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Not long after the helicopter crash I found myself looking back on my time with Becky.

It wasn’t long after my evening encounter with 18 year old Becky that she officially broke up with Brad. He told everyone he broke up with her because she wouldn’t put out, but I knew otherwise. Within the month Becky had gone from acting like she didn’t know me to smiling as we walked by each other to eventually smiling.

After an after school pep rally and before a football game one Friday she asked 18 year old me for a ride. We climb into my pick up and drive away. Soon we are near the secluded place I parked that night.

“You raped me that night.”

“I did not. You wanted to make Brad jealous, one thing led to another and you lost your virginity in the heat of passion.”

“Whatever. You are just lucky I had my period last week.” I pull into the secluded spot. “What are we doing here?”

“You didn’t just want a ride to confront me about that night. You wanted another fuck and were afraid to ask.”

“I did not.”

“You did! I’ve seen the way you have been looking at me in the halls. Your pussy has been craving my cock again. And since you know I can keep a secret you want to be fuck buddy.”

“NO! I just, I…” I cut her off. I put my left hand on her cheek and kiss her neck, then nibble her ear. She starts to lose her train of thought as she closes her eyes.

My hand leaves her cheek and finds some skin on her thigh just below the hemline of her skirt. As my hand starts its journey north she swats it away. She is passionately kissing me now but she is intent on it not going past a rating of PG/PG13. “I have to get back to the game to cheer.”

“You have a few hours still.” I remind her.

My hand starts its journey north again and gets just under her skirt as she swats my hand away again. Her legs have opened up slightly but I have to warm her up more. So my right hand reaches up and squeezes her tits through her sweater. My strong fingers can feel the cursive style stitching of “Becky” on her chest as I crudely paw at her innocent looking tits under her pristine white sweater.

Instead of the purple uniform grup escort she wore during her deflowering, she is wearing a white uniform. The top is almost resembles a retro style sweater since its later in the year and colder.

On the third try my hand makes it to her bloomers. She grabs the wrist just as my reach hits her bloomer protected slit. I start rubbing her slit through those bloomers and she has started sighing into my mouth. Just when I can start to feel her wetness build seep through the bloomers I navigate my strong fingers around them and slip a finger in her.

Soon as my finger is in her she gasps. I soon slip two fingers in her tight pussy. I start the “come hither motion” and she starts sighing louder. I can tell I am hitting her G spot. Every stroke and she is a little more hypnotized.

“What color are they?” I ask as I nibble her ear.

“What color are what?” she responds through ragged breath.

“Your thong today, what color is it?”

I can tell she rolls her eyes as she responds, “Oh, champagne. Those were my favorite” as she motions with her head to the pair hanging from the rear view.

“Yeah, those are my favorite also.” Once again, she rolls her eyes. During this conversation I am getting her closer and closer to cumming on my fingers and she has taken it upon herself to stroke me through my jeans. “Take it out.”

She obediently responds by freeing my cock from my jeans. Soon as she wraps her hand around it is sighs once again.

“Oh fuck… Do you have a condom?” She asks in quiet desperation.

“No. I’ll pull out.” I can see she weighs her options. Her need to be fucked outweighs her need to not get knocked up.

“OK. But I have to keep my panties this time. I have to cheer in a few hours.”

She leans back and almost assumes the familiar position from the first night I was inside her. “No, no, I want to admire your ass.” She gives me a quizzical look and I grab her hips and position her into a doggy style. She looks over her shoulder at me as I position myself behind her. “Put me in you.” Just something about such a “pure” girl putting my eskort bayan istanbul angry monster cock in her most precious opening is electric

She slides her white bloomers and thong to the side, takes my member by the shaft and directs the head to her opening only after rubbing her clit with it for a stroke or two. She is still relatively very much a virgin. Im positive Im the only one that has been in her and even though I ravaged her cunt a month ago so she is still ridiculously tight.

Soon as I am seated at her opening, I hold her hips and thrust forward while pulling her back on to me. My overwhelming size and power knocks the wind out of her and she lets out an unsuspecting squeal. I hold myself deep and let her adjust. I am against her wall but I know it will open up soon and Ill be in her womb.

Soon as I am sure she can handle a second thrust I pull back and thrust again. After a couple more thrusts she has adjusted to the me and is remembering how to take me after the last time. Soon she is humping her luscious, round, mid west ass against me. Her need to be fucked has over ridden her prudish attitude. She is impaling herself into my massive dick. My cock has her under its control and she is out of her mind fucking herself against my root.

Once I am confident that she can handle pushing against me without needing my hands on her hips to steer or guide her I release her hips. One hand I slip under her sweater. First I fondle her tits over her bra. From the feel I can tell it is a sports bra. It must be for support since this top doesn’t support her tits like the other cheer top does. Inwardly I wonder what color her bra is this time. Then I slip my fingers into the cup of the bra and pinch her tits. I had almost forgot how much she likes having her tits played with because she sighs again and starts pushing against my cock harder.

“What size tits do you have?” I ask between heavy breaths as one hand explored her glorious mounds.

“C cups.” She answers proudly while trying to catch her breath.

The other hand I use to find her clit. She must not have been expecting that because she lets out oral escort a scream and starts humping my cock with more of a fury.

“Oh, Oh, Oh fuck, YES! YES! YES!” She screams as she shudders and cums.

I release her tits and clit. I hold her hips and start spanking her ass as I shove. At first I was joking her hips on the out side of her skirt, but now I have slid my rough hands up her perfect soft thighs and hold on. Skin on skin. Her skirt bunched around her waist.

I had no intention of pulling out and I didn’t. If you didn’t know any better you would think I hadn’t cum since the last time I was inside Becky. I push one last time and my balls erupt with quarter of molten seed starts flooding her inner depths.

“OH GOD DAMN! PULL OUT!” She screams the instant my hot seed hit her inner most depths. She runs her hands through hair, shudders again and looks back at me. I swear she just came a second time. Her body’s need to breed has taken over and her pussy is milking my balls.

Only when I am limp to I pull out. I take the thong off the rear view, wipe my cock clean and replace it. When she comes down from her high she regains her composure. She adjust her bloomers and they start soaking up my cum. I see she is fixing her bra and making she her tits sit in it correctly. The bra needs adjusting after the mauling I gave her tits.

“We need to get going, I have to get back and cheer for the game. You should have pulled out.”

“You will be OK. Just take the Plan B pill. Next time I’ll cum in your mouth instead.”

“Who says there will be a next time?” See says as she tries to straighten out the wrinkles in her pleated skirt.

“I do. You practically said never again last time. I doubt you will be able to handle going another month. You can find someone else but you can guarantee they will brag and your innocent, pure reputation is gone.”

She sits quietly the rest of the ride back to the school.

When we get back to the school I drop her off, “Let me know when you are ready to do that again.”

She looks at me with shame and disappointment in herself but then smiles. I have successfully got her hooked on my cock.

Knowing she was down on the sidelines cheering with a gallon of my baby batter in her box was priceless. The entire student body and teachers longed to pop her cherry. But I did that months ago. They were lusting do to things to her what I did only hours earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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