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It has been three months since he left. Everything seems so empty without him. My bath time seems to be the best remedy for however I feel that day. Lonely days lead to contemplations and remembering happy memories while I lay in the tub. Tears of frustration fall when I do not hear from him or when I run into a challenge that he usually resolves. Sensual moments come when I long for his touch and to be next to him. When I sink into the tub, the emotions overtake me. This is the time where I let go and allow myself to feel.

A letter arrives from him, how exciting! It has been a while since his handwritten letter has made its way. The letter remains sealed since I wish to read it while I am in the tub. Chores are distractingly done. My mind continues to be focused on the letter that waits. Finally the time comes and I fill up the tub with hot water. Candles are lit.

I lower myself in the tub struggling to keep my hands dry. I think of him, how he smells, how he hugs me and how he makes me feel. The envelope is in my hand and I read my name in his handwriting. Finally, I open the letter and read. Unconsciously, a hand trails down…


I know you just got into the tub. I wish I were there to keep you company as I usually do. In a sense, I AM keeping you company. Think of me sitting close to you, telling you about my day and you telling me about yours. I am not going to go into details about what has been going on here. I have mentioned that here and there.

This letter is about you and I. Us. The moments we share and the moments while we touch. I think of little things, how your perfume smells, how I steal caresses along your back as I zip up your dress. I remember watching you as you sit on the edge of the bed pulling up the stocking up your legs. I love being enticed by the view of you and trying to change your mind to stay home so that I may enjoy every bit of you. I miss walking behind you, breathing in your perfume and essence. I enjoy the view of your shapely ass and legs. I miss sinking my face into your hair in the back of your neck.

This is pure torture. I close my eyes and feel your hand trailing up my legs as you always do while I am driving. When I open my eyes to look down, I do not see your hand. How I wish to see your hand there and grabbing it and putting it to my hard anal escort cock. In futile hopes of complete satisfaction that only you can give me before we reach our destination. This was your way of teasing me, to lengthen our lovemaking.

I remember that one lazy day we had when we decided to have a movie-a-thon. We bummed out on the couch watching movies. Do you remember? I can see you smiling. I was laying behind you and holding you close to me. Just thinking of this drives me crazy. While you are in my arms and arousing me- Yes, the simple fact that you are in my arms and close to me drives me to arousal. I decided to turn the tables on you and give you a long, teasing lovemaking session. You remember this – don’t you? I can just see you as if I am sitting there on the edge of the tub trailing my hand on your inner thigh. You being you, coy and telling me that you don’t remember to lure me to tell you the story…

I caress you through the clothes that you had on. I let my hand trail all the way down your side, over the hip, your thighs and legs. Finally, I reach the hem of your lounge pants. My fingers trace your ankle where the hem rests against your skin. I only caress with sensuality the exposed skin. I greedily grope you where the material touches you. You do not realize this “game” yet. In time, you do. I bring my hand back up in the front of your body. Your legs, knees, thighs, pelvis, navel, tummy, breasts, chest, are all covered by fabric. Your exposed neck is sensually seduced by my fingers, my palm and my hand. My hand moves up tenderly slow around your face, fingers lightly tracing your features. I trail my fingers down your cheek, up your jawbone and around your ear. Down your neck and when it hits the neckline of your pajamas my touch changes and it gropes around for naked skin. Your arm is exposed and it is pampered my by touches.

I sense realization sinking in. You struggle to pull up your shirt, pull down your pants in hopes of obtaining my seductive touches. I do the opposite and pull your shirt back down and the pants back up. My touches become greedy and I grope you through the fabric. Whenever I touch your naked skin, I bless you with sensuality. After a few moments of selfish groping through the fabric and blissfully sensual touches on naked skin, you are baffled. bayan escort istanbul You are confused, trying to decide whether you want to be groped or pampered.

Your covered ass, I grab and bring it up to me. I shove my hips against you, grabbing your hips against mine. I move my hands up to your breasts, which are covered by your pajamas. I greedily grab them, searching for the tender nipples and tease them cruelly with my fingertips. I sense your desire and willingness to allow me to take you however I wish. Then I chuckle, moving my hands up to where I know skin is exposed. My hips are still shoving selfishly against your ass while my hand is tenderly touching your naked neck, exposed arm. You moan, frustrated, trying to decide which you want, to be taken by me or to be pampered beyond bliss.

To add a twist to your perceived game, I decide to raise the back of your shirt as a man overtaken by passion and once I reach your naked lower back I touch you in the sense of a man in love with you. I reach the waist band of your lounge pants and I put my fingers under the waistband and pull it against me. I shove my hand down along your ass and as if I suddenly realize that I am in contact with your bare ass. My touch changes instantly to that of a tender lover that has not made love with you in a long time.

Your frustrations deepen and your desire increases. I struggle to remain in control. You constantly rotate your alluring hips against my hungry cock. You reach back and wrap your arms around my head struggling to steal a passionate kiss from me. I only snuggle my face into your neck giving you tender bites on your naked skin. My mouth reaches a covered skin, my bites are more demanding.

It has escalated to the breaking point, I am not able to hold back anymore. A secret… I am also confused. I do not know if I want to devour you or if I want to gently make love. I aggressively pull down your pants and pull your hips to me… my hand searches for you and am bewildered upon discovery of your wetness. So amazing how I could bring you this much pleasure. I use my fingers that found your wetness, still inside and pull you against me and upwards so that I may enter you. My other hand is on your neck, tenderly touching you. I give you tender kisses on your neck and shove my hips hard şişli escort inside your dripping pussy. I am in bliss as I feel the heat of your pussy on my dick. You swing your hips, you bring yourself back and forth against me rapidly and you lovingly kiss my fingertips that trace your face. I use my fingertips on your chin to bring your lips to mine. You reach to kiss me and I struggle not to kiss you only to tease you further. You feel the warmth of my breath on your lips. I then turn your face away from me without a kiss. Desire deep inside of you burns and you moan your frustrations. I am encouraged by this.

I let go and allow passion consume me. I grab your hips and keep you tightly against me as I pound into you. I slam into you. Hard. My hungry cock can not get enough of your wet pussy. I savor your shoulders, your neck with my mouth and tongue. You keep offering your pussy to me, raising your hips high against me. You want more as well. You pant and moan for my passion. I can not stand it … I grunt, I moan and I groan. Sweet pain swells inside as I wait and want you to give me your passion. Your moans, your groans and how you grab onto me tells me that you are close. I continue to grab your hips, and move my hands to your breasts, grabbing them and teasing the nipples. Your legs tighten together increasing unbelievable pleasure for me. I feel your passion being given to me. Your pussy coaxes me and I sigh with relief. I then bow my head into your spine… and my passion is given. You sigh.

After a few moments, we both are roused from our passion. I give you tender kisses and nibbles along the back of your shoulder. Showering you with love and sensuality. I knew you would fall into a deep sleep after this. I wanted to send you into a sweet sleep. I continue to give you tenderness until you fall asleep. I fell asleep not too long after I sensed your breathing calms and you become still in my arms.

I think of this time when I think of us. I wish you knew what kind of hold you have on me. I can not wait until we are back together and back on that couch. I want your passion and I want to give you mine.

Soon, with my love and my passion


The cold water woke me up. Confused, I look around. The letter had fallen to the floor over the edge of the tub. The candles burnt low. My hand is between my legs. A sweet sense of relief is present between my legs. There is a taste of salt on my lips, a taste of tears. Struggling, I manage to raise myself from the tub. Dry myself off. Find a shirt of his, put it on and get into the big bed. So lonely.

Hurry home Trevor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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