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Visits to the bathhouse follow a certain pattern at the beginning – a bowl of good weed before arriving, a beer drunk quickly after changing, then often a gap.

A bit cool upstairs today was my basic reaction at first, and though some of the porn was OK, upstairs was basically empty, as customary. Entering the darkroom however, the sound of someone on the platform was apparent. Approaching the low edge, it became clear that the trashcan needed to be put on the floor, and that the mat should be laid flat. Checking to make sure no one was on the bare wood, I slid the mat down before putting down my towel, poppers, and the black bag holding a camera.

It did not take long to start exploring a stranger’s body after reclining on the pad, without any reaction as my hands continued to roam over several minutes. I enjoy turning a laying man on, especially those one could consider bottoms, but true enjoyment requires a response – I am looking for a partner to share sex with, not someone who is utterly passive, never revealing what they want.

This inactive phase continued to the point of honestly considering leaving when his hand began touching my inner thigh, causing me to groan in satisfaction. After that first inviting touch, things quickly developed in a more delightfully mutual fashion. He soon began playing with my growing cock, prompting me to rise a bit on my knees to give him better access as my left hand went between his thighs. His cock was not easy to reach at first, one reason being he remained on his stomach.

The other reason was his cock was already hard, a very thick and stiff rod. A fact I found out just as he began to suck my cock after he moved to provide space for my hand to explore further. His lips slid over my horny cock head just a bit before I started touching his silky shaft from behind, both of us surrendering to the magic of easy sex with a stranger.

The dark room is generally empty during the first hour, but exceptions are wonderful when they occur. He kept going down on me, leading me to return to running a hand over his body, this time with a more explicit goal in mind. A goal he clearly wanted me to find, feeling his reaction when sliding between his cheeks, his sucking growing ever more distracted as my finger began probing his already lubed anal ring.

Getting blown while finger fucking was exquisite, words flowing about how hot it was to get sucked by a man, my finger circling just inside his slippery and yielding hole. My left hand jacked his cock when he raised his body, both of us completely erect. I love fingering a hot ass, especially when the person being fingered is going down on my horny cock.

After an interval impossible to measure, he turned over, leading me to reposition my cock in front of his waiting mouth, pumping him even harder while fingering him, making him completely helpless. We kept playing like this for a seemingly endless period, neither trying to make the other cum, extending the pleasure in the darkness. He played under my balls, and explored my hole, though since no lubrication was involved, it was more teasing than true ass fingering, like he was getting. I had actually thought about lubing before wandering, but opportunity had passed by with only minor regret.

I love the enveloping softness inside a man’s ass, and jacking him at the same time was an intense thrill. As time went on. other men entered the space, including one who went down on the laying man as my finger remained inside his smooth tunnel. The new man squatted over that thick cock, pressing down against my arm. Basically creating an interruption bahis şirketleri which did not stop the finger fucking or cock stroking.

The new man finally left, so we continued to play, his ass still slippery and receptive as I repeatedly fisted his rigid cock, sliding a second finger into the glorious tight sheath. Fingers are more versatile than a cock, and it was delightful to feel him squeezing and moving like a man who could not stop himself. Another man joined, though possibly it was the same one considering how everything felt a replay of the first time, though he left much more quickly.

I kept jacking or getting blown while finger fucking until yet another man started sucking him, and he rolled away. Likely wanting to be fucked, understandably enough considering the extended period of warm up. I gathered up my things, then left. This is one of the simpler truths of the baths – you can have a variety of sex with a variety of partners, letting yourself flow in the powerful currents moving among all those men.

Washing my hands first, I decided to do a last check of the new area before going downstairs.

At the rear corner booth, the location of one of my most memorable camera sessions, the door was open, with a squatting man giving a blow job to someone with his back to the corridor. Watching for a bit through the wide open door, playing with my cock, I put the bag and poppers down on the ledge running along the wall. Shifting the held towel to my shoulder like the other man, before stepping close and running my fingers lightly down his back.

This is a fairly well lit booth that seems to invite larger gatherings, something that certainly turned out to be true today. Little time was required before joining in after that first contact, fingers going from his back to his chest, easily finding his nipples before starting to kiss his neck. His reaction was gratifying, with the cock sucker seeming to become aware of what was happening too. Even at this point, I had not seen the actual blow job, curiosity growing as the sucked man began fondling a nicely swelling cock.

His hand led me to move to his side, seeing his gorgeous glistening cock as the cock sucker reached to touch my cock too. Moaning something like “oh fuck yes .. god yes” as my cock was guided into a wet mouth, my right hand sliding over a stranger’s rigid sexy shaft. Threesomes are addictive, especially when everyone involved has clearly been enjoying such sex for years, knowing all the delightful things men can do with each other.

Following the second session of both our cocks being sucked together, the standing man put his towel down on the bed. Prompting me to use this tiny interruption to grab my stuff and bring it in the room before returning to the fun. Of course the door open was left open, it being obvious we all enjoyed having public sex. Privacy at the baths is an interesting subject in its way, but there is nothing secret about why we are all there – to have hot sex with other men.

Being swallowed again, the other man began playing with my nipples. Nice, but basically too hard, a fact that remained a challenge the entire time with several men, not just the first. Even after making it clear several times that this was simply too much, he would return to doing it whenever I was getting head. By the third or fourth time, it started to have a certain appeal, at least for a short time, creating something like orgasmic flashes as the sensations grew more intense as he squeezed. This was close to the idea of S&M, and I was helpless to stop him while being blown by our shared cock sucker. bahis firmaları One reliable way to interrupt him was to go down on his glistening hard cock.

We were sucked separately and together, more than content to share the third man’s skill as we played with each other bodies. When the squatting man shifted as I was sucking cock, it took a little effort to realize that he was going to kiss the tops of my feet. However, his tongue sliding through my toes was an unexpected pleasure, making me moan around the cock filling my mouth.

The man at my foot seemed to appreciate what was offered, since I could not resist lifting that foot to provide his exploring tongue access to the entire foot. The standing man lifted my head from his cock, then bent down to take my held cock into his mouth. This was the sort of heavenly experience that one can repeat at the baths, surrendering yourself to the sheer delight of being used like a total slut by other men, who are just as turned on. Everyone openly sharing themselves, knowing that everyone is equally horny and experienced.

This continued until the cock sucker sat on the edge of the bed, jacking off, saying he wanted to have the other man cum in his face. That man told me to stand on the platform, something that took a moment to understand even after repeating himself. My mind was completely lost in a haze of glorious group sex, and the idea of creating a new arrangement only slowly began clear. Letting myself be positioned for sex by a stranger was another added layer of bliss, knowing that all three of us were ruled by pure male lust.

Standing like that gives a fantastic sense of sexual power, looking at your cock being swallowed deep by a man, especially when also looking at his hot cock being swallowed too. The man in the middle was thoroughly lost in face fucking, however he pulled back. He started jacking his slippery wet rod, obviously wanting to cum. All three of us were now masturbating, and it was hot to watch the standing man orgasm, cum jetting on the sitting man’s head underneath me.

After he left, unsteady and unfocused after orgasming so long and completely, the sitting man’s soft mouth returned to my cock. I saw another man standing outside the door, playing with himself. The baths are a place where being publicly horny among other men is straightforward, and often rewarded. The combination of watching a man get hard and getting head, standing above both, was perfect.

The cock sucker soon returned to my foot, my hand pumping a glistening cock in front of another turned on stranger who was obviously horny, all of us swirling in currents of luscious pleasure. The new man stepped into the room, put his towel down, and kept stroking as he looked at my erect cock being blatantly displayed and offered in a way that thrilled me – and tempted him. A game both of us had played many times before, in both roles.

Moaning “fuck yes .. slow .. go slow .. god yes” as he stood beneath me, soft lips sliding over my jutting shaft, reaching down to caress his nipples as he kept playing with himself. The blow job simply enhanced the incredible feeling coming from my foot as it was slathered with a stranger’s talented attention. Threesomes can change and shift over time, yet it was a surprise when the new man started playing with my nipples just like the other. Again too hard, making me stop him several times, but also with the same intense orgasmic flashes as pain and pleasure balanced at an intense level that was barely tolerable.

Each time after stopping his squeezing, I also wanted him touching me like that, soon using kaçak bahis siteleri a hand to bring his fingers back to ever more sensitive nipples. This was truly on the edge of S&M, and I was truly loving it at times, cock rigid in his mouth. Nonetheless, most of the time I was totally lost in a never ending foot job. At some point I noticed two men outside the door, the rear one stroking the front one’s erect rod as he moved his hips.

The man in front of me left, having received little attention from the man keeping me in paradise, likely realizing that this was not going to change. By this point, I was leaning sideways against the wall, foot lifted to the height of the sitting man’s mouth, stroking my length, moaning how good it felt to be used like this. The sitting man then had me lay back, though it took several moments before I understood what he wanted. Thinking becomes very difficult after a certain point, one that I had long passed. This state of pure sexual freedom is one of the most addictive features of the baths after experiencing it the first time.

On my back on the towel, he placed my feet together, then took both into his mouth, an unbelievable sensation. It had become difficult to stand before, all concentration lost as his mouth entranced a single foot, but this wave of pure delight completely submerged me. My eyes closed as I could hear my distant moaning, his willing slave, letting him do whatever he wanted to me.

Clearly, he had a foot fetish, and letting him indulge it was incredibly easy, since an extended foot licking feels fantastic, especially when you can see how the other man is so turned on. Falling into paradise, moaning helplessly, eyes closed, I was only distantly aware of the platform moving. My eyes only opened after a new mouth had slid halfway down my shaft, seeing a man on his hands and knees, the one who had been outside with a second man. He too pinched one of my nipples, amazingly like the other two men.

As he continued to go down on my cock, I saw a fourth man behind him, the one who had been jacking my new cock sucker off. This became the extent of my awareness of anything but how two men were orally satisfying me perfectly. Over the years, having gathered a fairly wide amount of experience, this led to the conclusion that during the blow job, the other man was not being fucked before his mouth withdrew. Simply, the blow job never took on that special signature of a fucked man giving head. When the pair left, I stood back up, stroking myself while leaning sideways on the wall, foot back in a stranger’s gloriously talented mouth.

Showing off my cock, looking down at a man who was getting ever closer to orgasm, seeing how he could no resist temptation, cum spurting as my foot filled his mouth. He kept cumming for a while, until he finally let my foot down, and left even more unsteadily than the first man.

Going to the spiral staircase, the clock showed I had been having sex for almost an hour and a half straight, with a half dozen partners, representing the finest sort of experience the baths provide, an extended interval of glorious public male group sex.

Downstairs, I put away the bag in the locker, saying “fantastic .. really fantastic” to the now dressing man who had given me such a spectacular foot job.

Downstairs was disappointing, as even before reaching the bottom steps the area smelled quite bad. The whirlpool was full, and the steam bath was empty. Considering the smell, and just how fantastic the previous hour and half had been, leaving was not a hard decision to make. A choice that paid off, just beating the rain. Generally, deciding to set a time is appropriate, as there is no question one can spend far too much time at the baths hoping for another opportunity. Something which can become fruitless, as one learns after enough visits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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