her mouth open, hear her ragged breathing. I pictured myself between her legs, my mouth moving upwards, closing in on her exposed cunt. I could smell her musky odor, her sex. I could hear her soft moans as my tongue stretched out to taste her, sliding up her slit, circling her clit, and sliding back down to her hole. I could see the muscles of her stomach straining to tilt her hips upwards, raising her cunt to my face. I pictured her watching me, her head propped up on pillows, watching me eat her pussy. I pictured her hands caressing my hair as I hungrily dived into her cunt, pushing my face between her lips, sucking in her juices. Gümüşhane Escort Bayan I felt her jump as my lips surrounded her clit, sucking it into my mouth.

Arriving at Stacey’s, I had a massive hardon. I was extremely hard. My mind raced over Mom, hearing her voice as she asked me to fuck her. Stacey was out the door of her house, heading for my car. Jumping in, she slid across the seat, leaned to kiss me. As she leaned, she reached and grabbed my crotch. “Jesus,” she whispered. “Are you thinking about me?” she queried. She pumped my shaft through my jeans. “We have time,” she stated, staring into my face. “Let’s go!” Just as quickly as she had got in, she was out and headed for the kitchen door. Turning to me she yelled “Come on!”

I did not waste a second. I ran up the steps, threw open the kitchen door. Stacey was standing, her feet apart, her ass buck naked by the kitchen counter. Bent over, grabbing her ankles, she wiggled her ass back and forth. “Fuck me!” she whispered. I opened my jeans, dropped them and my briefs to the floor. I reached out to her, my thumb instinctively parted her lips, my fingers spreading downwards over her clit. I pushed my thumb deep into her cunt. Stacey braced herself, thrust her hips back toward me. I hammered her pussy with several thrusts. Her wetness flooded out her hole. I wiped my thumb across my cock. Grabbing it, I saddled up to her ass, sliding my cock up and down her wet slit. I reamed her hole with his head. I pushed forward. My cock popped through. I stopped to feel her softness, her body melded around my cock. She pushed back slowly, forcing more cock to disappear into her cunt. “Yes baby,” she grunted.

I closed my eyes. I grabbed each hip bone, pulling her willing body back against me. I ground inches into her body. Opening my eyes, I watched our bodies. I love to watch a cunt grasp my cock, the lips stretching to hold me deep. I felt her muscles sucking my cock. I pushed her off me slowly, watching her hips tilt, her cunt lips extending, reaching hard, sucking my cock back into her body. I thrust forward hard, driving my cock balls deep into her wet cunt. I ground my hips hard against her ass. Leaning my torso back, extending my arms, I grabbed her hip bones. I pulled myself deep. It would not be long. I thrust into her with a vengeance. I thrust, retreated, thrust, and started pounding her body, sliding each inch of my cock in and out of her pussy. My hips slapped against her ass, the sound filling the room. My balls bounced off her clit. Stacey reached between her legs, her fingers frigging her clit. With each thrust, Stacey would groan, grunt, and wiggle her hips. Her cunt milked me, her muscles grabbing, massaging my cock. Several minutes passed. I slammed her, pounding her cunt for all I was worth. Stacey could barely breathe. Her fingers danced over her clit. She would grab my balls, massage them over her clit as well as I ground cock deeper into her cunt. Stacey’s fingers did the trick on her clit. Her body started twitching as her orgasm overtook her lithe body.

“Fuck me Jeb,” she grunted. “Cum for me!” she screamed.

I slammed her hard. My balls contracted, my nuts expanded several times. Each time, my balls loaded my cock with cum. Tensing, my balls exploded. I pulled my self deep into Stacey’s body, filling her with my cock. Grinding deep, I felt each spurt of cum exploding out of my balls, squeezing up my cock, and spitting out into her cunt. We stopped movement as my cock spit forth cum. Spurt after spurt filled her. Closing my eyes, I pictured my Mom on my cock. “Stacey,” I grunted. I shivered with the last pangs of my orgasm. I ground my cock deep again. Stacey groaned deeply with me. My cock began deflating. Stacey spun around, leaned to my cock, and sucked it deep into her mouth and throat with a single gulp. I caressed her face and hair. She sucked me, cleaning me. Her hands tugged on my balls. “You are the best,” I whispered, stroking her face gently.

Wiping her lips, Stacey stood. “We gotta get going,” she said. “Don’t want to be late for school!” We dressed quickly. Within minutes, we were at school.

The day passed. Several times, I caught myself visualizing my Mom, hearing her words again. Each time in my mind, I ended up sinking my rigid cock into her wet pussy. Each time, I would fuck her senseless. I visualized each time we tried different positions. I pictured her bent over the couch, her ass spread for me to get her wet cunt. I pictured my thumb popping her ass, hearing her grunt, hearing her breathing become ragged. I pictured her body in the throes of orgasm. I pictured her sucking my cock, her lips mashed against my pubs. I had a perpetual hardon all day. I was embarrassed that I might be caught. Stacey was great though. We had lunch off campus, and she blew me for lunch. I love her ability to swallow my entire load. I returned the favor, flicking her clit to achieve orgasm. We both walked softly after lunch with big smiles on our faces. It did not Escort Gümüşhane take long to get horny again.

The school day ended, and it was time for me to be off to football practice. Several times during practice, the Coach asked where my head was. “Get your head in the game,” he yelled. I was lost in thoughts of my Mom, wondering how she would answer my questions from this morning. Practice drug slowly. Finally, it was over.

Changing quickly, I threw a t-shirt and shorts on, expecting to shower at home. I cut short all discussions with my friends, and headed home. I arrived just after Mom. Her evening cook was now at the restaurant for the evening. She had the rest of the day to family. It had always been important to her to be home in the evenings as I was growing up. She helped with homework, and added a home stability environment that many households lack.

“Hey Mom,” I said as I entered. “How did you day go?” I asked.

“Rather blankly,” she replied. “I could not think of anything but you today son,” she continued. “We need to talk,” she finished.

“I need a shower Mom,” I yelled as I headed up the stairs. Fuck, I could hear the tone of her voice. Some societal bullshit was coming. Some discussion of morality, some thoughts of incest, how wrong this was, how we had stretched the envelop over the years with her discussions with me. “I don’t want this bullshit talk,” I said out loud to myself.

I jumped into the shower. Hot water cascaded over my body. I was angry! I felt betrayed! I pictured Mom, telling me this whole song and dance. I watched her lips move, not hearing the words. I saw her naked in my minds eye, her fingers spreading her pussy lips, showing her pink folds, her clit engorged, extending, begging for my mouth. Protruding, her clit beckoned me. My cock chubbed, growing rigid as I stroked it. My mind wandered, forcing thoughts of my Mom, her lips stretching to suck my rod deep into her throat. I pumped my shaft hard!

“Baby,” Mom’s voice penetrated my thoughts. “I did make myself cum this morning,” she continued. “I needed release Baby. Momma was very horny,” she continued. “I think of you Baby. I imagine you doing those things to me. I imagine sucking your cock,” she whispered huskily. “Momma needs her man,” she said directly to me.

I turned to watch her leave the bathroom. I hesitated, then resumed my shower. I washed my body, scrubbing all parts to insure cleanliness. My mind raced. My cock stood rigid. I heard her words over and over. Stepping from the shower, I grabbed my towel, drying quickly. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I headed downstairs.

“Baby,” my Mom’s voice called. I stopped in my tracks. Her voice was in my room. I moved to the door, pushing it open. My mom, in her robe, was seated on the edge of my bed, head drooping, eyes lowered.

“Mom,” I whispered. “Are you ok?”

“Come here Baby,” Mom whispered. “Come to Momma,” she continued. She reached her hand out to me. I crossed the short distance quickly. Mom reached to my towel, pulling the ends from my hand. My towel dropped to the floor. I stood in my nakedness before my Mom. Her hands reached to my thighs, caressing from my knee to my hip. Her mouth opened slightly, her tongue wetted her lips. Nothing was said. Mom pulled me forward, her hand reaching to grab my growing cock. “It’s so beautiful,” Mom whispered. Mom’s hand lifted my cock, her fingers wrapping gently around the girth of my shaft. As her fingers and thumb tightened, she pumped my cock gently, stretching it out, and pumping back down.

She leaned to me, her mouth opening, her tongue extending to touch the head of my cock. Her tongue danced over his head, my hips thrust forward involuntarily. Her lips wrapped around the firming flesh. She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth as she tugged on my cock. She stuffed more into her mouth, her lips sliding down my shaft, coating it with her saliva. Her hand pumped my shaft up and down and her mouth hungrily sucked my cock into her mouth. I reached to her head, pulling her down against my pubs. My cock pushed into her mouth and throat, growing rapidly. Mom groaned from deep within, her tongue circling my firming cock. She ground her mouth on me, forcing every inch into her face, mouth, and down her throat. Her other hand reached around my hip, firmly grabbing my ass, pulling me forward roughly, her nails biting, stinging my flesh. I thrust my hips against her face.

“God it feels good Mother,” I whispered. “Suck me!” I continued. I started soft, but forceful thrusts against her face, withdrawing to thrust again. My cock was rapidly inflating, growing in length and girth. Mom sucked hard. Her mouth, her lips formed a vacuum, her tongue lancing out, pressing against the underside of my cock. She humped my cock, building speed, first softly, then with more lust, more abandon. Soon, she attacked my cock, assaulted my flesh, driving every inch repeatedly deep into her face. Her hand pumped my shaft, reached to milk my balls, pulling them down, swirling them, pumping them between her fingers. And always driving her face back down on me. I could hear her throat make noises, her jaw stretching to take all of me. She slurped, drove her tongue in the eye of my cock, covering the head, sucking hard as she pumped my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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