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James was deep asleep as the rain pitter-pattered against the large, arched window opposite the bed. Only the smallest amount of light crept into the large bedroom, the grey, cloud-filled sky creating a dark and ominous day outside. As Bayonetta began to stir, she held her hand up to her face, the hangover pounding at her skull as she slowly extended her long legs and rose from the bed.

“Fuck me…”

She staggered across the dreary room, head in hand, grasping for the light switch blindly. Finding it, she turned the light on, her headache flaring as the bright bathroom light bulbs beamed into her eyelids. “Ahhh! DAMMIT!” She hastily opened the medicine cabinet, popped two tylenol and turned back into the main room, her eyes still adjusting.

She stopped at her dresser and pulled out a bra and a pair of her black, satin, ultra-stretch panties, gradually dressing herself as her head continued to buzz. She slipped into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, grumbling as her morning wood was tucked tightly against her thigh. A light rumble of thunder echoed in the distance as she made her way back to the bed. She observed her slave sleeping peacefully, probably dreaming about a normal life… chasing skirts, drinking with his buddies, whatever it was that he did when he still had his freedom. As she gazed down at him, the memories of the night before started to rush into her mind, and the more she remembered, the colder her eyes became.


“Wake up you little shit!”

The fierce crack across his face brought him around almost immediately, James’ cheek smarting painfully and his eyes blinking as the face of an angry mistress came into focus. ”Ughhhnn….. good morning to you too.”

“I am NOT in the mood for your sarcastic bullcrap. Get up!”

As he began to rise, she grabbed him by the arm, yanking him off the bed and onto his feet, pulling him quickly towards the bathroom as he struggled to keep his balance. She shoved him roughly into the bathroom and he almost fell into the tub, a quick grab of her towel rack saving him from a nasty collision.

“Shit, shower and shave. I’m going to go get the car. By the time I’m back, you’d better be clean as a whistle.”

The door slammed loudly, and as James pulled himself to a full standing position he could hear a chair being roughly wedged into the door, locking him inside.

‘……Well, looks like I’m in the dog house.’

* * * * *

An hour and a half later they were both back on the road, presumably heading to her apartment, although James wasn’t sure. The rain poured down in loud sheets as they drove, thunder and lightning cracking across the sky with regularity. Bayonetta had barely said three words to him since she got back and her eyes were fixed squarely ahead as she drove. He had not expected her to be thrilled with how the previous evening ended, but he didn’t understand her intense reaction either. He glanced over at his dark goddess, trying to gauge her disposition.

“Mistress, are you feeling better?”

“I’m fine” she answered curtly. She reached over to the center console and turned the radio on, quickly scanning it to the nearest news station. It was clear she wasn’t interested in conversation right now. James sighed internally, wondering just how much trouble he’d gotten himself into.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at her building. Bayonetta quickly parked, grabbed him by the arm and marched him back into her studio dungeon.

“Get out of those, now” she ordered, gesturing to his dress clothes. The fine suit was all wrinkled and disheveled, having sat in a pile throughout the night and then put back on hurriedly before they left the house. He removed the articles one by one, gently folding them over the back of her leather arm chair as she moved around the main room, gathering up some of her toys. As soon as he was naked, she grabbed his wrists and pulled them behind his back, smoothly slapping on a pair of metal handcuffs. She walked him directly to the waterbed on the other side of the large room, turned him around to face her, and then backhanded him with more force than she had ever used. The blow was incredibly loud, his entire head wrenching to one side as his body spun and collapsed on the bed with a wet thud.

“You LITTLE TURD! Did you think you could just get me loaded like some HUSSY?!? I bet you think that was really cute… You won’t for much longer.”

He wanted to reply, but he was too busy counting his teeth with his tongue and confirming that his jaw still worked. The blurry vision wasn’t helping either. As he lay there in a daze, Bayonetta quickly fixed his collar back around his neck, clicking the chain to her bed on one of its metal rings. Her slut secure, she began moving around the apartment again, discarding her casual clothes hurriedly and donning one of her black leather bustiers.

“Well congratulations bitch! You finally earned some real punishment. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t waiting for this day. Or that this is going to be anything but painful for you. Or that I’m not intensely aroused right now.”

James pivoted himself on the bed, turning so he could see his Mistress in the center of the room pulling on a pair of her leather thigh-highs. The sheer ferocity in her voice was making him nervous, and he had to swallow the lump in his throat before he could raise his voice above a whisper.

“Mistress, I’m sorry! I just wanted to get to know you better! I tried other approaches but they never worked! You didn’t leave me with many options…”

She seethed at his reply, grabbing a riding crop from the table and quickly closing the distance back to the bed, her heels clacking on the wooden floor menacingly. She whipped the crop into his chin, pushing the end of it into his face forcefully.

“OPTIONS? You want options, is that it? Ok, how’s this for an option? I can beat you and fuck you, or I can beat you, fuck you, and then beat you again! Which sounds better to you?!?”

He opened his mouth, but in his stunned state, no words escaped.

“Cat got your tongue? Actually, forget it. You don’t get any options. In fact, I don’t want to hear another word out of your fucking mouth!”

With that, she grabbed a ball gag from her nearby toy rack and approached him swiftly.

“Wait, Mistress! Please!!!”

She shoved the thick red toy into his mouth, pulling the tight latex straps back and letting them snap into the back of his head. He muttered something loud and lengthy into the thick gag, but it was completely unintelligible.

“What’s that Cheshire? You’re a little shit stain who’s too clever for his own good and deserves a severe whipping? I couldn’t agree more.”

Bayonetta then grabbed him roughly by his bound arms and pushed him back into the center of the bed, face down. She left his side for a few moments, finishing her preparations and returning with a long, thick whip in hand. James couldn’t see it, but when it was unfurled and it slapped against the floor loudly, he knew it was no toy. That was a real bull whip.

“Take my advice slut. Don’t count the strokes. Just think of it as something you’ll have to endure for the rest of the day.”

A wicked grin spread across her face as she held the end of the whip above her head and started twirling it over and around her body. “Then it might be a little easier TO BEAR!”


The first stroke lashed his ass cheeks harshly. James yelped into his gag, his body jolting. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but it wasn’t overwhelming… yet.

“This is what NAUGHY” *CRACK* “little boys GET” *CRACK* “when they MISBEHAVE!” *CRACK CRACK*

After only the fifth stroke the pain had already increased significantly. He quivered on the bed groaning fiercely into the rubber gag, his hands aching as he strained against the metal cuffs, his knees and legs bending upward reflexively, attempting to shield his bruised ass.

“Put those fucking legs down, NOW, or I will tie them down.”

He lowered his legs slowly, his whole body shaking, the action requiring every ounce of his will.

“Take it like a MAN!” *CRACK* “Even if you are just a sissy boy.”

The whipping stretched on for long minutes; perhaps even half an hour. James lost track of time as the blows rained down on his burning cheeks and his ass was welted nonstop. His muffled cries bellowed into the soft rubber ball every time the thick leather snapped into his skin, the pliable water filled mattress rocking with his convulsions. Thunder and lightning roared outside, the heavy rain sloshing down as his mistress chastised and belittled him, yelling obscenities and occasionally laughing like a maniac. Her sexual excitement seemed only to grow with every lash of the whip. Her thick cock stood at rigid attention, all 16 massive inches filled with blood, her left hand often stroking the fleshy length as her right hand took a break from its exertions. Dark stripes began appearing on the surface of his flesh, providing a stark contrast to the bright redness of the rest of his ass.

James wasn’t sure if it was mercy that stayed her hand or merely exhaustion, but the beating finally came to an end. He heard the whip clatter on the floor and the loud rapping of Sex hikayeleri her booted heels as she approached the other end of the bed and came into view. She was sweating lightly, her dark hair a slick mass shooting in an upward arcing pony tail and cascading down behind her. Bayonetta stroked her thick, pulsating cock, the member fully engorged with copious amounts of pre-cum oozing out of the tip. Her generous breasts heaved and sighed, barely contained by the thick leather bustier, the rest of her body naked, glistening in the dim light. She jerked herself moistly in his face, looking down at him with a combination of lust and angry zeal as her left hand wetly slicked across her fat meat. Her expression, however, was the least troubling thing now to James. His eyes opened wide as he saw what could only be described as a red glow radiating from Bayonetta’s skin.

“That certainly was FUN, wasn’t it slut? But you don’t look like you’re having fun… Why is that?”

His terrified expression annoyed her greatly, her eyes becoming a pair of piercing daggers as she grabbed him by the collar and lowered her face down to meet his.


James whimpered into his gag, looking up at her pleadingly while shaking his head side to side. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing from the woman he’d grown to worship and adore. She released him roughly, the chain on his collar rattling as he fell back on the bed. Bayonetta sauntered back to the opposite side, her eyes closing as she fisted her greasy cock.

“You know what’s even more fun than whipping an ass raw? ….Fucking a raw ass.”

She swung her legs up onto the water bed one by one, getting into place behind his reddened butt as the liquid mattress parted and waved. She pushed his legs forward and set him up on his knees, placing her thick cock right between his well-whipped cheeks and positioning herself for a long, hard fuck. He hissed and bucked as she slid the foul length up and down his crack, her sticky cock passing through his burning flesh repeatedly.

“Buckle up slut!” was her only warning as she grasped his hips firmly and jammed the business end of her mega cock into his tight hole. She thrust it in violently, giving his asshole no time to stretch and loosen as she began fucking him hard and fast. He yelled into the red rubber gag, his groans and cries barely audible above the loud slurping of her penis as her heavy ball-sack came closer and closer to smacking his ass with every stroke. She gave his right ass cheek a strong swat before tossing her head back in uncontrollable desire.

“OH YES!!! Give me that boy pussy!”

The red glow around Bayonetta’s skin strengthened and brightened, her hands digging even more greedily into his flanks. James screamed and bucked as she spanked his ass harshly again and again, the blows a hundred times more painful than usual on his welted skin. He struggled against her in futility, his hands bound behind his back, his pain and desperation turning her on even more. The enormous cock hilted in his ass, her swollen orbs pushing into the bottom of his ass cheeks. His whole body strained and his face turned increasingly red as she fucked him viciously, the end of her cock plunging through his anal walls and into the depths of his colon, her hunger for his submission never satisfied.

“YEAH!!! TAKE IT! Learn to love the pain with that cock. That’s what sluts like you get… PAIN and COCK. And you LOVE IT!!!”

Her pace became even more rapid, her gargantuan penis passing in and out of his sloppy ass in a blur, pre-cum and anal juices squirting and dripping all over the bed. The red ring of his pucker was stretched wide as she plowed to the deepest reaches of his innards, snarling like an animal as her climax built. James’ eyes glazed over as his body was rocked back and forth, his mistress raping him even more enthusiastically than the day they had met.

Suddenly Bayonetta gasped and the wild rhythm of her fucking slowed to a crawl. James was yelling into his gag nonstop, his groans and pleas barely audible through his stuffed mouth. As she removed her fingers from his sides she saw, to her shock, that they were dripping in blood. She stared at her crison stained hands in disbelief for a few moments, a look of shame and fear spreading over her face as the red glow around her body promptly faded away.

“I… I didn’t….”

She pulled her rapidly deflating cock from his ass and slid off the bed hastily, running to the bathroom and washing her hands. She returned seconds later with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a box of bandages, her face cracking with intense sorrow. She poured some of the solution over the wound on his left side, the liquid burning and cleansing the area where her fingers had dug deeply into his skin. She held him down firmly as he yelled and thrashed, applying a bandage over the gashes with some medical tape. With a heavy heart she stepped over him and repeated the process on the other side of his body, disinfecting and dressing the wound. When she was done, she moved to the head of the bed and began detaching the chain from his collar.

James looked up at his mistress, her eyes a pair of dark, shimmering saucers that were on the cusp of erupting into tears. She grabbed the key to his handcuffs from a compartment near the headboard, reaching over and using it to unlock the metal restraints before dropping it on the floor.

Bayonetta wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Her eyes darted around the room randomly, her psyche wishing to direct her gaze anywhere but at her companion. At last she did look down, their eyes meeting only for a moment.

“I’m sorry.”

Her voice cracked as she struggled to get out the two simple words, her right hand rushing up to cover her mouth as she fled from the room. James sat up slowly, rubbing his wrists as normal blood flow returned to his arms. He reached around and unlatched the gag from his head, pulling the vile rubber ball from his mouth at last. “Mistress!”

He scurried off the bed, slowing down as he almost tripped over her discarded clothes and toys, making his way carefully through the dark main room. The lightning and thunder had finally moved on, leaving only the sound of drizzling rain against the windows and walls. As he passed the central hallway he could hear sobs coming from the kitchen, growing louder each moment he neared the room. He came to a stop in the entrance, spotting her immediately in the corner by the small kitchen table. She was weeping outright, her knees bent upward with her face planted in her legs, her body shaking with each new wail. James watched her silently for a few moments, unsure of what to do. He looked upon his beautiful mistress, somewhat scared and confused as he witnessed her for the first time distressed and completely vulnerable. Bayonetta then raised her head, her face a river of tears over flushed skin.

“What are you doing?!? Leave! I know you want to!”

She broke into heavy sobs again, her face turning away, unable to look him in the eyes a moment longer. James lingered a few moments before taking a deep breath and quietly walking into the room. He approached her from the side and turned himself around, sitting beside her gently. His sore ass seared as it made contact with the floor but he bit his tongue, making no sound as he joined her. He made no effort to touch, comfort or answer her, allowing her thoughts and emotions to expel themselves uninterrupted. She sobbed for another minute or so, finally turning her face in his direction once again.

“You don’t need to stay here anymore! You or anyone else. I’m not even going to try again. That’s what I told myself last time, but this time I mean it!”

She looked directly into his eyes, her tear-stained face looking suddenly more determined; even angry.

“I GET IT, alright? I’m a FREAK. I’m a freak who can’t even control herself and it’s only getting worse.”

She said nothing for a few moments, mulling over in her mind how she could explain herself without telling him too much. James looked back at her innocently, purely, and she knew that if this was to be their last meeting, she still had to keep things from him.

“The longer I knew you, the more I fell for you, the less I wanted to put you through this. I don’t get to have real relationships. I should have learned that by now. I knew it deep down and that’s why I never opened up to you, because I knew this would happen. So please, you should leave now…. before I change my mind.”

Her voice broke once again as she uttered those final words, terrified that they would be the last she ever spoke to him. She turned her head again, not wanting to see him go, but as the seconds stretched on there was no movement, until she felt a warm hand close over hers. She looked back across her body, small trails of tears running out of her eyelids. She was greeted by a placid smile, the spark of complete conviction in his eyes.

“I’m sitting right here Mistress. I’m not anywhere else. And I’m not going anywhere else unless it’s with you.”

She gazed back at him in total astonishment, her mind unable to process what her heart wanted so desperately to believe.

“How Sikiş hikayeleri can you say that? After all I’ve…”

Her words halted in her throat, silenced as he extended his other hand and brushed a length of her dark tresses from her face.

“Cereza, did you know that you’re beautiful…. even when you cry?”

Her eyes welled with fresh tears, her heart leaping the unfathomable distance from the lowest, darkest pit in her being to the loftiest mountain peak. She threw herself on James, wrapping him up in her arms, her head cradled on his right shoulder. She sobbed a bit more, holding him close as he returned her embrace, running his arms over her back gently.

“I love you so much James” she choked out, doing her utmost to restore her normal voice.

“And I love you Mistress” he answered, glad that the words were finally out in the open.

“You’re mine forever now. I’ll never let you go.” She squeezed him tightly around the midsection, careful to avoid the bandaged areas on his hips.

“Nothing would make me happier Mistress, but please… don’t shut me out. Whatever it is you’re facing, you don’t need to do it alone.”

Bayonetta smirked, amused by the presumption in his words, but impressed by his courage nonetheless. “I won’t” she spoke right next to his ear, holding the back of his head in her hand “I won’t hold back anymore. I’ll tell you everything in time. Just be patient with me…”

Her face rose from his shoulder, stopping directly in his line of sight. “…and stay with me always.”

Their eyes met again, the souls of two lovers reflected in each others gaze; burning with such intense longing. They dove into each others mouths, Bayonetta driving her tongue as deeply into him as she could, exploring his mouth completely as she pulled his head firmly into hers. James took hold of her sides with the palms of his hands, reciprocating with his own tongue in her wet mouth. They kissed and sucked for long minutes, Bayonetta occasionally biting his tongue gently with her teeth, moaning pleasurably as she dominated him even with her mouth.

She broke the kiss momentarily only to push him on the floor, laying down on him with her massive breasts pressing firmly into his chest. Her large cock and heavy balls draped over his crotch, dwarfing his own genitals as her rod began heating up and slowly filling with blood. She held his face in her hands, diving back into his mouth over and over again, tonguing, licking and nibbling him insatiably.

At last, she pulled her mouth from his with a wet smack, standing up with a wild blush on her face. She appeared to be apprehensive about something as she re-tied her hair, but by the time she was done her expression had become resolute.

“Follow me” she imparted, walking confidently back into the main room. James got up and followed her swiftly, his face betraying his bewilderment as soon as he exited the kitchen. Bayonetta had bent herself over the nearby leather sofa, holding onto the back while her ass stuck straight out at him.

“Fuck me” she said softly over her shoulder.

“Mistress?” The idea was now so foreign to him that he could only question such a sudden and drastic change.

“You heard what I said. You may fuck me… just this once.”

His stiff penis certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea, but his mind was still having trouble accepting this. Their relationship, sexually, had been so clear and unwavering, so straight forward up to this point. It almost didn’t feel right.

“Are you sure Mistress? I don’t know if…”

“Slut!” she yelled over her shoulder “You have the rest of your life to get fucked by my big cock. On the other hand, this may be your one and only chance to use that neglected little pecker of yours. I SUGGEST YOU TAKE IT! Now FUCK ME!”

The command in her voice washed over him and any remaining doubts faded away. As he placed one hand on her ass and stroked his erection with the other he began to perceive her intention as well. Having confessed their love for each other, tonight was essentially their honeymoon. She wanted them to be connected on every level. He had proved his devotion to Bayonetta a thousand times already, and now she wanted to do the same for him. Perhaps she also sought to put him at ease after the scare from earlier. Whatever the myriad of reasons, she had placed herself before him, fighting every natural urge in her body to let him be the top for once.

Her soft white skin rose up in two generous mounds before him, gleaming in the low light of the dreary afternoon and looking ever so inviting as he positioned himself for penetration, a position that felt completely alien to him at this point. He spread her ass cheeks gently before inserting his right index finger and rolling it around in a circle, loosening her up.

“EASY! Easy! It’s been a long time.”

“I can tell. You’re tight as a drum back here.”

She made no effort to reply to his quip, gripping the back of the leather couch tightly as he worked a second finger in, moist slicking noises emanating as he sawed the digits in and out of her pucker. The tight leather of the sofa stretched loudly in her grasp as she let out a low moan, his fingers reaching new depths in her warm ass.

“Alright! That’s enough! Jeez… You’re not exactly John Holmes, are you? You don’t need a subway tunnel. Fuck me already!”

James removed his fingers briskly and chuckled. “Yes Mistress…”

His heart skipped a beat as he pulled himself closer to her tight ass, his penis resting snugly in her crack. He placed his left hand on her ass cheek and used his right to line his cock up with her now moist pucker. He inserted it slowly but firmly, his length sliding in almost all the way before he heard her start to groan and grunt. His legs pressed into hers from behind, their warm skin meeting in a way they never had previously. The wet tightness of her ass felt heavenly around his hard prick, but he was careful not to advance too quickly.

“Are you ok Mistress?”

She spoke through clenched teeth, breathing deeply in and out of her nose. “Yes…. Fine…. Just fuck me you little bitch!”

He smirked, deciding if she was going to be like that, he might as well not hold back. He grasped her hips tightly with both hands and began working his cock in and out of her tight hole at a slow pace. After the fourth thrust he was all the way in, his scrotum colliding with her much larger ball-sack, the smooth skin of her ass and scrotum feeling amazing against his own. Bayonetta bit her bottom lip as his penis sunk into her again and again, stretching her asshole open and plowing through her moist anal walls.

James picked up the pace suddenly, letting out low moans and sighs as his pleasure steadily increased. Bayonetta cried out momentarily, but bit her tongue, her yell turning into a groan as she steeled herself against the increasingly fast pounding.

“Yeah! Fuck me good! Make it count slut! This is the only pussy you get for the rest of your perverted life! AHHHHH!!!”

He bucked into her even harder, his balls slapping loudly into hers as sweat began to run all over their bodies. She humped backward into his thrusts, grunting and grimacing through the intense slapping fucks.

“Cmon! Fuck me! Shoot your tiny load inside me so you can get back on your knees where you belong! Are you even enjoying this?!?”

Between her aggressive motions and her constant dirty chatter it felt like she was still dominating him despite their reversed roles. As their wet, noisy fucking reached a crescendo, James felt more like he was hanging on for dear life than taking charge of their sex.

The tingle of impending climax entered James’ pelvis and he grasped her curves even more tightly, thrusting into her as fast as he could manage. He was fixed on auto-pilot now, his engorged penis entering and withdrawing effortlessly. His cock pistoned in and out of her tight hole a few more times before he roughly slammed into her, his rod buried to the hilt as he cried out in pleasure. His seed shot into her depths, the first time he’d had an orgasm of his own volition in almost six months. His balls emptied, shot after shot pumping into her warm reaches.

Bayonetta lay stretched out between James and the couch, panting and hanging onto the end until he finally pulled out of her with a light pop. She immediately stood up, turned, and embraced him, wrapping her arms around his body, locking his own arms at his sides. She pushed her face into his once more, plunging back into his hot mouth, the two swapping air and saliva as only two deeply in love can. After several minutes of intense tonguing and sucking, she raised her right hand up to his throat, grabbing onto his collar firmly before breaking their kiss.

“I hope you enjoyed that Cheshire.”

“Yes Mistress, very much…”

“Good, now back to your duties.”

She yanked him forcefully around the couch, bringing him to the front end and throwing him down on the supple leather cushions. “On your back” she ordered.

James turned over just in time to see Bayonetta stepping up on the couch and lowering her sweaty ass directly onto his face. She shook her ass up and down as Erotik hikaye she landed on him, grinding his nose deeply into her cheeks and sliding down until his mouth was just below her pucker.

“Every drop slut! Lick it, suck it, use your tongue as a spoon if you have to, but you’re going to suck every drop of your cum out of my ass, and you’re going to like it.”

He dove in immediately, eagerly, never so excited to lick and suck her ass as he was at this moment. His tongue breached the wet hole he had just fucked, slurping and licking away as he searched inside for his own filth. Bayonetta sat above him with an exquisite smile on her face, murmuring pleasantly as she began stroking her magnificent cock.

“Yeah, dig in there. SUCK MY ASS! Clean up your mess you slut.”

As James sucked, licked and tongue fucked away, she moaned above him, pressing her ass down on his head harder and harder, urging his tongue to go as deep as his cock had just minutes ago. She worked her left hand up and down her broad shaft, her monster growing and thickening by the second. Her right hand grasped the top of the sofa tightly, steadying herself as moans flowed from her lips.

Suddenly, she lifted her ass up and stepped off the couch, her hand slicking up and down her meaty python. James was still inhaling fresh air and getting his bearings when she snapped her fingers and pointed at the floor. “On your knees. Now.”

He slid off the sofa gradually, crawling forward a bit before rising up on his knees. By the time he sat up Bayonetta was already behind him, opening the arm-binder she had just retrieved and pulling his hands behind his back. She slid the slick leather up past both hands, pulling the laces and buckles harshly as the familiar tightness locked away the use of his arms. His limbs were pulled taut in a triangle behind him, the gripping leather sealing him in its grasp all the way up to his shoulders. She reappeared before him shortly thereafter, her fully erect 16 inch penis jutting toward his face, her giant scrotum hanging heavy with seed below.

Bayonetta said nothing as she edged closer to his face, the fat mushroom shaped head of her cock pressing against his lips, the musky scent of her sex flooding his nostrils. She pushed forward fiercely, her tip piercing his mouth, and the first seven inches of her fleshy member sinking into his wet maw easily. She moaned through closed lips as her slick rod flowed down his throat ever so slowly, her hands reaching out and grabbing his ears tightly as her hips moved ever closer to his face.

“Fuck! YES! I swear, you were born to do this… Suck it all down baby.”

James sputtered a bit as she reached the 14 inch mark, his mouth and throat contracting around her as the thickest part of her glistening shaft plowed inward. His arms struggled behind his back involuntarily, the thick leather of the binder stretching and flexing as he groaned and shuddered. She held his head firmly as the full length of her cock settled into his throat, her plump balls coming to a rest below his chin. She savored the full penetration for a few seconds before pulling out only four inches and plunging it back in, keeping the vast majority of her cock in his mouth and throat as she quickly transitioned to a fast paced fucking.

“SUCK IT! Suck it good slut! FUCK do I need to cum… We might have a speed record on our hands here.”

As her hips thrust her engorged length into his mouth faster and faster, James realized that she had never climaxed during their initial play. Her need was visibly dire and as her bloated, cum filled orbs slapped into his chip repeatedly he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was drinking her thick ejaculate. Bayonetta’s enormous girth slopped in and out of his throat at full speed, her body reaching a fever pitch of lust.

“YOU FUCKING LOVE IT! DON’T YOU??? Tied up and face fucked like the bitch you are. Well here comes your rew-AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Her creamy white pudding blasted down his throat and into his stomach like a canon, the ejection so large that he could feel it pulsing through her cock with his tongue. She hosed out spurt after spurt, screaming like a mad woman as she pulled his head back and forth on her cock relentlessly. James body fell forward, balancing his weight on his knees with his feet sticking straight up as she dumped every ounce of her steaming sludge in his mouth.

After several more quakes of her body she pulled her cock free, beginning to masturbate it again immediately, little trickles of cum still dribbling out of the end. James fell back on his calves, slumping into a normal sitting position as thick jizzum ran down his chin and he gasped for air. She held her slick meat just over his head, her hand gliding up and down the greasy pole. She looked down at him, happy but nowhere near satisfied, a burning lust still present in her hazel eyes.

“My cock or prime rib? Which would you rather have?”

“Your cock” he answered without hesitation before feeling her hot length slap across his face, splatters of spunk coating his nose and eyes.

“My cum or fine wine?”

“Your cum…”

Her hand streaked through the air, delivering a loud smack to his other cheek, his head glancing to the side. “That-ah boy. Now prove it to me.”

She stepped forward and grabbed his head, pulling it onto her hungry phallus once more. The jizz and saliva coated member slid back into his mouth easily, Bayonetta moaning loudly as she began a second, much more lengthy throat fucking.

Several hours and many climaxes later, Bayonetta and James lay on the water bed together, naked in each others arms. She kissed and licked at his face as her right hand slid along his side, doting on him and tugging at his collar with her other hand. Her heavenly breasts pressed up against his chest as they rested in the warm afterglow, both of their bodies exhausted from the marathon of perversion. She stared deeply into his eyes, so happy to be with him and to have admitted her love, but knowing that something still needed to be clarified.

“You’re still my slave. You understand that right?”

“I sort of got that impression, yes Mistress.”

“There will be times when I make you do things that you don’t necessarily want to. Can you live with that?”

He grinned nervously. “I have so far.”

“Do you love me?”

“More than anything.”

She let out a contented sigh and lowered her head onto his chest, her long, dark hair flowing out behind her. Outside, the storm had stopped long ago and now the sun dipped into the western sky, a calm warmth settling over the rain ravaged Earth.

* * * * *

Jeanne stood in her first floor office, a phone held up to her ear as she looked out at her vast estate, the grounds still not quite dry from the storm the day before. William walked into the room carrying her breakfast on a tray, just in time to hear her shriek.

“WHAT?!? That’s BULLSHIT! It was my contacts that brought them here in the first place!”

“I’m sorry Jeanne, you know how this works. The clients specifically requested her, so she gets the contract. There’s nothing I can do. I have to go, we’ll talk again soon.”

The line clicked and went dead. Jeanne stood simmering for a few moments before angrily throwing the phone across the room. It hit the wall with a loud crack and tumbled down close to William’s feet. He set the breakfast tray down on a nearby table and bent over to pick it up.

“I don’t know why you let these business affairs get you so worked up Mistress, it’s not like you need the money.”

She shot him a cold glare.

“I didn’t ASK for your opinion, William, and it’s not about money. You wouldn’t understand.”

He let out a low cough as he rose, setting the phone on the table gently.

“As you say Mistress. Would you like your breakfast now?”

She didn’t reply to him, instead sitting down in her opulent desk chair and swiveling it around to face the opposite wall. She fixed her gaze across the room, her eyes narrowing to thin slivers as she focused on the dart board. In the center of the large circular object was a picture of Bayonetta, already filled with small holes.

She grabbed a dart from her desk, holding it up to the light and preparing to throw. Then, she suddenly thought better of it, shaking her head and setting the dart back down. William seemed relieved as he moved to retrieve the meal tray. Before he could pick it up, Jeanne rose swiftly, drawing her custom Parabellum hand canon from its holster and aiming it with practiced ease. The weapon exploded, the dartboard shattering into a dozen pieces as the impact left a charred hole in the wall. Shards of wood, wallpaper and foam rained down in a smokey, tumbled mess. Jeanne stared at it for a few moments, looking for Cereza’s face in the scorched rubble, but found nothing. A thin smile spread across her lips as she holstered her weapon and turned to leave.

“Clean that up and have it painted over. I have other phone calls to make upstairs.”

The startled butler lowered his arms from around his head as Jeanne sauntered past him.

“Yes Mistress…”

– – – – – – – – – –

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